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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WRITING

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Externalisation, 142:as you will see in the next article which I am writing for your information, is a potent solarExternalisation, 229:as is the former), that I feel again the need of writing on the world crisis, as I did last autumn,Externalisation, 322:Process 1. The first activity was the writing and distribution of the occult teachings through theExternalisation, 339:The war is not yet won. At the time of writing, in spite of sporadic successes and the stayingExternalisation, 364:settled, even though, at this time of writing, they seem to be victorious all along [365] the line.Externalisation, 366:them I write. Please bear this in mind. I am not writing for technical experts and trained advisorsExternalisation, 420:of the world and in the procedure followed in writing the world Scriptures. Secondly, theExternalisation, 533:it whole. Paul, the initiate, hints at this when writing one of the Epistles; he is in touch thenExternalisation, 541:the Wesak Festival April-May 1946 I have delayed writing my usual Wesak message until this lateExternalisation, 593:at this hour of the Festival of the Buddha, I am writing to you anent His great Brother, theExternalisation, 613:will emerge as you read what I have to say. I am writing here for people who are disciples of theExternalisation, 633:I had to work; the first step was therefore the writing of certain books which would carry the newExternalisation, 648:The endless selfish propaganda, in speech or in writing, most of it materialistic, nationalisticFire, XVI:or masters. But we are to believe when the writing, doctrine, or saying is corroborated by our ownFire, 77:and its recorders. Lipika comes from "Lipi" writing. For information concerning the Lipika LordsFire, 757:of the chela during his work (such as lecturing, writing, or teaching), and his illumination forFire, 837:Evil. The following quotation is from a trance writing, given through Dr. Anna Kingsford; it runsFire, 937:is all hidden in the words of a very ancient writing, which says: "As the moon revolves, sheFire, 1066:danger of their conclusions) refused to put in writing the result of their investigations. IfGlamour, 143:out the hints given symbolically in the ancient writing which I paraphrased for you above. Link upHealing, 303:problem lies in the words of an ancient writing which says that "the imperfection of the Lord ofHealing, 370:My book would otherwise be a futile effort. I am writing for interested aspirants and for those whoHealing, 468:by Sound and the second by the Word. The writing which I have in mind concerns the light, and theHealing, 472:this whole matter can be. In all that I am here writing, I am dealing simply with normal deathHealing, 536:Logos (as I earlier stated when aiding H.P.B. in writing The Secret Doctrine) is an "imperfectHealing, 558:terms, and entirely interchangeable; in all my writing I seek to emphasize not [559] the level ofHealing, 571:to you to correlate what I have said in my other writing anent the eyes with the point made above.Healing, 590:the others all move down," to quote an ancient writing. The ray of the personality is a consequenceHercules, 69:self. In Canis Minor, the "underdog", the same writing tells us that the name of the brightest starHercules, 69:which means "falling confounded". Aratus, writing about 250 B.C., speaks of Lepus as being "chasedHercules, 74:The aspirant becomes interested in automatic writing, or he learns to sit and listen to "voices",Initiationor masters. But we are to believe when the writing, doctrine, or saying is corroborated by our ownIntellect, 5:from his Commentary on an ancient Chinese writing. He says: "Western consciousness is by no meansIntellect, 61:is the plea of this book and the object of its writing. How can a man find his soul, or ascertainIntellect, 99:the attainment of mind control. Meister Eckhart, writing in the fourteenth century, tells us that!Intellect, 107:In talking to people, in reading a book, in writing a letter, let us steadily focus our thought onIntellect, 248:for them, everywhere. Men and women are busily writing automatically, inspirationally, andIntellect, 250:of fear and of terror which has led to much writing of a psychic nature, and the exclusiveness ofIntellect, 251:First, I should say that the true inspirational writing will be entirely without self-reference; itIntellect, 254:running hither and thither serving, talking, writing and working so that they end by undergoing aIntellect, 260:sex thoughts and use it in the work of creative writing, in artistic endeavor, or in someMagic, 76:a fourfold fire is seen." In this pictorial writing which I have sought to convey in modernMagic, 175:borne in mind in connection with inspirational writing and mediumship, and which have a bearing onMagic, 175:and mediumship, and which have a bearing on the writing of such books as The Secret Doctrine, theMagic, 177:ouija board, the planchette pencil, automatic writing, the direct voice and statements made