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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YESTERDAY

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Discipleship1, 655:Sunday... Did I work as a soul in my service yesterday, or as a personality? Was my interest inDiscipleship1, 655:or in speaking with anybody, did I speak (yesterday as I served) about myself at all? Tuesday...Discipleship1, 655:Wednesday... What was the center of my life yesterday - the soul whose nature is impersonal love,Discipleship1, 655:Thursday... How often did I refer to myself yesterday, either in pity, or as an illustration, or toDiscipleship1, 655:Friday... What was my major preoccupation yesterday? Was I happy? Why? Was I unhappy? Why? Was IEducation, ix:prevailing among the two great civilizations of yesterday, ready to give birth to the oneMeditation, 9:they will bear somewhat on the matter given yesterday, and on the 16th ultimo. Fundamentally,Meditation, 40:body to its three lower expressions, finishing yesterday with a few brief hints anent the causalMeditation, 45:instruction on the group connection. We showed yesterday the importance of meditation in connectionMeditation, 53:continue with the subject we were considering yesterday. We divided the theme into four divisionsMeditation, 168:note (in continuation of that which we studied yesterday) there are three direct lines of contactMeditation, 211:and undivided. We enumerated the colors yesterday and in a certain order. I seek again to enumerateMeditation, 277:consider the various periods as enumerated yesterday when considering the pupil's relationship to aMeditation, 306:and fulfil their destiny. We touched yesterday upon the one fundamental school with its four
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