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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YORK

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Astrology, 457:points are: London - For the British Empire. New York - For the Western Hemisphere. Geneva - ForAstrology, 458:force in their interrelation: [458] London - New York - Darjeeling. Tokyo - New York - Geneva.Astrology, 458:London - New York - Darjeeling. Tokyo - New York - Geneva. Geneva and Darjeeling are two centersAstrology, 458:in their influence than are London, New York or Tokyo. Together, they form five centers ofAstrology, 458:Personality Sign 1. London 5th 7th Gemini 2. New York 2nd 3rd Cancer 3. Tokyo 6th 4th Cancer 4.Astrology, 521:- The British Commonwealth of Nations. New York - The American continent. Darjeeling - Central andAstrology, 522:force expressing itself through the center, New York, is the force of the sixth Ray of Devotion orAstrology, 529:instance of what I mean: the influences of New York, Washington, Chicago, Kansas City and LosAtomlectures here presented were delivered in New York during the past winter. The purpose of thisAutobiography, X:during the last days in the hospital in [X] New York in 1949, she received visitors, consulted withAutobiography, XI:Sincerely yours, (Signed) Foster Bailey New York, December 16, 1949 [1] Autobiography, 28:a baby, home to see my people, I arrived in New York tired, ill, miserable and homesick. I went toAutobiography, 131:woman who came to consult me in my office in New York. The burden of her story was that she wasAutobiography, 165:that he could find the Master right here in New York if he took the proper steps and the time wasAutobiography, 179:Ernest Suffern offering him a position in New York in connection with the T.S. of that city at aAutobiography, 179:Foster accepted the offer and left for New York whilst I [180] stayed behind to see what theAutobiography, 180:1920 when Foster wrote to me to join him in New York and I left the children in Craigie's care,Autobiography, 180:be safe, cared for and loved. I travelled to New York where Foster met me and took me to anAutobiography, 182:an audience of around 800 people, one day in New York, that all of them could attain a certainAutobiography, 187:Dorothy bringing me an editorial from the New York Times when she went into High School. TheAutobiography, 188:secretary to the Theosophical of New York - an unofficial independent organization -Autobiography, 192:as we wrote them. By the time we returned to New York in September 1922 it was necessary toAutobiography, 199:I could solve it. There was one woman in New York at that time who charged $500 for a half hourAutobiography, 203:the house. Foster and I used to commute to New York most days of the week as Craigie was there toAutobiography, 205:of a friend, we had a car and could drive to New York or anywhere we chose. Every Sunday,Autobiography, 206:in my audiences were what is called in New York simply floaters. They drifted in and out of everyAutobiography, 208:than this. There is a club in the City of New York that is called the [209] Nobility Club. One dayAutobiography, 209:of the nobility and royalties gathered in New York at that time. Presently we all got to our feetAutobiography, 210:up Alice Ortiz and told her to come up to New York and put on a luncheon for the Grand Duke at theAutobiography, 211:Several years later, walking down 43rd St., New York, I suddenly saw the Grand Duke coming towardsAutobiography, 214:the groceries, catching the train for New York in order to be in my office by ten and then theAutobiography, 216:according to the vicissitudes of renting in New York City and it was in April 1928 that we firstAutobiography, 220:of the smaller boats which went direct from New York to Antwerp, Belgium, and I will admit that IAutobiography, 286:handled by two groups at the Headquarters in New York. [287] Autobiography, 304:Conference Banquet of the Arcane School, New York, May 1950.) Bethlehem, ix:Reprinted with the kind permission of The New York Times and the Author. Destiny, 89:it now really is shifting from Washington to New York, the Cancerian influence will steadily lessenDestiny, 92:influx are: London - For the British Empire. New York - For the Western Hemisphere. Geneva - ForDestiny, 93:of force in their interrelations: London. New York. Darjeeling. Tokyo. New York. Geneva. Geneva andDestiny, 93:London. New York. Darjeeling. Tokyo. New York. Geneva. Geneva and Darjeeling are two centersDestiny, 93:in their influence than are London, New York or Tokyo. Together they form the five centers ofDestiny, 93:Sign London 5th ray 7th ray Gemini. New York 2nd ray 3rd ray Cancer. Tokyo 6th ray 4th ray Cancer.Destiny, 96:for the future. It is for the reason that New York is one of these five centers that the UnitedDestiny, 97:force expressing itself through the center, New York, is the force of the sixth Ray of Devotion orDestiny, 103:instance of what I mean: the influences of New York, Washington, Chicago, Kansas City and LosDiscipleship2, 84:or two senior students living in or around New York or in Europe. There has necessarily beenDiscipleship2, 677:work which has its spiritual focal point in New York, do I risk losing you after all these years?Discipleship2, 677:of its spiritual potency is located in New York at this time, though later - if deemed wise - itDiscipleship2, 678:and others, always under instruction from New York, so that their work fits in with the generalDiscipleship2, 678:the general picture and the plans of the New York workers. There are, my beloved brother, threeDiscipleship2, 681:and those with whom you are associated in New York are your true co-workers, far more than thoseDiscipleship2, 712:The three Arcane School centers, New York (the major center), London and in Switzerland, mustDiscipleship2, 722:and the heartbeat of the Headquarters in New York, through which I work; this should condition yourExternalisation, 85:Chicago is the solar plexus center, whilst New York is the throat center and Washington the headExternalisation, 210:lists, but let them also be kept in both New York and London, for it is the task of the EnglishExternalisation, 521:chose so many of my disciples resident in New York. I also began to give out the teaching on theExternalisation, 675:the creative process, are five in number: New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling and Tokyo. TheseExternalisation, 676:is rapidly becoming effective. In London, in New York, in Geneva and Darjeeling, and in Tokyo, aExternalisation, 678:defeat. Already the centers in London and in New York are showing signs of life, and disciples areFire, 1180:D. Babbitt, Principles of Light and Color, New York, 1878. Hercules, 38:after A.A.B. gave the Hercules lectures in New York.) "And the Word said: Let form again beHercules, 67:lines of ocean communication start from New York or London, and that both these cities have beenHercules, The So:Alice A. Bailey. Lucis Publishing Company, New York, N.Y., and the Lucis press Limited, London.] ItInitiation, viii:the recipients of help. Alice A. Bailey - New York 1922. Meditationit already has to a few. Alice A. Bailey, New York, 1922. Patanjali, xiv:procurable translations. Alice A. Bailey, New York, May, 1927. Problemspractical service. LUCIS PUBLISHING COMPANY, New York, London - 1993 [5] Psychology1, 186:do is being carefully planned. In London, in New York and in Geneva are three centers of theirSoul, 12:altogether too unfamiliar. H. A. OVERSTREET New York City, May 1930 [13]
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