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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YEAR

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Discipleship1, 786:these major activities, I have, since the year 1931, been training a group of men and women,Discipleship2, 8:to give you personality instructions only once a year, at the time of the Full Moon of May. I shallDiscipleship2, 9:As I am to instruct you individually only once a year, I shall handle you with directness, andDiscipleship2, 12:and be consciously dealt with during the coming year. Small notice need be paid to less importantDiscipleship2, 21:for this particular study. VI. I shall, once a year, give to each of you a measure of individualDiscipleship2, 21:the time of the Full Moon of May (Taurus) each year. This may involve at times an analysis of yourDiscipleship2, 25:at the time of the full moon during the coming year. This aspect of your work should becomeDiscipleship2, 31:instruction) is the objective of your next year's work; as we proceed with the various phases ofDiscipleship2, 37:the work to be done by you during the coming year. Will you accept my words that you need aDiscipleship2, 41:GROUP OF AFFILIATED DISCIPLES: It is more than a year since you received your last set ofDiscipleship2, 41:your last set of instructions from me - a year of momentous happenings upon earth and ofDiscipleship2, 42:surprise you, my brothers? In considering this year as a whole, I question not your devotion orDiscipleship2, 48:to give you the help you need for the coming year which faces you. Above all, however, I amDiscipleship2, 48:problem facing the Ashrams at this time. This year, I will make clear to you what work is asked ofDiscipleship2, 49:for a preliminary period of three years, each year expanding the work somewhat until the full moonDiscipleship2, 49:somewhat until the full moon of May of the third year. This period of time is now nearly completed,Discipleship2, 50:full moon periods as outlined to you by me. Each year saw an addition to or expansion of the workDiscipleship2, 53:I outlined. Much remained to be done, and each year I have expanded the concept and laid theDiscipleship2, 53:work outlined by me when you had worked for a year at this full moon activity, I began to widen theDiscipleship2, 53:technique of Approach. The stages in the second year's activity were as follows: 1. The recognitionDiscipleship2, 55:The third stage, outlined by me during the past year's work, brought in a far more complicatedDiscipleship2, 64:form subsidiary Ashrams, as I began to do in the year 1925. Owing to the war and the intensiveDiscipleship2, 79:Instruction March 1948 MY BROTHERS: Another year has gone by and it is again time for me to extendDiscipleship2, 79:is not, however, the same as it was last year, and there are certain differences and distinctions.Discipleship2, 81:Instruction January 1949 MY BROTHERS: This new year of 1949 is a peculiarly momentous one from theDiscipleship2, 81:one from the angle of spiritual values. Last year was one of decision - as public affairs haveDiscipleship2, 81:the principle of right human relations. It was a year of decision for the Hierarchy as well as forDiscipleship2, 81:were made very clear to them. It was therefore a year of peculiar testing and trial, and the moreDiscipleship2, 81:with my Ashram have been no exception. This new year holds in it great potentialities for expansionDiscipleship2, 81:few years are not so dynamic. This should be a year of moving forward and of expansion (implementedDiscipleship2, 96:apt to forget. I suggest that during the coming year you go over your individual instructions andDiscipleship2, 96:instructions and then - during the course of the year - answer six questions which I will dictate.Discipleship2, 98:consideration each two months during the coming year. Give two months to careful consideration,Discipleship2, 100:may prove the signal achievement of the coming year for each and all of you is my earnest wish. Discipleship2, 110:K.H. There has been much pressure on you this year; I have seen and noted it; the group - as aDiscipleship2, 110:the group - as a group - has done better this year than for some years past, and I have seen aDiscipleship2, 116:will [116] be occupied for the remainder of the year, after May. Stage II and its successful issueDiscipleship2, 119:as already assigned for the remainder of the year, but we will complete the meditation and I willDiscipleship2, 130:the Monad. In your personal instructions this year, I am not going to be explicit nor am I going toDiscipleship2, 130:of them into your daily meditation. You have a year in which to do this and can, therefore, makeDiscipleship2, 134:ample opportunity for effort during the coming year's work. This threefold spiritual reality (whichDiscipleship2, 136:which you will undertake during this coming year, start by a consideration of the Ashram of theDiscipleship2, 138:which I am asking you to carry forward for a year at least, is based upon the three previousDiscipleship2, 142:I had in mind when assigning the meditation last year. It is hard, I know, for the neophyte at anyDiscipleship2, 144:the one which presumably you followed all last year. STAGE ONE - Preliminary. Pass rapidly throughDiscipleship2, 147:or transmission. At the close of the year send in your thirty-six seed thoughts. As you will allDiscipleship2, 150:I would here recall to you what I said last year to... anent this final stanza of the Invocation:Discipleship2, 153:the subject of your attention during this past year. You will have noted how the meditations haveDiscipleship2, 156:esoteric significance. It is my intention this year to have you concentrate upon the new InvocationDiscipleship2, 156:to these words, and am asking you for one entire