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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WRITER

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Atom, 38:change from one mode of activity to another. One writer has remarked that "absolute intelligenceAutobiography, 3:conditions. I became next an occult student, a writer of books which have had a wide and constantAutobiography, 41:woman, an effective executive and creative writer and I choose to add my certain knowledge andAutobiography, 226:to Violet and talk with her. She was a prolific writer. She wrote numerous popular novels and herBethlehem, 45:by Annie Besant, pp. 185, 286, 53, 54. The same writer points out in another place that: "TheBethlehem, 56:He did and was as man, is not considered by this writer. Any modern writer, when responsible for aBethlehem, 56:is not considered by this writer. Any modern writer, when responsible for a biography of theBethlehem, 62:Day on December 25th was so determined. The same writer quoted above tells us that: "On the fixingBethlehem, 102:the path of every conscious son of God. The same writer says: "In Jesus' messianic consciousnessBethlehem, 108:written to prove the particular point of each writer. It is not the purpose of this book to dealBethlehem, 114:the will of God for each and all of us, and the writer quoted above says: "There cannot beBethlehem, 161:by Albert Schweitzer, pp. 181, 182. The same writer goes on to point out: "We have therefore threeBethlehem, 177:close to the heart of the Father. To quote one writer who seeks to prove this continuity: "At theBethlehem, 194:take away [194] sins.' In this passage the writer goes on to say: 'Having boldness to enter intoDiscipleship1, 132:creative ways. You are both an artist and a writer. This means that your soul can reach expressionEducation, 113:and the true. It is this that has produced the writer, the poet, the artist and the architect. TheHercules, 207:trends which can be seen. The problem of every writer and teacher today is to discover new ways inHercules, 218:it is all appearance, the great illusion. One writer tells us that: "... to the astronomer theInitiation, 1:by the reader. Lest it be inferred that the writer arrogates to herself any credit or personalInitiation, 1:should the inadequacy of the personality of the writer act as a deterrent to the open-mindedIntellect, 131:but now even this has to go. As one mystical writer puts it: "How shall I put mind out of mind?"Intellect, 168:Underhill, Evelyn, Mysticism, page 431. The same writer goes on to tell us what, psychologically,Intellect, 249:nature); they carry much [249] comfort to the writer and make him feel he is a great and wonderfulIntellect, 250:introverted mystic can become the extrovert. The writer may be tapping the wealth of theMagic, 25:believe, that evasion is intended, and that the writer (having got out of his depth) is seeking toMagic, 178:words and the sentences are largely left to the writer. Therefore, the appropriateness of the termsMeditationto satisfy the average educated man. The writer of these letters has apparently attempted to supplyMeditationand not upon claims put forth on behalf of the writer. For this reason he has chosen to preservePatanjali, 326:of these forms of psychic faculty. An old Hindu writer says in connection with these powers: "APsychology1, 207:and the fourth ray man loves a tune. As a writer or poet, his work will often be brilliant and fullPsychology1, 209:poet of the emotions (such as Tennyson) and the writer of religious books, either in poetry orPsychology1, 211:for its ultra-polished style, and such a writer would think far more of the manner than of thePsychology2, 293:into wisdom. The scientist, the educator, the writer. I have given the above in connection with thePsychology2, 318:angles this passage is prophetic, for the writer (perhaps [319] unknowingly) was looking forward toPsychology2, 433:the point in evolution has been such that the writer or speaker has not been able to view the lifePsychology2, 543:at present recognizes and which the religious writer and thinker is also willing to admit are thoseSoul, 83:and Philosophy of India, pp. 39, 94. An Oriental writer comments as follows: "All organic beingsSoul, 97:Swami, Raja Yoga, pp. 29, 30. A more modern writer, Ramacharaka, says: "In order to avoid
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