Yuko Sato Sixth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Integration of the Feminine Side, Removing the Subpersonalities and Forgiving the Family



That is to say that the World that was before is gone. The Traditions, the Values, the Ethics, the Morals that were given to us before by our Fathers, our Fathers Fathers, our Ancestors, our Masters. They are not only rapidly diminishing, they are now mostly gone.

Meditation has gone all over the World but is at risk of a deep dark sickness for there are those who have sought to use their strength and knowledge not for the greater good but for their own evil ambitions.

These are the Masterless ones, the Ronins, the ones who have broken the lineage. The ones who have taken new evil Masters whilst those people of the most precious lineages to leave behind to us are forsaken, ridiculed and ignored.

Meditation is not just for the people of the East, it's for all people as all Meditations are for all people.

Lastly I just wanted to say it has been my honour to be alive in the time when real Masters have walked here where I have been able to walk. To listen to them when they have spoken and they have led all of us to where we are today.

“There were Giants in those days”

All of us here - if we can devote every last breath we have to the propagation of trying to protect the last bit of unbroken lineage and commit our lives to helping the innocent, the needy, the defenseless, setting an example of humility and service for the generations to come, then Meditation may survive us all.

All of these words today, that we have all spoken have been worth something and our prayers will not be empty...

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Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter

Against Satanism - Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires have ruled the World for 10,000 years, their Families infiltrated every country, every Empire, from their Phoenician Colonies in Ancient Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Venice, and London.

This is the story of Yuko Sato who came to see us for the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in 2004 whilst we were teaching in Escala a small coastal village in the sight of the Pyrrenees just north of Barcelona.

So far there are six experiences of meditation, this is the seventh.

Yuko Sato does the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in Spain 2004

Yuko Sato First Report - Energy Enhancement Report on the Opening of the Third Eye, the Removal of Blockages, and the Removal of Addictions in herself and in Others by Energy Enhancement Spiritual Healing.


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Yuko Sato Fourth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Opening of the Third Eye, the Removal of Blockages, Karma Clearing Process and the access to the chakras above the head, the Soul Chakra


Yuko Sato Fifth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Succubus Sexual Addiction Implant Blockage and the Karma Cleaning Process


Yuko Sato Sixth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Integration of the Feminine Side, Removing the Subpersonalities and Forgiving the Family


Everyone is Already the victim of these Implant Addiction Energy Blockages.

Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter
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Here is one of our Students Yuko Sato working with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Advanced Meditational techniques using the Kundalini Kriyas, Achemical VITRIOL, and the Taoist Five Elemental Circulations of the Qi to increase her Spiritual Energy, Open the Third Eye to see Energy Blockages on the Astral Plane and by Using the Seven Step Process and Merkaba Psychic Protection remove Energy Blockages and implant addiction blockages from the Psychic Body and All of her Past Lifetimes.

The Astral Plane is a Psychic Plane of Virtual Reality which is viewed through our cultural lenses. As Sosan the third Zen Patriarch says, "They Know!" and our students are not beginners, they have many lifetimes of experience navigating the Astral Plane. Many Times my students teach me!

Many times we get help on the Astral Plane from Spiritual Teachers and Angels as we remove our Traumatic experiences so our messy history painting can become a clean white sheet..

"This afternoon, I invited my ex-husband and my daughter for Sushi brunch at my place. I was amazed at how much I was calm and relaxed this time.

Because I had removed huge blockages from both my ex-husband and myself from our throat chakras I also seemed to have removed my self-importance. Also, because I had removed blockages from my past and future timelines on which my daughter was there I was able to have a  relaxed conversation with my teenage daughter!

I was Impeccable!

Any of their negative attitudes didn’t affect my mood at all. They were quite the same as always, for instance, my ex-husband often used his iPhone and my daughter sometimes didn’t reply to me.

I had just changed somehow by using Energy Enhancement Meditation.

