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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Rays, 344:is expected to stand at the center of his little world and work to become a focal point for aRays, 346:This group admission will develop rapidly as the world settles back into a cycle of peaceful growthRays, 346:unfoldment after the drastic experience of the world war (1914-1945); it is for this thatRays, 354:individualities - the Master Jesus and the World Savior, the Christ - are implicated; two majorRays, 355:dualism of spirit and matter, as embodied in a world Savior. Christ appearing to the disciples inRays, 356:with you all the days, even until the end of the world," bear witness. It is owing to the deeplyRays, 357:to glamor and illusion, (see Glamor: a World Problem) it must be borne in mind that the reasonRays, 364:facts of the spiritual life. Some day, when the world is increasingly led by its initiates, thisRays, 365:to note that - on a worldwide scale - the world disciple, Humanity, is today on the verge of thisRays, 366:of the Ashram, Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. I seek to enter into no discussion of thisRays, 367:to the slightest wish of the Lord of the World, are among the accepted truths whereby men live.Rays, 367:of the Hierarchy. This Lord of the World is the sole repository of the will and purpose of the OneRays, 368:to this fact. The ajna center of the Lord of the World is just beginning to express itself in aRays, 368:a recognizable manner through the New Group of World Servers. This intermediate group - between theRays, 368:the Purpose, and later, when the New Group of World Servers is organized and is recognized as aRays, 368:authority, right down the ages, to the so-called World Saviors successively; Their life expressionRays, 369:Intelligence, are responsible to the Lord of the World for the processing of the life and impulseRays, 370:by its quality the senior aspirants in the world, and draws them gradually into relationship withRays, 370:the purpose or the will of the Lord of the World upon the united Hierarchy in a mannerRays, 372:of the life expression of the Lord of the World. The key to the mystery of differentiation is foundRays, 373:of the triangle composed of the Hierarchy, the world of souls on the mental plane, and those humanRays, 373:will find their way into the New Group of World Servers; this group will increasingly assume potentRays, 373:From one point of view, the New Group of World Servers can be regarded not only as a relatingRays, 375:the Ashram. This pull is directed towards the world of souls which is, through its manifestingRays, 380:in the expression of the life of the Lord of the World: Shamballa and His embryonic throat center,Rays, 382:stage where the centers of the Lord of the World were differentiated; function and radiatoryRays, 382:made for the emergence of the Hierarchy into the world of men. This emergence is at present purelyRays, 383:and for it all true disciples are working. The world situation today is therefore one of greatRays, 383:therefore one of great interest. Humanity, the world disciple, is in process of recovering from aRays, 384:of the second ray; and at these initiations the World Teacher of the period officiated. Then at aRays, 385:I point out that many thousands of people in the world today have taken the first initiation andRays, 386:Presence of the One Initiator, the Lord of the World, and not in the Presence of the Initiate WhoRays, 386:Shamballa became involved and the Lord of the World Himself admitted the initiate to the higherRays, 387:principle in evolution and of revealing to the world the nature of the second ray aspect - theRays, 387:time - the primary quality of the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara. As the centuries have slippedRays, 389:I gave the earlier exoteric information, the world war took place, the forces of hidden evil [390]Rays, 393:make basic decisions within His Ashram affecting world work and involving all within the Ashram. ItRays, 393:years of every century, the Lord of the World with the Members of His Council watch the process ofRays, 394:the most potent energy and influence in the world, that of the intelligence. They have to penetrateRays, 395:and initiates must use in their work in the world, this of course in cooperation with the energyRays, 396:In that first book which I wrote for the world, I gave a simple definition of the exotericRays, 397:This is the only Path which the Lord of the World regards as within the field of His spiritualRays, 398:and the Master K.H. will assume the role of World Teacher. All these moves present their uniqueRays, 398:are an integral part; our highest spiritual world is a part of the substantial world. The Masters,Rays, 398:spiritual world is a part of the substantial world. The Masters, therefore, are working at aRays, 400:of Sanat Kumara, or until the end - of the world cycle), he will find himself faced with aRays, 401:great trouble; during the past crisis of the world war (1914-1945) it reached most seriousRays, 406:with the Purpose and the Will of the Lord of the World, and proceed - as Their training producesRays, 409:Some years ago (in 1925) I gave out to the world through your instrumentality A Treatise on CosmicRays, 410:to the ready Master, and to familiarize the world of aspirants with their existence. Little