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Om Aha Mani Foundation

Concerning the Source

The Great LaLoo.

Who provides the water that we drink, the air that we breathe and the food that we eat? Who provides the sun and the moon, the stars and planets, the vast oceans and woodlands, the deserts and the icecaps, the seasons and the changes? Who provides the bodies that we live with, thoughts that we think, the emotions that we feel, and the rich tapestry of life?

None other than that Great LaLoo, the most magnificent and all loving Tao - this living and breathing God - this Existence.

These words God, Tao, Self, etc., are labels that describe the same thing - that being the Totality of Existence - the Whole of life - relative manifestations in the Universe of dualities and the unchanging permanent qualities of Being. Because we are generally brought up to worship the ego and its behaviors, we often forget about God. Who is it that is beating the heart? Who is it that is making the breathing happen? God has made Himself very well known in the human body and in the Universe that surrounds us. If we understand that this wondrous and awesome intelligence is willing life to happen and has created us and continues to sustain us, then we must surely feel some kind of personal relationship with "The Great LaLoo" or whatever other term you would like to use to be with God.


There are two definite approaches to living this human life:

  • Ego centered.
  • God centered.

What do these terms mean? Ego centered living means that we live only for ourselves as individuals and that we are not concerned about other people or the other creations that we share the universe with. Ego centered living means that we have totally forgotten about "the higher power", the Love of God. Ego centered living means that we think that we are doing, thinking, and feeling everything, and that God is not involved at all!

I feel that ego centered living can lead to nothing but misery. How can it lead to any permanent and lasting happiness? No conception of "The Great LaLoo" and our personal relationship with this God - the totality of existence - can lead to nothing but the pain and misery of separation from our source and creator. Even if this kind of person gains the whole world and becomes the leader of all the nations - can they find any happiness when they close their eyes at night? If we lose connection with the Love of God, then we can only feel unhappiness and thus we will need to search harder and harder in the world to find things to make us happy. To feel loved we will have to gain people's attention and thus we might try to find an occupation where we can wield power over others or where they will look up to us with either admiration or hatred.

God centered living can only lead to further and larger happiness. We learn to understand that we are only playing a part in God's play, and that the greatest teacher and friend - The Great LaLoo - is never far away. We come to feel the Love of God, proportionately to the Love we have for The Great Holy One. We do not feel this pain of separation, because we feel the Love of God and this satisfies us immensely. The more satisfied we are with our relationship with the Source of All Existence, then we feel that outer things are not so important. Of course, we need houses and friends and food and drink and occupations, etc., but these are not the only things in our lives - because we have found a personal relationship with God - and that God is inside of us all.

We never say, "I am God", rather we know that "God is within me". Thus we do not get caught in an egotistical trap. "God is within me" and "what my Father knows, even I do not know." Existence is so very vast and the Self is the indweller of All - the experiencer and the experience - that we can feel the awe and wonder of this almighty creator, without the need to attempt to strangle the concept with the rationality of the intellect.

It is God who experiences this reality through us all, and in other space / time continuums, The Great LaLoo experiences all possible combinations of Life. Whatsoever we can imagine, God is living it somewhere - because our imagination is only a tiny speck of God's Total Mind. Sometimes we momentarily slip into one of God's other space/time continuums and see and feel things that are not from this dimension. That is quite natural, because God is everything and sometimes allows us to peep into other areas of His Superb Mind - just so that we can wonder more at His incredibleness.

All claims are that of the ego.

Dissolve the ego into the ocean of bliss and inner harmony that is The Infinite LaLoo.

Well, well, the end of yet another small devotion to the Great LaLoo - The Experience and Experiencer of All. So what would you rather choose - egocentric living or God Centered living. The choice is yours.

May Peace and Love and Understanding Be Forever With Thee.

May All Beings Be Happy and Come to Know the Self in All.

Jaya Om. Jaya Mani.