I could see the situation above, objectively from a different perspective without the trauma from previous memories. I focused on their presence when I enjoyed making Sushi for them and spending time with them. I stopped thinking about myself and why they did such things.

It was pretty good."

Miroku Bosatsu statue at Koryu-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan | Buddhist art ...

Utilising the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Step Process to remove energy blockages and the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Karma Cleaning Process Yuko has cleaned her Antahkarana, all her previous lives and made contact with the Buddha Maitreya and his monks living in the chakras above the head whose aim is to help all meditators who come to them.

Using these Energy Enhancement Meditation Course techniques and an open third eye Yuko has removed a lot of her Trauma and negative emotions associated with her divorce.

Hello Yuko,

We have been in Rosario this last week and it has been hectic.

Finally I got around to editing the Devi Dhyani Birthday Sacred Dance Sathya Sai Baba and Jeff Beck Nessun Dorma, "Wake Up!" January 17th 2023 Mitos y Musos - the Greek. Sacred Dance, like all productions by the Masters increases the Aura of Devi to disturb the Energy Blockages of those viewing, but also to initiate!

See the video of the Sacred Dance here…


⁣I was wondering how I could help you more as everything seems to be going well.

Just to remind you that Black Magicians on the Astral plane sometimes hide behind the faces of Jesus Christ and the Buddha.

Genuine Ascended Masters love being tested and sometimes give presents when you test them.

If you project energy at them which we taught you in the Energy Enhancement Course Level 1 Initiation 5 you can see if the energy goes up or down.

You can do this same technique with people here or on the astral plane.

You can also do it with food. Since we started looking at food in the supermarkets and projecting energy at it we find that 80% of the food is pesticided - even some organic food!

Using this Energy Enhancement Course technique we can avoid pesticides…

Polio paralysis had become a notable illness in America by the late 1930s, but its incidence then grew very rapidly after the end of World War II, while outbreaks also began to afflict countries such as Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands, where it had previously been unknown. The first epidemics in France, Belgium, and the Soviet Union were only recorded during the 1950s. Medical historians have no explanation for this strange pattern, which elevated polio to a particularly fearsome disease even as so many others were finally being controlled and disappearing.

The authors note that a pesticide revolution was occurring at exactly this same time, with DDT becoming the global insecticide of choice, an inexpensive, powerful, and long-lasting compound that attacked the nervous system of common agricultural pests. Although the chemical was officially judged completely safe, early reports did show some examples of apparent toxicity to humans, even including paralysis as a symptom.

According to some medical critics at the time, the pattern of surprising growth in polio infections both in America and other countries seemed to generally track the widening use of DDT, but the Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies strongly denied any possible connection.

Yet according to the information provided in Kennedy’s #1 Amazon bestseller, this well-known and solidly-established picture, which I had never seriously questioned, is almost entirely false and fraudulent, essentially amounting to a medical media hoax.

Instead of being responsible for AIDS, the HIV virus is probably harmless and had nothing to do with the disease. But when individuals were found to be intoxicated by pesticides they were said to be infected with HIV and they were subjected to the early, extremely lucrative AIDS drugs, which were actually lethal and often killed them.

The earliest AIDS cases had mostly been caused by very heavy use of particular illegal drugs, and the HIV virus had been misdiagnosed as being responsible. But since Fauci and the profit-hungry drug companies soon built enormous empires upon that misdiagnosis, for more than 35 years they have fought very hard to maintain and protect it, exerting all their influence to suppress the truth in the media while destroying the careers of any honest researchers, like Dr Judy Mikovits, who challenged that fraud.

Meanwhile, AIDS in Africa was something entirely different, probably caused mostly by malnutrition or other local conditions.

I found Kennedy’s account as shocking as anything I have ever encountered.

Also, here we have the Conscious Contamination of the Cell Lines of the Polio Vaccine by Salk and all vaccines after that for the Satanic Mega Trillionaire Rockefellers Big Pharma with SV40 Cancer Virus makes Trillions of Dollars.


