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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YEAR

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Astrology, 112:and with their twelve month and their 25,000 year cycles. They bear out much that I have given youAstrology, 216:Mars begins to lessen, as is the case today. The year 1945 saw this influence almost completelyAstrology, 299:with Sirian force. Each of the months of the year will later be dedicated (through accurateAstrology, 410:signs in the zodiac during one of these 25,000 year cycles finds its analogy in the life cycle ofAstrology, 410:angle of extreme illusion - in the course of one year, corresponds to the life of the personality.Astrology, 564:sweep into power as the lesser zodiac of the year plays its part. Later, when the practical valueAstrology, 564:Virgo aspect came into expression in His twelfth year when He said: "Wist ye not that I must beAstrology, 589:lay a foundation for future teaching around the year 2025. That is the mode whereby all revelationAtom, 41:of the Atom - The Evolution of Substance In the year 1895, Sir William Crookes, one of our greatestAtom, 120:as they were. Science itself is finding every year that its knowledge is very relative. The more aAutobiographyof this Autobiography were written during the year 1945. Chapters five and six were written inAutobiography, 32:permit a tall girl of 18 to do sums with the 12 year olds. I expect I am remembered (if I ever am,Autobiography, 34:those who did. I belonged for six months of the year to one party and for six months of the yearAutobiography, 34:the year to one party and for six months of the year (when I was not in Scotland and under theAutobiography, 39:eventually found out, actually takes place every year at the time of the "Full Moon of May." It isAutobiography, 39:is the national holiday known as the Hindu New Year's Day. This tremendous event takes place eachAutobiography, 39:Day. This tremendous event takes place each year in the Himalayas. It is held in a valley and isAutobiography, 109:had been stolen and Dorothy, being about a year old, was very heavy to carry. I was travelling on aAutobiography, 117:talking about it. A most peculiar and difficult year now confronted us. It was impossible for theAutobiography, 134:the date of creation as having happened in the year 4004 B.C. I had been too busy living and beingAutobiography, 143:had saved her life with the most assiduous care year after year. For eight years she slept with me,Autobiography, 143:her life with the most assiduous care year after year. For eight years she slept with me, by theAutobiography, 149:in that safe each night. It was the time of the year in which members of the hill tribes wereAutobiography, 149:in an old Scotch house where I had stopped year after year as a child. There was a largeAutobiography, 149:old Scotch house where I had stopped year after year as a child. There was a large house-party,Autobiography, 155:and kind and good. [155] It was during this year, 1918, that I discovered for the first time who itAutobiography, 160:twenty-eight he was clearing a large sum per year. This he gave up entirely, in order to help me inAutobiography, 166:however, Mr. Carpenter returned the following year, General Laden Lha admitted that he had made aAutobiography, 175:Today my record is about 6000 letters per year because I delegate so much of my correspondence nowAutobiography, 187:say they ever distinguished themselves. Every year they made a grade but I do not remember theirAutobiography, 188:coming in and it has been only within the last year or so of my life that I have been free of someAutobiography, 206:I usually put on 6 or 8 [206] public lectures a year and as long as no paid admissions were asked IAutobiography, 208:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V Twice a year she would go to a store and buy me eight or nineAutobiography, 208:liked and the colors that suited me and twice a year on receipt of these boxes of beautiful clothesAutobiography, 208:out an equivalent number of the dresses of the year before and send them to personal friends who IAutobiography, 208:nice and correct clothes can bring could every year be traced to this friend and not to me. I findAutobiography, 211:of himself, autographed, of course, and after a year or so this disappeared. It completely vanishedAutobiography, 214:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter VI Chapter VI The year 1930 marks the last year of what I call normalAutobiography, 214:VI Chapter VI The year 1930 marks the last year of what I call normal living. From that time on IAutobiography, 217:and would let her know soon after the New Year of 1931. There were many problems involved. TheAutobiography, 224:future opportunities for expansion. The first year we were there the group was somewhat small butAutobiography, 225:other able and interesting speakers. The last year we were there the place was overrun by GermanAutobiography, 225:and a spurious esotericism. 