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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLDS

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Rays, 488:of its shadow, the personality, in the three worlds. When the antahkarana is being built, thisRays, 494:the experience of personality life in the three worlds), and from the higher levels a line ofRays, 527:greatest work has not yet been emphasized in the worlds of thought and of religion - the revelationRays, 532:plane and the inner subjective and cosmic worlds; this entrance to the bridge (I am speaking inRays, 535:expressed in the results effected in the three worlds and in the tangible and growing proof heRays, 537:from himself and his functioning in the three worlds is becoming spiritually controlled (or is inRays, 539:It is the Light of God Himself, the Lord of the Worlds, in which the Lives within the CouncilRays, 539:and activity. Thus (if I may so express it) the "worlds of living forms and formless lives becomeRays, 544:of the divine manifestation in the three or five worlds of human evolution. It might here beRays, 547:built by disciples (working in the three worlds but on mental levels) who have been admitted intoRays, 547:the disciple's life and his service in the three worlds. The work of the disciple in preparationRays, 548:lead, producing an intense activity in the three worlds - an activity [549] which in no wayRays, 549:undisturbed by the happenings in the three worlds; to seek that attentive spiritual sense whichRays, 556:to expanded understanding. Through energy the worlds were made and through that energy they makeRays, 561:of envisaging that which lies beyond the three worlds of human evolution. It might here be saidRays, 562:itself within the periphery of the three worlds through clearly defined ray forms andRays, 568:withdrawn. As they radiate forth into the three worlds, the impacting energies produce changes,Rays, 569:centered or focused in the life of the three worlds. Simultaneously, the energy and radiation ofRays, 569:are becoming steadily more powerful in the three worlds. This incoming of a ray always produces anRays, 572:of the sex life of all peoples and in the three worlds through the stimulation brought about whenRays, 577:vehicles through which he works in the three worlds and upon their individual conditioning rays,Rays, 582:second aspect of the personality in the three worlds, his astral body or nature. In the earlyRays, 588:in energy within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds and - as I have frequently pointed out - toRays, 588:mental element, and thus function in the three worlds as a soul-infused personality, utilizing theRays, 590:- in conjunction with emanations from the three worlds - it has produced the one existent form uponRays, 590:emanations or vibrations arising from the three worlds; these creatively result in the myriads ofRays, 591:man. These three are: Impressions from the three worlds; these come, first of all, from theRays, 592:are the conveyors of information from the three worlds to the mental plane. It might be said thatRays, 599:through the reflection of itself in the three worlds. Let me state this as follows: The directingRays, 603:in nature, the human kingdom in the three worlds of strictly human evolution. It is the dominantRays, 606:emerge out of the control of matter in the three worlds, beginning with the emergence from theRays, 606:him to pass out of the control of the three worlds of forms, and so begin to function as aRays, 607:(from the soul angle) by life in the three worlds. It is the Principle of Conflict, latent in everyRays, 608:of all, on goodwill to all forms in the three worlds, and secondly, upon the will-to-good whichRays, 608:with all the service rendered in the three worlds; it is based on the energy of the second Ray ofRays, 610:him aware of the basic dualism of the manifested worlds. This presents him with a battleground andRays, 615:influence will be, therefore, the entire three worlds of human evolution, which naturally includesRays, 615:at the time of His arrival, active in the three worlds of human evolution. This involves HisRays, 628:the spirit is focused primarily upon the three worlds of material living. This pronounced activityRays, 642:also be applied to development within the three worlds and to the third aspect of the divine Life.Rays, 643:her from the personality angle in the three worlds.) It can be used also to reveal to the MasterRays, 644:as [644] the carrier of life to all in the three worlds, and to know likewise the next step to beRays, 644:and hitherto unknown significance of the three worlds which he has viewed almost entirely from theRays, 650:destroyed all that which held him in the three worlds of human endeavor. Thus was harmony producedRays, 652:that assured center of the Most High. The three worlds of material living and the inner world ofRays, 665:to step out of the lighted field of the three worlds into another area where the light of the mindRays, 667:The life of the personality in the three worlds has for aeons nurtured the germ of this new lifeRays, 669:simply a natural phase of existence in the three worlds and as one of the normal and correctRays, 688:to the material attractions of the three worlds that there is henceforth nothing in the initiateRays, 693:the Mutable Cross of existence in the three worlds (the world of appearances), and after