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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YEARS

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Discipleship2, 258:revelation, to the initiates of the past 2000 years, of the transmutation of the trinity ofDiscipleship2, 268:times - even so short a time ago as fifty years. It is essential that you grasp the fact that hisDiscipleship2, 269:definitely to lift the standard. Five hundred years have gone by since then, and the purpose ofDiscipleship2, 277:determining of conditions for several thousand years to come, then the entire Hierarchy meets inDiscipleship2, 278:that the revolutions of the past two hundred years are signs of the striving of the spirit aspect?Discipleship2, 295:more explicit. You, at least, after these years of training by me, should be susceptible to someDiscipleship2, 296:and striving that the next one hundred and fifty years will demonstrate the factual nature of theDiscipleship2, 300:work with it or apply it for another twenty-five years. Here I have very briefly outlined for youDiscipleship2, 301:with all of you in this manner for more than ten years now; I have sought to bring about a definiteDiscipleship2, 301:I work with you. However, the next one hundred years will see great developments in my Ashram. ItDiscipleship2, 305:carefully considered and studied for a number of years, will become a key form by means of whichDiscipleship2, 307:into expression. In our studies over the years and in the books which I have put before the publicDiscipleship2, 310:no easy or early comprehension. Later on, as the years slip away and as students come and go, aDiscipleship2, 314:human consciousness during the past twenty-five years. The steps taken at the Conclave in ShamballaDiscipleship2, 323:and loose thinking on these matters. Over the years I have given you many definitions ofDiscipleship2, 325:ideas and develop responses which it took them years to master in earlier cycles of hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 326:the great initiate, Patanjali, eleven thousand years ago) is being demonstrated and his techniquesDiscipleship2, 326:purpose justified. For the next seven thousand years [327] his system will be used to trainDiscipleship2, 329:which I have asked you to undertake over the years. A tiny handful of you have responded and haveDiscipleship2, 335:I will tell you. From a survey of one thousand years which I have been enabled to make (as are allDiscipleship2, 335:process will take place now every three hundred years, instead of every one thousand years, as hasDiscipleship2, 335:hundred years, instead of every one thousand years, as has been the case until 1575 A.D. ThisDiscipleship2, 336:I am doing. We hope during the next five hundred years to present several such groups to the OneDiscipleship2, 354:what you now have will prove adequate for many years of study. Each of them, in fact, could provideDiscipleship2, 356:through the papers during the past few years, beginning in 1941 and more definitely isolated forDiscipleship2, 366:I would ask you to reflect constantly. In past years, I have frequently called your attention toDiscipleship2, 406:II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X Part X For years we have talked about group initiation, andDiscipleship2, 416:Antahkarana." It took the disciple a full two years to arrive at the hidden significance of thisDiscipleship2, 455:Wisdom. You have, therefore, themes for three years' work in the meditation field and "as a manDiscipleship2, 458:are the same as yours. In twenty-five years' time enough work will have been done by groups such asDiscipleship2, 464:brother (as I have told you oft during the past years), your intense sensitivity has complicatedDiscipleship2, 466:this time. Those given you during the past three years still need consideration, assimilation andDiscipleship2, 470:as to whether the sufferings of the past few years did not warrant your return to the Ashram ofDiscipleship2, 470:to let you attempt the task demanded for three years or for seven (according to your own choice)Discipleship2, 471:1948 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: It is two years since I last communicated with you, via A.A.B., andDiscipleship2, 471:with you, via A.A.B., and they have been years of great stress and strain for you. Every discipleDiscipleship2, 473:rosa that it was. She knows me so well that for years her comments have proved a source ofDiscipleship2, 475:the center and the springs of life. The next ten years will hold for you three crises. Make themDiscipleship2, 476:quality of your service during the coming ten years. They intimate that which you at this timeDiscipleship2, 481:he finds that mortal disease will, in a few years' time, lay the mechanism of accomplishment lowDiscipleship2, 483:your task and your problem for the remaining years of your life. Learn, please, my brother, to beDiscipleship2, 486:of a Master who knows the unimportance of [486] years, both of these reactions are of smallDiscipleship2, 487:at the result. You could then make the last years of your life fruitful and rewarding, far moreDiscipleship2, 488:and I know he will understand: Were you twenty years younger, my brother, with perfect safety youDiscipleship2, 488:some suffer from discouragement when, after years of work and the achievement of old age, they findDiscipleship2, 489:use it for the remainder of your life (many years or few) without exhausting its possibilities orDiscipleship2, 491:yourself to me, your Master and friend for many years, and again wait. Perchance there may beDiscipleship2, 498:you have so ceaselessly rendered. You have for years - ever since you first returned to Spain, andDiscipleship2, 502:is faced who reaches close to the three score years and ten of ordinary human enterprise, as you doDiscipleship2, 502:is of no great moment