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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Rays, 595:of mind" when he closes it to world contact, world news and world understanding, and when heRays, 595:he closes it to world contact, world news and world understanding, and when he refuses to admit newRays, 596:(and not because of its ideology), and by one world group in every country, those guilty ofRays, 596:through the Transfiguration Initiation the new world order must be functioning and the comingRays, 596:The inflow of this mental energy into the world of men, the attainment in consciousness of mentalRays, 596:of mental polarization by aspirants all the world over, are all due to the activity of this fifthRays, 599:to work as an illuminating factor in the world of men. He knows clearly what has been [600]Rays, 602:mean much to the initiate-consciousness. The world initiates will be coming into incarnation atRays, 602:interest and has a great bearing on the present world situation. I would like to make clear twoRays, 602:clear two important facts: The fact that the world war (1914-1945) was quite unavoidable, thoughRays, 603:mankind to fight out the issues involved in the world war upon the physical plane, at the same timeRays, 603:in the Flood, to which all parts of the world testify and to which the majority of the worldRays, 603:world testify and to which the majority of the world Scriptures bear evidence. In that era, inRays, 603:evidence. In that era, in which the then known world of men was extensively involved, the Black andRays, 603:plane; it resulted in the destruction of the world by water, as it might be symbolically expressed.Rays, 604:The effect of this Ray IV in the modern world of nations and of fundamental organizations. TheRays, 606:the present century, this materialism led to the world war which was in reality the expression of aRays, 608:wise to remember that all crises in the material world - individual crises and those related toRays, 608:of Conflict, whilst crises in the spiritual world are controlled by the esoteric Principle ofRays, 610:inclusive and synthetic aspect of the present world conflict; though the physical aspects of theRays, 610:present on a small scale in various parts of the world), the conflict is by no means over or yetRays, 611:the need for soul-infused personalities in the world today, as promulgated by all true esotericRays, 612:greedy purposes behind a spurious desire for world unity, world harmony and right human relations.Rays, 612:behind a spurious desire for world unity, world harmony and right human relations. The masses ofRays, 612:- has awakened mankind to the fact of the One World; the community of pain, sorrow, anxiety,Rays, 612:breeder of harmony than man realizes; the world of men today is more closely knit subjectively (inRays, 613:the governing factor in the economic life of the world, regulated and controlled by those men whoRays, 613:clear line of demarcation between the two basic world parties is not yet possible, nor are theRays, 615:in His proposed spiritual interference in world affairs. Through the medium of these members orRays, 617:it should be the religious organizations of the world, it may prove to be elsewhere; if the fieldRays, 618:with humanity; so that the New Group of World Servers (implementing the love of God and enlightenedRays, 620:and aspirants who form the New Group of World Servers, seeking to embody the love and light neededRays, 620:to embody the love and light needed in the world today. The hearts of the men of goodwill in allRays, 620:medium of some focal point in our known modern world, it will be apparent to you that a veryRays, 620:Ray of Harmony through Conflict in the modern World of Nations As we approach what some may regardRays, 620:the battling life of the aspirant and of the world aspirant, the entire human family, so it mustRays, 621:a definite bearing on their activities. In the world at this time the two aspects of this fourthRays, 621:warriors, and conquest has been an ideal. The world war (1914-1945) marked a culminating point inRays, 622:but by those who see life, humanity and the world as one united whole, interrelated, cooperativeRays, 622:and harmonized. Those who struggle for this world unity, and who educate the race in the PrinciplesRays, 622:expression of harmony and bring about the new world order, the new civilization and culture, is theRays, 623:present is not to be found in any country in the world - they can be trusted to swing the tide intoRays, 624:leadership; as is the case elsewhere in the world, party politics and religious cleavages conditionRays, 624:of Conflict operating violently through the world war (1914-1945) in order to bring to an end theRays, 624:and of tension led to the explosion of the world war; nevertheless, after due process of pain, ofRays, 625:is conditioned by this ray. During the world war, Italy had a king, a dictator, and a pope, andRays, 626:her immaturity and childish interpretation of world affairs, her lack of thinking capacity and herRays, 626:to work through Germany and precipitate the world conflict. But Germany will recover, provided sheRays, 629:humanitarian ideology which will result in world service and non-separateness. The rays of energyRays, 629:else, in its willingness to tell all the world what should or