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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLDLY

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Astrology, 99:working out its own ideas and ambitious worldly projects or the spiritual aspiration (worldlyAstrology, 99:worldly projects or the spiritual aspiration (worldly ambition [100] transmuted into its higherAstrology, 107:of physical incarnation and of constant worldly undertakings; thus [108] after a period ofAstrology, 153:yet running free and climbing to the heights of worldly ambition or of spiritual aspiration inAstrology, 173:and a desire for liberation take the place of worldly ambition, and become an impelling impulse,Astrology, 208:of life and having exhausted the resources of worldly desire and ambition - he says: "I will ariseAutobiography, 11:lay within myself, of that I am sure. From the worldly angle, I had no reason to be miserable andAutobiography, 41:souls, but I wonder now - from the angle of more worldly wisdom - if they did not get saved withAutobiography, 43:background and field of thinking. [43] From the worldly angle things were not so easy. My sisterAutobiography, 120:material lines? Let us eat and drink and get worldly goods for tomorrow we die. All this isAutobiography, 256:workers, men and [256] women who even from a worldly point of view are of a pronounced inferiorityBethlehem, 128:- personal ambition, love of popularity, worldly ambition, intellectual ambition, and theBethlehem, 165:test as to whether He could endure and handle worldly success, and pass along the triumphant way ofBethlehem, 205:of man's history gave rise to the sacrifice of worldly goods upon the altar, for primitive manBethlehem, 257:the episode wherein He disappeared from tangible worldly view and entered the world of subjectiveDiscipleship1, 388:should be bent. This will not negate the use of worldly wisdom and the right fulfilment of yourDiscipleship1, 596:not to prevent mistakes or the misuse of the worldly opportunities, nor did your active worldlyDiscipleship1, 596:the worldly opportunities, nor did your active worldly life seem to affect in any way your fieryDiscipleship1, 614:have no ability to work in a big way from the worldly angle and are too old to learn. But theDiscipleship1, 706:which can swell the tide of criticism which the worldly minded pour out upon them. As to attemptingDiscipleship1, 750:light." The surface of his life may be (from the worldly angle) in a state of violent flux. AllDiscipleship1, 788:workers) men and women who, even from a worldly point of view, are of a pronounced inferiority orDiscipleship2, 213:aspects of meditation when concentration upon worldly material success and benefits has proved noDiscipleship2, 630:you must be prepared. This is not only worldly practical wisdom but also spiritual prevision. YourEducation, 41:object of increasing possessions, with bettering worldly situations, elaborating physical planeExternalisation, 65:us that this crisis is more keenly realized by worldly people than it is by world aspirants, who doExternalisation, 237:credit of the Allies (e'en though it lacked worldly common sense) that their preparations for warExternalisation, 436:danger of separateness. A growing and (from the worldly point of view) reasonable hatred of theExternalisation, 513:upon the Great Lord, and transmute the life of worldly endeavor into the life of service. The firstExternalisation, 569:instruction from a Master, have retained their worldly knowledge, besides specializing in certainExternalisation, 569:in certain strictly mundane approaches to worldly affairs. For instance, there are adepts who areFire, 69:center of consciousness around which all worldly experiences in their dual aspect of subjective andFire, 76:which one individual will have upon another in worldly contact, in molding and influencing, inFire, 196:are the pathways through which the Jiva receives worldly experience. These are ten in number, andHealing, 216:the disciple, at the same time, creative in a worldly sense, and therefore of use to his fellowmen.Hercules, 131:may be the least meritorious; that the worldly wise may act like fools, and fools may stumble uponInitiation, 65:work is more rudimentary, though occult from a worldly standpoint, and they learn under supervisionIntellect, 119:can be equally well reached with a purely worldly theme as the "object" or "seed thought." TheIntellect, 130:two functions. It will fit man to handle his worldly contacts with the greatest efficiency and useIntellect, 140:on spiritual levels as we have learned on worldly levels, and one of the important points toIntellect, 266:stages of their own development. They work with worldly wisdom as well as spiritual insight. AboveMagic, 188:as service. The Master looks not at a worker's worldly force or status, not at the numbers ofMagic, 229:man whose motives are those of self interest and worldly ambition. These confine him to the threeMagic, 247:entirely in the etheric body. The advanced worldly man is centered in the pituitary region. When,Magic, 370:dependent upon the aspirant's circumstance or worldly state. Much happiness is necessarily foregoneMagic, 583:impulses of the soul. Pay no attention to any worldly consideration. Live a life which is anMagic, 585:to the prudential considerations of worldly science and sagacity. If the aspirant has need toMagic, 631:undue [631] adaptation of the suggested ideas of worldly or intellectual counselors. Public opinionMeditation, 12:lie two lives of culmination: - the life of worldly apotheosis and the life of intensest meditationMeditation, 28:may be, what he can accomplish, and from the worldly standpoint, comes into his own. During thePatanjali, 188:practise of yoga much more safely than his more worldly and selfish yet intellectual brother. HePatanjali, 213:astral or emotional body in the passage through worldly existence, and an unfluctuating steadyPatanjali, 331:that the thorns are the cares and troubles of worldly existence which succeed in choking theProblems, 12:make to the good of the whole. Emphasis upon worldly possessions or extensive territory is no signPsychology1, 197:between the spiritual man and the man of worldly and material purpose consists in the fact that onePsychology1, 275:find an answer to their questions. They ask the worldly minded for a solution and for help, and getPsychology1, 312:the prodigal son, torn between desire for the worldly life, for possessions and experience, and thePsychology2, 122:frequently brings far more to the server (in a worldly sense) than to the served. And yet, in spitePsychology2, 138:using the word "egoistic" in its usual worldly, psychological connotation. This can easily be seenPsychology2, 167:and good must enter the dark passages of worldly thought. Slowly the torch of light, the fire ofPsychology2, 377:the plan of his soul in his own setting and worldly situation. Until he can do this, he is unablePsychology2, 526:beneath the outer activity and the intelligent worldly effort, and will emerge again to livingPsychology2, 723:perspective), may call evil or black forces. In worldly parlance, these forces are connected, with
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