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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WRONG

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Healing, 388:the negation of what may have been deep seated wrong thinking. It will be apparent to you,Healing, 390:in their lives. During the next cycle, these wrong attitudes must come to an end; death will becomeHealing, 394:concept again enters the thought of restitution. Wrong concepts are therefore forgotten; the ideaHealing, 453:or in the astral body are not in themselves wrong. They become wrong from certain angles whenHealing, 453:body are not in themselves wrong. They become wrong from certain angles when twisted from theirHealing, 481:will do much in the course of a few decades. Wrong [482] conditions have been long developing.Healing, 510:phases remain vague and nebulous. They become wrong when they are perpetuated and carried on whenHealing, 537:in this treatise, there is nothing fundamentally wrong in the claims made by these groups andHealing, 537:realization of the Christ consciousness. What is wrong is the claim that the ordinary manHealing, 549:getting behind the outer formal indications of wrong conditions to that vehicle of energies which -Healing, 560:along a different line. But they are hopelessly wrong in believing that that is sufficient; inHealing, 636:Disease, therefore, is not brought about by wrong thinking, as oft I have told you, or by anyHealing, 662:in her idealism, but terribly and basically wrong in her techniques. The United States and GreatHealing, 662:practically every human being has something wrong with him physically - eyes, ears, teeth or bodilyHealing, 663:humanity as a race, and as a result of aeons of wrong living, of selfish purpose and of greed, hasHealing, 663:their general theory and premises, but totally wrong in their emphases and methods. In the longHealing, 666:the strugglers towards freedom are employing wrong methods and are [667] endeavoring oft to fightHealing, 701:for you are more liable to be entirely wrong where the three lower vehicles are involved than withHealing, 705:they carry terrific force and - in the wrong hands - could work real damage. May I remind you hereHercules, 37:had been breeding war horses and, through wrong thought, wrong speech and erroneous ideas, had beenHercules, 37:breeding war horses and, through wrong thought, wrong speech and erroneous ideas, had beenHercules, 38:of Hercules, had to deal with the problem of wrong thought, and only, when he becomes a one-pointedHercules, 48:any part of his organism are always inevitably wrong. When a man's entire mind is occupied with theHercules, 49:skill-in-action. Two points of view are equally wrong: in the one case we have practices taughtHercules, 50:"What about sex? What is right and what is wrong?" How can they be expected to deal with a questionHercules, 56:else. My truth is right. All other truth is wrong and false. Hark to my words; stay with me and beHercules, 118:narrow minds, our hard, small hearts, that cause wrong attitudes and habits; the body being but anHercules, 161:said and done. The moment we no longer set up wrong relations with people by the things we say thatHercules, 165:have learned to discriminate between right and wrong. I will know what is right for myself, but IHercules, 165:this lesson: that my right may be my brother's wrong, and my brother's wrong may be my right; thatHercules, 165:may be my brother's wrong, and my brother's wrong may be my right; that it is impossible for me toHercules, 177:As far as I can understand it (and I may be wrong) this means that you go through your own personalHercules, 193:in them and they will not let you down. Impute wrong motives and they will let you down and it willHercules, 196:he drove his cattle, and into Italy. Wherever wrong had triumphed he dealt the powers of evil aInitiation, 34:of good or evil, light or darkness, right or wrong, was enunciated solely for the benefit ofIntellect, 51:proverb of the Chinese which says that, "If the wrong man uses the right means, the right meansIntellect, 51:the right means, the right means work in the wrong way." Intellect, 218:want to meditate. This will inevitably evoke a wrong reaction. Let us say nothing about the way weIntellect, 258:discovered, and people who would regard it as wrong to lead an abnormal sex life, or to practiceIntellect, 259:physical nature to animal desire, is evil and wrong. If the goal of our effort is to demonstrateIntellect, 259:and achieve the goal, then there is something wrong and divinity cannot express itself on oneMagic, 67:The crude discrimination between right and wrong which occupies the child soul is succeeded by theMagic, 68:one to follow upon the choice between right and wrong, and is easily settled by the honest soul. AMagic, 90:alone. The only lonely periods are the result of wrong orientation and the holding on to that whichMagic, 101:magnetic conditions, as the result of man's wrong handling of force are the causes of evil in theMagic, 101:harm a fellowman, so look not only at your wrong tendencies but at the use of your virtues. IfMagic, 101:attempt to be harmless will go far to eliminate wrong [102] states of consciousness. See to itMagic, 139:then the Great Ones joyfully employ him. The wrong angle has been, at times, over-emphasized andMagic, 143:can create a form of beneficent purpose, just as wrong speech can produce a form which has aMagic, 143:is the function of mankind ultimately to