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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Psychology1, 115:of spiritual force to a needy and waiting world. But it is important to remember that the attitudePsychology1, 116:when his consciousness has shifted away from the world of illusion, then he can be useful. ThePsychology1, 116:more. You have not yet that true picture of the world's need which will release you from your ownPsychology1, 118:the wealth of psychic writings pouring into the world today, the work of the true communicatorsPsychology1, 118:order, and for an outpouring of wisdom from the world of souls through the hundreds who are inPsychology1, 124:demonstrate to the materialistic thinkers of the world the fact that the superconscious statesPsychology1, 129:craft through much experience in that field. A world Teacher has been teaching for agelong cycles.Psychology1, 129:Teacher has been teaching for agelong cycles. A world Savior has been, for many lives, at the taskPsychology1, 132:eye of the soul, looking out into the physical world; in the same sense the soul is the eye of thePsychology1, 133:Through these seven senses contact with the world of matter and of spirit becomes possible. ThePsychology1, 134:and hence their eminence at this time in the world of art, and hence the magnitude of their endlessPsychology1, 135:aspect in the three subhuman kingdoms: To the world of living, vibratory and magnetic forms, inPsychology1, 135:response to its environment. To the subjective world of forces which we call the etheric world. AllPsychology1, 135:world of forces which we call the etheric world. All forms in all four kingdoms thus respond inPsychology1, 135:thus respond in some degree and manner. To the world of quality, or of desire intent. All forms inPsychology1, 136:and have the commencement of a cycle wherein the world of quality and of meaning will be subjectedPsychology1, 137:I urge upon all to live more continuously in the world of meaning and less in the world ofPsychology1, 137:in the world of meaning and less in the world of appearances? It is a truer world and less full ofPsychology1, 137:less in the world of appearances? It is a truer world and less full of illusion. When thePsychology1, 137:of the power of the form nature. It is this world of meaning which it is the privilege of humanityPsychology1, 141:give Their life to the forms, and give the form world its meaning, its laws, and its urge toPsychology1, 141:quality, produce cyclically the manifested world; They work together in the closest union andPsychology1, 142:nature or quality remains the same throughout a world period; its form life and nature change fromPsychology1, 143:of God as the [143] quality of the manifested world and as the Life behind appearance and quality.Psychology1, 149:and find a meaning in the manifested phenomenal world, with its three main characteristics ofPsychology1, 149:and thereby learn to enter into that world of subjective forces which is the true world wherein allPsychology1, 149:world of subjective forces which is the true world wherein all occultists work. Let us take thesePsychology1, 151:seven great [151] breaths or rays, started the world process of Becoming, and manifested as thePsychology1, 154:vision which will enable him to see the whole world scheme in a moment of time, and to share withPsychology1, 157:and consequently a more rapidly illumined world. The scope of that imparted vision warrants carefulPsychology1, 157:the myriad differentiations in the phenomenal world. The quality, the coloring, or the type naturePsychology1, 160:but intended to give the student an idea of a world of energies in which he has to play his part.Psychology1, 160:himself in such a way that the path to the outer world is left open, and that to the inner world isPsychology1, 160:outer world is left open, and that to the inner world is also cleared of obstacles. Psychology1, 161:of this coordination will be outward into the world of doing, and not inward into the world ofPsychology1, 161:into the world of doing, and not inward into the world of being or of the soul. Both thesePsychology1, 163:recognize them as influences operating on the world in turn. Each ray has its period of greatestPsychology1, 167:a secret society which has [167] existed in the world since the last period of seventh rayPsychology1, 170:work of materializing the Plan of God for our world and causing its manifestation. It would be ofPsychology1, 170:arrangements, in order to meet the need of the world. There is a Plan now coming into effect, andPsychology1, 170:the loyal cooperation of all departments of the world government. In all organized endeavor and inPsychology1, 171:changes [171] (growing out of the results of the World War) were negotiated, and the members ofPsychology1, 171:senior disciples, aspirants and workers in the world. To this end, all the Masters put TheirPsychology1, 171:sometimes telepathically. Thus the New Group of World Servers came into being. Instead, therefore,Psychology1, 171:therefore, of seven groups of workers in the world, all engrossed with activities along the sevenPsychology1, 171:time They organized the intermediate group of World Servers, who could act as liaison officers,Psychology1, 171:inner active Hierarchy and the thinkers of the world, and also serve as agents in every country andPsychology1, 172:been anticipated. The war, which devastated the world, cleared away much débris. Psychology1, 173:and therefore set before the New Group of World Servers, is to enunciate those principles ofPsychology1, 173:of national relations which underlie a world state or federation, and their