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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Psychology2, 283:some of the group implications. The New Group of World Servers is related to the Hierarchy as bodyPsychology2, 283:Fourth Kingdom. The Hierarchy - The New Group of World Servers. The New Group of World Servers -Psychology2, 283:The New Group of World Servers. The New Group of World Servers - Humanity. A Soul - A Personality.Psychology2, 287:God the Holy Spirit. 5. The disciples of the world are occupied with the integration of thePsychology2, 290:with swiftness in His wake. The Lord Who in this world of ours knew mind and thought, swept intoPsychology2, 301:of the investigating material scientists the world over. Esoteric psychology, such as is embodiedPsychology2, 303:real and, living as the disciple does in the world of glamor and illusion, it is not easy for thePsychology2, 304:the average man and woman at this time in the world. Second: The stage wherein there comes a morePsychology2, 309:to the inner impulses - emanating from the world of pranic influence, where the entirelyPsychology2, 309:man is concerned, and from the lower astral world where the more developed or the average man isPsychology2, 309:however, that an inner orientation towards the world of higher values takes place, then the ethericPsychology2, 310:dense-etheric conflict was fought out in the world war, which was the imposition of a tremendousPsychology2, 311:where humanity, as a whole is concerned. The world war was a climaxing point in the process ofPsychology2, 311:point in the process of "devitalizing" the world maya, as far as humanity is concerned. Much forcePsychology2, 311:a tiny scale, that which was worked out in the world war is being worked out in their lives. TheyPsychology2, 311:training, which finds its expression in the world of sport, in athletic exercises, militaryPsychology2, 314:comes into understanding relationship with the world of the physical plane, of the feeling,Psychology2, 314:of the feeling, sentient levels, and with the world of thought. In considering, therefore, thePsychology2, 319:words or expressions in the literature of the world, such as: The desire to manifest. The creativePsychology2, 324:this knowledge is of a very high order, and the world is full of personalities. Supplementing ourPsychology2, 326:upon the premise that the nature of life in the world is experience-gaining, because we see thisPsychology2, 329:which will make it conscious and dynamic in the world of human affairs. When this consciousPsychology2, 332:expressing itself, is himself rejected by the world in which he lives. Discovering the group toPsychology2, 333:first one led to the inclusion of the material world, and the second one includes or appropriates,Psychology2, 333:consciously and intelligently, the spiritual world. We see the desire consciousness transmuted intoPsychology2, 334:people who constitute the intelligentsia of the world, who are beginning to use the mind, who arePsychology2, 336:of man has been sensitized and used, until the world today is full of men and women whose responsePsychology2, 337:individual, demonstrating power and purpose in a world which he exploits for his own selfish ends.Psychology2, 338:shifting its focus of attention out of the world of material, selfish living into that of truePsychology2, 338:is brought en rapport with a rapidly expanding world of sensory perception, of intellectualPsychology2, 343:Self, and fused into an instrument for effective world service; Unified, in intent and purpose,Psychology2, 344:path, and becomes increasingly aware of the world of higher values, and of the existence of thePsychology2, 344:This is the task today of the vast numbers of world aspirants. So widespread is the desire for thisPsychology2, 344:reorientation that it has produced the present world upheaval, and is the spiritual source of thePsychology2, 344:will deal with the work of the disciples of the world as, having endeavored to bring about thePsychology2, 348:the social order, the current civilization, the world of nations, and finally into humanity itself.Psychology2, 350:but also into that wider and more inclusive world of conscious activity which we call the KingdomPsychology2, 351:is only an expression. This is the subjective world of reality, into which we begin definitely toPsychology2, 353:power in a personality sense and in a material world. Power selfishly used exhausts its user andPsychology2, 353:He walks alone because he has cried forth to the world: "I will brook no companion; I am the onePsychology2, 358:and why all esoteric schools throughout the world are predominantly expressions of these two rays.Psychology2, 367:to the revelation is today going on in the world, and is producing a moment of extreme crisis inPsychology2, 367:in connection with the work of the New Group of World Servers. Their moment of crisis liesPsychology2, 367:value anent the work of the New Group of World Servers. This group is, if I might so express it, anPsychology2, 368:the keynote for the disciples of the world at this time, who are in a position to discover thatPsychology2, 373:Being sixth ray, and therefore linked with the world of astral psychic life, the sixth plane, he isPsychology2, 374:their place. He is swept by futility and his world rocks under him. Let him stand still at thePsychology2, 374:over Him the sum total of the dilemma of the world disciples and all the agony of the astralPsychology2, 375:upon this ray, are powerful and persistent. The world today is fanatically idealistic, and this isPsychology2, 375:and this is one of the causes of the present world