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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WRONG

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Glamour, 30:states which have held humanity prisoner to wrong concepts and thoughts. So many are these thoughtGlamour, 57:Indefiniteness of the proposed thought-form. The wrong material consequently attracted for theGlamour, 57:demonstrates in seven ways usually: 1. Through wrong Perception of an Idea. The disciple cannotGlamour, 59:of the world illusion, brought about by wrong perception. The cause is an untrained, unilluminedGlamour, 59:World Problem - The Nature of Glamor 2. Through wrong Interpretation. The idea, a vital entity or aGlamour, 60:World Problem - The Nature of Glamor 3. Through wrong Appropriation of Ideas. Misappropriation ofGlamour, 62:World Problem - The Nature of Glamor 4. Through wrong Direction of Ideas. This is due to the factGlamour, 62:he begins to clothe it in form from an utterly wrong angle, embodying it in such a way that itsGlamour, 62:through an initial misapplication, leading to a wrong use or wrong direction of the idea. Its causeGlamour, 62:misapplication, leading to a wrong use or wrong direction of the idea. Its cause is a small andGlamour, 62:World Problem - The Nature of Glamor 5. Through wrong Integration of an Idea. Every disciple has aGlamour, 63:World Problem - The Nature of Glamor 6. Through wrong Embodiment of Ideas. This refers primarily toGlamour, 64:the dharma of another. This is illusion through wrong discrimination where substance is concerned.Glamour, 64:World Problem - The Nature of Glamor 7. Through wrong Application of Ideas. How often does thisGlamour, 65:The disciple can therefore be swept into a wrong activity and a wrong application of ideas becauseGlamour, 65:therefore be swept into a wrong activity and a wrong application of ideas because the generalGlamour, 65:ways of illusion are as follows: The way of wrong perception. The way of wrong interpretation. TheGlamour, 65:follows: The way of wrong perception. The way of wrong interpretation. The way of wrongGlamour, 65:The way of wrong interpretation. The way of wrong appropriation. The way of wrong direction. TheGlamour, 65:The way of wrong appropriation. The way of wrong direction. The way of wrong integration. The wayGlamour, 65:The way of wrong direction. The way of wrong integration. The way of wrong embodiment. The way ofGlamour, 65:The way of wrong integration. The way of wrong embodiment. The way of wrong application. These areGlamour, 65:The way of wrong embodiment. The way of wrong application. These are the third steps towardsGlamour, 71:which is the result of: His own past, with its wrong thinking, selfish desires, andGlamour, 73:life process also, and is, in itself, not wrong but an aspect of reality. This realizationGlamour, 83:and their meaning twisted into a plea for the wrong kind of isolation by those with separateGlamour, 85:force of matter itself. These sweep a man into wrong activity and surround him with a whirlpool ofGlamour, 89:and military training. In spite of all the wrong motives and the terrible and evil effectsGlamour, 89:they misunderstand the process and apply wrong motives to right activities. All these points weGlamour, 94:and unhappy under the sense that something is wrong. Then he comes finally to the recognition thatGlamour, 101:and he stands relatively free from deception and wrong identifications and interpretations. YouGlamour, 109:- good and evil, pain and pleasure, right and wrong, sense and nonsense, and the multiplicity ofGlamour, 114:the soul frees itself from the results of wrong identification. Every soul in incarnation whichGlamour, 134:distorted in presentation and hidden through wrong methods), of spiritual objectives and ofGlamour, 141:It should be here remembered that astral desire, wrong and selfish emotion and astral reactions toGlamour, 146:the angle of the soul; they are both equally wrong, and this is a point of view which the Jew andGlamour, 147:hatreds, from any preconceived ideas of right or wrong but that you simply fall back upon the loveGlamour, 158:race. Man knows the difference between right and wrong and must now choose the way that he shallHealing, 13:care. Disease is not, therefore, the result of wrong human thought. It existed among the many formsHealing, 14:God, [14] the planetary Deity, is guilty of wrong thinking. But you will not be expressing theHealing, 16:conditions and to straighten out those wrong attitudes of mind, those inhibitions, psychoses andHealing, 19:The ills growing out of malnutrition and the wrong feeding of our modern life and civilization willHealing, 19:I am concerned with the diseases arising in wrong internal conditions. The responsibility of aHealing, 24:in the etheric body. Those which are based on wrong thought. The peculiar complaints andHealing, 32:energizes it. Disease is not the result of wrong human thought. Disease is a process of liberationHealing, 38:Given these basic facts, it can be seen how wrong emotional attitudes and a general unhealthyHealing, 39:to demonstrate the effect of the prevalent wrong attitudes to life and people which todayHealing, 41:in death) brings about the clearing away of wrong emotional and mental conditions. Second, diseaseHealing, 44:through, as they take the form - owing to man's wrong use of them - of disease and the many varyingHealing, 51:Fifth ray. Knowledge. Throat Lower psychism. Wrong