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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Psychology2, 16:ambition, the needs of the group and the goal of world service. Is not the above sufficientlyPsychology2, 25:through the slowly evolving man, is in the [25] world of desire, and the soul becomes identifiedPsychology2, 26:stage, whereas the intelligentsia of the world, and the disciples and aspirants, are passingPsychology2, 26:the Atlanteans of past history. Workers in the world today should have these facts and sequencesPsychology2, 26:in mind, if they are rightly to appreciate the world problem, and correctly guide and teach thePsychology2, 26:who teach. In the more advanced people of the world today, we have the functioning of thePsychology2, 26:maturity. In the more advanced people of the world, we have also the integration of the personalityPsychology2, 28:consciousness. The Plan, as it is sensed by the world disciples, in the attempt to work andPsychology2, 33:truth of this can be seen demonstrating in the world each full moon of May, when the Buddha flashesPsychology2, 34:is taken away, and detachment from the world of phenomenal life and of individuality is inevitablyPsychology2, 35:through which light and love may flow to a needy world. The purified One can dwell then in thatPsychology2, 35:and from that place go forth to "illumine the world of men and of the deities". There are four waysPsychology2, 35:stretch before the disciples of the Lord of the World. They must all be trodden before the innerPsychology2, 38:his efforts. The way led down into the world of dual life. Between the pairs of opposites, he tookPsychology2, 39:himself to life in form. He sought to bring the world of disorder in which he found himself intoPsychology2, 39:Magician said: 'Listen, O Worker in the furthest world, to the rhythm of the times. Note thePsychology2, 44:of the working and accepted disciples in the world at this present time) is incorrect speech,Psychology2, 45:from whence I came; from the formless to the world of form I make my way. I will to be. I will toPsychology2, 47:inspires my heart. That mind enlightens all my world. I therefore serve the Plan.' " Ray Six "ThePsychology2, 47:into the sea of forms. Thus he connects the world of form and formless life. Heaven to earth hePsychology2, 48:to the senior disciples and the initiates of the world, who are battling, at this time, in thePsychology2, 48:the service of the Plan. They are present in the world at this time, and their work is bearingPsychology2, 48:at all to others. If the disciples of the world are truly struggling and if they are applyingPsychology2, 52:of the astral body. In the present Aryan world - the appropriation of the mental body, withPsychology2, 55:of esoteric work deal primarily with the world of patterns which underlie all the activities of thePsychology2, 57:also be remembered (and herein lies the clue to world unfoldment and to the mystery of past,Psychology2, 60:by an incarnated Son of God, functioning as a World Savior or Christ, and by those Beings who arePsychology2, 60:sacrifice for the good of the world, unselfishness, intuitive understanding, cooperation with thePsychology2, 67:It might be added here that the New Group of World Servers is composed of those who are engaged inPsychology2, 67:higher Self, as the latter functions in its own world. This has to be bridged before at-one-mentPsychology2, 70:demonstrates as the life-principle within the world of forms), of the energy of the intuition, orPsychology2, 70:or the principle of intelligence in the form world. In these three energies we have thePsychology2, 70:the three worlds of the Personality become one world wherein the initiate works and functions,Psychology2, 70:functions, seeing no distinction, viewing one world as the world of inspiration and the other worldPsychology2, 70:seeing no distinction, viewing one world as the world of inspiration and the other world asPsychology2, 70:world as the world of inspiration and the other world as constituting the field of service, yetPsychology2, 70:yet regarding both together as forming one world of activity. Of these two worlds, the subjectivePsychology2, 71:of the mind in two directions - into the world of human endeavor, and into the world of soulPsychology2, 71:- into the world of human endeavor, and into the world of soul activity. Just as the soul makes aPsychology2, 72:of the controlled and directed mind, into the world of higher spiritual mind and into the realm ofPsychology2, 73:[73] The general perspective and the large world Plan for the planet, and Those immediate stages ofPsychology2, 73:their place in the ranks of the New Group of World Servers, whose arduous task calls for ourPsychology2, 74:steadily drives the man in the direction of the world of spiritual realities, and certain dynamicPsychology2, 74:the more rapidly will the task of salvaging the world proceed. The more painstakingly andPsychology2, 74:planet resume Its ancient task and status in the world, and the sooner will [75] the Mysteries bePsychology2, 75:will [75] the Mysteries be restored and the world function, therefore, more consciously in linePsychology2, 75:that the numbers of the disciples in the world are greatly increasing. Suffering and trouble,Psychology2, 75:their needed work. Here and there throughout the world, in every nation and practically every week,Psychology2, 75:of Discipleship. In this lies the hope of the world today. In this fact is to be found the greatlyPsychology2, 75:the higher nature and the lower, between the world of