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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORN

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Astrology, 547:of old group structures of thought, embodying worn-out ideas and ideals must necessarily supervene;Autobiography, 72:sun helmets. I find that sun helmets are not worn so much these days and two of my daughters, whoAutobiography, 86:I had always been subject increased and I was worn to a frazzle. Three things were responsible forAutobiography, 90:II Arrived there I collapsed completely. I was worn out with over work, with constant migraineAutobiography, 181:Central Terminal. Never did I see a more weary, worn out man than Foster Bailey. The four of themAutobiography, 181:East. They had never seen snow and had seldom worn shoes and it was for them like an entirely newBethlehem, 46:the weary world disciple, humanity as a whole, worn and distraught, bewildered and restless, yetBethlehem, 185:His written words. All pathways by His feet are worn, His strong heart stirs the ever-beating sea,Destiny, 121:or other upon some nation or to rid itself of a worn out system of thought, of government, ofDestiny, 122:up of hints and indications of crystallized and worn-out methods from the ancient past is all tooDiscipleship1, 422:battle - a battle with glamor, with a tired and worn body, as well as with environment and homeDiscipleship1, 451:but to what avail, if humanity is too [451] worn out and too exhausted and too retarded andDiscipleship1, 486:and cleanse your lower nature that you have worn yourself out in the process; so great has beenDiscipleship1, 554:by love. 3rd month - Each pilgrim on the Way is worn and tired. [555] All are sincere. Forget thisDiscipleship1, 557:"weary pilgrims on the Way" are indeed tired and worn. Humanity today is very weary. The vehiclesDiscipleship1, 557:the joy of the soul begins to pour through the worn and weary vehicles, and gradually the positiveExternalisation, 73:and thus see them for what they are - not worn out systems and childish efforts at improvement butExternalisation, 114:crystallization and deterioration had set in. Worn-out religious dogmas and the grip of theologyExternalisation, 143:which is to take place when this conflict has worn itself out and some measure of peace and calmExternalisation, 457:us hope) and to over-estimate that which is old, worn-out and, if I may use the word, stagnant. TheExternalisation, 658:human thinking and destroying the old and worn-out civilization. It is an exceedingly dangerousFire, 1193:They are forms of three monadic "vestures," worn by the one Monad as a man wears his three bodiesHealing, 224:of stronger stocks with the weaker [224] or worn-out types and of the newer racial strains with theHealing, 440:seek to make is a suggestion that when pain has worn itself out and weakness has supervened, theHercules, 38:the deed." Alone and sad, conscious of need and worn with deep distress, Hercules slowly passedHercules, 58:but was not found. There came a day when, worn with fear and travelling, he heard a rumor from aHercules, 99:to wear the skin in place of that already worn and used. "The deed is done. The people now standInitiation, 2:scientific endeavor, and subtract that which is worn out and of no value. Each age must build inMagic, 499:seek to make is a suggestion that when pain has worn itself out and weakness has supervened, theMagic, 593:[593] through the interplay, they are gradually worn away, so that in the course of time theyMeditation, 42:limits of the life escaping from the old and worn-out forms. The new forms are needed now and willPatanjali, 316:to discriminative knowledge, hindrances are worn away, the veil which hides the light becomesProblems, 93:- are full of fear and questioning; they are worn by the war, sick of insecurity, underfed andPsychology1, 324:to a discarding of the rubbish of old and worn-out ideas, and to a period of disciplining andPsychology2, 630:of famine and pestilence, and in the other, worn out by the suffering engendered by economicPsychology2, 730:menace, but that harness is rapidly becoming worn, and when the leash slips or breaks, it isRays, 302:upon thy sight as thou standest on the Way, O worn and tired disciple, yet triumphant in the light?
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