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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ZODIAC

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Astrology, 251:sign Virgo is one of the most significant in the zodiac for its symbology concerns the whole goalAstrology, 252:our discussion upon this sixth sign of the zodiac (or the seventh if one is not considering theAstrology, 254:talked of the two ways of proceeding around the zodiac: - the ordinary way from Aries to Taurus,Astrology, 255:arc. It is for this reason that a study of the zodiac in connection with the subhuman kingdoms ofAstrology, 256:be brought to the birth. Another sign of the zodiac which is also closely related to the previousAstrology, 259:position and energizing effect in the zodiac - both upon our planet and upon each other. This weAstrology, 261:with the passage of human life around the zodiac. This progress or passage falls into three majorAstrology, 261:or progress of humanity around and around the zodiac from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus, until inAstrology, 264:planetary rulers, to eight other signs of the zodiac and it is, therefore, with these eight signsAstrology, 266:agents for the energies emanating from the zodiac as they converge within our solar system andAstrology, 273:and the interrelation of these four signs of the zodiac - connected as they are with the logoicAstrology, 276:third initiation, is based upon the wheel of the zodiac contributing its influences to the life ofAstrology, 276:the form are conditioned by the signs of the zodiac proceeding in its normal manner - clockwise,Astrology, 282:the angle of his place upon the wheel of the zodiac and to consider which way he is going. Is heAstrology, 283:reversing its progress upon the circle of the zodiac. Humanity - as a whole and owing to the largeAstrology, 286:This sign, Leo, is the fifth sign of the zodiac which indicates that it is part of the mysteriousAstrology, 286:with Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, for it is the processes of initiation which make theAstrology, 286:links Leo with Scorpio (the eighth sign of the zodiac) in an effective manner and you have,Astrology, 298:initiation. Leo, being the fifth sign of the zodiac, counting from Aries via Taurus, and also theAstrology, 302:Leo is related to three other signs of the zodiac: Aries, Libra and Aquarius, and these threeAstrology, 312:as you already know, one of the two gates of the zodiac because through it souls pass into outerAstrology, 315:They give the reason why the two "Doors of the Zodiac" open [316] wide to the impulse and demand ofAstrology, 328:of the Sons of Light. The entire theme of the zodiac can be approached from the angle of light andAstrology, 334:with one or other of the twelve signs of the zodiac and these all definitely affect the humanAstrology, 337:the pairs of opposites as they exist in the zodiac, and it might profit us here for a minute toAstrology, 339:pouring into and through the signs of the zodiac is in the direction of form expression that theAstrology, 346:in that it is the major symbol of duality in the zodiac. It is the constellation Gemini and itsAstrology, 346:forms with each of the pairs of opposites in the Zodiac a third factor, powerfully influencing theAstrology, 347:beginning and is, for this great cycle of the zodiac, the Alpha and the Omega. These points I willAstrology, 347:hints in connection with the twelve signs of the zodiac which have formed the subject matter of ourAstrology, 347:as it does all the pairs of opposites in the zodiac, it preserves the magnetic interplay betweenAstrology, 352:that far-off time when the greater round of the zodiac was started in Gemini, as now it is inAstrology, 369:decans and their rulers in each sign of the zodiac) must remain a difficult and abstruse problemAstrology, 379:from the angle of the ordinary round of the zodiac, followed by average and undeveloped humanity,Astrology, 396:is one of the major conditioning signs of the zodiac. Under its energy impact, profound disruptionsAstrology, 400:by the Moon, can be traced throughout the entire zodiac and provides in itself an interesting andAstrology, 402:of rebirth; on the reversed progress around the zodiac, the struggle is to overcome and destroy allAstrology, 403:and significances of the twelve signs of the zodiac. We have touched upon their mutualAstrology, 407:time now upon the third part of our study of the Zodiac and the Rays. This entire section dealsAstrology, 407:and interrelation of the twelve signs of the zodiac to each other, to the planets, and to theAstrology, 409:The great sweep of the sun around the greater zodiac (a period of 250,000 years, or a completeAstrology, 410:The succession of the greater rounds of the zodiac or a period of cycles of approximately 250,000Astrology, 410:of the Sun as it passes through the signs in the zodiac during one of these 25,000 year cyclesAstrology, 410:in the life cycle of the ego or soul. The lesser zodiac covered - from the angle of extremeAstrology, 418:a mutable sign. They thus divide up the entire zodiac into a fourfold group of interlacing andAstrology, 418:everywhere, inherent in the solar system and the zodiac - onward, interior and revolving - someAstrology, 419:consider those constellations within the greater zodiac which are known by astrologers to have aAstrology, 421:IX, relating to the twelve signs of the zodiac, to be found on page 423. Certain major streams ofAstrology, 425:approach to astrology. The twelve signs of the zodiac fall into two groups of signs, and theirAstrology, 437:as we progress upon the great wheel of the zodiac. It