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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WOVEN

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Discipleship2, 193:is not a series of energy threads, slowly woven by the soul-infused personality, and met byEducation, 27:has taken place. It is the thread which is woven as a result of the appearance of life in form uponEducation, 27:into the outer manifestation. The antahkarana is woven, evolved, and created as the result of thisEducation, 126:eventually form the antahkarana, have to be woven between each and every hierarchical unit, andEducation, 147:petals. Though these three energies are woven into one thread finally, yet they remain distinct. ItExternalisation, 243:based on glamor and fear - all these factors are woven into the life pattern of every nation,Fire, 99:be pictured as whirling vortices with a closely woven threefold channel passing from each center toFire, 944:of the sutratma, or life thread. As it is woven and interlaced it becomes vitalized with the lifeFire, 1194:Nirvana, he remains in that glorious body he has woven for himself, invisible to uninitiatedHealing, 455:top of the head. Protecting both is a closely woven web of etheric matter, composed of interlacingHercules, 15:perils of the Way. Minerva handed him a robe, woven by herself, a robe that fitted well, of beautyMagic, 501:of the head. [501] Protecting both is a closely woven web of etheric matter, composed ofMagic, 566:nadis, which, in their tens of thousands, are woven together and form in certain localities in thisPatanjali, 41:from the soul must be meditated upon and thus woven into the fabric of the life. It is through thisPsychology2, 29:and intelligent responsibility are inextricably woven and interwoven. As we close our discussion ofPsychology2, 38:in. He asked himself: 'Another pattern must be woven; another garment formed. What shall I do? ShewPsychology2, 167:of threads, buried in folds and folds of woven goods, the Weaver sits. No Light can enter [168]Psychology2, 168:by the sudden light, the sun shines in upon his woven carpet. Its ugliness is thus revealed... APsychology2, 360:glamor. Surrounded am I by the fabric I have woven. I see naught else'. 'The love of truth mustPsychology2, 360:lines which, in the space of aeons, you have woven. These hold thee prisoner. Be still. Rush notRays, 131:seven ray types, and is therefore a sevenfold woven thread; it constitutes the first stage of theRays, 453:thread, as they constitute in themselves a woven dual strand. They are (for the disciple) a fusionRays, 453:or other of its three aspects, has been slowly woven by the man; of this fact in nature hisRays, 453:individual disciple, and forms a strong closely woven thread upon the mental plane. [454] Rays, 454:the extension of the threefold thread (hitherto woven unconsciously, through life experimentationRays, 497:Vol. I. Page 538) In the many strands of light, woven by the aspirants, disciples and initiates ofRays, 528:substance, irradiated by love, intelligently woven and energized by will" which any human being ofTelepathy, 139:whose comfort, security and care all life seems woven) and the fact of the astral or emotional
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