hasRays, 414:of very ancient date between our Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, and the Lord of Sirius, and thisRays, 417:any rule or limitation upon the Lord of the World. The Law of Freedom, however, does impose certainRays, 420:Master has to develop an understanding of the world of cosmic Purpose. It is a connection basedRays, 421:inclusive in an [421] entirely newly apprehended world of realization, whilst the inclusive has toRays, 428:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation The World Tension Analyzed The tension in the worldRays, 428:The World Tension Analyzed The tension in the world today, (written in April 1947) particularly inRays, 428:it will produce another and perhaps ultimate world crisis, or else such a speeding up of theRays, 428:apposite. There is a great deal of glamor in the world today and a great deal of that glamor isRays, 428:as it is to be found in any other country in the world. Freedom is an essentially spiritualRays, 429:is sound. The most [429] selfish country in the world today is France, with the United StatesRays, 429:armed forces of Germany and cries aloud to the world about it. France forgets that she frequentlyRays, 429:in the hands of France, lies the destiny of the world disciple, Humanity. Humanity has been passingRays, 429:difficulty for those who are seeking to promote world peace. As a Jewish member of my AshramRays, 430:these points in mind while you investigate the world picture. This picture is taking shape andRays, 430:Nations or - must it break in disaster over the world? Will it present a task too hard for correctRays, 433:i.e., the three worlds of human endeavor and the world of soul consciousness, or both of these andRays, 433:of soul consciousness, or both of these and the world of the Ashram; or again these and theRays, 433:a complete whole; or again, all of these and the world of Triadal experience, until the point isRays, 433:from the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World to Those Masters Who are functioning in aRays, 435:plane the life of an intelligent man within the world of men. He is demonstrating also no freakishRays, 438:and therefore strictly to the phenomenal world and to the various levels of the dense cosmicRays, 440:mind are overcome, the liberated Master enters a world of spiritual endeavor which is free fromRays, 440:free, unlimited and unimpeded and in that world the Master moves and works. Becoming is complex,Rays, 440:limited and subjected to hindrances, and in that world the disciple and the lesser initiates liveRays, 441:to live simultaneously the life of the spiritual world and the practical life of physical planeRays, 445:demonstrates as the life-principle within the world of forms), of the energy of the intuition orRays, 445:or the principle of intelligence in the form world. In these three we have the atma-buddhi-manas ofRays, 445:the three worlds of the Personality become one world wherein the initiate works and functions,Rays, 445:functions, seeing no distinction, regarding one world as the world of inspiration and the otherRays, 445:no distinction, regarding one world as the world of inspiration and the other world as constitutingRays, 445:world as the world of inspiration and the other world as constituting the field of service, yetRays, 445:yet regarding both together as forming one world of activity. Of these two worlds, the subjectiveRays, 446:of the mind in two directions, into the world of human endeavor and into the world of soulRays, 446:into the world of human endeavor and into the world of soul activity. Just as the soul makes a wayRays, 446:of the controlled and directed mind, into the world of the higher [447] spiritual mind and into theRays, 447:steadily sends the man in the direction of the world of spiritual realities, plus certain movementsRays, 448:heart. A very few people, the initiates of the world, having effected all the lower syntheses, areRays, 449:are used to express events and happenings in the world of energies and forces, in connection withRays, 450:done. He must himself create, both in the world of consciousness and of life. Like a spider, manRays, 453:is applied - as the centuries pass - to the world of natural phenomena and of natural process, andRays, 453:Knowledge-force concerns the personality and the world of material values; wisdom-energy expressesRays, 455:plane expression, the initiate in the outer world. The third initiation marks the consummation ofRays, 459:Master, increased opportunity to serve in the world, and also the taking of certain initiations.Rays, 461:as it is carried to its conclusion - for this world cycle - through the development of the threeRays, 462:divine manifestation emerge upon the theatre of world life and on the physical plane. These areRays, 462:lead to the exoteric rule of the Lord of the World, emerging from His aeonial seclusion inRays, 462:forth into outer expression at the end of this world cycle. Here is the vast and necessary picture,Rays, 464:Trinity or Triad of Aspects with which all the world religions have made us familiar. This trinityRays, 466:himself from the three worlds. It is - in this world cycle - pre-eminently a question of fusion andRays, 469:the realm of aspiration and devotion into the world of the focused will. Another indication is that
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