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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Initiation, 85:other in one single life. At this period of the world's history such stimulus has been given toInitiation, 86:of some kind. A vision is accorded of the world's need, and a further portion of the plan shown.Initiation, 88:that the great Hierophant, the Lord of the World, himself officiates. It is the first at which heInitiation, 88:initiations the Hierophant is the Christ, the World Teacher, the Firstborn among many brethren, oneInitiation, 88:two initiations, a change comes. The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, the ineffable RulerInitiation, 89:money, reputation, character, standing in the world, family, and even life itself. [90] Initiation, 92:and then the One Initiator, the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, are the administrators orInitiation, 101:initiate. He has to prove himself to the outer world through his life of service and the workInitiation, 102:physical plane and to be actively employed in world service who have no recollection of havingInitiation, 103:of what has been done. Nevertheless, to the world he is ever a man of large influence, the wielderInitiation, 103:money, influence, reputation, and all that the world considers worth while - upon the altar ofInitiation, 104:who holds the same position to the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, as the Ego does to the lowerInitiation, 104:point for his life and energy. He holds the world within his aura. This great Existence is onlyInitiation, 105:the Lord Buddha, sanctioned by the Lord of the World, carries to the assembled humanity a dualInitiation, 105:by the more focalized energy of the Lord of the World. This dual energy he pours out in blessingInitiation, 105:between the Planetary Logos, the Lord of the World, one of the Buddhas of Activity, the Buddha, theInitiation, 106:Participants in the Mysteries The Lord of the World, the One Initiator, he who is called in theInitiation, 107:the Rod. At all initiations the Lord of the World is present, but at the first two he holds aInitiation, 108:when the initiate stands before the Lord of the World, these three great Beings form a triangle,Initiation, 123:are in [123] conference with the Lord of the World and the two great departmental heads. At theInitiation, 128:the magnetization being repeated for each new World Teacher. There is a wonderful ceremonyInitiation, 128:ceremony performed at the time that a new World Teacher takes office, in which he receives his RodInitiation, 129:- and holds it forth to the Lord of the [129] World, who touches it with his own mighty Rod,Initiation, 129:This Rod was brought by the Lord of the World from Venus, and once in every world period it isInitiation, 129:Lord of the World from Venus, and once in every world period it is subjected to a similar processInitiation, 129:of this Rod is known only to the Lord of the World and to the Chohans of the rays, and being theInitiation, 129:of the second ray is - under the Lord of the World - its prime guardian, aided by the deva Lord ofInitiation, 130:Rod is charged anew at Shamballa for each new World Teacher; the Rod of Sanat Kumara is chargedInitiation, 130:Sanat Kumara is charged afresh at each recurring world period, and therefore seven times in theInitiation, 131:which demonstrate in the great religions of the world. The lesser Rod of Power is used here inInitiation, 131:Europe. In all the cases cited, the Lord of the World was the officiating agent, as is ever theInitiation, 132:and the Words of Power are used. The entire world government functions under law and order, and theInitiation, 135:from the ceremony, and takes up his work in the world, that the stimulation received will bringInitiation, 139:the initiate is standing before the Lord of the World. In the latter case, his mental centers, orInitiation, 139:levels, will receive stimulation. When the World Teacher initiates at the first and secondInitiation, 144:that when the Initiator is the Lord of the World, or the physical reflection of the Planetary LogosInitiation, 146:and with his relations to The Lord of the World, His immediate superior, His fellow workers in theInitiation, 146:superior, His fellow workers in the Lodge, The world of men whom he is to serve. It is needless toInitiation, 147:except in so far as his daily life in the world of men and his service for the race will proclaimInitiation, 149:few cases have occurred, but as the Lord of the World is cognizant of all that transpires, theInitiation, 150:wherein he visualized to himself the entire world process as a perfected whole, seeing the end fromInitiation, 161:earlier said, the Hierophant is the Lord of the World, not only is the Word given for the lowerInitiation, 182:in all civilized communities, such as in the world of commerce and of finance, and the greatInitiation, 186:comprises those who work under the Lord of the World in the seven groups into which our Masters ofInitiation, 188:carrying out the behests of the Lord of the World, and working under his direction. It carries aInitiation, 188:first in the council chamber of the Lord of the World at Shamballa, manipulating the law ofInitiation, 189:occult students who have studied with care the world processes in the light of the law ofInitiation, 193:purpose of his life is to serve and save the world, and if his brother's need is for him of greaterInitiation, 193:the fire of love irradiating his being, and the world can warm itself at his feet. This love has toInitiation, 193:those who