Chapter 6: The only hope

Question 1



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Question 1

Maneesha has asked:




Maneesha, the first thing: you should not count twenty times, you should go on repeating, you should fall asleep repeating. Then it will not be the first or second thought; it will be absolutely the first thought when you will wake up, if you continue repeating `witnessing' and also creating the space -- not just the word `witnessing', but the space that comes around the word that you experience in your meditation. With that space and the word, you simply go on. Don't count, don't be so miserly -- twenty times...

It is good that Ma Tzu is not here in my place, otherwise from here he would have jumped right on Maneesha and made her a lifelong witness -- dead or alive, it does not matter. You are doing rightly. Don't call it hypnosis, because that word has been condemned by Christianity. It is a beautiful word and the whole process is beautiful, but still, because you have been brought up as a Christian it is very difficult to get rid of your upbringing.

So if you call it hypnosis, immediately the Christian mind will say you are doing something wrong. Forget about hypnosis; it is meditation. You are simply trying to make the mind remember that as you will be waking up, the first thought should be of witnessing and the whole space of witnessing. It is a beautiful process.

If you go on repeating the word and the space, overlapping the sleep, it enters into your sleep. You fall asleep, but your deeper mind goes on repeating the word and the space. The whole night becomes a meditation. In the morning, obviously, it is going to be the first thought, because the whole night it has been there as an undercurrent.

But don't call it hypnosis, although there is nothing wrong in hypnosis; it is another name of meditation. But Christianity has done such damage to the world that a great phenomenon is being avoided which can reveal many mysteries in man, which can cure many mental diseases. But just because of Christianity -- and other religions have also started imitating, because unfortunately Christian nations became great empires around the world. So even though the countries were not Christian, their education pattern, the whole climate that the Christian empire created has entered into Hindus, into Mohammedans, into Buddhists.

The disaster has not been only to Christians, the disaster has been worldwide -- but to the Christians more so, and particularly for Maneesha. She has been trained in Christian schools to be a nurse, because nursing is a virtue, taking care of the sick is a great virtue; you will be rewarded very much in the other world.

So the more people get sick, the better, particularly for Christians. The more people are orphans, the better for Mother Teresa, for Pope the Polack to convert them to Christianity. The more poverty spreads in the world, the better for Christianity, because only the poor will be converted.

No rich Buddhist can even consider in his dreams to be converted to Christianity. Christianity is such an ordinary religion, so childish and so stupid that no cultured Hindu, or Mohammedan, or Christian -- yes, I include the intelligent Christian also -- is persuaded by the Christian theology. He simply formally maintains that he is a Christian.

I was in Greece. Amrito is here; I asked her what percentage the Greek Orthodox Church has in the country. She told me that nearabout ninety percent of the people are Greek Orthodox Christians, but only four percent of Christians ever attend church.

What about those other eighty-five percent? Just formal Christians. Any intelligent person cannot belong to a third-rate religion like Christianity. And it depends on the poor, on the orphans -- and just to create more poor and more orphans, it is against birth control.

It is a strange phenomenon, seeing the world situation, that the population will kill itself; man will be killing man, eating man. A moment is going to come by the end of this century when the whole humanity will become cannibals due to the courtesy of Christianity.

Maneesha carries the deep unconscious upbringing of a Christian.

So don't use the word hypnosis. Otherwise it is a beautiful word, as beautiful as meditation. It is synonymous, but it is better to avoid it. You meditate and you don't count, because if you are counting, who is meditating? If you are counting, who is witnessing? Don't count, because in counting your witness will be lost. The space of witnessing will be lost.

And what is the hurry? -- the sleep will come on its own accord. You simply go on enjoying the space of witnessing, and let the sleep merge with it. You will hear a faraway echo for a few moments and then you will forget all about witnessing. But it will continue as an undercurrent. You can turn your six or eight hours of sleep into a tremendously fruitful meditation.

And the sign that it has been successful is that the first thought as you open your eyes -- or even before you open your eyes, just as you become aware that sleep is finished -- the first thing that you will encounter will be the last thing that you left before you went into sleep. That means there is a connection; it remained continuously flowing underneath, from when you were awake in the evening to when you wake up again in the morning.

You are doing a beautiful meditation. Just two things you have to drop: don't count, and don't call it hypnosis.

Now it is Sardar Gurudayal Singh's time. Put the light on him! Right! Just look at his turban. He comes with such a great joy. Once he brought a turban for me too. He wanted me to come to the auditorium with the turban.

I said, "This will be too much! The government is already suspecting that I am creating chaos in Punjab. I don't go out of my room, and government detective agencies are continually inquiring what my position is about the Punjab problem. If I come with this multidimensional turban, it will create great difficulty unnecessarily."

But he comes like a bridegroom to celebrate. I have to find jokes for him. I don't know... he is very ancient, any day he can pop off. But we will keep him stuffed with the turban in his place -- that is a promise -- because without him I would not like to tell any jokes!

Nancy Reagan is having a confidential chat with her best friend, Hester Mindbender, next to the White House swimming pool.

"Life is terrible," sobs Nancy into her Pineapple Kool-Aid. "Ever since Ronald became four hundred per cent impotent, there is no happiness in my life!"

