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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WRESTLE

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Astrology, 322:stable tendency that the disciple has to [322] wrestle. In the mass mind (of which Cancer is theBethlehem, 115:in which we all share, and with which we all wrestle in some form and in some measure. It mattersDiscipleship1, 493:not take the time or trouble to help you see and wrestle with your problem. I, your Master, believeDiscipleship1, 563:I point this out, because you have had to wrestle along these lines during the past six months;Discipleship1, 760:involves a paradox with which all disciples must wrestle, i.e., to be oriented to the soul, and,Discipleship2, 321:More I must not say; it is for you to wrestle with the formula and unearth or bring to the surfaceDiscipleship2, 373:I have indicated, leaving your intuition to wrestle with their import - or leaving it to yourDiscipleship2, 415:many complexities of the lower mind. He has to wrestle with the problem of this simplicity, withDiscipleship2, 545:right solution and correct understanding. You do wrestle with your problem, my brother, for yourDiscipleship2, 702:mind, and for the remaining years of your life wrestle with the lower nature until it is purified,Glamour, 36:and planned attack upon the world glamor. Wrestle therefore with your personal problems along theseGlamour, 37:aspects to their endeavor. They would have to wrestle with group glamor which creeps inevitablyGlamour, 241:contrasts with which all true aspirants wrestle and then gradually it floods the life to such anHercules, 15:What will you do? Again in Scorpio, will you wrestle with desire. Will you stand free, or will theHercules, 56:guise at the eighth Gate. Prepare again to wrestle." The Teacher, gazing from afar, saw all thatHercules, 62:so than he met the serpent with whom he had to wrestle. [Known in mythology also as the giant,Hercules, 73:and enters upon another experience. He has to wrestle with Antaeus, the serpent (or giant). But,Hercules, 73:the glamors of lower psychism that he has to wrestle, and these seem, in the early stages,Hercules, 74:Nereus will meet the serpent and will have to wrestle with him. As the myth states, for a long timeHercules, 183:is that under the symbol of the bull he had to wrestle with the animal in himself. Then our sunIntellect, 66:mystical tendency, ask for what they need; they wrestle in prayer for the acquiring of longed-forMagic, 153:though apparently (and wisely) he is left to wrestle through to the light in the strength of hisMagic, 368:- The Present Age and the Future To those who wrestle, strive, and hold on, the joy is doubled whenMeditation, 37:Forget not that the Ego itself has somewhat to wrestle with. The refusal to incarnate is not foundPsychology2, 691:of men? Your major job at this time is not to wrestle with the powers of evil and the forces of
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