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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - YOUNG

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Statement:as age counts among the teachers, yet I am not young or inexperienced. My work is to teach andAstrology, 98:the fish-goddesses of this sign "who spawn their young again and yet again." The death byAstrology, 235:then be safeguarded by right education of the young and the ignorant, and the right action of theAstrology, 235:and the ignorant, and the right action of the young and highly intelligent emerging generation -Astrology, 237:legal procedure) are the needed approach to the young. The influence of Libra should be imposed inAstrology, 237:contribution of knowledge to the bringing up of young people. The old methods must give way to theAtom, 138:me may make the whole thing somewhat clearer. A young Swedish thinker explained it to me thus: "TheAutobiography, 2:worker. Again - not so gay, except that I was young and tremendously interested in everything.Autobiography, 15:correctly - she did this twice. She was quite young when she published three books of poetry and IAutobiography, 22:were grasped by those responsible for young people. It could be [23] explained to them that aAutobiography, 26:they grumbled over the hardness of life - as all young people normally and naturally do - I haveAutobiography, 29:just "Uncle Billie." He was one of the men - a young lieutenant at the time - who led the "ChargeAutobiography, 33:hatred of having to enquire. Also, I was very young, very silly, very good looking and well dressedAutobiography, 34:from a very bad tempered, rather vain and idle young girl into a worker and - temporarily - into aAutobiography, 35:He was. I was scared stiff at the occurrence. Young as I was, I was intelligent enough to knowAutobiography, 37:is not to be found in the fact that I, a young girl called Alice La Trobe-Bateman, had an interviewAutobiography, 47:that seems to me today and how delightfully young) of everything - God, doctrine, my ability to doAutobiography, 62:comrades. Anyway, picture to yourself a young girl with my appallingly protected, VictorianAutobiography, 66:business details. Remember, again, that I was young, pretty, and that girls did not do what I wasAutobiography, 67:never come, this man came up to me and said, "Young lady, you don't like me and have made that veryAutobiography, 68:of their kindness and helpfulness. I was so young and inexperienced; I knew not a single person inAutobiography, 69:without any word to my fellow-worker. I found a young American and his assistant, another man. TheAutobiography, 69:her. My major trouble really was that I was too young for the responsibility. Things that happenedAutobiography, 73:Word had gone out that I was a hard-boiled young thing and that I was liable to report [74] them toAutobiography, 75:me just "Mother," probably because I was so young. My correspondence got very heavy and I came toAutobiography, 77:astonishment, a somewhat religiously flippant young woman in a white dress and blue sash whoAutobiography, 79:his head on a beam and gone insane. I found his young wife and child in a great state of mind.Autobiography, 79:me that a homicidal tendency might result. His young wife and I looked after him for ten days untilAutobiography, 80:I have an idea now that it was because I was young and gay and had no competition. There was no oneAutobiography, 94:to come and had even taken steps to make me, young as I was, a trustee of her work. She felt IAutobiography, 96:knowledge how tragic life happenings are to the young, and how over emphasis is a natural reactionAutobiography, 97:needle-point lace [97] when quite a young girl and it was really beautiful. For several years I hadAutobiography, 98:it he pointed to a certain paragraph and said, "Young lady, read those four or five lines and getAutobiography, 101:would otherwise be impossible, and she is still young, with a useful and constructive future aheadAutobiography, 104:course of his long experience with thousands of young men had he met a man as gifted - spiritually,Autobiography, 106:remember his turning to her and saying: "My dear young lady, I would never dream of asking a girlAutobiography, 108:a cup of tea, and was a completely incompetent young woman. My experience in learning to do thingsAutobiography, 124:and I know what I am talking about. Intelligent young men will no longer enter them when confrontedAutobiography, 135:require very little sleep. When I was quite a young girl a doctor told me (and he knew me veryAutobiography, 148:in the enormous Soldiers Home and, being very young and very proper, I would not permit the twoAutobiography, 185:in the same way - revolt. Today the British young generation seems to me, from what I can gather,Autobiography, 186:corrective education and of the instilling into young people in their later 'teens that the wagesAutobiography, 200:was a dangerous thing in an innocent group of young people in creative natural living. TheAutobiography, 200:behind locked doors raised inquiries among young people and resulted in dirtiness in their thinkingAutobiography, 200:the reaction to this. It is almost possible that young people know too much, but I personallyAutobiography, 201:countries are riddled by divorce procedures; young people marry on the basis that if the union isAutobiography, 202:of the sexes openly and directly with the young people, and I see that time most rapidlyAutobiography, 202:I see that time most rapidly approaching. The young people are very sound but their ignoranceAutobiography, 202:are an insult to the human intelligence and our young people are most highly intelligent. Autobiography, 202:of today (and here I am