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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLDS

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Intellect, 16:have borne witness to experiences in subtler worlds where they have been brought into contact withIntellect, 25:of consciousness in the subjective and real worlds, is as yet but the privileged knowledge of a fewIntellect, 94:For every painful step I trod, I traverse worlds on worlds of light And pierce some deeper depth ofIntellect, 94:every painful step I trod, I traverse worlds on worlds of light And pierce some deeper depth ofIntellect, 114:plane, but does not release it from the three worlds of human appreciation. To limit and confineIntellect, 138:is occupied (as the Perceiver) with the three worlds of human endeavor, and looks out, therefore,Intellect, 143:transmitted. The true son of God can live in two worlds at once; He is a citizen of the world andIntellect, 154:as those coming from the emotional and physical worlds. Absorbed in union with God, transportedIntellect, 225:and use the Not-self, its instrument in the worlds of human expression, and vice versa, with theIntellect, 232:to the mind of the intelligent student. Whole worlds of thought are open over which the mind canMagic, 13:the vehicles in which man functions in the three worlds, and then will seek to elucidate the trueMagic, 13:is the highest product of existence in the three worlds. By man, I mean the spiritual man, a son ofMagic, 14:to arrive at much truth in relation to the three worlds. The scientific method is, in relation toMagic, 26:from the standpoint of man in the three worlds below the intuitional plane) and seek to understand,Magic, 27:of himself as he really was and to the three worlds of his normal evolution; later he became groupMagic, 37:which enables him to live his life in the three worlds of his normal evolution as the onlooker, theMagic, 50:of the soul in man which links the three worlds (corresponding to the solid, liquid and gaseousMagic, 55:the hitherto assumed reality of the three worlds futile to attract and hold, and is the first step,Magic, 58:side) will be to the inner as well as the outer worlds. Man has included in his relation only theMagic, 59:the totality of forms to be found in the three worlds of human endeavor, etheric, astral andMagic, 82:and known, then karma (as known in the three worlds) ceases, and the adept stands master of allMagic, 98:the solar Angel can express itself in the three worlds, and can construct a form through which itsMagic, 98:fans into radiant light, illuminating the three worlds, that point of light which flickered intoMagic, 98:permitting of its recognition in the three worlds of a man's immediate environment. Magic, 100:the soul will control in the three worlds and in all kingdoms of nature. 3. The transmission ofMagic, 108:three fused and blended) illuminates the three worlds of man's endeavors and "the light is thrownMagic, 109:rapport with the instrument in the three worlds is instituted. The instrument, man, responds, andMagic, 109:are so intense that now all life in the three worlds is illumined. Alignment is produced, the workMagic, 115:of methods sanctioned by time in the three worlds - methods involving personal attack, invectiveMagic, 119:the man on the physical plane, or in the three worlds, the second with his life on causal levels,Magic, 126:Only the soul has power to work in all three worlds at once, and yet remain detached, and thereforeMagic, 126:power? I answer, no. They can work in the three worlds, but they work from and in the plane ofMagic, 134:a growing and profound realization of the unseen worlds without the balance that comes fromMagic, 134:realize three things: The reality of the unseen worlds. The terrific power of thought. The need forMagic, 142:he sends forth normally into the [142] three worlds are reduced in volume and in activity, as wellMagic, 142:through the medium of sound, God spoke and the worlds were made. It has been said that, "the chiefMagic, 142:beautifully that "the Great Singer built the worlds, and the Universe is His Song." This is anotherMagic, 143:sounds; and surround ourselves with form worlds of our own creation. Is it not essential,Magic, 146:only to the one who stands master of the three worlds. The word vibration must next engage ourMagic, 147:desirable. Steadily the attraction of the three worlds grows and holds the man in reiteratedMagic, 147:response apparatus whereby the subjective worlds can be known. When this stage is reached thereMagic, 147:away from vibratory contact with the outer worlds of form, and an atrophying of desire in thatMagic, 150:breath, the life has withdrawn out of the three worlds, and in the "secret place of the most high"Magic, 151:soul, the form for manifestation in the three worlds is created through intense meditation, whichMagic, 151:expression and a response apparatus in the three worlds of human living. In the life of theMagic, 152:its forces for manifestation in the three worlds of human experience. The right use of theMagic, 163:activities of nature and of life in the three worlds equally fail to pierce. The man is smothered,Magic, 169:of service to be then used in the three worlds by those who are still tied by the Law of Rebirth toMagic, 169:are still tied by the Law of Rebirth to those worlds. Those who have passed through the greatMagic, 180:always good; it may lack knowledge in the three worlds and in this way be deficient; but it harborsMagic, 191:of the bodies, as used by the soul in the three worlds. The second is the result of meditation andMagic, 192:becomes a conscious creative force in the higher worlds; he enters within the veil, and begins toMagic, 193:which the soul must perforce use in the three worlds of its endeavor. The interpreting, organizing,Magic, 206:act as the agent of his soul in the three worlds. 