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Seeds of Light Foundation

In Search of Our Higher Self.

The prerequiste to conscious self-understanding, conscious self-mastery, is the desire to evolve, to grow, to transform that which we find ourselves to be at the present moment. What we find ourselves to be is often so undesirable and disatisfying, that we feel compelled to find out how we can improve. This is the usual human condition.

This desire to understand and improve ourselves, this spark of awareness that we can be a better person, that we can learn to love and comprehend ourselves - this desire must emanate from within ourselves. We must feel inwardly motivated to seek our higher self, our spiritual nature, our Buddhahood, our Christdom.

We must tune in to our desire to evolve from our confusion, our unpredictability, our inner chaos, our negativity, our darkness, and our ignorance. This is a desire of noble substance. This is the desire that leads to our spiritual awakening. This is the desire to know more about existence beyond our own mental and emotional personality - our conditioned collection of thought patterns, prejudices, likes and dislikes, desires and aversions - our small ego.

This desire must be genuine and if felt, it must be acted upon, nurtured and helped to grow, because this is the thin thread and the end of the infinite ball of wool which is God! This is the foundation stone of our Self Enquiry which will lead us to the understanding and realization of God.



May All Beings Begin To Become Interested In Their Evolution and Understanding of Life.

Peace, Happiness, Contentment, and Self Enquiry for One and All.

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