should not be done, in its revoltRays, 630:which will reveal to its people that it is one world and which will enable the people of this landRays, 630:of this land to harmonize with the rest of the world and draw forth the loving response of otherRays, 630:constitute the three points of a most potent world triangle of energy, and once there is a freeRays, 630:understanding established between them, then world peace will be assured and the Christ can come.Rays, 630:to harmonize with each other and the rest of the world. Russia has the same personality ray as theRays, 631:Commonwealth; a pattern is thereby presented for world consideration. The U.S.A. is a fusing centerRays, 632:of right human relations and which can provide a world pattern in relationships. I refer here toRays, 632:effort is still largely embryonic. In Russia a world ideology is being wrought out which (whenRays, 632:out which (when proven) can be presented to the world as a model system; this, however, will notRays, 632:nor can it be presented aggressively to the world. Russia is in reality - whether she realizes itRays, 632:educational process will prove convincing to the world and provide a world model. This can onlyRays, 632:will prove convincing to the world and provide a world model. This can only take place when theRays, 632:thus laying the foundation for the new world order. All three are of equal importance. In GreatRays, 633:all points around the triangle. These great world problems are also being worked out in each ofRays, 633:This today presents a conflict which all the world is watching. The transition period between groupRays, 634:of values. There is in the last analysis but one world and one humanity, and in a shorter time thanRays, 634:boundaries and territories will mean but little. World citizenship will be the only factor ofRays, 634:a climaxing point; it has produced a serious world tension, but out of this good may come and aRays, 635:to humanity; they forget that millions in the world today have suffered as they have suffered andRays, 636:will not say; the symbolic nature of this basic world problem and its dynamic importance toRays, 637:the individual Disciple The disciples of the world today are submerged in an ocean of warringRays, 637:of general human affairs; he needs to see in all world conflict the needed steps towards anRays, 638:crises and are today bringing about a point of world tension which seems well-nigh unbearable. ButRays, 638:consciousness; let them know that the present world conflict will be terminated. The perfectRays, 640:running high and the spiritual people of the world are not sufficiently aroused as yet to handleRays, 640:to the critical nature of the time and to the world problems which is immediately needed, and thisRays, 641:masses for right human relations can save the world from chaos. If this is so, then the duty ofRays, 643:I have been enabled to accomplish in the outer world through the books which A.A.B. has taken downRays, 644:is so tremendous that "he withdraws into the world of light and joins his brothers. He gathers allRays, 645:will be seen, relating the human spirit to the world of forms, to the united Hierarchy and to theRays, 646:and has produced two potent results: first, the world war was precipitated and, secondly, theRays, 648:in relation to light; this event will transform world thinking and lead to a new type ofRays, 648:everywhere, constituting the sum total of the world disciple, will eventually take either the firstRays, 649:itself; as the light reveals reality, the world of phenomena and the world of spiritual values willRays, 649:reveals reality, the world of phenomena and the world of spiritual values will enter into a better,Rays, 650:is the guarantee of the final success of the world disciple. When it comes to a consideration ofRays, 651:and concerns his successful progress in the world of everyday physical plane life. It might be wiseRays, 652:three worlds of material living and the inner world of meaning which the soul has revealed to himRays, 652:left behind; he is suddenly confronted with the world of significances, with the true world ofRays, 652:with the world of significances, with the true world of causes and of origination, and by the realmRays, 653:understood) for a length of time determined by world need, the nature of his service and certainRays, 655:(largely with the aid of the churches of the world, with their materialistic bias) has built,Rays, 656:looked at them from the angle of humanity, the world disciple, as well as from the angle of theRays, 658:reacts to these initiations; they [658] produce world events, and those stupendous points of crisisRays, 658:remember that it has only been in the present world crisis that the planetary Logos dared subjectRays, 659:such an event. But from the standpoint of the world of significances, progress is seen and the dayRays, 661:a view to the preparation of the field of the world for the future divine sowing. More I cannotRays, 661:the initiations, instituted by the Lord of the World. These are not, may I repeat, initiations toRays, 661:the planetary Logos is Himself subjected. The world crises, which ever precede initiation on aRays, 661:preparatory to that initiation for which our world was made - the manifestation on Earth of the
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