at this stage; a few years more or less are of no import in the eternity ofDiscipleship2, 502:push on in spite of fatigue (the fatigue of years of living), in spite of the increasing "creaking"Discipleship2, 504:their "state of mind" throughout the remaining years of this life, through the process ofDiscipleship2, 504:and which you must initiate during the next few years, is how to gather people together and workDiscipleship2, 505:nature. Ponder on this. As I told J.W.K-P. some years ago, a "detached attachment" (paradoxical asDiscipleship2, 505:work which you should be doing during the coming years? I would like to have you meditate upon theDiscipleship2, 506:the theme for much thinking during the coming years. Take each of these phrases, therefore, andDiscipleship2, 507:to the service of the Hierarchy. For many years you have done our work in a most difficult sphere.Discipleship2, 507:of the apparently unrewarding toil of the years of your spiritual enterprise. [508] I have fewDiscipleship2, 517:for this reason that I have urged you for some years to concentrate upon the book "The Way intoDiscipleship2, 521:of this preparatory period that the past three years have seen you seriously tested, and tested inDiscipleship2, 524:belief and trust in you, and let the remaining years of your life be triumphant in love; let themDiscipleship2, 525:to me, your friend and brother for many years - nay, lives. I would, however, ask you to read whatDiscipleship2, 526:- I have watched over you for the past four years with more than usual care. I know the innerDiscipleship2, 528:normality. Can you free yourself for two years, my brother, and at the end stand free? You would beDiscipleship2, 528:urge you to give up your group for two or three years (you can later resume it and with power) andDiscipleship2, 530:an acute problem in discrimination. Earlier - years ago - I gave you three words which were to beDiscipleship2, 530:the strongest. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen real progress, pronounced liberation andDiscipleship2, 534:you have made more progress in the past three years than at any previous time in your life. YouDiscipleship2, 534:to you. That is a great step onward. For years I have emphasized to you the need for heart-love,Discipleship2, 535:incarnation, if you will handle your remaining years in a spirit of selfless responsive love -Discipleship2, 540:your motives and the nature of your desires. For years, my brother, I have sought to help you. YouDiscipleship2, 541:factor in all living. Make your remaining years expressive of radiating love, which is not at allDiscipleship2, 543:Let that suffice, and for your remaining years be the worker, the guide, the serene watcher, and aDiscipleship2, 543:work which, if diligently considered for several years, will produce a factual life of real value.Discipleship2, 544:the progress you have made during the past few years. Failure has not deterred you and appreciationDiscipleship2, 551:automatically and not by planned intent. Some years ago I could not have told you this; you wouldDiscipleship2, 551:it. Today you will and will profit thereby. Some years ago you would have wasted time and strengthDiscipleship2, 552:of your group brothers, you have for [552] years visualized me standing by an open window, and youDiscipleship2, 553:events - as I foresaw them. You have lived for years at the high point of tension. Fire has beenDiscipleship2, 553:This fire was at first destructive, but in later years it has been warming and nurturing. I thinkDiscipleship2, 553:the needed creative qualities. The next few years will not be easy ones for you, my brother. Be notDiscipleship2, 554:Therefore, simplify your remaining years by ever acting "as if." Through this living process youDiscipleship2, 555:Disciples - I.B.S. August 1946 MY FRIEND OF MANY YEARS: I know how greatly distressed you will beDiscipleship2, 556:is what I want you to aim at in your remaining years, so that you will (in your next life) fromDiscipleship2, 557:and give them full consideration for three years. At the end of that time you will probably wish toDiscipleship2, 558:wherein you worked out karma (engendered many years ago) was both needed and fruitful. It is ofDiscipleship2, 564:As you know, and as I pointed out to you some years ago, you have an undue number of rays along oneDiscipleship2, 567:meditation process to work it out through the years into your own reflective pattern of living, asDiscipleship2, 568:a member of your race, once you had reached due years of understanding; you have been heldDiscipleship2, 572:true spiritual growth. It is a problem and takes years to learn the lesson of general humanDiscipleship2, 572:intuition. This I pointed out to you some years ago. The world of competitive business and theDiscipleship2, 581:This was followed by one called The Next Three Years. These were sent out exactly as dictated byDiscipleship2, 583:by me) are in a position, as a result of years of teaching and of practice, to control and regulateDiscipleship2, 584:this, however, happens far less than in years gone by. You have every cause for encouragement, myDiscipleship2, 592:The work, planned and outlined by me during past years, has been largely at a standstill. But whatDiscipleship2, 593:which I reported to the Hierarchy - the twenty years of work and the six years of that work duringDiscipleship2, 593:Hierarchy - the twenty years of work and the six years of that work during the war - your nameDiscipleship2, 594:I have watched your development during fifteen years since you passed into my Ashram to get theDiscipleship2, 596:to impart. The keynote of the next few years of your work is - as well you know - the making knownDiscipleship2, 596:have kept a supervisory eye during the past few years. There are five Masters and five Ashrams
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