metabolism. Certain cancers. Creativity.Healing, 56:(I do not say states of mind only) which induce wrong functioning, and eventually wrong conditions.Healing, 56:which induce wrong functioning, and eventually wrong conditions. The problem of the healer,Healing, 57:all physical disease is the result of: Wrong stimulation, or over-stimulation, or wrongfully placedHealing, 63:by human ignorance, human refusal to face facts, wrong early training and teaching, [64] and aHealing, 64:I should say, rather, that they are not based on wrong human thought, though all evil can beHealing, 64:all evil can be aggravated and intensified by wrong thought. Many or perhaps most of the [65]Healing, 65:have laid upon the astral body as a promoter of wrong physical conditions, and the necessity forHealing, 68:problems which arise from the over-activity and wrong condition of the astral body. All I can do inHealing, 84:in another, plus the unequal unfoldment and wrong balance of the centers. Healing, 89:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease A. Wrong Mental Attitudes I would like to deal, first ofHealing, 89:and physical liabilities are not the result of wrong thought. They are far more likely to be theHealing, 91:the mental body, or that certain ills are due to wrong feeling and others to wrong thinking.Healing, 91:ills are due to wrong feeling and others to wrong thinking. Speaking in terms of the entire humanHealing, 91:difficulties which arise from what I have called wrong mental attitudes, fanaticisms and frustratedHealing, 92:the teaching that all disease is the product of wrong thought. You are starting out to work, and IHealing, 93:for this, nor is it the result of human wrong thinking. It provides no answer to the question toHealing, 93:to say that it must therefore be due to the wrong thinking of the planetary Logos or of the solarHealing, 94:and to ascribe the appearance of disease to wrong thinking. But in reality, humanity must some dayHealing, 94:is colored with the results of ancient wrong rhythms, misused forces and inherited qualities. SoulHealing, 95:higher states of consciousness which leads to wrong rhythms. Consequently, I repeat that disease isHealing, 95:a fruitful source of disease and of establishing wrong rhythms. It is therefore the predominance ofHealing, 112:to be found in the etheric and astral bodies. Wrong use of mental energy and misapplied desire areHealing, 119:lower life of the personality and carries away wrong psychological tendencies, undesirableHealing, 129:It is then a vicious circle, and is all due to wrong direction of force and the inflow of forceHealing, 172:by desire - good desire, selfish desire, wrong desire, and spiritual desire. It is the centerHealing, 218:not the case, then the ductless glands, through wrong relationship and incorrect and unbalancedHealing, 224:colors. This must, whether regarded as right or wrong according to the code of ethics and standardsHealing, 229:sense of responsibility and no consciousness of wrong doing. The Hierarchy in those days had itsHealing, 233:deliberately sins, and who is psychologically wrong in his attitudes and consequent actions,Healing, 237:have you ponder on these two modes of treating wrong doing. They will be practically automaticallyHealing, 251:tenements, underground homes, undernourishment, wrong food, evil habits of life and variousHealing, 266:the form of a vicious circle of error and wrong doing, of retribution and revenge, and in view ofHealing, 266:they will cooperate to bring to an end the wrong attitudes on both sides. All karma of evil natureHealing, 267:That would be but the prolongation of ancient wrong and material possessiveness. The problem willHealing, 278:the failures to cure, which they attribute to wrong methods and fail to allow for karmicHealing, 301:down to fight. He saw the right and knew the wrong and vibrated between the two, fighting first oneHealing, 303:Naught is clear to me. I love yet all seems wrong! I know that love is right and the spirit of theHealing, 303:and the spirit of the universe. What then is wrong?" Curiously enough, it is the potency of thisHealing, 303:the taking of those steps - some right and some wrong - which lead to satisfaction. The resultsHealing, 310:cause. Some psychological factor, leading to a wrong use of energy, sets in motion those innerHealing, 311:Diabetes is more definitely the result of wrong inner desires, and is not so definitely the resultHealing, 311:desires, and is not so definitely the result of wrong outer desires. These may originate in thisHealing, 323:Such is the paradox which I present to you. Wrong food of every kind, the inhalation of smoke downHealing, 330:of the north. Certain diseases are the result of wrong diet, used over unnumbered centuries. One ofHealing, 347:Does that convey aught to you, my brother? Wrong identification is the cause of pain and leads toHealing, 349:(particularly the latter) is to be found in a wrong attitude toward death, and to an [350]Healing, 352:taught by the metaphysicians today is based on wrong premises, such as the nature of matter, theHealing, 352:the person. Success might mean the correction of wrong inner attitudes, of erroneous lines ofHealing, 353:to point out undesirable attitudes, to end wrong ways of living, and change poor modes ofHealing, 381:so-called sins and errors, wrongdoing and wrong attitudes have piled up a very heavy karma which
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