by theMagic, 180:the inner side to the outer plane. Precipitated writing will be given to those who can be trusted,Magic, 188:hear oneself speaking, teaching, lecturing, or writing are often wrongly interpreted by theMagic, 478:the complexity of much speech-making and book-writing, ideas are now enabled to take form and soMagic, 523:prison houses of ideas, and only when speech and writing are superseded by telepathic communicationMagic, 546:in some wonderful words from an ancient writing in the Masters Archives. It is said to date back toMagic, 546:early Atlantean times. The material on which the writing is found is so old and so frail that allMagic, 596:eight. In our day and in the Anglo Saxon mode of writing, the number eight is the basic symbolMeditation, 88:and instructions cannot be made or given in writing to students for three reasons: SomeMeditation, 114:that I have touched upon might warrant the writing of a weighty treatise, and I shall not,Patanjali, xiii:He was the first to reduce the teaching to writing for the use of students and hence he is regardedProblems, 37:his particular vocational environment. Reading, writing and elementary arithmetic are regarded asProblems, 55:living and right social relations. Reading, writing and arithmetic, elementary history (with theProblems, 62:of the human spirit still needs expression in writing - its composite glory and not just thoseProblems, 122:to lay down the rules for the spiritual life. In writing on this theme we are treading on dangerousPsychology1, 62:preserved on leaves that are so old that the writing is slowly fading. I now translate it intoPsychology1, 107:cases, the man who is receiving a dictation or writing is in telepathic rapport with some morePsychology1, 208:though technically correct in form. His style in writing or speaking will be clearness itself, butPsychology1, 211:in his work, but would always be fluent both in writing and speech. The seventh ray man will oftenPsychology1, 235:of manifested forms. If, at the close of this writing, the student can grasp somewhat the meaningPsychology1, 262:concerned. There are also, as I told you in my writing anent the developments during the next threePsychology1, 273:of the various schools of thought, for I am not writing from any specific angle, such as that ofPsychology1, 396:holding their treasure firm." In this ancient writing, older than any of the written scriptures ofPsychology2, 33:runs through what would constitute many pages of writing, shewing that the Blessed Ones are naughtPsychology2, 141:to be dominant in the future is proclaimed in writing and by the voice, by one Group. The Group ofPsychology2, 378:and the ritual of the Master is imposed." The writing goes on to say that "if the disciple entersPsychology2, 537:gland is not used in creative art, music or writing in any outstanding manner, and hence thePsychology2, 675:for positive harmlessness in speech and writing, and for that inner synthesis of objectives whichRays, 46:the will. Note how this phrase from an ancient writing describes the antahkarana. It is notRays, 124:any nation which can express it. What I am now writing is a series of instructions for disciples inRays, 246:to you and is dismissed as a piece of symbolic writing, used by me in order to convey theRays, 246:to convey the unconveyable. Yet I am not here writing in symbols, but am making an exact statementRays, 275:field must begin with the esoteric work. I am writing here for disciples, some of whom are membersRays, 291:has been expressed for us in a certain ancient writing as follows: "Dimly the one who seeks hearsRays, 328:center, to those who love. This ancient writing can be paraphrased as follows: It is impossible toRays, 396:endeavor to convey some of the deeper meanings, writing as I do for advanced disciples and forRays, 484:which this process conveys. What I am here writing has, therefore, a definite and useful purpose.Rays, 513:possible for me to teach, through the medium of writing, their ancient and peculiar pronunciationRays, 552:will be apparent which will express itself in writing and in poetry; creative imagining willRays, 707:I would remind you again that what I am here writing in this last volume of A Treatise on the SevenReappearance, 80:astronomical fact, as any one can ascertain by writing to any observatory; it is not anReappearance, 154:of the world and the procedure followed in writing the world Scriptures. Secondly, the establishingSoulto understand. Untranslated, they make Eastern writing seem a strange jargon either of confusedSoul, 13:- Introduction Three desires prompt the writing of this book: the desire to bring together theSoul, 61:views are amplified by other scientists of note. Writing in the 17th century, Henry More, theSoul, 62:of Modern Physical Science, pp. 131-132. Also writing in the 17th century, Robert Boyle broughtTelepathy, 12:sound, symbols, words and sentences, languages, writing, art, and on again to the stage of higherTelepathy, 76:have read and gathered from the mystical writing or have heard from Christian sources and the
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