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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

(page 93 of 101)


Rays, 472:this alignment can be seen demonstrating in the world at this time. Rays, 477:human race were concerned. The humanity of that world cycle were, however, all of them extremelyRays, 482:Monad on its own plane and the outer objective world. This he does through a process of Intention,Rays, 482:of major results. The human being lives in a world of varied energies which are sometimesRays, 484:who will make the goal of evolution in this world cycle are already beginning to do so. In theRays, 485:and conditioning or distributing, and so world effective. I am attempting to make a very abstruseRays, 485:who has been taught to penetrate into the world of meaning and to see interpretations not apparentRays, 486:aspects and can produce a bridge between the world of spiritual life and the world of dailyRays, 486:between the world of spiritual life and the world of daily physical plane living. It is a techniqueRays, 497:by the aspirants, disciples and initiates of the world, we can see the group antahkarana graduallyRays, 499:is the spiritual reason which lay behind the world war. The "sharp shears of sorrow must separateRays, 499:or upon a true desire to see a happier world wherein man can lead a fuller spiritual life and baseRays, 499:in all the planning which is going on for a new world order, based on human liberty, belief inRays, 499:of educational institutions throughout the world. The Christ spirit is expressively present, [500]Rays, 500:leaders against evil head the fight for the new world order or for the Four Freedoms or theRays, 500:deep concentration on the spiritual work of the world, or it may be a complete dedication toRays, 505:finally completed bridge - at the end of the world cycle - one ray light and color willRays, 511:of the personality, and the disciples in the world are now so numerous that the hierarchicalRays, 511:upon your ability to live more definitely in the world of meaning than hitherto, upon yourRays, 517:As the race passes more and more into the world of meaning, these word-forms assume less and lessRays, 518:of affirmation found today throughout the world are but the distorted efforts of humanity to arriveRays, 519:- consciously and exoterically - the new world religion, as it has hitherto conditioned itRays, 519:Chamber of Shamballa, and of the Lord of the World Himself undertaking those processes which willRays, 521:concerned the relation of the individual to the world of reality, of the seeking aspirant to theRays, 523:which characterize all the religions of the world and all relationships. Emotional appeal is neededRays, 524:(in order to enhance His equipment as World Savior) revealed to Him the new possibilities, fromRays, 526:the second, and that the task of all the great World Saviors (emerging from the Secret Place, fromRays, 526:could therefore step down the teaching that the World Savior came to give, and translate into humanRays, 527:fostered by several preceding lesser World Saviors, of Whom Shri Krishna was the greatest. TheRays, 533:cosmic Antahkarana, created by the Lord of the World and His group of Executives. This informationRays, 533:attempt to hold before the Masons of the world those expansions of consciousness and of growth intoRays, 535:to the Plan of the Creator, the Lord of the World. The first three initiations are definitely andRays, 538:forms are seen pervaded by a glowing light. The world of lighted forms is now perceived, linkedRays, 539:referred when They said: "I am the light of the world." It is the Light of God Himself, the Lord ofRays, 542:of all degrees, and even by the Lord of the World Himself. He, in His high Place, holds theRays, 542:He, in His high Place, holds the manifested world of energies in a state of fusion; points ofRays, 542:of stupendous magnitude, is present in the world today; the intention behind this realized fusionRays, 544:are responsive to vibrations coming from the world soul or the human soul, from the Ashram and fromRays, 547:is not basically concerned with his daily world service, though there would be no initiation forRays, 549:the occult student is consciously lived in the world of energies. Those energies have always beenRays, 550:- that he begins consciously to [550] work in a world of forces similarly composed; he then beginsRays, 550:steps towards becoming a true occultist. This world of energy in which he lives and moves and hasRays, 551:work in the emergence today of the great world ideologies. I am necessarily considering theseRays, 552:creativity of such wondrous dimensions that the world will stand amazed; nothing like it will haveRays, 553:produced that major destructive agency, the world war (1914-1945). As these energies occultly "fellRays, 554:and "held in being" the modern materialistic world, with its emphasis upon forms and money. TheRays, 554:into the new era, ready to build the new world and to reorganize all human resources - material,Rays, 554:was the emergence of the New Group of World Servers. They appeared in every country, conscious ofRays, 554:appearance in the ranks of the New Group of World Servers, directing their efforts, voicing theirRays, 554:the men of goodwill everywhere in the world took heart of