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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WRITE

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Astrology, 153:one of the most difficult signs about which to write, for it, as you know, is the most mysteriousAstrology, 237:produce the recognition of God Immanent. I must write no more along these lines. I have enlargedAstrology, 519:of the imparted truths and for them I write. Our theme concerns the planetary centers, the rays andAtom, 136:this inner God can enable the man to speak, to write, and to pass on the truth without the use ofAutobiography, 1:Introduction What finally decided me to write about my life was a letter I had in 1941 from aAutobiography, 9:of unhappy discovery and of loneliness. Yet as I write this, I am conscious of the fact that theAutobiography, 13:and my personality and that still goes on. As I write this I am reminded of a meeting of a certainAutobiography, 50:is impossible. But in those days of which I write, I was a dyed-in-the-wool Fundamentalist. IAutobiography, 54:food at cost. There were rooms where they could write letters, play games, sit around the fire andAutobiography, 100:Chapter III Chapter III It is very difficult to write about the next few years or to know just howAutobiography, 120:materialism, of which Shylock is a symbol. As I write these words I am conscious of theirAutobiography, 125:serious the situation was. The Bishop wanted to write to my people and let them know the situationAutobiography, 135:at 4:30 a.m. and (after getting my breakfast) I write and work until 7. That has been my lifeAutobiography, 137:work (for that is what it is) H.P.B. would write page after page, never numbering the pages, andAutobiography, 146:of the things that troubled me when I started to write this autobiography was the fear thatAutobiography, 163:should be written for the public. You can write them. Will you do so?" Without a moment's notice IAutobiography, 164:cause of the phenomenon, and argue that what I write probably comes from my subconscious. I haveAutobiography, 167:early days of writing for the Tibetan, I had to write at regular hours and it was clear, concise,Autobiography, 167:was adequately focused I could register and write down the thoughts of the Tibetan (His carefullyAutobiography, 168:we have an argument along any line I invariably write as He wants the text written, though He isAutobiography, 176:This is what I call selfless service - to write a letter which you do not sign and for whichAutobiography, 178:facts are here. In these early days of which I write no one would have believed that the time wouldAutobiography, 182:general public or their feeling that because you write books and lecture on the public platformAutobiography, 191:of 1923. In the meantime I was continuing to write for the Tibetan and "Initiation Human & Solar,"Autobiography, 191:printed. People are apt to assume that if you write a book on such a technical subject asAutobiography, 192:to Amagansett, Long Island, and undertook to write a letter once a week to the group of men toAutobiography, 208:they need from anyone, for instance, who could write and say as I could write and say, 'I've justAutobiography, 208:for instance, who could write and say as I could write and say, 'I've just had a present of a lotAutobiography, 222:up and down the lake. It is useless for me to write about it for I have not got the words, but theAutobiography, 229:One of the reasons which has encouraged me to write this autobiography has been that I and theAutobiography, 245:the truth itself. I told her that if she would write for a period of a month, the materialAutobiography, 250:existence about ten years ago when I started to write certain pamphlets for the general public,Autobiography, 259:with such clarity that she is enabled to write it down, so that no word is changed. The book isDiscipleship1, 4:the New Age. It is, therefore, my intention to write a little in detail in connection with theseDiscipleship1, 34:and varied. I have for some time desired to write a little more fully about the groups which areDiscipleship1, 52:need and to our need of workers. If you will write down and answer these questions and share theDiscipleship1, 108:profit from your experience, I would ask you to write a paper upon this triple breathingDiscipleship1, 141:not my request imperative) I would like you to write an article upon the Power of the DedicatedDiscipleship1, 146:ideas that are relatively new; that which you write can be printed and circulated... But, myDiscipleship1, 146:an idea in its appropriate garb. You could write a book which would be a synthesis of these newDiscipleship1, 150:Your task is not to reach the unawakened, or to write that which is popular. It is the moreDiscipleship1, 174:alignment in my various books. Will you write them all down and then, after due study of them, willDiscipleship1, 174:down and then, after due study of them, will you write a paper on the nature of true alignment. InDiscipleship1, 174:in unified form all that I may have said. Write out each passage, my brother, in full, gatheringDiscipleship1, 193:the way of soul growth. Be simple. Each month, write a simple summation of your thoughts andDiscipleship1, 197:Continue also with the group meditation, but write those brief reports, not only for your ownDiscipleship1, 265:them on paper and enlarging upon them as you write. Your meditation each day can be made to serveDiscipleship1, 284:is the incentive of my effort on your behalf... Write down at the close of your meditation workDiscipleship1, 296:I have set you, my brother. May I ask you to write three short papers on these three thoughts whichDiscipleship1, 298:to change it later... Will you also, my brother, write down what may come to you