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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Problems, 97:made them greatly disliked and mistrusted in the world of business. They are and remain anProblems, 98:most reactionary and conservative race in the world. Racial characteristics have becomeProblems, 98:and due to the separative action of the Gentile world, restricted areas and cities began to appearProblems, 99:of humanity, the guarantee of the new and better world for which we all wait; their numbers areProblems, 99:faith. This faith is one of the oldest in the world; it is older than Buddhism by centuries; olderProblems, 100:been obedient and hence their plight in a modern world. The word "love" as it concerns relation toProblems, 100:behavior to others and on right action in the world of men, is almost entirely lacking in The OldProblems, 100:shops where these rules are kept - in a modern world where scientific methods are applied to purityProblems, 101:aggregate which have set the Jew apart from the world in which he wants to live and be happy and inProblems, 101:be modernized. Nowhere is the emergence of a new world religion more greatly needed than in theProblems, 101:needed than in the case of the Jew in the modern world. Yet - God has made all men equal; the JewProblems, 102:The Old Testament. The fate of the Jews in the world war is a terrible tale of cruelty, torture andProblems, 102:persecutions end. The spiritual forces of the world and the spiritual leaders of humanity (bothProblems, 103:fact. There is no other problem like it in the world today - an entire people of distinctive race,Problems, 104:in the violent treatment of the Jews during the world war. It was, however, a treatment notProblems, 105:There has never been a time when the Gentile world has been more keen to do what is right by theProblems, 105:of years have played their part in the arena of world history and who have developed a culture andProblems, 107:the Negroes to take their place in a modern world; science, transportation [108] and knowledge -Problems, 108:the developing scheme of modern history; the new world with its better ways of living is as muchProblems, 108:Negro problem, both in Africa and in the western world, is largely (if not entirely) that of theProblems, 108:and at the same time be a cooperating partner in world enterprise. This can only happen when theProblems, 108:the emerging Negro empire and the rest of the world; the new [109] ideals and the new world trendsProblems, 109:of the world; the new [109] ideals and the new world trends must be fostered in the receptive NegroProblems, 109:of usefulness and productive materials to the world? The [110] European nations and the BritishProblems, 110:the great family of nations and bring into the world arena a race with an amazing contribution toProblems, 111:to the Negro races. The future peace of the world depends today upon enlightened, farseeingProblems, 113:which he wants to share with all men in the world. The Negro is naturally easy, accommodating,Problems, 114:the children of such unions are concerned. The world war (1914-1945) has itself produced a greatProblems, 114:promiscuity and a resultant new population; the world today is producing and will produce theProblems, 114:children of mixed parentage, forming part of the world population in the next generation andProblems, 114:of separateness has to be brought about in a world of men which is today full of distrust and fearProblems, 115:struggling to find a solution, to build a new world structure of law, order and peace, which willProblems, 115:imperialisms be forgotten and ended? Can a world policy be devised which will insure justice forProblems, 115:justice for all whether great or small? Can world opinion be sufficiently strong in the interestsProblems, 116:endeavors and to lay a secure foundation of world goodwill? How can public opinion be sufficientlyProblems, 116:that the "one humanity" emerges in the arena of world affairs? How can we develop the consciousnessProblems, 116:of goodwill. Then and only then shall we have a world at peace and ready to move forward into a newProblems, 117:there but on a large [117] scale throughout the world. People are looking eagerly for theProblems, 117:of men everywhere are changing the aspect of world affairs. Unity will not be the distinctiveProblems, 118:make goodwill an effective agent in negotiating world peace and understanding and in bringing aboutProblems, 118:by all men of goodwill everywhere throughout the world to interpret the meaning of goodwill, toProblems, 118:to gather together into an effective and active world group all men and women of goodwill and to doProblems, 119:practical common sense, a knowledge of world problems and a willingness to spread goodwill and findProblems, 119:They hold and advocate no miraculous solution of world problems but they know that a spirit ofProblems, 119:to believe that the growth of goodwill in the world need be a slow and gradual affair. The reverseProblems, 120:Goodwill is far more widespread throughout the world than people think; it simply needs to beProblems, 120:is expressed and organized, recognized and used, world problems, no matter what they may be, willProblems, 121:exist in every nation and in all parts of the world in their innumerable thousands. Let these beProblems, 121:be set to work to create a right atmosphere in world affairs and in their own communities; let themProblems, 121:can so educate and train public opinion that the world attitude to world