are weighed down with a sense of world need, and the personal [194] responsibilityInitiation, 195:and mental, and then to the macrocosm, the world of which the microcosm is but an infinitesimalInitiation, 196:to meditate upon them: - "The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdom of our Lord and of hisInitiation, 210:by Godlike urge, which cut athwart the lower world desires, implanted by the life developed fromInitiation, 216:This office might be translated as that of World Teacher. The Bodhisattva is the Head of all theInitiation, 216:is the Head of all the religions of the world, and the Master of the Masters and of the angels.Initiation, 218:their disciples, and, by this means, in the world. (See diagram page 48.) Initiations From theInitiation, 219:systemic order is also seen. At the head of our world evolution stands the first Kumara, aided byInitiation, 224:of planetary existence. This cycle is called a world period. The Aryan root race, to which theInitiation, 224:speech" of the initiated adepts all over the world. It is a universal language, and largely aIntellect, 3:in the subject of Meditation is an evidence of a world need which requires clear understanding.Intellect, 5:to creative scientific achievement, yet the world into which they enter is curiously the same; theIntellect, 8:with equal facility the inner or intangible world. This ability to reorient itself will enable theIntellect, 8:itself will enable the mind to register the world of subjective realities, of intuitive perceptionIntellect, 8:he is standing at the portal of a metaphysical world. A cycle of development has come to an end.Intellect, 9:we catch those overtones which testify to a world which is immaterial. Our eyes are blinded by theIntellect, 9:He says: "A film falls from the eyes and the world appears in a new light. Things are no longerIntellect, 9:There comes the certainty that this is the real world whose true character human blindness hasIntellect, 9:tantalizing, alluring. There is a rumor of a new world and the spirit is eager for the voyage uponIntellect, 9:for the voyage upon strange seas. The familiar world must be left behind. The great adventure ofIntellect, 10:of the future seem to open upon an immaterial world, and upon a realm that is intangible,Intellect, 10:exhausted the resources of the material world, but we have not yet learned to function in aIntellect, 11:Is it possible that we are blind to a vast world of life and of beauty, with its own appropriateIntellect, 11:ages and in both hemispheres have said such a world exists. With this equipment, which we mightIntellect, 12:being clearly... universal. There must be a new world if there is to be a world at all. That humanIntellect, 12:There must be a new world if there is to be a world at all. That human beings in Europe can everIntellect, 13:adds (and this is the point to note) that "the world would have been a better place if more personsIntellect, 13:the name of mystics. They testify to another world of experience and contacts. They bear witnessIntellect, 14:know, and have become identified with that new world of being towards which the pure mysticIntellect, 15:must lead him up to the door of the mystical world. Paradoxical as it may sound, the work ofIntellect, 15:through which the human soul enters into the world where divinity resides." - Pupin, Michael, TheIntellect, 15:Let us use the word "spiritual" to signify the world of light and beauty, of order and of purpose,Intellect, 15:beauty, of order and of purpose, about which the world Scriptures speak, which is the object of theIntellect, 16:and phenomena which are not of this physical world. They speak of meeting with angelic hosts; theyIntellect, 16:a glory; of a direct knowledge of truth and of a world of phenomena which is uniform to the mysticsIntellect, 16:in its verity. These witnesses to the unseen world spoke with words of power and gave forthIntellect, 17:with the right use of the mind, whereby the world of souls reveals itself and that secret door isIntellect, 17:unreal to the Real. The ultimate solution of our world problem lies in our arrival at thisIntellect, 23:thing as wisdom or nobility of spirit... The world has never seen before such an immense army ofIntellect, 23:has there ever been before in the history of the world, such a generous outlay of money forIntellect, 23:The Need for a Spiritual Element in Education, World Unity Magazine, October 1928. Old Mother AsiaIntellect, 23:human thought. For this our modern Occidental world has substituted mass education. For the firstIntellect, 24:difficulty in making himself felt in the present world of thought and of endeavor, as of old. Intellect, 25:apparatus of self-preservation in the external world of human affairs, but the use of pure reasonIntellect, 29:- Randall, John Herman, Education and Religion, World Unity Magazine, October 1928. It isIntellect, 29:that does not eventually lead a man out of the world of human affairs into the wider consciousnessIntellect, 30:facts but at an activity directed towards the world that our efforts are to create." But we mustIntellect, 31:of the magnificence which has characterized the World Figures of the past. Is it not in line withIntellect, 31:will be raised out of the objective material world into the realm of spirit, where the truer valuesIntellect, 31:simultaneously overlook the inner and the outer world. Since we can scientifically determine whatIntellect, 35:culture which enabled them to enter a spiritual world, which is sealed to the majority, and to
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