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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YES

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Autobiography, 60:man over there?" pointing out my problem to me. "Yes," I said, "you mean the man I have beenAutobiography, 211:the Tibetan would it mean anything to you?" "Yes, sir," I said, "it would mean a great deal."Discipleship1, 118:In considering my group, I am impressed (yes, and somewhat amused) by the effort of some of you -Discipleship1, 144:failure and through success. All men are souls. Yes, my brother, but all men are not yet ready forDiscipleship1, 197:replise to these questions be brief but full. Yes, I mean exactly what I say, my brother, "briefDiscipleship1, 297:is sorely needed at this time by the Hierarchy. Yes, needed, my brother. [298] During the next fewDiscipleship1, 504:are immersed so oft in the terror of the moment (yes, terror is the word I wish to [505] use) thatDiscipleship1, 509:used, will set you upon the Path of Initiation. Yes, that is what I said, my brother - upon theDiscipleship1, 569:You stand alone now and like it not. Yes, for the first time in this incarnation your soul has madeDiscipleship2, 626:we then "see" it and enter the stage of duality. Yes, my brother, we do indeed raise our bodiesGlamour, 22:It is that vital unthinking emotional MESS (yes, brother of old, that is the word I seek to use) inGlamour, 59:the reaching of a right mental altitude. Yes, I said altitude, my brothers, and not attitude. Hercules, From n:the sixth great Gate? And the Teacher answered: "Yes." He was assured within himself that when theHercules, 164:believe this, that and the other. One-pointed, yes. But a little bit of the truth. Just so much ofHercules, 191:are human beings with certain responsibilities, yes, but we can begin to get a [192] largerIntellect, 28:Is the goal of education knowledge? Assuredly yes, but knowledge for what? Is its goal power? AgainIntellect, 28:but knowledge for what? Is its goal power? Again yes, but power to what end? Is its goal socialIntellect, 28:adjustment? The modern age replies emphatically, yes, but what kind of adjustment shall it be, andIntellect, 61:arises: "Is that all?" and the answer is: "Yes." If meditation is rightly followed, and ifMagic, 118:sacrificing themselves for a principle, yes, but a principle governing the personality life. Other,Magic, 263:primary disruption. 3. The Form of the Devotee. Yes, I mean just that word, for it expresses anMagic, 349:every day, may make the Master say eventually (yes, eventually, after all is over) well done! LetMeditation, 235:true and occult meditation. As time progresses - yes, again I prophesy - occult students will beProblems, 152:of the kingdom of God on earth? The answer is yes. These changes [153] can be made and theirPsychology2, 472:It is that vital, unthinking, emotional mess (yes, that is the word I seek to use) in which thePsychology2, 730:either through fear, through applied poverty (yes, that is the proper term) or throughSoul, 151:and proven, for, as Dr. Pupin further tells us: "Yes, God's spiritual realities are invisible, but
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