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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YEARNING

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Bethlehem, 189:to share also His glory... "All creation is yearning, longing to see the manifestation of the sonsBethlehem, 213:which takes place in the human mind between the yearning for understanding, and the nearer moreDiscipleship1, 412:the following simple form of soul recognition, yearning after the presence of God, and anHealing, 363:(and he may have much), and in spite of his yearning desire to aid the departing one, there seemsIntellect, 70:mystic stops in adoration of the vision and in yearning after the Beloved, the seeker after trueMagic, 321:medium of world avatars, through the mystical yearning found in every human being, through allProblems, 150:man, and he "became a living soul". As the yearning urge towards an undefined and unrealized goodPsychology2, 273:can be employed in connection with the vague yearning of animal man. Today, such is the progressPsychology2, 531:a true and pronounced mystical aspiration and yearning, and a genuine longing for union with thePsychology2, 602:follows century after century the same path of yearning search, imaginative expression of a deepRays, 524:a great initiatory experience. The agony of His yearning for revelation and increased enlightenmentReappearance, 131:avatars as the Christ; which guides the mystical yearning found in each human being, and works
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