the soul and the worlds of human affairs.Psychology2, 76:toll of interests and strength, the tired and world-weary man has no fear of the detaching processPsychology2, 78:in the things of the kingdom of earth. The world, the flesh, and the devil. Psychology2, 83:possible, as there will be more initiates in the world, and inner vision and inner hearing will bePsychology2, 84:lofty eminence, let the soul look out upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: 'I stillPsychology2, 84:blend. Then let the soul look out upon an inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant goPsychology2, 85:Down the ages, the Scriptures of the world and those who have attempted to elucidate them, havePsychology2, 85:powers of the soul, as they are appearing in the world today, constitute (in their working out) aPsychology2, 86:[86] the human mechanism, have brought about a world consciousness and a civilization which - inPsychology2, 86:family. Hence the conflict of ideals in the world today; hence the massed dualism which producesPsychology2, 86:be found the cause of all the divergences in the world of civilized ideals, and the conflicting andPsychology2, 87:impulse, national [87] patriotism and the world ideal, separative religious belief and thePsychology2, 87:Here is the major divergence in the world today; with the weight of the power on the side ofPsychology2, 87:will gradually take place, with the weight of world idealism gradually shifting into the realm ofPsychology2, 87:(but not for quite a while) the emphasis of world thought will be definitely and permanently onPsychology2, 87:presence felt. This will at first increase the world difficulty; hence the need to make the meaningPsychology2, 88:has always been functioning and active in the world, for it is one of the first of the innerPsychology2, 88:ideal, in human life. The theme of all the world religions has been divine sacrifice, thePsychology2, 88:the process of universal creation, and of the world Saviors, by Their death and sacrifice as aPsychology2, 88:truth on its own plane, and this dominant world law governs the appearing and the disappearing ofPsychology2, 88:of solar systems, of races and of nations, of world leaders and world rulers, of incarnating humanPsychology2, 88:of races and of nations, of world leaders and world rulers, of incarnating human beings and ofPsychology2, 93:books. This is the mystery hinted at in the world of Scriptures, and this is the secret of thePsychology2, 93:out within himself, but also before the watching world, that great symbolic drama which we call Psychology2, 93:Laws of Soul or Group Life The Sacrifice of a World Savior. This is the theme of the [94]Psychology2, 94:glamor. From these two imprisoning factors all World Saviors are free. They are not deceived. It isPsychology2, 94:Age, we shall enlarge our concept of this term World Savior. At present we apply it predominantlyPsychology2, 95:even if distressing in experience. But the World Saviors must be recognized as coming forth toPsychology2, 96:here, and we must confine our attention to the world of human living and consciousness. Psychology2, 96:which is so rapidly taking hold of the world, and the sense of responsibility which does make menPsychology2, 96:urges man eventually to turn his back upon the "world, the flesh and the devil," as the NewPsychology2, 97:symbolism of the Bible. But the theme in all the world Bibles is the same. This urge to sacrifice,Psychology2, 106:or Group Life At this time in the history of the world and its periodical salvaging from conditionsPsychology2, 109:and methods and ways are secondary to the major world need. There are many ways and many points ofPsychology2, 109:other as disciples, nor their service to the world. Psychology2, 111:soul realm what the Law of Attraction is in the world of phenomena. It is, in reality, thePsychology2, 112:and mediums for the distribution into the world of soul energy, so men and women, who are orientedPsychology2, 112:a contact and are "in touch" with the world of spiritual realities. Just as the individual disciplePsychology2, 113:of aspirants and allied men of good will in the world today. If they work together as a group ofPsychology2, 113:the concentrated effort of these groups in the world today (who constitute subjectively One Group)Psychology2, 114:and help to ameliorate conditions in this needy world. It will open men's eyes to the basicPsychology2, 114:the time, behind the scenes, stand the grouped world aspirants, working silently, in unison withPsychology2, 114:The Buddha. The Christ. The New Group of World Servers. Humanity. You will note that the BuddhaPsychology2, 114:be accomplished, the needed adjustments in the world can be made. The success or failure liesPsychology2, 114:men and women whom we call the New Group of World Servers. In the above tabulation, there isPsychology2, 115:men of good will in, or out of, the New Group of World Servers. This work, carried forwardPsychology2, 115:of that group which will eventually save the world under the Law of Sacrifice. This mediatory work,Psychology2, 115:grasp of the members of the New Group of World Servers in connection with the necessary technique.Psychology2, 115:souls, and as such, belong to the New Group of World Servers. If they can aspire, pray, meditatePsychology2, 116:life might also be shown in tabulated form: The world of souls on the higher mental levels. ThePsychology2, 117:together whole-heartedly for the helping of the world and the assistance of the Hierarchy. [118]
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