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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Magic, 559:is stillborn. All workers in the field of the world should recognize the need for silent detachmentMagic, 559:work he has set before himself. He works in the world of men; he loves and comforts and serves; heMagic, 561:in thought or word, the salvaging of the world would proceed apace and the new age of love andMagic, 570:the health of the physical body. From the astral world via the astral body. This will be purelyMagic, 571:same forces as they are found in the natural world and govern the manifestation of the Macrocosm.Magic, 571:response to and affiliation with the group of World Servers who at any given time have undertakenMagic, 572:forces and energies which are needed for world work. This has to be done consciously and in fullMagic, 574:busybody, actively engaged in running the world, in managing other people's lives for them, or inMagic, 580:to use in the place of speed. It relates to the world of effects as they emanate from the world ofMagic, 580:to the world of effects as they emanate from the world of causes. It has, perhaps, essentially aMagic, 581:therefore, is it not, that we work and live in a world of forces? We need no distant field orMagic, 581:to live and learn and work, for we dwell in a world of force and energy; we are ourselvesMagic, 581:field of our occult training is the field of the world and the world of our peculiar circumstancesMagic, 581:training is the field of the world and the world of our peculiar circumstances and environment. Magic, 582:subsidiary forms of expression in the outer world through which the embodied Energy, flowingMagic, 582:through the recreated sheaths, can serve the world. In the first case, the aspirant is dealing withMagic, 582:by the Great Ones, if not recognized by the world); it is the achievement of that spiritualMagic, 583:sight of the personal lower self in the task of world guidance, under soul impulse, which lifts aMagic, 583:and the opened eye which sees at will into the world of reality. Magic, 584:note in the very midst of the turmoil of the world. He is one who has the eye trained to see beyondMagic, 586:for him to run counter consistently to the world's opinion, and to the very best expression of thatMagic, 587:handling of energies, both in himself and in the world of physical phenomena and externalization.Magic, 588:this stage that the bulk of the aspirants in the world today are engaged and with which they mustMagic, 588:by the guiding hierarchy which stands behind world affairs. Steadily They have been working at theMagic, 588:They have been working at the task of clarifying world matter, and bringing about worldMagic, 588:of clarifying world matter, and bringing about world purification on a large scale. This is theMagic, 589:the many organizations and groups throughout the world which hold before the minds of men what IMagic, 589:now the filth and impurities which surround the world soul and which keep humanity from its trueMagic, 589:strong. One evidence of the success of the world movement towards pure living and the destructionMagic, 589:initiation. The hierarchy, for the first time in world history, can now work directly with theMagic, 589:we have now the formation of the new Group of World Workers, who, in their totality throughout theMagic, 589:Workers, who, in their totality throughout the world, constitute the heart center and the "centerMagic, 594:with eagerness to make your acquaintance. In the world of souls, your soul and His soul are allied,Magic, 594:are allied, and know essential unity. But in the world of human affairs and in the process of theMagic, 595:and from books and printed scriptures of the world. Students must attend to the immediate duty andMagic, 595:and prepare their mechanisms for service in the world, and should desist from wasting time andMagic, 595:the nervous system must be recognized by the world at large, and when the nature of the sevenMagic, 602:racial idea. In the gathering together in the world at this time of the new Group of World Workers,Magic, 602:in the world at this time of the new Group of World Workers, true caution must be preserved. EachMagic, 603:a constant inner contact with the soul and the world in which it is found, and this must work outMagic, 603:Through that mental power, he can tune in on the world thought, and upon the realm of ideas and canMagic, 603:enable them to be more easily recognized in the world of ordinary everyday thinking and living.Magic, 603:the disciple also to orient himself to the world of souls and in that high place of inspiration andMagic, 604:need of the aspirant at [604] this time of the world history. Until aspirants have somewhat graspedMagic, 604:constant detached observation. The new Group of World Workers might well be regarded in its outerMagic, 604:in order that aspirants and chelas all over the world may be guided in their knowledge as to whereMagic, 604:which will enable them to live as souls in the world of daily affairs and to understand the realMagic, 604:They are also, secondly, those students of world affairs in one or other of the seven departmentsMagic, 605:I brought the new group to the attention of the world. They are studying the signs of the times.Magic, 605:trend and so express to the ordinary academic world and to the thinkers of the race what