year to concentrate your [157] meditative thinkingDiscipleship2, 164:be done during the next few decades - until the year 2025 - a brief space of time indeed to produceDiscipleship2, Here t:daily in their meditation. During this coming year I would like you to follow a meditationDiscipleship2, 176:and rendered futile. At the end of the year, I would ask you to embody your understanding of theDiscipleship2, 181:meditation for one week in each month of the year. Discipleship2, 195:you may find it easier to work during the coming year. As this thought-projection process orDiscipleship2, 195:regularly with them. I suggested this to you a year ago. Few of you took my advice or have adheredDiscipleship2, 196:your major meditation, to be followed for one year. If this is done by you as directed and with noDiscipleship2, 203:a high stage of development and the climaxing year of 1952 is over, it will then be wise to bringDiscipleship2, 217:under hierarchical impression. Three times a year - at the April, May and June Festivals [The fullDiscipleship2, 255:emphasized in past centuries and up until the year 1875: Hints as to the changing of personalityDiscipleship2, 269:of the Initiator (until the period of the year 1400 A.D.) were for conscious soul contact; today,Discipleship2, 269:human consciousness made it possible - in the year 1425 A.D. - to inaugurate changes in theDiscipleship2, 294:brooding upon this subject during the coming year, it may be possible for me greatly to enlargeDiscipleship2, 303:which I have in mind for your consideration this year. The word "direction" is the key to theDiscipleship2, 316:then has sensibly lightened until we reached the year 1925. It became possible for the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 334:by me, for instance, in terms of one thousand year cycles. What you may have done in this life,Discipleship2, 342:to take the next needed step forward during the year following your receipt of the instruction. HadDiscipleship2, 375:been released at the Wesak Festival of this year (1948). Even now it can be used only by highlyDiscipleship2, 446:Since I last communicated with you, more than a year ago, life has brought you certain radicalDiscipleship2, 447:many such periods of questioning in the past year, my brother, and your answers have definitelyDiscipleship2, 449:when I say this? II. Tension Study for the next year whether you know the true significance ofDiscipleship2, 450:Do you appreciate what they mean? The past year brought you crisis after crisis; it involvedDiscipleship2, 452:the theme of your meditation work throughout the year. By the means of these words you could beDiscipleship2, 455:to you also as three themes for meditation. Last year I gave you the three words: Focus, Tension,Discipleship2, 455:words: Focus, Tension, Crisis. For this coming year I give you another three: Obligation, Service,Discipleship2, 455:three: Obligation, Service, Duty. For the year beginning September, I give you: Emotion, Intuition,Discipleship2, 455:that you start again, thus establishing a three year cycle in your process of rhythmic mentalDiscipleship2, 458:project you will have to set for yourself each year, and adhere to it. Its theme must grow out ofDiscipleship2, 462:three times a day. Do not look for results. A year's steady work with a detached attitude as toDiscipleship2, 464:the import of his conversation with you a year ago may not have registered adequately. It has beenDiscipleship2, 493:I referred in my first communication to you this year (Vol. I, Page 188) is being handled by youDiscipleship2, 498:with care the six statements I gave you a year ago? I want today to call your attention to theDiscipleship2, 520:for your meditative work during the coming year. Will you thus consider them? Out of the work whichDiscipleship2, 523:at this time, and remember that I told you last year that simplicity held for you the key to allDiscipleship2, 532:heart to mine and strengthens day by day, each year. Pass onward on this bridge of light. [533]Discipleship2, 535:the last of the six statements given to you last year. The higher the wall, brother of mine, fromDiscipleship2, 535:am going to ask you to write - during the coming year - three short papers. In the first will youDiscipleship2, 543:I give you the following themes, covering a year's work which, if diligently considered for severalDiscipleship2, 553:reread the instructions which I gave you last year, I think you will realize that there is littleDiscipleship2, 557:around the as if idea. These will cover one year's work. I would like to see you take these themesDiscipleship2, 559:link between you and A.A.B. grows closer each year and this you have yourself inwardly recognized.Discipleship2, 560:upon this particular theme during the coming year. The Ashram pulsates with life. Its radiationDiscipleship2, 561:spiritual life has deepened during this past year and your light within the Ashram shines brighter.Discipleship2, 563:brother, I gave you that special meditation last year upon the theme of the Ashram. I trust youDiscipleship2, 564:of I.S.G-L., given by me to him last year. There I gave him six statements anent [565] thisDiscipleship2, 565:holy center which we call Shamballa. For this year's meditation, I would ask you to take the thirdDiscipleship2, 565:suffice for your meditation work for the coming year, and you should profit greatly by it. EveryDiscipleship2, 565:you take the meditation which I gave you last year and give thirty minutes to it, thus each weekDiscipleship2, 568:little that I have to say to you in this year's "touch of recognition" which I am giving to all whoDiscipleship2, 578:It seems to me that so oft I have to say this year to hard-pressed chelas: The way has been
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