situation. It is hard for the man who is thePsychology2, 378:of a very practical matter where the world disciples are concerned, and one with which I intend toPsychology2, 384:second aspect or of sentient response to the world soul in all forms. Bring Inspiration, throughPsychology2, 387:results: Increased sentient response to the world soul and to the environment in which the disciplePsychology2, 388:noted, brings in soul power in full tide. In the world of phenomenal appearance, the soul is thePsychology2, 396:of intensified light within the light of the world and then seeks to use that light (which is inPsychology2, 398:as the aesthetic sense, group philanthropy and world states are from the consciousness of thePsychology2, 398:family, and those of us who are students of world affairs well know how unknown real love is. EvenPsychology2, 406:contact is made with the environing tangible world; through the vital body the impulses come whichPsychology2, 407:disseminated among the thinking people of the world, will produce great mental and materialPsychology2, 418:or the materialistically minded citizens of the world.) He is firmly integrated physically,Psychology2, 422:ways of escape which push a man into the dream world, into the land of illusion, into a state ofPsychology2, 429:if, at the time of adolescence, the general world picture and the world plan are brought to thePsychology2, 429:adolescence, the general world picture and the world plan are brought to the attention of thePsychology2, 429:the ordered purpose which is working out in the world. Psychology2, 433:things. First of all, to the fact that the world of illusion is the dominating factor as yet in thePsychology2, 435:of people it is energized mainly from the world of illusion and from the astral plane. It is fromPsychology2, 438:He is aware of himself as facing a larger [438] world, a wider horizon, and greater opportunities.Psychology2, 438:for a time. Again with the best motives in the world, he seeks to drive everyone the way that hePsychology2, 440:him what he apparently is to the outer onlooking world. By the superconscious, I mean thosePsychology2, 448:practice of meditation is bringing about in the world [449] of men. These results of mystical andPsychology2, 449:tide which is forcing humanity to approach the world of spiritual realities in such a way that thePsychology2, 450:What is the result of these developments in the world of [451] subjective spiritual government andPsychology2, 451:[451] subjective spiritual government and in the world of human affairs? First of all andPsychology2, 451:aspiration is mystical and not occult. Hence the world wide appositeness of what I am saying andPsychology2, 452:This includes all reactions emanating from the world of daily living (and, therefore, from thePsychology2, 452:(and, therefore, from the environment), from the world of aspirational life, from the mind and fromPsychology2, 455:the created thought form will descend into the world of feeling and there assume the neededPsychology2, 460:thought forms and with their created world of thought, centered around the one dynamic thought formPsychology2, 460:note that this crisis may be interpreted by the world As the revelation of a genius, such asPsychology2, 461:case, you will have what will be regarded by the world as insanity, curable in time and notPsychology2, 463:has separated himself off from the rest of the world and from his fellowmen. The trumpets of thePsychology2, 464:that which lies beyond the individual's mental world. It is part of an effort to put him in touchPsychology2, 464:is part of an effort to put him in touch with a world of being and phenomena which lie beyond. I amPsychology2, 464:making. They should make him a citizen of the world; they should induce in him a desire to blendPsychology2, 464:and, because the intelligent people of the world are learning to meditate today on a large scalePsychology2, 465:and so oblivious in any true sense to the world of soul activity. He has "let in" energies whichPsychology2, 465:will (and eventually with facility) into a new world of phenomena, of directed activity, and ofPsychology2, 465:which he moves. He has released within himself a world of sound and of impressions which are atPsychology2, 466:found as a result of the contact with a new world, and strong mental stimulation. Depression is asPsychology2, 466:cannot march forward into this new and wonderful world. He feels the need to temporize and to livePsychology2, 466:the unlocking of the door into the desired wider world, or serve to lead a man to the mountain topPsychology2, 467:consciously his small life activity into the world activity. It is this we call illumination forPsychology2, 467:is a form of light, for it reveals to us the world of meaning which lies behind the outer form. AllPsychology2, 467:us (including our own) and which condition the world of meaning of which they are the expression.Psychology2, 467:in relation to the whole is sensed, and when the world which includes our little world is firstPsychology2, 467:and when the world which includes our little world is first contacted, there is always a moment ofPsychology2, 467:unshuttered window has released into our little world of daily living, other psychological dangersPsychology2, 467:we begin to live in an abstracted detached world of being and of feeling, and we fail to keep inPsychology2, 468:consciousness of the man. There is only the world of souls and a desire for creative activity. ThePsychology2, 470:of focused attention) penetrate into that larger world of ideas which are just ready to precipitate
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