grace (a most appropriate phrase) andRays, 555:can and will find its own way out of the world difficulties. [556] Rays, 556:and disappear below the threshold of the world which ever is and which will be forever. ThroughRays, 557:as energy is the basis of our entire manifested world, an initiation is a condition ofRays, 559:and cultural remains, plus indications of inter-world relationships of which there is no positiveRays, 561:the seven rays to initiation in this particular world period and during the cycle of treading theRays, 564:Triad is an expression. Fusion with the world consciousness of the planetary Logos to a degreeRays, 566:struggling for expression today in that great world disciple, Humanity. These concepts are worthyRays, 567:as expressions of the quality of the manifested world, begins progressively to dawn upon theRays, 568:effect upon humanity, regarding humanity as a world disciple. The stimulating nature of the energyRays, 568:occult implication. At this particular time in world history, seventh ray energy is of a growingRays, 570:a new orientation to life and a new [570] world of thought are registered by the initiate. ThisRays, 570:true on a large scale where modern man, the world initiate of the first degree, is concerned. MenRays, 571:as this ray comes into manifestation in this world cycle, we have the appearance of fundamental sexRays, 572:governed by the sixth ray has culminated in a world wherein men work in great workshops andRays, 572:It is this energy which will bring in the new world order for which all men wait; it will restoreRays, 573:of the Ray is cooperating with the Lord of the World to bring about the needed "reforming."Rays, 573:under this ray influence, will create the new world, express the new qualities and institute thoseRays, 573:processes which will transform humanity (the world disciple) into humanity (the world initiate). ToRays, 573:humanity (the world disciple) into humanity (the world initiate). To establish in a new andRays, 574:factor in the new civilization. To reorganize world affairs and so initiate the new world order.Rays, 574:reorganize world affairs and so initiate the new world order. This is definitely in the realm ofRays, 578:point of view, it is this struggle to clear the world atmosphere which will confront humanity afterRays, 578:the work done and which will inaugurate the world cycle and period in which the task ofRays, 578:exactly the situation which is today governing world affairs. [579] The united activity of theseRays, 579:growing ideological tendencies of mankind. These world ideologies (of which there are many presentRays, 579:(of which there are many present in the world today) are created by a triple reaction to the twoRays, 580:when the second initiation is undergone by the world aspirant. The influence generated by theRays, 580:All these factors are responsible for the world situation at this time; great ideologies, potentRays, 580:present simultaneously. The essential etheric world unity (of which the telephone, the radio andRays, 580:which are presenting themselves to the world of men - impulsed by the Hierarchy, precipitated intoRays, 580:from the mental plane by the new group of world servers, implemented by the energy of the sixthRays, 580:and preliminary stage to the creation of the new world order; it provides a point of crisis and theRays, 581:which has precipitated a reflected vortex in the world war, and which is responsible for theRays, 583:The development of a tendency to clarify the world atmosphere, thus releasing the energy ofRays, 583:The sudden and powerful emergence of the world ideologies. A basic transformation within the astralRays, 584:and universality) which will make the new world order possible. It is therefore apparent that theRays, 585:onward - are administered by the Lord of the World from His high place in Shamballa; in the presentRays, 585:from His high place in Shamballa; in the present world period, these initiations are individuallyRays, 586:some phase of work sponsored by the New Group of World Servers. All disciples and initiates inRays, 586:discoveries) of the scientific movement in the world today. You will note, therefore, the profoundRays, 586:by means of which he may some day serve the world. All those who are taking initiation do notRays, 588:The ray energies, utilizing the created form world and the "world of formless forms" (that is, theRays, 588:utilizing the created form world and the "world of formless forms" (that is, the cosmic ethericRays, 588:subhuman, human and superhuman. It is into this world of active moving energies that the initiateRays, 592:of forms to which we give the name of "world thought." This energy transforms the divine ideas intoRays, 593:of the Christ among the peoples of the world and by a stupendous inflow of love-wisdom. There is aRays, 594:analysis. The reason for this is that If the world religions were really controlled by concreteRays, 595:and to shut the Russian people away from world contact, using the implements of deception and theRays, 595:press and radio and are not kept in ignorance of world events. Russia is drifting into a pronouncedRays, 595:a dangerous "state of mind" when he closes it to world contact, world news and world understanding,
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