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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Rays, 662:In all the many books which I have given to the world I have taught much anent initiation; I haveRays, 664:light, involving the revelation of a different world to the one hitherto known, and the undergoingRays, 664:practically inconceivable) revealed the physical world and that found upon it which the human beingRays, 664:unfolding light of the mind served to reveal the world of emotions, and in the later half of thatRays, 664:modern Aryan race, the light has revealed the world of thought and has brought us to a synthesis ofRays, 665:more of the reality underlying the phenomenal world (the only world recognized by the Lemurians)Rays, 665:underlying the phenomenal world (the only world recognized by the Lemurians) and - at the same timeRays, 665:oriented towards the light, who see a wider world than that of their own selfish interests, who areRays, 666:occult way is attracting more and more of the world intelligentsia. Its experience is not basicallyRays, 666:The scientific way leads the aspirant into the world of energies and forces, which is the trueRays, 666:world of energies and forces, which is the true world of occult endeavor, revealing the UniversalRays, 666:way, which inevitably leads him out of the world of mysticism into the scientific and assuredRays, 667:Baptism Initiation. Members of the New Group of World Servers should watch with care for all thoseRays, 667:is by this close observation on the part of the world servers that the ranks of the New Group areRays, 668:by means of the touchstone of relationships that world servers can contact the initiates and theRays, 668:the initiates and the accepted disciples in the world, and can discover those aspirants who can beRays, 668:point to your attention. In the phenomenal world of the average human being who has not yet passedRays, 673:solutions, bringing in the force of the world maya and thus greatly complicating the problem.Rays, 674:plane loom so large in men's affairs and in world decisions. This is so dominantly so that theRays, 676:extent hitherto unknown. Even a casual glance at world affairs will reveal the truth of thisRays, 676:for which men lived and died was the material world, material comfort, material possessions andRays, 676:To a much smaller group of human beings the world of the intelligence appears paramount, and theRays, 679:determination [679] to enter the field of world service. There must also be humility and a voicedRays, 679:will have disappeared. The major battle in the world today is that of the freedom of the averageRays, 680:governs the Great White Lodge. The menace to world freedom today lies in the known policies of theRays, 681:of aggression constitute a real danger to world peace and human development and their activitiesRays, 681:its position both negative and negligible to the world. It is the Zionists who have perpetrated theRays, 681:on the spiritual development of humanity. The world today still remains divided into people of evilRays, 682:those keynotes which give us the clue to the world problems and indicate at the same time theRays, 683:set-up and produces the glamors which lead to world difficulty. Rays, 684:third initiation. Freedom is the keynote for the world disciple today, and it is freedom to live,Rays, 687:spiritually exciting things taking place in the world today is the use, in every country, of theRays, 690:is consciously directed outward into the world - after the transforming process brought about asRays, 690:energy does pour through him and out into the world, in spite of the fact that he remainsRays, 691:life energy of the initiate - outward into the world of men and upward towards the divine Life andRays, 692:sign of the Cross - associated in the Western world with this initiation and with the ChristianRays, 693:On that Path - having transcended the world of phenomena and established an unbroken contact withRays, 693:Cross of existence in the three worlds (the world of appearances), and after a period of time heRays, 693:on to the Fixed Cross, which is set up in the world of meaning where he has steadily learnt toRays, 694:initiation of crucifixion (which the Christian world has appropriated for itself) is far vaster inRays, 696:reservoir of evil which cyclically overflows the world, and also with the massed group of mastersRays, 697:all, and turns his back upon the material world, finally and for ever. He has mastered all the usesRays, 697:through the "blood of the heart" - out of the world of material phenomena, because he has freedRays, 698:the sixth Initiation of Decision) the Path of World Service. During the experience of theRays, 702:unique task of embodying for the first time in world history the love principle of divinity) to beRays, 704:been called the "Resurrection" by the Christian world, emphasizing that aspect in the experience ofRays, 704:raised out of darkness and is now free in a new world of experiences. [705] He knows that he hasRays, 706:their Messiah, Who will not, however, be the world Messiah. The Jews need humility more than anyRays, 707:upon the Path. You need to remember that the world of men today is full of those who have taken oneRays, 708:They must be approached from the angle