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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WROUGHT

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Astrology, 80:agencies through which the purposes of God are wrought out. [81] Before proceeding with the moreAstrology, 385:duality which must be itself transcended and wrought into a unity. It is not transcended byAstrology, 396:consciousness and there are fundamental changes wrought through this sign which - in combinationAstrology, 432:begins to throb in 'rhythmic unison. Changes are wrought. The cosmic heart, the heart systemic andAstrology, 450:life focus and in his centers just as they have wrought corresponding changes in the threeAstrology, 508:of Harmony through Conflict - a harmony to be wrought out within the form on Earth. Astrology, 546:and in the determination to right the evil wrought by her rulers to the world, Germany may some dayAstrology, 619:truly through conflict the will-to-good can be wrought out. 2. Leo This is the constellationAutobiography, 11:opportunity to right the wrongs which we have wrought and to put straight the crooked places forBethlehem, 157:the Transfiguration is something which has to be wrought out in the life before it can be definedBethlehem, 211:of love and of service. He served and loved and wrought miracles, and gathered together the poorBethlehem, 244:sense of values? This life has molded us and wrought us into certain definite expressions in formDestiny, 130:however, to the inevitability of the results wrought by the energies which they have released toDiscipleship1, 11:accepts that truth. Only those truths which are wrought out individually in the crucible ofDiscipleship1, 142:after... In the secret place must your plans be wrought out and two men (who could be of assistanceDiscipleship1, 147:endeavor during the next few years. It must be wrought out in the crucible of energetic living andDiscipleship1, 201:Concrete Knowledge, of Harmony through Conflict (wrought out, therefore, in your case in the mindDiscipleship1, 256:difficult interludes wherein understanding is wrought out through the action of applied reason. ItDiscipleship1, 310:to give. The wisdom which you have necessarily wrought out in the furnace of pain and of sufferingDiscipleship1, 461:your success will be dependent upon the changes wrought in the two inner, subtler bodies throughDiscipleship1, 538:give seven rules for climbing - rules you have wrought out for yourself in the crucible of service.Discipleship1, 723:the two he moves. A transformation must be wrought; the two become as one. A step towards unityDiscipleship1, 751:to the new mode of life, to the effects wrought into his consciousness by his penetration into theDiscipleship2, 70:planetary situation. Inevitably, changes are wrought by the soul in the personal life. When theseDiscipleship2, 83:I am responsible - to the change which has been wrought in the general consciousness. That is farDiscipleship2, 264:of the hitherto unseen and unrealized have wrought definite changes in his subjective nature. HeDiscipleship2, 277:The first hint dealt with the changes wrought by the work done in the Ashrams which are enfolded inDiscipleship2, 543:you will not be deflected and you have wrought into the garment of your nature many new qualitiesDiscipleship2, 581:which the concrete minds of my disciples [581] wrought around it, by their failure to grasp itsDiscipleship2, 591:through strength achieved or in the service wrought. It takes all three. These three you have. TheDiscipleship2, 592:led to the organization of the groups which wrought for human betterment, aided in the founding ofDiscipleship2, 688:idea as to results, that changes will be [688] wrought in your consciousness of a lasting natureEducation, 40:at least up until the advent of Christ, Who wrought great changes in the human consciousness andEducation, 45:however, the lessons of the evils which they wrought (culminating in the war 1914-1945) can be [46]Education, 80:potency can work two ways and that what has been wrought out along wrong lines can be equallyEducation, 127:Inevitably, however, subjective changes are wrought in the life of the individual. As evolutionExternalisation, Esoter:certain little understood energies. These have wrought significant changes in their day andExternalisation, 168:an increasing expression of this at-one-ment, wrought out in the crucifixion of humanity at theExternalisation, 200:adjustments I shall not deal. They must be wrought out by the men and women of goodwill in theExternalisation, 254:the purpose of the will of God; it will be wrought out in spite of, and not because of, the bruteExternalisation, 327:Secondly, the widespread physical destruction, wrought by the invading and the defending armies -Externalisation, 359:these two great Avatars can be comprehended and wrought out anew in the lives of men today, in theExternalisation, 376:particular nation or empire. All this has to be wrought out in a practical, realistic manner,Externalisation, 521:world war (1914-1945). All these factors have wrought a great destruction in the materialisticFire, 12:sphere which is reckoned mainly theirs. They wrought for union, each in his group assigned. TheFire, 13:of a lesser grade, devas who work with matter, wrought at the forms. They stood in fourfold order.Fire, 13:crust cooled. The rocks congealed. The builders wrought in tumult to produce the forms of maya.Fire, 17:The Five dealt with the work, the lesser two but wrought with detail. The Stone had gathered fire,Fire, 164:and blend that which the earlier