"Now wait a minute," says Hester. "One hundred percent impotent is bad enough -- but four hundred per cent impotent? He must be really rotten!"

"You don't understand," whines Nancy. "He's been one hundred per cent impotent ever since John Wayne's horse kicked him in the balls, in the cowboy movie, The Big Muddy. But last week," continues Nancy, "he fell out of his wheelchair, and broke both his hands and bit his tongue!"

The bells of the Vatican in Rome ring out a slow and dull message: "Pope the Polack is dying."

In Saint Peter's Square, the faithful Catholics gather to pray for their Polack pontiff, and Cardinal Catsass starts to perform a special ceremony.

"Listen," says Catsass to the crowd, "I want some of you sheep to donate a part of your life to God's faithful Polack -- I mean, pope. Pray before God that he will take a piece of your life and give it to our own Pope the Polack."

Mrs. Chlorex steps forward, raises her arms and cries out, "I will give a week of my life for our Polack pope!"

There are muffled cheers in the congregation. Then Father Fumble steps forward. "I offer two days of my life for Pope the Polack!" he cries.

The crowd sighs its approval.

Just then, Moishe Finkelstein and a bunch of Jewish tourists enter and immediately Moishe starts waving his arms around and shouts, "I offer twenty years of my...!"

"What?" interrupts his friend, Hymie. "Are you crazy? So much? -- and you are a Jew!"

Moishe looks at Hymie and continues, "... of my mother-in-law's life."

Every Friday, Nellie Nutzo escapes from the Sunnyvale Insane Asylum, and streaks naked throughout the forest surrounding the institution.

And every Friday, Loony Larry, Mad Melvin, and Crazy Karl watch her take off her clothes and disappear through the fence.

And every Friday, Attendant Eggski, the asylum guard, sends the three loonies to bring back the naked Nellie.

This time the three loonies are gone for a long time, so Attendant Eggski decides to go look for them. He enters the forest and immediately naked Nellie Nutzo streaks by him with a wide grin on her face. Then Eggski sees Loony Larry and Crazy Karl come chasing right behind her in hot pursuit.

A couple of minutes later, Mad Melvin comes huffing and puffing along, carrying a bucket full of sand in each hand.

"Hey, wait a minute, Melvin!" cries Eggski. "What are you doing, running with those buckets of sand? How the hell are you going to catch Nellie that way?"

"Well," gasps Mad Melvin, out of breath. "It is my turn to carry the sand, because I caught her last week!"

You will get it in the right time!






Be silent. Close your eyes. Feel your body to be completely frozen.

Now look inwards with your total consciousness, with an urgency as if this is the last moment of your life on earth. Only with this urgency can you reach in a quantum leap from the circumference to the center.

Deeper and deeper... as you start reaching towards the center, the whole climate of Buddha Auditorium changes. A great serenity, a silence starts descending with great flowers of joy and peace.

Just remember one thing: at the center you are nothing but the witness -- the witness of the body, the witness of the mind, and the witness of all the splendor that you will experience at the center. At the center you are all buddhas. Buddha Auditorium is a gathering place for buddhas.

This moment you are joined with your eternity. This moment you are no more. The Buddha Auditorium has become a lake of pure consciousness without any ripples.

Rejoice in your blessedness, because the whole world has forgotten the beauty of the source of life, the blissfulness of the original face, the tremendous blissfulness and benediction of disappearing in the ocean just like a dewdrop slipping from the lotus leaf into the ocean and becoming the ocean.

To make it absolutely clear,



Relax. But go on remembering that you are a witness. The body is not you, the mind is not you. You are nothing but a pure witness. That is the only thing in you which is immortal; everything else is just mud.

The evening was beautiful on its own accord, but you have contributed tremendous beauty and grace by being at the source of being. You have made it a memorable moment.

You are witnessing the firecrackers all around... they are in the memory of a great meditator, Mahavira. He attained to enlightenment on the night when there is no moon. That night is coming soon. And the festival of lights in India is in the memory of Mahavira. He attained to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is nothing but a festival of lights.

You are carrying within you the buddha with all its glory and splendor. Your whole life work is to bring the buddha from the hidden center to the circumference of your activities, to your songs, to your dances, to your ordinary activities and functions. Hand in hand, bring the buddha back, and soon you will find you are melting slowly and the buddha is taking your place.

The great day of festival is when you are no more and only the buddha is. Collect this beautiful space and the flowers that are showering on you, because soon Nivedano will be calling you back.

Be prepared.

Persuade the buddha to come with you. He has never failed anyone. He is always ready to come -- just a little graceful invitation, a prayerful approach.



Come back, but come as buddhas, with great silence, peace, serenity, grace.

Sit down in your places just for a few moments to remember what it has been going to the center -- what it was like, the taste of it, and what golden path you have followed back and forth, because you have to follow that path. It will become smaller and smaller every day, and one day suddenly, out of nowhere, the center and the circumference have become one.

You are the circumference; the buddha is the center. The day they meet together, the new man is born. And the new man will be the glory of the world. The new man will be the splendor of the world. The new man will create a new world spontaneously. The new man is the only hope.

Okay, Maneesha?

Yes, Beloved Master.


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