6. Breathing Exercises. Little by little asMagic, 206:so is the life of the man in the three worlds permeated by spiritual energy. There is theMagic, 212:once the subjugation of the vehicle in the three worlds is brought about. Just as the fullyMagic, 212:vision is towards his reflection in the three worlds. The object of the long struggle between theMagic, 214:function and bring about results in the three worlds. The organ used is the third eye. The analogyMagic, 214:that in each of the subtle bodies in the three worlds there is a corresponding point of focus, andMagic, 215:the soul comes into full domination in the three worlds. The elemental of earth, who is the sumMagic, 220:themselves to the use of energy in the three worlds, and that this energy is either consciouslyMagic, 220:by the force inherent in the matter of the three worlds, independently of the soul. When this isMagic, 225:and the equilibrium of the energies of the three worlds and so become a co-worker with the MastersMagic, 227:emanating from the subjective and spiritual worlds. Yet the battle, par excellence, is fought outMagic, 229:worldly ambition. These confine him to the three worlds and shut the door which opens on to life.Magic, 236:communicated with his instrument in the three worlds. The man on the physical plane recognizes theMagic, 257:the incentive to action of any kind in the three worlds is based on personality desire and broughtMagic, 262:that provides the means of contact in the three worlds. It is built in each life, the key of theMagic, 263:He stands midway between life in the three worlds and that in the world of adepts. His vibrationMagic, 265:hands that have let slip all within the three worlds are free to carry the ultimate blessing toMagic, 301:of men will function simultaneously in the two worlds that the old fear will go and the intercourseMagic, 357:animal but man is the only entity in the three worlds who can consciously reap benefit from them.Magic, 374:Note how this works at this time in the three worlds: The fourth ether, the lowest of the ethers,Magic, 385:the world of souls. It is sensitive to the three worlds of human evolution. It becomes equallyMagic, 386:the cause of phenomenal effects in the three worlds) and when to this is added divine understandingMagic, 397:from the personality expression in the three worlds of human life and are motivated by an energyMagic, 460:the reality of that work in the three worlds of human evolution. They bring the germ of the idea,Magic, 465:and Effect, spirit and matter coalesced and the worlds were made, Governed by the same law, formsMagic, 491:mind. The aspirant must function free in both worlds. Note this with care. The thought is not thatMagic, 491:that he must function as a free agent in both worlds. Through constant daily meditation he does theMagic, 492:unaided, to learn to look away from the three worlds wherein he works in his effort to push hisMagic, 535:and of cramping. Where there is realization of worlds to conquer, of truths to be learnt, ofMagic, 589:the other, the vision can be seen and the inner worlds sensed and known. Magic, 605:- the necessary limitations - of the three worlds have been surmounted and man can function as aMagic, 607:emanating from the form aspect in all three worlds. Their state of detachment is not yet complete.Magic, 608:are somewhat coordinated, they live in all three worlds at once, and this few can do. They areMagic, 617:the words that will create the forms, build worlds and universes and give his life to that which heMeditation, 5:The aim of the evolution of man in the three worlds - the physical, emotional and mental planes -Meditation, 11:into objectivity a body for use in the three worlds and evolved under the Law of Causes. 3. ItMeditation, 19:result, and the man frees himself from the three worlds. Many occultists are coming in on this rayMeditation, 30:Thinker cannot control in the three lower worlds without the aid of the lower self. The life of theMeditation, 33:it from the standpoint of a man in the three worlds. Today we will deal with the matter from theMeditation, 37:fact that resistance is a factor in the three worlds but not elsewhere. Hence, pain ceases for aMeditation, 37:of time and space (as understood in the three worlds) are aimed at by the Ego, such as the increaseMeditation, 42:They contact six other types of force in the worlds and six other groups of beings who must beMeditation, 53:law. First, let us repeat the truism that the worlds are the effect of sound. First life, thenMeditation, 56:when the Ego sounds the egoic note in the three worlds. and prepares to manifest or to come intoMeditation, 57:being an ordered harmonious life in the three worlds. Then he finds the dominant fifth of the Ego,Meditation, 59:and eventually find liberation from the three worlds. The student must remember, nevertheless, thatMeditation, 73:having examined the attractions of the three worlds, are: The base of the spine. The heart. The
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