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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YEARS

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Autobiography, 229:and good intention are not enough. During these years of travel we met many types of occultism inAutobiography, 229:vineyard will have our hands full in future years in organizing, in encouraging and instructingAutobiography, 230:been used to initiate. Looking back over the years it is now very apparent to us what has beenAutobiography, 230:that civilization during the next 2500 years. These qualities are primarily a spirit ofAutobiography, 233:which the sun was passing for the next 2000 years. Then we have the appearance of the scapegoat inAutobiography, 234:and nation and nation will, during the next 2000 years slowly disappear. It was to inaugurate andAutobiography, 235:with the emphasis laid upon peace. For years the peace groups in the world have been occupied inAutobiography, 238:of Patanjali, who lived and taught probably 9000 years before Christ. The Tibetan gave me theAutobiography, 239:be present upon earth as They were millions of years ago during the infancy of mankind. Then TheyAutobiography, 241:Some of the students have been with us twenty years or more. They have faithfully done their workAutobiography, 241:other parts of Europe. During the next five years we went at different times to Holland, toAutobiography, 241:there. It was very revealing to us after so many years work to find ourselves facing an audience inAutobiography, 245:A.A.B. has written for me for nearly twenty-five years. The books have gone out in line with a deepAutobiography, 247:A Treatise on White Magic. This was written years ago and as it was written it went out, chapter byAutobiography, 249:have, therefore, been going out steadily for years and when A Treatise on the Seven Rays isAutobiography, 250:used as textbooks and only during the past three years has one of them, A Treatise on White Magic,Autobiography, 250:on the Seven Rays) has been used for two years in one section of the fourth degree. The teaching onAutobiography, 250:Arcane School has been in existence for twenty years and is now entering into a new cycle of growthAutobiography, 250:phase of my work came into existence about ten years ago when I started to write certain pamphletsAutobiography, 251:(the first of which is now called The Next Three Years, issued in 1932 under the title, The NewAutobiography, 254:me, ascertained my identity. They have known for years who I am. But they and A.A.B. have preservedAutobiography, 254:Beacon, much to her acute distress. After many years of protecting my identity, she made this slipAutobiography, 254:like to call your attention. Earlier - many years earlier - I stated in A Treatise on White MagicAutobiography, 254:but that my anonymity would be preserved. Years later, owing to this mistake of [255] A.A.B., I amAutobiography, 255:before the public and in a more arresting way. Years ago, I definitely told A.A.B. (as did her ownAutobiography, 257:and women of goodwill. [257] A.A.B. in her 25 years work for me in the occult field has taken noAutobiography, 259:In the early stages (for the first two years), the Tibetan dictated the material incorporated inAutobiography, 260:initial interest in these subjects, over twenty years of meditation work, many years of study andAutobiography, 260:over twenty years of meditation work, many years of study and thought, and a command of clear,Autobiography, 262:have come into existence during the past sixty years. I am not here referring to the ever-existingAutobiography, 263:development requires them. The next seventy years will see the founding of the new schools. ThoseAutobiography, 275:of the present. During the past one hundred years, the esoteric doctrines and the secret teachingAutobiography, 276:Breathing exercises are only given after several years' work, and no emphasis is laid upon theirAutobiography, 282:School had been in existence for nearly 25 years and had, in that time, serviced over 20,000Autobiography, 289:has gone out during the past three hundred years about brotherhood and fraternal relationshipAutobiography, 294:asked to meet the need if possible, and over the years much generosity has been shown. The ArcaneAutobiography, 297:but we also realize that as a result of the 30 years' work of the Tibetan, in collaboration withAutobiography, 297:available, particularly during the last eighteen years, information which has never yet reached theAutobiography, 297:was started by Mrs. Bailey in 1923. Twenty-eight years have come and gone and we are today aAutobiography, 298:in the group life of the Hierarchy.) As the years have slipped by and I have learned to profit byAutobiography, 299:of the Christ. It is only in these later years that we have come to understand how this return ofAutobiography, 299:which the Tibetan has done in the last thirty years already shows this tremendously [300]Autobiography, 300:Arcane School, as a result of the past thirty years' work, that the fruitage already achieved,Autobiography, 300:as to be able to join with her through the years in bringing it into living usefulness and keepingAutobiography, 302:choices that humanity has been making in recent years and still has to make in the short years justAutobiography, 302:recent years and still has to make in the short years just ahead, are of more profound significanceAutobiography, 303:the Plan by the Hierarchy during the past twelve years had to include action which becameBethlehemof the work which He came to initiate. Many years of work as an evangelist and as a teacher in theBethlehem, 