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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLDS

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Discipleship1, 760:He works with forces and they concern the three worlds. It has been said (esoterically) that "whenDiscipleship1, 762:inadequate expression or shadow in the three worlds) simply make no impact whatsoever upon the soulDiscipleship1, 765:on the physical plane or in the three worlds, only bringing the lowest aspect of his consciousnessDiscipleship1, 788:personality problems and experience in the three worlds, are still in process of training and areDiscipleship2, 5:whose orientation is primarily in the three worlds of human endeavor. Their method and procedure isDiscipleship2, 45:with the forms of existence in the three worlds, and finds himself in the midway place, between theDiscipleship2, 47:and as an integral part of the life of the three worlds. You must then proceed upon your plannedDiscipleship2, 55:of the subjective world to the objective worlds, of the realm of causes to the realm of effects.Discipleship2, 57:the fusion of the objective and subjective worlds and the consequent emergence of the fifth kingdomDiscipleship2, 65:by affairs and happenings in the three worlds, even though that is the sphere wherein their workDiscipleship2, 65:react to qualities and events within the three worlds, and - from the angle of human consciousnessDiscipleship2, 67:is towards his life expression in the three worlds, a phase of depression, of self-accusation andDiscipleship2, 105:and the knowledges gained in the three worlds; reflection then sets in relation to the mentalDiscipleship2, 106:they be amongst those functioning in the three worlds. Criticism, as seen among men, simply is aDiscipleship2, 107:inevitably to successful service in the three worlds. I am anxious to see the group, with which IDiscipleship2, 132:using the energies and forces found in the three worlds for personality ends and for the furtheringDiscipleship2, 133:their spiritual expression in the three worlds and serving a little. They are also beginning toDiscipleship2, 195:that relating to the personality in the three worlds of human evolution. I would ask you to ponderDiscipleship2, 195:He will at the same time function in the three worlds as a serving disciple. With this simpleDiscipleship2, 196:consequently, function efficiently in the three worlds as the serving disciple. In this paragraphDiscipleship2, 199:to the invocative appeal rising from the three worlds, and mainly to the invocative appeal carriedDiscipleship2, 199:- in response to the invocation from the three worlds - approaches the higher Center, Shamballa;Discipleship2, 208:results. All that at present exists in the three worlds and in the higher spheres is the result ofDiscipleship2, 211:the Law of Evolution into activity in the three worlds. Much is known by you anent this group ofDiscipleship2, 212:first results which produce success in the three worlds, and which lead [213] eventually to anDiscipleship2, 215:. Desire, leading to the attainment in the three worlds of that which the lower man desires andDiscipleship2, 215:definite personality achievement in the three worlds, leading eventually to controlled reflectionDiscipleship2, 216:utilized and known as existent in the three worlds. Men have inherited from previous civilizationsDiscipleship2, 221:about, for the subtle energies of the inner worlds take much time in producing their effects uponDiscipleship2, 223:reference only to manifestation in the three worlds wherein the concepts of time and space control.Discipleship2, 223:group is the major creative agent in the three worlds for the remainder of this cycle of planetaryDiscipleship2, 236:and on all the three planes in the three worlds when the antahkarana is in process of construction.Discipleship2, 236:antahkarana is in process of construction. The worlds of the personality are the worlds of theDiscipleship2, 236:The worlds of the personality are the worlds of the third divine aspect and the creation ofDiscipleship2, 249:produced) upon the three planes of the three worlds, this bringing about changes in the sevenDiscipleship2, 251:overcome, and what of the "purpose for which the worlds were made" - the little world of theDiscipleship2, 265:brain and his mind consciousness in the three worlds knows. That knowledge is limited in theDiscipleship2, 279:effectual on the physical plane and in the three worlds; wisdom deals with inherent capacities andDiscipleship2, 282:degree utilizes the potencies of these three worlds of meaning, cause and being to implement theDiscipleship2, 285:incarnation, identified with form in the three worlds; they concern world movement, great andDiscipleship2, 290:eye." Immediately the personality in the three worlds begins to express itself as the soul upon theDiscipleship2, 291:the Monad is to the personality in the three worlds, also the source of its life and light. ThereDiscipleship2, 291:revelation of the nature of the interior worlds, of the kingdom of God and of the divine plan. 3.Discipleship2, 293:the phenomenal world of man in the [293] three worlds, or even of the soul world. It is a world ofDiscipleship2, 312:of men achieves increasing purity in the three worlds, this pure destiny will becomeDiscipleship2, 313:He has learnt through life in the three worlds, to penetrate into the world of mind and the lowerDiscipleship2, 328:work in a destructive manner, and in the three worlds. This is not easy to understand. Perhaps IDiscipleship2, 329:aspiration, his struggles in the three worlds, and an attained point of spiritual unfoldment.Discipleship2, 332:of the Plan, resulting in action in the three worlds. The sharing in the Ashramic life, with allDiscipleship2, 336:I mean