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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ZEAL

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Discipleship1, 107:Love. With pure intent I serve. This love and zeal in me must feed the aspiration of my fellowmen.Discipleship2, 350:have seen - with the use of devoted, emotional zeal as the medium of that contact. Again, as weFire, 846:scale and at a much later date) compassionate zeal brought the karmic results with which we areFire, 913:They are arduous in Their work, intense in Their zeal, but much obstructed by man. The white devasFire, 1213:were well aware of this objective, and in their zeal for unity between the two kingdoms, soughtMagic, 323:energy will be wisely distributed, excessive zeal will be eliminated, and the Great Ones will beMeditation, 93:[93] reached by undue strain, by over-excess of zeal, and by a one-pointedness that may lead to anMeditation, 345:capacity for that which [345] arises, who brings zeal but no brains to bear on this problem ofPatanjali, 123:man so that every atom of his body is afire with zeal and endeavor, Spiritual reading, which hasPsychology1, 122:we term fanatics, those who with one-pointed zeal work towards some sensed objective. Many of theRays, 329:and I want in these concluding pages to fire his zeal, deepen his understanding, stimulate hisReappearance, 12:and has not helped because of its fanatical zeal to make "Christians" of all peoples and notReappearance, 187:there is such a faith everywhere) and a burning zeal which pierces through the darkness to theReappearance, 187:warrant the assumption that this faith and this zeal are founded on a deep intuitive knowledge. May
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