five have wrought out. The analogy lies in the fact that in thisFire, 174:the aspect of manas or mind is being slowly wrought out, and the human being comes more and moreFire, 175:present solar system to be blended with, and wrought out through it. Centuries go by and the manFire, 178:body is built and enlarged, expanded and wrought into [179] a central receiving and transmittingFire, 305:and he begins next to shatter what he earlier wrought, and to destroy the Temple so carefullyFire, 495:key, which produces the great world cataclysms, wrought through volcanic action. Every volcano isFire, 736:which is stored in the mental unit. These are wrought into faculty in devachan. Devachan 45, 46 isFire, 1014:and air meet there is the place for magic to be wrought. It will be noted that in this rule, noGlamour, 136:(through the medium of the changes and effects wrought in his personal life) to those greatGlamour, 166:these two great Avatars can be comprehended and wrought out anew in the lives of men today, in theHealing, 302:He produced cleavage on every hand. He wrought with potent thought for separative action. HeHealing, 447:and a consequent abstraction. The changes wrought in the centers when the death of the physicalHealing, 561:was in constant danger of disease. They have not wrought a cure, and in claiming it both the healerHealing, 613:is not the seed or germ of anything. Any changes wrought in the physical body are secondary to theHealing, 639:phase of the conflict is fought out, or rather wrought out, when the Dweller on the Threshold andHercules, 10:[10] of the life of God which is being wrought out in the creative process, and which flowers forthHercules, 70:with the vision of the heavenly goal. They have wrought out in the crucible of life an equipmentHercules, 144:tragedies. The nine forces which have wrought unspeakable havoc among the sons of men since theHercules, 203:has come to them in the dark, which they have wrought out for themselves in the strife and stressInitiation, 115:but only serve as a sphere for active service, wrought out in love towards the accomplishment of aIntellect, 222:to union," as they are called, had been somewhat wrought out in the life. These "means" are: First,Magic, 98:a teaching and a theory. This, has to be wrought out in the practical experiment and experience andMagic, 117:penalty and he stole no more. The principle was wrought into him by pain and he learnt that onlyMagic, 129:wherein many adjustments and changes are being wrought in the world of men. In the resultingMagic, 198:organization and executive work there is no harm wrought, for the energy finds a normal creativeMagic, 200:Initiation? Do you realize that truth has to be wrought out in the texture of daily living beforeMagic, 235:and air meet there is the place for magic to be wrought. Types of Astral Force It would beMagic, 235:the senses, and as the place from which magic is wrought. The intelligent and constructive desireMagic, 235:of its esoteric phrases has been somewhat wrought out in the inner experience of the magician. MostMagic, 236:opportunity it affords. The place where magic is wrought. Magic, 258:that in magical work (which has ever to be wrought out on the physical plane) there will alwaysMagic, 361:when certain great changes and experiments were wrought, a shift in the entire process took place;Magic, 429:group of mystics and knowers and will be wrought out into manifestation in the furnace of theirMagic, 453:are susceptible of daily application and can be wrought out in the crucible of life experience.Magic, 519:the "prisoners of the planet". Thus they have wrought much harm. They have no desire to participateMagic, 582:of accepted discipleship; it is the power, wrought out in the crucible of strenuous innerMeditation, 311:the method, place and manner. All must be wrought out in the furnace of endeavor and experiment,Meditation, 311:paid will be high, but only that which is thus wrought out provides the residue or nucleus uponPatanjali, 211:dealing with that form so that it is moulded and wrought into an adequate instrument of expression.Patanjali, 293:In the science of yoga, which has to be wrought out and mastered in the physical body the termPatanjali, 312:of the aspirant, must this balancing process be wrought out to completion. This is the greatProblems, 19:and the integrity of the British Isles. She has wrought with diligence for a stability among theProblems, 23:a new planetary expression will gradually be wrought out in the fire of experiment and experience.Problems, 44:however, the lessons of the evils which they wrought (culminating in the war 1914-1945) can beProblems, 51:potency can work two ways and that what has been wrought out along wrong lines can be equallyProblems, 172:the abolition of those two principles which have wrought so much evil in the world and which arePsychology1, 229:ordered rhythm and the tendencies and qualities wrought into the consciousness of its atoms andPsychology1, 256:onslaughts of the animals, and the devastation wrought by animals upon early animal-men inPsychology2, 14:much time can elapse and much change must be wrought during the many stages of discipleship. UponPsychology2, 48:The Whole is visioned. The magic work is wrought. Again the two are one. The Plan is served. NoPsychology2, 74:and the will-to-live as a spiritual being is wrought into the consciousness with a definiteness andPsychology2, 168:Destroy the carpet which you have for ages wrought. It does not meet your need... Then weave again,
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