concerningDiscipleship1, 309:M. For your own personal work I would ask you to write one paragraph which will embody your highestDiscipleship1, 359:convey of occult knowledge and when you learn to write your knowledge, then your real service willDiscipleship1, 376:thoughts out of any book you care to choose and write down these six seed thoughts - one for eachDiscipleship1, 398:and with joy. It is not often that I thus write. I have watched you stand amidst the wrecking ofDiscipleship1, 400:Do you think, my brother, that you could write a paper on this theme, "Compensations on the Way,"Discipleship1, 418:that more at this time is not required. I write not to the members of this group for the sake ofDiscipleship1, 476:a view to your increased facility in expression: Write more. Correspond more with others and putDiscipleship1, 477:you the key to progress. I am taking the time to write to you on this matter for it is of primeDiscipleship1, 482:expression and make you radiant. Each evening write your diary from four points of view. Let it beDiscipleship1, 482:a paragraph in a book which illumined your mind. Write it all down so as to share it with yourDiscipleship1, 482:so as to share it with your fellow disciples. Write, for instance, the paragraph which attractedDiscipleship1, 484:- L.U.T. November 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I write to you today to call you specifically to increasedDiscipleship1, 513:The fact, brother of mine, that I can thus write to you indicates the measure of your achievement.Discipleship1, 538:who work for others, and work thyself. [538] Write then an article for your own clarification uponDiscipleship1, 539:as a contribution to the life of your group, you write a paper giving your understanding of theseDiscipleship1, 555:center, and on the relation of will and love. Write then a paper for the helping of your fellowDiscipleship1, 590:1938 BROTHER OF MINE: I have not the time to write to you as fully as I had intended. I have triedDiscipleship1, 604:direction? [604] Why did I act and speak and write in this particular connection? What prompted theDiscipleship1, 606:see with greater clarity encourages [606] me to write to you as usual and again to supervise yourDiscipleship1, 606:Ponder deeply on these words and, later, write an article in which you will link these wordsDiscipleship1, 606:be of service to others. You have ability to write; therefore, at present serve through writing.Discipleship1, 616:- a thing which is most difficult for you to do? Write with freedom. Express yourself fully andDiscipleship1, 626:the heart way. Were it not so, I would not thus write. I would like to set you the task of writingDiscipleship1, 627:of service can be increased in this respect. Write, therefore, for the many who will listen to yourDiscipleship1, 627:for the many who will listen to your words, and write with that understanding heart which is yoursDiscipleship1, 628:close rapport with them. Study what they say and write and try to tune in on their souls and toDiscipleship1, 639:you go over them again and that this time you write a thesis upon the Six Ways to the Center ofDiscipleship1, 639:thesis upon the Six Ways to the Center of Life. Write one paper each month as fully as you can forDiscipleship1, 777:the truth itself. I told her that if she would write for a period of a month, the materialDiscipleship1, 779:to the work if she demonstrated that she could write books (useful to students) apart fromDiscipleship1, 783:existence about ten years ago when I started to write certain pamphlets for the general public,Discipleship2INTRODUCTION Mrs. Bailey asked me to write an introduction to the second volume of "Discipleship inDiscipleship2, 48:and to more highly developed men is under way. I write not for you in reality. You have already hadDiscipleship2, 48:You have already had more than you have used. I write for the coming disciples and initiates of theDiscipleship2, 48:the Wisdom want done and then they must talk and write, act and live so that others too mayDiscipleship2, 76:in the work. Among some of you, if what I write is agreeable to you, expresses your own ideas andDiscipleship2, 76:line with your group thinking, then it is I who write it. When what I dictate runs counter to theDiscipleship2, 90:on the designated themes are completed, I will write an instruction upon group work which willDiscipleship2, 97:these two sources of information and then write down: Any definitions of an Ashram you may find.Discipleship2, 145:Holding the mind in the light, you will then write down the first thought (no matter what it is)Discipleship2, 148:Relation of theme to present world opportunity. Write down first thought then received. OM. RefocusDiscipleship2, 155:what I have here said, I would ask you also to write a clear statement: Of your understanding ofDiscipleship2, 251:to the Wesak Full Moon - I would ask you to write your understanding of the formula from twoDiscipleship2, 356:to give you full and adequate interpretations or write you at length upon each hint, but I willDiscipleship2, 396:ways by the disciple (and it is for disciples I write): As indicating the direction in time andDiscipleship2, 492:the present and be prepared for the future. I write to you as a soul and not as a personality andDiscipleship2, 499:that land. Begin, therefore, to lay your plans. Write letters. Locate your students. EstablishDiscipleship2, 519:preparation of the book which I seek to have you write and to complete. You see, my brother, it isDiscipleship2, 519:take much intuition and spiritual perception to write, and it can only be written by someone whoDiscipleship2, 524:letters which you will find it necessary to write if these days are productive of renewed contact
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