8:Much of it, since its inception two thousand years ago, has come to be regarded as myth, and theBethlehem, 11:were touched upon in a book published many years ago, entitled The Crises of the Christ, by thatBethlehem, 15:are occupied (as they have been for two thousand years) with the same task of bringingBethlehem, 18:during this period of approximately two thousand years, our sun is passing through that sign in theBethlehem, 19:previous Jewish dispensation (the two thousand years wherein the sun was passing through the signBethlehem, 19:into this new sign. For more than two thousand years its potencies and [20] forces will play uponBethlehem, 37:consciousness, has had its Word. Two thousand years ago a Word was for us "made Flesh," and aroundBethlehem, 55:register the results. Only today, two thousand years after the event, is the lesson of Christ'sBethlehem, 63:Christmas presents was unknown until recent years." - The Paganism in Our Christianity, by ArthurBethlehem, 64:minds and thoughts and writings for thousands of years, and are our joint heritage today. TheBethlehem, 64:(antedating Christianity by several thousand years) is ample proof of this. In the sun's journeyBethlehem, 75:in which Jesus, having reached the age of twelve years, was taken up by His Mother to the Temple ofBethlehem, 75:"The accomplishment of the age of twelve years signifies a full period of evolution when anBethlehem, 76:during its greater cycle of approximately 25,000 years. Having completed the preparatory work, byBethlehem, 76:in His consciousness in the passing of the years, became far broader and wider in its all-embracingBethlehem, 77:the Birth initiation, for a period of thirty years, we are told, He functioned as a man in theBethlehem, 88:Tradition tells us that He [88] was thirty years old when He was baptized and started on His briefBethlehem, 88:it was necessary that He should be thirty years old, for there is significance in that number,Bethlehem, 91:and of service which today (two thousand years after He walked among men) are becoming the keynoteBethlehem, 96:between Earth and Heaven, and for two thousand years these words of His have stood unchallenged. Bethlehem, 98:we began to enter this sign, about two hundred years ago, water became for the first time ofBethlehem, 100:Jesus of Nazareth. Up to that time, for thirty years, He had simply been the carpenter of theBethlehem, 169:if we are only beginning today (two thousand years after He set us an example) to grasp theBethlehem, 181:that it antedates Christianity by thousands of years, and that finally, the four arms of the crossBethlehem, 195:to Christianity during the past two thousand years. Christ did give us the teaching that we mustBethlehem, 197:realization, but it took nearly two thousand years of Christianity to raise sin to a position ofBethlehem, 225:India we read these words, spoken thousands of years ago, yet capable of being applied in a mostBethlehem, 233:that He has overcome death, and that in the years that lie ahead they will see death vanquished.Bethlehem, 233:That they were mistaken, nearly two thousand years of Christianity has proved. We are not yetBethlehem, 236:the world! All hail! Hail, mighty Infant who in years to come Shall heal the nations and defraudBethlehem, 276:life because Christ died two thousand years ago does not prove satisfactory to the man who isDestiny, 6:belong. The next one hundred and fifty years will see them coming into incarnation. The reason isDestiny, 6:Its first faint notes were heard two hundred years ago and the sound and demand has increased inDestiny, 21:in the pamphlets sent out in the past few years. Destiny, 28:future, but does not extend beyond two thousand years. These mediums will, however, only be usedDestiny, 35:which has held good up to five hundred years ago is no longer controlling and the situation is muchDestiny, 45:the ideas which governed the race one thousand years ago have today assumed in our consciousness.Destiny, 49:of the rays during the past two thousand years and of the way in which great events have beenDestiny, 54:Brazil will eventually - many thousands of years hence - supersede both of them. These three racesDestiny, 73:of France. You will remember perhaps that some years ago I indicated that from France will come aDestiny, 96:day be found, and later still (many millions of years later) another will be discovered in theDestiny, 101:is yet in its infancy. The next few years will see its gain. What is really happening is a shift inDestiny, 110:been established during the past two thousand years. These must be counted upon, offset andDestiny, 111:the center of the stage for several thousand years in an effort to make humanity seek one-pointedlyDestiny, 112:bear in mind that during the past two thousand years a much higher, rarer and more difficultDestiny, 114:of development during the past two thousand years and "good taste" is a highly cherished massDestiny, 115:and developed during the past two thousand years than in any previous period of ten thousand years.Destiny, 115:than in any previous period of ten thousand years. The reason for this is that the mind of man hasDestiny, 127:outer form that has made the last two thousand years produce so disastrously a mismanaged world andDestiny, 136:these periods last approximately three thousand years. They are, when out of incarnation, calledDestiny, 137:but not of abstraction." They are three thousand years also in incarnation. One of these threeDestiny, 142:group of disciples from Shamballa. Two thousand years from today, the influence of this ray will be
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