utter. Wrong speech separates, and it is interesting toMagic, 144:we shall [144] rectify tile mistakes of wrong speech;" and the significance of word forms, true andMagic, 193:danger of misapprehension, of credulity and of wrong interpretation of the phenomena of otherMagic, 205:flowers. Meditation is dangerous where there is wrong motive, such as desire for personal growthMagic, 238:in its initial stages it is not the product of wrong thinking. It is basically instinctual and isMagic, 268:comes the danger that it may be turned in the wrong direction and find its way on to the left handMagic, 273:good physician, and where there is analogously a wrong position upon the path to be followed intoMagic, 293:body makes its presence felt when something goes wrong or through the gratification of one or otherMagic, 297:working with, and in, forces, and that right and wrong activity on the physical plane is due simplyMagic, 297:the physical plane is due simply to a right or wrong direction of the force currents and not toMagic, 297:force currents and not to anything inherently wrong or right in the energies themselves. I. Fear.Magic, 309:over from another life, accidental, or due to wrong emotional reactions, or produced as the resultMagic, 310:soul. We will next consider the overcoming of wrong vibration in the astral body and the use ofMagic, 310:sentient body, and have considered the various wrong ways in which it makes its presence felt.Magic, 311:Use of Energy In considering the overcoming of wrong vibration and the right direction of astralMagic, 317:question now arises: How is one to overcome the wrong vibration? First: - It is necessary that oneMagic, 317:- It is necessary that one recognizes what wrong vibration is, and that one is able to registerMagic, 318:of in the desire to aid and to help. Response to wrong vibration will not be basically prevented byMagic, 319:the disciple learns to absorb and transmute the wrong vibrations and the energies which areMagic, 319:the evil emanations (destructive energies, and wrong forces) and he breaks them up into theirMagic, 338:all three of them correct in their facts though wrong in their deductions. They all three need eachMagic, 488:are three main penalties which attach to the wrong use of thought substance, and from these theMagic, 490:ideas, be they temporarily right or basically wrong. Forget not that all right ideas are temporaryMagic, 503:to the ability of man unduly to emphasize the wrong objectives. It might well be asked if it isMagic, 541:governs mental substance will show the danger of wrong thought and the power of right. The potencyMagic, 560:galvanized into a potent coordination, but of a wrong kind and with disastrous results. BecauseMagic, 574:imposition of his will could be either right or wrong. When right, it would mean that he wasMagic, 574:This would indicate the right or the wrong use of first ray force. Should the type of force heMagic, 615:the magical work has been carried forward along wrong lines and has been based on wrong motives andMagic, 615:forward along wrong lines and has been based on wrong motives and fitted into a scheme which isMagic, 630:out of time to a divine unity. Evil is due to wrong perception and erroneous interpretation of thatMagic, 631:to see only selfishness and fault and to impute wrong motives and to believe evil, then the trueMeditation, 41:field of endeavor of the idealists (right or wrong) and their bitter warfare. What was the worldMeditation, 99:force from those higher levels is deflected, the wrong centers are over-stimulated, and disasterMeditation, 123:thing to be remembered is that in the case of wrong obsession the man is at the mercy of theMeditation, 123:ends and using it wilfuly, knowing it to be wrong. But insanity of this type is a means whereby theMeditation, 126:over their business affairs, or eager to do some wrong or to undo some evil act, rush in and takeMeditation, 343:The method. The attitude following action. With wrong motives and methods I deal not. To you theyPatanjalicognition are bodily disability, mental inertia, wrong questioning, carelessness, laziness, lack ofPatanjali31. Pain, despair, misplaced bodily activity and wrong direction (or control) of the life currentsPatanjali, 16:the other modifications refer primarily to the wrong use of the image making faculty (imagination),Patanjali, 22:a man is open to hallucination, to delusion, to wrong impressions and to obsessions. Sleep is ofPatanjali, 62:cognition are bodily disability, mental inertia, wrong questioning, carelessness, laziness, lack ofPatanjali, 65:raja yogins will be gathered. Obstacle III - Wrong Questioning This is the next stage and is alsoPatanjali, 65:Some translators call this 'doubt.' This wrong questioning is that which is based upon lowerPatanjali, 68:These four types of vision are the cause of wrong perception and will only produce illusion andPatanjali, 70:therefore that the first six obstacles deal with wrong conditions and the last three with thePatanjali, 70:as to the method whereby liberation from the wrong states of consciousness can be effected. ThePatanjali, 71:31. Pain, despair, misplaced bodily activity and wrong direction (or control) of the life currentsPatanjali, 71:of the lower man; they deal with the effects of wrong centralization or identification. Pain is thePatanjali, 72:towards the one objective - soul unfoldment. Wrong directions of the life currents. This is the
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