of the world of meaning and, if possible, from the world ofRays, 708:the world of meaning and, if possible, from the world of significances; otherwise, the teachingRays, 710:a pathway for himself from the dense material world into the spiritual. These higher spiritualRays, 713:will, in its comprehension and its use in world service. Just as the disciple has to learn to useRays, 713:upon the revelation and directed towards His world service. Having received the revelation,Rays, 714:understanding is not possible. The Lord of the World is, we are told, the sole repository of theRays, 717:Why did the planetary Logos create this world and start the evolutionary, creative process? OnlyRays, 722:They thereby prove two things: Their grasp of world need and Their recognition of man's free willRays, 722:and decision. What They decided to do led to the world war, to a demonstrated cleavage betweenRays, 733:on the level of consciousness of the Lord of the World. At this initiation the Initiator isRays, 734:and to it we give the name of the New Group of World Servers. All these three groups areRays, 734:Shamballa, the Nirmanakayas and the New Group of World Servers - with dynamic energy and, in aRays, 735:fate and service to that of the New Group of World Servers. Then you will be in the direct line ofRays, 736:His decision and stay upon the planet with Those World Saviors Who have chosen the Path of EarthRays, 742:to deal in detail with the evil which holds the world in thrall. Enough is already known and aRays, 742:easily swayed by imparted fears. The evil in the world and that which is primarily guilty ofRays, 742:disciples and spiritual workers of the world are not acting in full concert with the Hierarchy.Rays, 743:and no welding together into a united group for world salvage and service. The spiritualRays, 743:five deepest spiritual events happening in the world today. The two which lie ahead in the not tooRays, 744:We have, for instance, the great crisis in the world today presented by the conflict betweenRays, 745:principles therefore be imposed upon the world or any part of the world by a totalitarian regime,Rays, 745:be imposed upon the world or any part of the world by a totalitarian regime, it would be equallyRays, 747:in different countries throughout the world. All of them have a religious and spiritual side; allRays, 748:its gross materialism, it can give a lead to the world along spiritual lines which will be beyondRays, 748:ideologies and the result of the war among the world religions have started men thinking in everyRays, 749:Russia, by keeping the citizenry in ignorance of world affairs, and secondly, by giving themRays, 749:or a garbled or distorted slant on world affairs, as is the case in most other countries,Rays, 749:man is daily developing and his ability to grasp world affairs is growing. That is one of theRays, 749:the Revelation of Cleavages The result of the world war, of disease, famine and pain, has developedRays, 750:which is rapidly changing into a spirit of world goodwill. This worldwide goodwill, when trulyRays, 751:to keep her word or to cooperate in righting world affairs? The task which the Hierarchy wishes toRays, 752:disinterested spirit, goodwill will permeate the world and right human relations will be rapidlyRays, 752:of years - which has released evil into the world. Thoughts of hate, deeds of cruelty, lying words,Rays, 753:of evil open and which precipitated upon the world the horrors of war, with all its attendantRays, 754:was happening did more temporarily to unify the world and heal the cleavages among nations than anyRays, 754:nations than any other thing. The nations of the world allied themselves with the Forces of LightRays, 754:There are certain areas of evil in the world today through which these forces of darkness can reachRays, 754:will manifest on earth eventually as the new world religion. To this form all that is true andRays, 755:Great Invocation Some time ago I gave out to the world - under instruction from the Christ - anRays, 755:of invocation as expressed by the people of the world; yet down the [756] ages the invocative cryRays, 756:day a scientific study will be made of the great world prayers, spiritual statements and invocativeRays, 756:and invocative appeals and their relation to world events; this relationship will becomeRays, 757:the Hierarchy itself, has been given out to the world. So reactionary is human thinking that theRays, 757:made by me that it is one of the greatest of the world's prayers and is on a par with the otherRays, 757:another of the major spiritual statements of the world) Christ emphasized the relation of theRays, 758:of all, the great educational systems of the world, with their capacity for improvement and for theRays, 758:with Christ: "I am (or we are) the light of the world." Rays, 759:lately given to us by [759] the Hierarchy, is a world prayer; it has no personal appeal or temporalRays, 759:Already this Invocation is doing much to change world affairs - far more than may appear to yourRays, 759:you call all the people in every country in the world (whom you are in a position to reach) to aRays, 760:Invocation on the same day [760] in every land. (World Invocation Day was launched in June 1952,
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