they seeMagic, 606:Sense Second, the next group in the new Group of World Workers is that of the telepathicMagic, 606:who stand at the very center or heart of the world group. Their work is threefold and veryMagic, 606:observers and adapt it to the need of the world, and give out the teaching. They work [607]Magic, 607:the scenes, and though they may be known in the world in this early stage of the work of the newMagic, 607:the growth of telepathic interplay in the world and thus weave those strands which will eventuallyMagic, 607:the seen and the unseen and so make the new world possible - a world in which death as we know itMagic, 607:unseen and so make the new world possible - a world in which death as we know it will be abolishedMagic, 607:support infinite problems and respond to world pain. They see, if I may so express it, too much,Magic, 608:do the two outer circles in the new Group of World Workers, for they see clearly just what is theMagic, 608:as to the ultimate goal at the close of a world age. This may surprise you in view of the manyMagic, 609:the gap [609] between them and the physical world. These latter in their turn seek to employ theMagic, 609:humanity, torn by the disasters of the past world war, bewildered by the social, religious andMagic, 610:new earth, to which all the Scriptures of the world bear eloquent testimony. They can then workMagic, 613:Yet the animal is beginning to sense dimly the world of illusion and possesses certain psychicMagic, 613:The human being has wandered for ages in the world of illusion, for it is of his own creating. YetMagic, 613:resembles the moment before dawn when the world of familiar things is seen through the fogs and theMagic, 613:fogs and the streamers of mist which veil the world form and also veil the rising sun. Then we haveMagic, 614:or locks upon him the door of entrance into the world of spiritual realities. It is theMagic, 615:the average worker, for the whole force of the world illusion is against all the efforts of theMagic, 616:form: "Let the magician stand within the great world sea. Let him immerse himself in water andMagic, 618:the formulation of their plans for service. The world aspiration is now so strong and humanity isMagic, 619:service; they [619] draw up, mentally, plans for world endeavor to see themselves as the pivotalMagic, 621:purpose which is recognized by many all over the world and which is working out in practicallyMagic, 622:towards synthesis and understanding in the world, every time the lesser is merged in the greaterMagic, 622:of the spiritual realization sweeps over the world and does its needed work. Hence the present callMagic, 623:to carry his particular form of service to the world. I refer to that service which is self soughtMagic, 624:and upon all who are now working in the world. Some are showing signs of physical pressure, thoughMagic, 624:mechanism" of the soul in this present period of world unfoldment, or he is becoming increasinglyMagic, 625:be courage of the rarest kind. Fear holds the world in thrall, and no one is exempt from influence.Magic, 630:aims to achieve what, from the standpoint of the world seems to be impossible, knowing that theMagic, 631:attitude towards other workers in the field of world service and where there is a capacity to seeMagic, 631:forward (the work of spiritually welding the world into a synthesis and the production of aMagic, 631:effect of the work of these instruments on the world is immense. These men and women whose missionMagic, 632:working on the inner side, the workers in the world fall into three groups: Those, few and farMagic, 633:of separation. They include the mass of [633] world workers in all the various departments of humanMagic, 633:environment and the voice of the inner group of world Knowers are often in conflict and they areMagic, 633:guiding Masters and the voice of the group of world Masters serve to guide them unerringly forward.Magic, 634:be thus freed from the detailed analysis of the world situation among the workers with the Plan. Magic, 634:That in itself is serious in these days of dire world need, but the disciple must inevitably someMagic, 635:soul, they seem as nothing at all. For the world perhaps, a temporary failure may connote delay inMagic, 635:on the inner side and study the work of the world aspirants today see an almost pitiful distress ofMagic, 635:to the new impulses which are flooding the world at this time. This is [636] to be brought about byMagic, 636:to help, and also his family background, his world training and his speech. The first point ofMagic, 640:you may lose sight of self in the realization of world need, is the earnest prayer and deepestMeditation, 2:[2] can transfer their conceptions to the world of form. It is, right through, a question of anMeditation, 2:and has rung most of the changes in the world of form. Later comes coordination perfected with theMeditation, 16:material and quality for the helping of the world, and the amassing of information through love andMeditation, 17:The outer manifestation of that life side in the world is through that which we call art. The greatMeditation, 19:the prominent workers in all departments of world work everywhere, the personality ray may varyMeditation, 40:of the Hierarchy, - the department of the World Teacher, that of the Head of a root-race and that
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