1933 was the last year that we went there. Autobiography, 225:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter VI The second year that we went to Ascona was one of very realAutobiography, 226:of her with the deepest love and affection. Each year after our trip abroad we returned to theAutobiography, 227:Colonels on active [227] service abroad. One year, my second daughter, Mildred, came back with usAutobiography, 228:to join but received no reply. The following year, as I had heard nothing, I wrote again andAutobiography, 253:these major activities, I have since the year 1931 been training a group of men and women,Autobiography, 283:the earlier degrees. You will find that, as each year slips away, your grasp of the way into theBethlehem, 62:winter solstice, after the shortest day in the year, at the midnight of the 24th December when theBethlehem, 63:settlement in Britain about A.D. 500, 'began the year on December 25t , when we now celebrate theBethlehem, 76:to pass on its journey in the course of a year, and during its greater cycle of approximatelyBethlehem, 76:completed the preparatory work, by His twelfth year Christ again underwent an intuitive experience,Bethlehem, 184:August 15th and the other on September 8th. Each year, the sun can be seen entering the sign VirgoBethlehem, 240:fact that about fifty million people die every year. [241] Fifty million people are more than theBethlehem, 258:Place of the Most High," to come forth once a year, so legend tells us, in order to bless theDestiny, 28:after careful training and only twice a year at the May and June Full Moon rituals. Destiny, 64:incident to the war and starting around the year 1900, there is a constant and ceaseless migrationDestiny, 137:also in incarnation. One of these three thousand year periods of expression is now here and we canDestiny, 147:of this period and came to us in the dark of the year and initiated a new era in which light was toDestiny, 151:of the orthodox churches; only one day in the year has been dedicated to the thought of theDestiny, 151:be the two outstanding days of the religious year. Pentecost is, as you must well know, the symbolDiscipleship1, XII:are given in their ordered sequence, year by year, so that a real picture of the person concerned,Discipleship1, XII:are given in their ordered sequence, year by year, so that a real picture of the person concerned,Discipleship1, 43:sanctioned the starting of these groups in the year 1931. The members of these groups have beenDiscipleship1, 54:would be to explain decimal fractions to a seven year old child no matter how brilliant he mightDiscipleship1, 107:- B.S.D. June 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: It is a year since I gave you any definite instructions and theDiscipleship1, 110:consciousness [110] and, during the coming half year, keep a most careful spiritual diary, notingDiscipleship1, 123:and formulated definite expression. The past year has not been an easy one for you, my brother. YouDiscipleship1, 123:to do. I would have you work during the coming year at accustoming yourself to my vibration. ItDiscipleship1, 123:with the occult sentences I gave you a year ago and which I promised to discuss with you, theDiscipleship1, 128:effort after debating the matter for more than a year. That is all that I ask of you. I wouldDiscipleship1, 132:with your co-disciples. Take at least a year going over the earlier teaching re maya, glamor andDiscipleship1, 134:1939 BROTHER OF OLD: You have now completed a year's work with me and in this group of disciples.Discipleship1, 138:and follow my suggestions for the space of one year and thus aid the group whilst helping yourself?Discipleship1, 141:heart which will surely come.... For you this year the emphasis must be laid upon the stabilizingDiscipleship1, 141:suggestion that he wait another six months or a year before he again takes up the earlier workDiscipleship1, 142:of your work. That has happened and the past year has seen you making many contacts and theDiscipleship1, 146:But, my brother, you must work for a year at the organizing of your thought and material, so thatDiscipleship1, 152:- F.C.D. January 1938 MY BROTHER: The past year has seen the many changes which have taken place inDiscipleship1, 153:ahead of you, beginning in September of this year. This, my brother, gives you an interlude whereinDiscipleship1, 162:but little to say to you, my brother, as last year I wrote to you in detail and outlined to you theDiscipleship1, 164:of attitude. This, my brother, is not easy. This year should see you achieving a greater innerDiscipleship1, 165:set by the New Group of World Servers is a three year cycle and to this rhythm you will findDiscipleship1, 165:the lines of least resistance. Make each three year cycle conform to the rhythm of creation. In theDiscipleship1, 165:conform to the rhythm of creation. In the first year, lay your emphasis upon the activity of theDiscipleship1, 165:and with which you have to work. In the second year, let the clarity and the quality of the note toDiscipleship1, 165:form appear and be heard. In the third year, behind the form and expressing itself through theDiscipleship1, 165:consolidate the work. The keynote of the first year's work is consolidation, that of the secondDiscipleship1, 165:year's work is consolidation, that of the second year must be expansion whilst the keynote of theDiscipleship1, 165:be expansion whilst the keynote of the third year must be the making of a definite impact upon theDiscipleship1, 165:Group of World Servers must work in these three year cycles and the foundation of cyclic attainmentDiscipleship1, 174:BROTHER OF MINE: The implications of the past year, in your particular case are not hard to read.Discipleship1, 181:and glamor of our modern world. You have had a year of strain, interior strain predominantly. IDiscipleship1, 181:the soul be evoked. Such is the law. The coming year may show but little relief or lessening of theDiscipleship1, 191:I have but little to say to you this half year, so brief a time have you been working in thisDiscipleship1, 192:an inner organization of your forces which in a year's time will greatly increase your usefulnessDiscipleship1, 193:surprised at the results which will appear in a year's time. Simplicity is the way of soul growth.Discipleship1, 194:1936 I have very little to say to you this half year, my brother. The meditation work and theDiscipleship1, 194:to cover your work for the period of one year... I would ask you to study your last instructions
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