instructions were toPsychology1, 174:a true ideal, and it needs upholding before the world. Temporarily, it has been forgotten that thePsychology1, 174:and Anglo-Saxons, the Africans and all other world races are children of the same Father, fed fromPsychology1, 174:of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers. In America, you have thePsychology1, 176:of the Hierarchical work. There is today in the world a very large number of those whoPsychology1, 176:masses of Asia as to the trend of affairs in the world of religion, owing to the widespreadPsychology1, 177:Soon we shall have the inner structure of a world-faith so clearly defined in the minds of manyPsychology1, 177:end of the century. The inner structure of the World Federation of Nations will eventually bePsychology1, 177:infer from this that we shall have a perfected world religion and a complete community of nations.Psychology1, 178:the present senses and will admit man into that world which lies behind the veil of ignorance andPsychology1, 179:conditions of living, change his outlook upon world affairs, and inaugurate a new age which will bePsychology1, 179:It will be able to turn outward into the world of manifested forms, and inward into the world ofPsychology1, 179:world of manifested forms, and inward into the world of synthesis, of unity and of spirit. TherePsychology1, 179:solution will come the more rapid success of the world problems of government, of faith and ofPsychology1, 179:Ideas In the final analysis, the main problem of world government is the wise use of ideas. It isPsychology1, 180:which underlie the outer structure of our world. The attentive minds of the age are constantlyPsychology1, 181:who will be able to work directly in the world of concepts and bring through (for the use of thePsychology1, 181:the truth of that which I predict. The world structure emerges from and is built upon certain innerPsychology1, 181:given upon the process of contacting the world of patterns and upon the true interpretation ofPsychology1, 181:present no impediment to the contact with the world of reality and of inner truth. They will notPsychology1, 182:the Seven Rays The Problem of God In the world of religion we shall see the solution of the secondPsychology1, 183:and of revelation. The esotericists of the world will understand a little of that to which I refer,Psychology1, 184:subjective and the objective together into a new world. Death will lose its terrors, and thatPsychology1, 186:hierarchy and on the part of the New Group of World Servers. There is a term set to their effort,Psychology1, 186:to rally all the disciples and aspirants of the world to an intensive work, and with that appealPsychology1, 186:to make the plan a success. The New Group of World Servers are being more closely integrated, andPsychology1, 187:of forces. [187] I challenge the thinkers of the world to drop their sectarianism, theirPsychology1, 187:the inner side but waits for the activity of the world thinkers to bring it to materialization onPsychology1, 187:regarding each religion as part of the great world religion. They must look upon the activities ofPsychology1, 187:reminder, however, the fact that there is in the world today a large enough number of liberated menPsychology1, 188:work of those associated with the New Group of World Servers may go forward with rapidity. MuchPsychology1, 193:Builders, the Seven Rays 4. Quality in the World of Appearances We now take up the definition ofPsychology1, 193:that we would consider its expression in the world of phenomena, meaning by this the world ofPsychology1, 193:in the world of phenomena, meaning by this the world of external appearance and of tangible forms.Psychology1, 194:of achievement, till today we are lost in a world of energies. We have been taught to picture toPsychology1, 194:We have been taught to picture to ourselves a world of vibrating points of force which constitutePsychology1, 195:which are seeking to manifest through the world of appearances. As they achieve this, they willPsychology1, 195:the form units which constitute the phenomenal world. There are energies which lie behind thePsychology1, 195:can eventually work in a dual yet unified world of force, and be the creative will which guides,Psychology1, 195:will which guides, blends and utilizes the world of appearances and the realm of qualities. ThesePsychology1, 196:which are seeking [196] expression in the outer world through the medium of his outer mechanism. AsPsychology1, 196:he learns to do this, the nature of that outer world of mechanisms alters, and he increasinglyPsychology1, 196:research) from an exoteric understanding of the world of phenomenal appearances to an esotericPsychology1, 196:appearances to an esoteric comprehension of the world of qualities. Never forget, therefore, thatPsychology1, 196:the focus of his attention upon the emerging world of qualities, and becomes steadily aware ofPsychology1, 197:or the static inert nature of the mineral world, and the quality of radioactivity, of radiationPsychology1, 197:to its aid the initiating wind and the insect world. This is not just a pictorial way of portrayingPsychology1, 198:angel, evolution. Hence the wind and the insect world are its agents, just as man and the agency ofPsychology1, 198:agency of water are the initiators of the animal world. The secret of release for the animal naturePsychology1, 220:as well as from the sun, water and the vegetable world. In the early stages of human unfoldment,Psychology1, 220:of these four divine organisms does the world of form live and move and have its being. There are
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