is this sign with its combination of energiesAstrology, 442:removed. Leo is one of the birth signs of the zodiac; it connotes the birth of self-consciousness,Astrology, 481:energy at the heart of the manifested zodiac, they produce the changes in consciousness which makeAstrology, 482:of energy, with certain stars, lying outside our zodiac altogether, thus connecting our tiny planetAstrology, 486:which are ruled by specific planets, so the zodiac itself is a part of a still greater zodiac andAstrology, 486:the zodiac itself is a part of a still greater zodiac and is also divided into three parts. TheAstrology, 486:into three parts. The threefold division of the zodiac is ruled by three constellations which areAstrology, 486:three constellations which are to this greater zodiac what the planets are to the decanates. TheAstrology, 487:on this. A hint is there conveyed anent our zodiac which is of supreme importance to the astrologerAstrology, 498:new meditations on the twelve signs of the zodiac are made available. When the world again settlesAstrology, 507:the fifth and the eighth houses in the lesser zodiac. Our Earth is also a non-sacred planet. YouAstrology, 510:these in connection with the signs of the zodiac) he will get much instructive information, and (ifAstrology, 537:Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac CHAPTER V - THREE MAJOR CONSTELLATIONS ANDAstrology, 537:CHAPTER V - THREE MAJOR CONSTELLATIONS AND THE ZODIAC There exists at this time an interrelationAstrology, 538:Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac - Leo, Capricorn and Pisces 1. Leo, CapricornAstrology, 541:Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac - Leo, Capricorn and Pisces Leo, theAstrology, 544:Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac - Leo, Capricorn and Pisces The VenusianAstrology, 548:Astrology - Three Major Constellations and the Zodiac - Three major planetary influences 2. ThreeAstrology, 561:separately with each of the twelve signs of the zodiac; it need not here be repeated. ThisAstrology, 562:moving on the Way (the reversed wheel of the zodiac, A.A.B.) he forward moves. A new light entersAstrology, 563:them to one or other of the twelve signs of the zodiac. On this I may not enlarge as it concernsAstrology, 563:(7 + 5 = 12), plus the twelve lights of the zodiac will produce a consummation of "light"Astrology, 564:signs when they sweep into power as the lesser zodiac of the year plays its part. Later, when theAstrology, 568:their conscious reversal upon the wheel of the zodiac, and their comprehension of the objectives ofAstrology, 579:X) We come now to our last discussion upon the zodiac and its relation to the seven rays. We haveAstrology, 608:ours is one. The twelve constellations of the zodiac, each with its own interrelations, peculiar toAstrology, 609:their limitation within the bounds of the zodiac, and their focusing within the periphery of [610]Astrology, 636:I, 709) There are records preserved through the Zodiac for incalculable ages. (S.D. Vol. I, 709.)Astrology, 636:the Eternal conformity of the divisions of the Zodiac and of the names of the Planets applied inAstrology, 636:great antiquity indeed must be allowed for the Zodiac. (S.D. Vol. I, 711) High ceremonialAstrology, 638:and S.D. Vol. III, Section XXXVIII deal with the Zodiac, with Biblical references to the Zodiac andAstrology, 638:with the Zodiac, with Biblical references to the Zodiac and with astrology and the mysteries ofAstrology, 639:before and after initiation. 5. The signs of the zodiac: Each a double sign in ancient astrologicalAstrology, 640:the other constellations and allied stars of the zodiac. The mystery is hidden in esotericAstrology, 641:one of the twelve constellations or signs of the zodiac, with which astrology concerns itself. ThisAstrology, 653:for Students The Words for the Signs of the Zodiac From the angle of form. Natural order.Astrology, 676:for Students Capricorn - Tenth Sign of the Zodiac Reference in The Secret Doctrine "The DhyanisAstrology, 676:(Vol. I, 239) "Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac... and has in it 28 stars." (Vol. II, 609Astrology, 677:for Students Gemini - the Third Sign of the Zodiac References in The Secret Doctrine "Castor andAstrology, 678:for Students Leo - the Fifth Sign of the Zodiac Reference in The Secret Doctrine "The esotericismAstrology, 678:Taurus, the Bull - the Second Sign of the Zodiac References in The Secret Doctrine "All theAstrology, 679:Virgo, the Virgin - the Sixth Sign of the Zodiac References in The Secret Doctrine "One of the mostAutobiography, 232:Aquarius which means that from the angle of the zodiac, which is the imaginary path of the sun inBethlehem, 18:our sun is passing through that sign in the zodiac which we call Pisces, or the Fishes. Hence theBethlehem, 19:period wherein we enter into that house in the zodiac which is called "the Water-carrier," andBethlehem, 61:he sits on his mother's knee. The Virgo of the zodiac is represented in ancient drawings as a womanBethlehem, 64:and are our joint heritage today. The ancient zodiac of Denderah (antedating Christianity byBethlehem, 64:proof of this. In the sun's journey around the zodiac, this "Man of the Heavens" eventually arrivesBethlehem, 76:have their origin in the twelve signs of the zodiac, that imaginary belt in the heavens throughBethlehem, 181:which have become the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, and as the four powerful sacred animal signs,Bethlehem, 181:four are known as the consecrated animals of the Zodiac, while the signs themselves represent the
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