within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds which are the dense physical planes of theDiscipleship2, 341:arrived at are not related to life in the three worlds, but embody the reactions of the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 349:as signifying the ending of karma in the three worlds, who can foretell the nature of the ensuingDiscipleship2, 355:as it can be understood in terms of the three worlds, i.e., its physical application, its emotionalDiscipleship2, 364:Formula 2. Concerns alignment in the three worlds with the soul. It is related primarily to theDiscipleship2, 365:in time and space as understood in the three worlds. Formula 3. Transition from death toDiscipleship2, 367:of perception from the tangible one of the three worlds (tangible because [368] within the world ofDiscipleship2, 390:and adapt, have definite reference to the three worlds wherein the Plan must manifest. There areDiscipleship2, 397:from the alluring imprisonment of the three worlds. Now he faces that great transitional initiationDiscipleship2, 398:the control of the personality in the three worlds is broken in order that the Son of Mind, theDiscipleship2, 401:or a light-gatherer from the inner and higher worlds. You will note, therefore, the freshDiscipleship2, 404:energies as the redemption of the worlds of being and of form is carried forward by the secondDiscipleship2, 407:ever more fully and successfully into the three worlds of strictly human endeavor. There haveDiscipleship2, 408:of the soul-infused personality in the three worlds. In time to come, the phrase "life in the threeDiscipleship2, 408:In time to come, the phrase "life in the three worlds" will be discontinued; men will talk in termsDiscipleship2, 408:men will talk in terms of "life in the five worlds of the manifested Kingdom of God." Think inDiscipleship2, 414:upon all life and circumstances in the three worlds, thus enabling the disciple to become aDiscipleship2, 420:be seen present in the three bodies in the three worlds? Or are these marks only to be seen in theDiscipleship2, 422:which were active and conditioning in the three worlds of human evolution. This law is the basicDiscipleship2, 424:will soon be capable of expression in the three worlds, because men are slowly coming to theDiscipleship2, 425:and in process of manifestation in the three worlds, and necessarily, therefore, upon the seventhDiscipleship2, 426:precipitation of "light supernal" into the three worlds and its [427] dominant focusing upon theDiscipleship2, 431:he may precipitate these energies into the three worlds of human service and thus employ them forDiscipleship2, 452:within the personality life of the three worlds; you are meanwhile in process of learning them as aDiscipleship2, 486:down from the subtler bodies into the three worlds so that they can charge the brain. This chargingDiscipleship2, 505:the effect produced by each of them in the three worlds, and also upon soul levels, demands carefulDiscipleship2, 506:daily life within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds and in the life of the soul upon its ownDiscipleship2, 506:to each of the three planes in the three worlds, and to each other; carry the same directedDiscipleship2, 506:levels and shift the theme then into the three worlds of the Spiritual Triad, regarding the lowerDiscipleship2, 506:the Spiritual Triad, regarding the lower three worlds then as reflections of the higher, triadalDiscipleship2, 582:matter and within the periphery of the three worlds; it is exceedingly forceful when it is wieldedDiscipleship2, 582:ray, which is applied from without the three worlds and from soul levels; it works throughDiscipleship2, 604:man the world of spiritual being. Of these two worlds of sense perception, the two eyes are theDiscipleship2, 639:and relations of that soul in all the three worlds of experience, Then sound the OM three times inDiscipleship2, 666:degree upon the Lighted Way. It reveals to him worlds of being hitherto unsuspected andDiscipleship2, 694:which lifts a disciple out of the three worlds of human endeavor; it is this same law which bringsDiscipleship2, 758:sannyasin knows as he roams free in the three worlds - unsupervised or unintruded upon by aught butDiscipleship2, 760:truth but of an existent fact in the three worlds. There are four of you in this group who haveDiscipleship2, 761:of which a Master makes contact with the three worlds. This means, consequently, that disciplesDiscipleship2, 767:can stand revealed. God thought, and all the worlds emerged and ran their courses. Man, in hisEducation, 4:interest in all that transpires in the three worlds of human affairs. It is all the above, butEducation, 12:become as one. The objective and the subjective worlds are unified. Soul and its mechanism functionEducation, 19:the realization by the soul that (in the three worlds of human evolution) man is the Three in OneEducation, 30:the resources of dynamic energy in the three worlds: Lower types of humanity use the sutratma as itEducation, 43:of the two ways - feeling and mind; of two worlds - sensitivity and thought; and of the attitudes,Education, 43:two aspects. He moves with equal freedom in both worlds, and with simultaneity as far as hisEducation, 48:his consciousness. He should begin to relate the worlds of objective outer living and of innerEducation, 51:as conscious souls, not only in the three worlds of instinctual and intellectual living, but in theEducation, 60:world of phenomena (and by that I mean the three worlds of human evolution) exists the world ofEducation, 60:and the universality of that which moves the worlds and underlies the evolutionary process. TheEducation, 61:brought into expression in the three worlds. They form a combination of active forces; he must
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