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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YEARS

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Destiny, 142:powerfully upon the physical plane. One hundred years hence its potency will be noted upon theDestiny, 142:so for the next two thousand two hundred years when it will gradually withdraw into the background.Destiny, 143:ray has been in manifestation for nearly seventy years. It will pass out (by special and uniqueDestiny, 143:special and unique arrangement) in another fifty years, thus breaking into its own normal cycle,Destiny, 143:this type of force. It will take about fifty years to do this. [144] RAY VI - This ray has beenDestiny, 147:regarded as a festival season; for thousands of years it has been associated with the coming of theDestiny, 148:period dates from Christmas Day, two thousand years ago, in Palestine. That was the greatest of allDestiny, 149:Christ. Pisces has seen, during two thousand years, the spreading light; Aquarius will see theDestiny, 150:are told in the New Testament, a cycle of thirty years wherein all we know is that the infant JesusDestiny, 150:the long silence of that symbolic thirty years wherein they too will grow to manhood and take theDestiny, 150:and of all Piscean characteristics. The thirty years can be looked upon as a period of spiritualDestiny, 151:man. The emphasis during the past two thousand years has been on death; it has colored all theDiscipleship1, X:Then the disciple went away - sometimes [X] for years or an entire lifetime - and reflected andDiscipleship1, XII:The work with this particular group began twelve years ago. Each person's instructions are given inDiscipleship1, XIV:knowledge that both these men would die a few years later. He is obviously preparing them for thatDiscipleship1, XV:who gave days of labor to the book; he has for years helped me prepare the Tibetan's books forDiscipleship1, 4:work to be done in the world during the coming years. What I say should be read with care, for theDiscipleship1, 15:find it interesting to note, at the end of a few years, the difference in the data recorded and theDiscipleship1, 16:time elapses. If you can hold together down the years and throughout this life cycle, then theDiscipleship1, 30:who have pledged themselves for the next few years to keep the twelve hours prior to the Full MoonDiscipleship1, 31:White Lodge has done during the past twenty-five years and the extent of the work in whichDiscipleship1, 31:by means of the pamphlet entitled The Next Three Years. This signalized the anchoring - if so IDiscipleship1, 34:can be developed. Disciples are people of mature years from the standpoint of the soul, and,Discipleship1, 44:of the race of men during the past two thousand years (which is far enough for our purpose), thatDiscipleship1, 54:they will, in the course of the next 275 years: Anchor on earth certain types of the higher forcesDiscipleship1, 75:power and with fresh impulse. I have for several years attempted to be your teacher, your MasterDiscipleship1, 79:the same Instructor who has taught you for many years. I remain the same individual and am in noDiscipleship1, 81:occultists call them. This will take many years and the work of achieving finished group attitudesDiscipleship1, 87:center. In the past and up until the last few years, the keynote has been service because (ifDiscipleship1, 98:I refer to the present time and the next fifty years. This mobilization involves the focusing ofDiscipleship1, 104:words: Waste not time in the realization of the years spent in occult work, nor in feverishDiscipleship1, 104:work, nor in feverish anticipation of a few more years of directed occult effort under my tuition.Discipleship1, 104:breathing exercises. You have followed them for years and need a respite. Nature grows andDiscipleship1, 106:from the active exercises of more than thirty years of aspiration and endeavor, so that a calmnessDiscipleship1, 106:Later, upon that accumulated knowledge of years, a fresh structure of knowledge may be erected andDiscipleship1, 107:is being organized. It will in the next few years organize itself also an astral levels, on theDiscipleship1, 107:of succumbing to the Great Illusion. These years will, therefore, be critical in the group life andDiscipleship1, 109:upon the fact afterwards. You have for years worked actively upon the mental plane both with and inDiscipleship1, 109:now acquiring and as a result of the past two years' work (for you only began to shift your focusDiscipleship1, 109:arrested growth. The mental tension for thirty years has been such that the free play of theDiscipleship1, 111:organization whose work you have aided for some years - an organization whose work is predominantlyDiscipleship1, 112:a means of contact and only during the past two years have you begun to bring it into submission toDiscipleship1, 112:position to note them. My brother, the next two years hold in them for you much of inner testingDiscipleship1, 112:proved your sincerity of purpose and for many years you have diligently set your face towards theDiscipleship1, 115:way for you - as well as for all true disciples. Years ago, my brother, you sought more eagerly forDiscipleship1, 119:server who had worked steadfastly alone for many years. You brought to this group activity certainDiscipleship1, 121:the progress you have made. During the past few years I have many times spoken to you withDiscipleship1, 123:uncomfortable. This, in your earlier years, served to hold you away from people, and led you toDiscipleship1, 123:serene and isolated. The past ten years have seen you change all this; though you are not now soDiscipleship1, 124:you to believe and urges you to demand that your years of devotion, your personality energy andDiscipleship1, 