problems will be right andProblems, 121:train public opinion that the world attitude to world problems will be right and correct and inProblems, 121:of the men of goodwill now active in the world and who can become still more active if recognized,Problems, 122:God. Christ lives and guides the people of the world and He does this not from any vague or distantProblems, 122:with you all the days, even unto the end of the world", He meant exactly what He said. The approachProblems, 123:you, in all truthfulness and in the light of world events, say that the churches had succeeded? TheProblems, 123:of the Churches. Is it possible? The New World Religion. Today the immediate need of mankind isProblems, 126:mass of men. They have taken the Bibles of the world and have attempted to explain them, passingProblems, 126:the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures of the world (deemed particularly applicable to theProblems, 126:it the infallibility of interpretation; all the world Scriptures are now seen to be based on poorProblems, 129:is not so prominently the case; in the Western world this tendency is fast bringing on theProblems, 130:to Communism has in it the seeds of another world war. The political activities of the CatholicProblems, 131:It does not yet constitute a factor in world affairs but there is hope that eventually it mayProblems, 131:- and are - the churches in other parts of the world. [132] 3. The Protestant Churches. The church,Problems, 133:and religious ideas to a searching, suffering world. They are true sons of God; their feet are setProblems, 134:Something of great moment has happened in the world. The spirit of destruction has stampededProblems, 134:has stampeded through the earth, leaving the world of the past and the civilization whichProblems, 135:and the re-educating of the entire world. Still others, more patient, are planning new educationalProblems, 135:generation of children for full living in the world of tomorrow, a world whose faint outlines areProblems, 135:for full living in the world of tomorrow, a world whose faint outlines are only dimly to be seen.Problems, 135:away. Above everything else, men throughout the world in their countless millions are registering aProblems, 136:freedom; they face famine in large areas of the world and yet are registering with equal dismay theProblems, 136:of the spirit work for the restoration of the world? By what means will the spiritual Guides of theProblems, 136:religions and the churches throughout the world recognize the opportunity and respond to the appealProblems, 136:churches? Will the institutional aspect of the world religions loom more largely in theProblems, 137:were the things which were responsible for the world war (1914-1945). There could have been no warProblems, 138:churches which are now proceeding all over the world still remain in the hands of the churchProblems, 138:an active lead in producing a new and better world. And still humanity waits. Humanity wants aboveProblems, 138:and difficult relationship throughout the world? A new presentation of truth, because God is not aProblems, 138:imperative changes. Nothing can prevent the new world religion from eventually emerging. It alwaysProblems, 139:the narrow-minded and the theologians in all the world religions, by those who refuse to let go theProblems, 139:humble Carpenter of Nazareth, she can render a world service and set an example which will serve toProblems, 139:is the spiritual problem, facing all the world religions at this time. No longer must the churchesProblems, 140:to both the East and the West. These are: World Religion - Revelation - Recognition. They will notProblems, 140:the one root out of which the universal world religion will inevitably emerge. Then there will beProblems, 140:be taken on the Path of Approach to God. Such a world religion is no idle dream but something whichProblems, 141:to live in expectation of the revealing light. A world religion, an expected revelation and thenProblems, 141:everywhere - truths which are uniform in all the world religions: Problems, 142:God transcendent guarantees the plan for our world and is the Purpose, conditioning all lives fromProblems, 144:I am with you always, even unto the end of the world, and increasingly making His presence felt asProblems, 144:closer to Him and His group of disciples and world workers. The church emphasis has been (and isProblems, 144:- to be found also in every man. In the coming world religion, the emphasis will be on theseProblems, 146:effective education (as it fits men for world citizenship) and a science, dedicated to humanProblems, 146:disciples as they labor in the field of the world, in the effort to establish right human relationsProblems, 149:of the divine to the human; of these all world Saviors and Teachers are the symbol and theProblems, 149:quality, the institution of some aspect of a new world faith and the sounding of a note whichProblems, 149:at through symbolism and in the Bibles of the world) there was a first major Approach when God tookProblems, 151:signify an entirely new conception as to the world of spiritual realities and perhaps of [152] theProblems, 152:The dream of brotherhood, of fellowship, of world cooperation and of a peace, based on right humanProblems, 152:our minds. We are also visioning a new and vital world religion, a universal faith which will haveProblems, 153:great clause of the most ancient prayer in the world., "Lead us from darkness to Light", has seen
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