generalizing) leave the young people more free to work out their ownAutobiography, 203:picture, as a general rule we can trust our young people but, candidly, I do not trust the parentsAutobiography, 205:house. We mixed them all up higgledy-piggledy, young and old, people of good social position or ofAutobiography, 215:of course, was that of every parent who launches young people on to the world, particularly if theyAutobiography, 223:it must be so. I have never believed in keeping young people free from the knowledge of that whichAutobiography, 298:the early days of Mrs. Bailey's childhood. As a young girl in her teens, then functioning in aAutobiography, 298:and obligations, as was the lot of such young ladies, her Master came to her. Her setting was ofBethlehem, 76:extent of this mission slowly dawned upon His young mind and He began, as all truly initiate sonsBethlehem, 112:out as factors in the consciousness of the young, and therefore determining their later beliefs -Destiny, 91:States, thus presenting very real problems in a young people who are apt always to be fanatical andDiscipleship1, 28:embryo and the group consciousness is as yet so young and unpolarized that it is needless for me toDiscipleship1, 77:I hugged to myself as a virtue. I was then a young man, anxious to help my Master and humanity but,Discipleship1, 100:increased efficiency. Many disciples are not young and the settled habit of thought and of theDiscipleship1, 383:and even though your physical body is no longer young, the remainder of your life expression holdsDiscipleship1, 401:more ordinary life of one whose vehicle is not young and who submits to the imperative voice ofDiscipleship1, 452:in their true relativity, and can inspire the young ones also to see. The process of expanding yourDiscipleship1, 465:soul, and who are, at the same time, far from young in years is that of facing the last decade orDiscipleship1, 465:older experienced body than through one that is young and inexperienced, provided [466] that thereDiscipleship1, 487:of conditions. Yet you do go on. You are still young and life can hold for you much if you face itDiscipleship1, 529:for a Druidic purpose of its own, a shapely young tree, taller than those in the wood. There is aDiscipleship1, 638:patience, therefore, for a year or so. You are young. Later it will appear more clearly to yourDiscipleship2, 84:and new ones will be added as need arises. Young workers must be chosen who may not see things asDiscipleship2, 85:form a strong foundation and give courage to the young ones. Most of you are too anxious to see theDiscipleship2, 86:are already doing it; I suggest the addition of young people to the group of workers as need arisesDiscipleship2, 86:work and the Goodwill work are in the hands of young people who must be strengthened, trusted andDiscipleship2, 86:or difficulty will greatly reassure all groups. Young people should be found and trained - trainedDiscipleship2, 486:are of small importance. Few of you are really young; some of you are quite old, though none of youDiscipleship2, 488:the physical vehicle - no matter whether one is young or old - is never necessary and often of aDiscipleship2, 508:all else, endeavor to reach and interest the young people. They are the hope of the future and areDiscipleship2, 510:not in this life then in the next. You are not young, my brother, but you can have the rare joy ofDiscipleship2, 512:of your life. You are as yet a comparatively young man. The crux of your whole problem is to beDiscipleship2, 618:particularly as she had to learn it while quite young. It is a lesson which I am now withDiscipleship2, 638:angle, but the soul remains eternally young and unsatisfied, knowing no static point. ADiscipleship2, 685:progress in this life, my brother. You are not young but that, in your case, need not deter youDiscipleship2, 689:we pass onward into light. You are not young. You have a somewhat frail body. You take with painDiscipleship2, 728:the Hierarchy. Accept the fact that you are not young enough to make many basic personalityEducation, 10:or logic? Then perhaps as life goes on our young people will be graded into two groups: theEducation, 13:Flashes of insight and vision when seen in the young, are frequently the reaction of their veryEducation, 49:material emphasis and pressure which force the young to work before they are mature. [50] It shouldEducation, 50:more widely recognized) that the quality of the young children now coming into incarnation isEducation, 50:high. This will be increasingly the case, until young people of fourteen will have the equipmentEducation, 71:inherited from the past will serve real purpose. Young people will then be studied from theEducation, 74:school, he is frequently under the care of some young, ignorant though well-meaning person whoseEducation, 79:country, we have not yet succeeded in giving our young people the kind of education which willEducation, 80:in effect, especially if the child is taken young enough and if he is shielded from all contraryEducation, 82:unity or a sense of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in the future will be taught to think ofEducation, 84:scholastic institutions through which every [84] young person will pass and through which, today,Education, 88:in the past upon social organization. When the young people of the future - under the proposedEducation, 89:needed and planned, is precipitated in the young person's life, and he will then stabilize himselfEducation, 97:to train and teach them when they are very young and in the formative years of their consciousness.Education, 100:task it noticeably is to prepare millions of young people in the world for intelligent, but
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