126:devotion which has led you steadily all these years and produced your service in the world. To whatDiscipleship1, 128:of which have been working with me for many years) I am simply prompted by a keen desire to aid youDiscipleship1, 132:Coming in, as you have done, several years later than the majority, in order to take the place ofDiscipleship1, 132:than the planned group activity and thus for two years delayed this group of workers from arrivingDiscipleship1, 136:this band of disciples do. It will take several years to bring about the adaptation of the groupDiscipleship1, 136:under the Masters, who have been in training for years, fitting themselves for the task to be done.Discipleship1, 137:to do. I do not think that at the end of a few years you will regret temporarily falling in with myDiscipleship1, 138:By the time you have reached the age of fifty years you should have achieved the difficultDiscipleship1, 141:as to diet, etc. You may find that in the coming years, your hours of sleep will be less. This willDiscipleship1, 147:main, subjective endeavor during the next few years. It must be wrought out in the crucible ofDiscipleship1, 149:studied your problems deeply and I - for several years - have sought to aid you. One thing only IDiscipleship1, 153:You are learning to do this and the next two years will see you making much advance in this matter,Discipleship1, 155:sure judgment and the knowledge that I, who for years (longer than you know) have watched over yourDiscipleship1, 157:the existing condition differ. During the past years, I have many times conveyed to you a messageDiscipleship1, 161:OF MINE: You face the three most strenuous years of your life and by the time you are forty-nineDiscipleship1, 161:of your life and by the time you are forty-nine years old, your work will have fallen into suchDiscipleship1, 162:descending to the day's routine... This has for years been your problem. Yet this scant twentyDiscipleship1, 162:and outlined to you the work of the coming years. I change not that work or my suggestions, for ifDiscipleship1, 162:Plan of my own which was the result of several years' close observation of the members of my group.Discipleship1, 174:live. This will enable you (after two or three years' work with me) to "stand in spiritual being,"Discipleship1, 174:upon you in a new way, e'en though for four years I have interiorly worked with you. Discipleship1, 184:a mode of self-protection, necessitated by long years of extreme sensitivity; this eventually mustDiscipleship1, 185:and radiation - two key words which I gave you years ago for your guidance? Radiation is a tangibleDiscipleship1, 186:I. A. P. June 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: The last few years have been for you years of strenuous activityDiscipleship1, 186:OF OLD: The last few years have been for you years of strenuous activity and service, of personalDiscipleship1, 203:several important changes during the next two years, both in your life and your environment. BeDiscipleship1, 211:your usefulness which should increase as the years go by. Later, I will indicate to you some workDiscipleship1, 211:are all of you very individual, and you have for years stood alone. To work as a unit along yourDiscipleship1, 214:group of disciples because you have for many years followed the Way. You have, therefore, aDiscipleship1, 216:in spite of all personality objections. In a few years' time, you will better understand my plansDiscipleship1, 219:itself in the difficulty you had a couple of years ago. At that time, as you know, I endeavored toDiscipleship1, 225:1937 BROTHER SERVER: I have watched you for some years now, little as you may have suspected it. ItDiscipleship1, 226:your vibratory capacity and your influence. Some years of potent service are possible to you andDiscipleship1, 232:progress the past year than in any previous ten years. You might ask me how I know this and in whatDiscipleship1, 234:center. Much have you done in the past five years anent the increased sensitivity of the heart. YetDiscipleship1, 234:balance of the whole man. As I told you some years ago, the heart afire with love (not withDiscipleship1, 235:function. You have been working and serving for years, and it is that service and that aspirationDiscipleship1, 249:in your consciousness during the past few years. You have learnt and known much. Now a new cycleDiscipleship1, 249:work to be carried forward during the next few years. How shall this integration be achieved? As IDiscipleship1, 251:have written about your work during the past two years. Gather them together and run with rapidityDiscipleship1, 251:which has been thus established over a period of years is not easily broken and dissipated. OldDiscipleship1, 253:and friends? In the developments of the next two years see that these words of mine constantlyDiscipleship1, 254:soul and keep always silent. You have for many years reflected upon the relationship existingDiscipleship1, 256:this time. Guard your health during the coming years and thus make increased service possible andDiscipleship1, 256:carried you far from the life intent of earlier years and new relations and new forces motivateDiscipleship1, 256:group. You have traveled far during the past six years and your life trend (and by this I mean yourDiscipleship1, 262:of a sixth ray personality during the past three years. I have watched you now for seven years andDiscipleship1, 262:three years. I have watched you now for seven years and you have broken loose in great measure fromDiscipleship1, 266:out of the intensified effort of the next two years - opens wide for you. You have perhaps noted,Discipleship1, 269:accomplishment there must come - as [269] the years go by - what I might call crises of
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