a periodRays, 693:closely: The Mutable Cross governs the three worlds and the astral plane in particular. On thisRays, 694:[694] The Fixed Cross governs the five worlds of human development and conditions the experiencesRays, 695:personal nature; he is liberated from the three worlds. The Christ pictured for us and emphasizedRays, 696:nothing in him which relates him to the three worlds of human evolution. His contact with thoseRays, 696:of human evolution. His contact with those worlds in the future will be purely voluntary and forRays, 696:by us the Hierarchy. Forget not that the three worlds of ordinary evolution constitute the denseRays, 697:only the Eternal Now is known, then the three worlds of incarnated being constitute one unit ofRays, 697:ever. He has mastered all the uses of the three worlds of experiment, experience and expression (toRays, 698:The three lower centers are related to the three worlds of personality evolution; the three higherRays, 699:"living focus" - lifted out of the three worlds on to the buddhic plane - that the concept ofRays, 700:of a clean break with the old life in the three worlds of experience which has characterized theRays, 700:the human being dies to all contact in the three worlds before resuming incarnated living. Rays, 700:His service and furthers the Plan in the three worlds and for the four kingdoms in nature. Let thisRays, 701:of right relations between the three worlds of human evolution and the buddhic plane, the rapportRays, 702:means that He worked with humanity in the three worlds (for time and the process of events areRays, 702:The same concept of working in the three worlds of physical plane existence (in the cosmic sense)Rays, 702:material; They have been lifted out of the three worlds by Their Own effort; They have detachedRays, 703:in seeking liberation and freedom from the three worlds, is to aid and help humanity. ThisRays, 704:of his intention. Having renounced the three worlds, and having returned - back from a contact ofRays, 704:great importance and interest - to those three worlds and with all that is familiar in them, theRays, 711:nature, on the three planes of the three worlds. Nevertheless he still possesses awareness of allRays, 711:a new coloring, totally unrelated to the three worlds of his past experience. He, the sum total ofRays, 716:heretofore, it reached mankind in the three worlds after being stepped down and modified by transitRays, 716:planetary Logos reaches the forms in the three worlds and all that is contained therein. These evilRays, 768:sphere, lit with a radiance white, causes the worlds to stand and cry: "Behold, a God is here."Reappearance, 90:the phenomenal world, as well as the subtler worlds of feeling and of thought; life was withdrawnReappearance, 102:have mastered life for Themselves in the three worlds of human evolution - physical, emotional andReappearance, 119:he then renounces desire for life in the three worlds and is freed from the Law of Rebirth. He isReappearance, 129:closer relation between the outer and the inner worlds of thought. The world of meaning and theSoul, 63:intellectual - the connecting link between the worlds of intellect and matter being that ofSoul, 82:and receives back into itself again all worlds, this eternal infinite divine power is identicalTelepathy, 35:any instrument normally functioning in the three worlds. Of this intuitional future age, Christ isTelepathy, 35:to him from all forms of life in the three worlds, but he is also equally responsive to impressionsTelepathy, 35:will eventually make a man a master in the three worlds, and also in the five worlds of human andTelepathy, 35:master in the three worlds, and also in the five worlds of human and superhuman development. By aTelepathy, 41:Lives Who have surmounted life in the three worlds and Who are not conditioned by the tripleTelepathy, 55:mentally - in the life and contacts of the three worlds which constitute his environment and inTelepathy, 55:knowledge of goals already achieved in the three worlds lies the guarantee of achievement in theTelepathy, 55:guarantee of achievement in the more subjective worlds which are present within the aspirant'sTelepathy, 60:the surrounding physical, mental and spiritual worlds come within the arena of perception, and areTelepathy, 61:form: [61] The advanced man in the three worlds is conscious of two inherent triplicities: TheTelepathy, 73:of sight; for aeons he has seen in the three worlds, and many have for several lives sought afterTelepathy, 78:second kingdom of nature emanates from the angel worlds and from the [79] deva hierarchy. TheTelepathy, 90:of the planetary Logos - established before the worlds were created and finding their prototypesTelepathy, 102:facility the astral counterparts of the higher worlds, which are reflected (and thereby distorted)Telepathy, 108:center for use by the Hierarchy in the three worlds of human evolution. [109] Telepathy, 112:awareness of all that exists in the three worlds, including the three subhuman kingdoms of nature.Telepathy, 113:- as the Hierarchy works it out in the three worlds. The Science of Impression is concerned,Telepathy, 113:which are not concerned with work in the three worlds. This is a point upon which I would ask youTelepathy, 113:found on levels higher than those in the three worlds. This impact evokes a reaction from these
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