When we project energy at people or food if the energy goes down, down means they have something to ground, they are contaminated, not pure.

Which means they are not pure, not genuine!

Love and Light,


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Review part 2

Yuko Sato Jan 26, 2023

Dearest Satchi,

How are you? Have you recovered from your trip? I hope you and Devi gained energy again.

I’ve been working hard on my inner children and trauma split soul subpersonalities for a week. I found so many of them and removed, grounded, healed and united them, fused them, into the soul.

I focus on the process and enjoy meditating. Your Energy Enhancement Meditation Video Course videos positively encouraged me in this process, I watched Level 3 - Initiation 3, the removal of the Shadow, inner children, subpersonalities.

And thank you for your advice on testing out the people, sages, enlightened, Gods seen in meditation just in case they are really demons hiding, infiltrating just like Sadguru.

Here is Sadguru at Davos saying there are just too many people just like Agent Smith, “Humanity is a virus and we are the cure” - https://against-satanism-video.com/watch/sadhguru-pushes-the-satanic-idea-that-there-are-too-many-people_xaRyUnWOnowWvsR.html

 I tried projecting energy on the day you sent it. It worked well! So I will report to you.

It will be a long review again. Please get some tea and relax to read all. :)

On January 22nd, I created a nice open-air place on the top of my Antahkarana with blossoms of violet Japanese wisteria for a kind of ritual. Because I was born in Aquarius and Japanese wisteria was my family flower, which we have on our surname and family crest.

I sat and crossed my legs just under the massive Aquarius full moon. I directly received the energy from Aquarius constellation. Everywhere was filled with violet colour with a gigantic full moon. It was so awe-inspiring, protected and cosy. I cleansed my Antahkarana and rebuilt it with Amethyst crystal which is my birthstone.

It became so thick and strong with beautiful Amethyst crystal which provided massive energy I’d never received. Wisterias were crystalised in Amethyst to decorate my Antahkarana. So, I decided to visit my gods to give these crystalised flowers with beautiful energy as my sincere gratitude. Firstly, I visited the massive temple, where monks maintained my armour and I could see Future Buddha, Miroku Bosatsu and Buddha who gave me a lotus flower to protect my root chakra. Probably, this place might be Monad. Don’t you think so, Satchi?


See the video of Amethist at Iguazu… https://eemeditationvideo.org/watch/energy-enhancement-meditation-course-at-brazil-039-s-foz-do-iguacu-falls_FII53z1YVgyszQc.html

I gave flowers to monks to thank them for always taking care of my armour. They decorated it with these flowers. I put it on my sleeves. It was soft like silk but strong like platinum against heat, now it had patterns of Amethyst wisteria flowers. I love it.

Then, I entered the back room. When I passed the flowers to Future Buddha and Buddha while bowing, I felt a subtle hesitation from them, perhaps energy from the Aquarius full moon, and it prevented a connection from me.

Then, your advice popped up into my mind. “Shall I test them, Satchi?” Was it OK that I was not sure to test them in their temple in Monad? I said politely that I would like to share the energy from the Aquarius full moon through my newly rebuilt-Amethyst Antahkarana with them. I sent energy while receiving energy from the crown chakra and focusing on my third eye.

Then, they went down!

I immediately circled them with my sword, held their shoulder and jumped into the centre of the earth. It took a while, so I chanted the Heart Sutra to ground them and to avoid a slight doubt about the idea to test them. It was not enough, so I projected the handwritten copying of the Heart Sutra in calligraphy which was given by my mother on the background.

It was highly dramatic to see Chinese characters through flame feeling intense heat even burning my blockages. Eventually, they turned into angels, looking like a male and a female. I am not sure they have genders. I named the male angel Gabriel because I heard the voice calling me “Gabriel” on the full moon two years ago when I decided to divorce my husband.

 I named the female angel Agnes because I was given this name when I was in kindergarten established by the Knights of the Immaculata.

We held hands together and flew up to the top of my Antahkarana. We created a hot spring bath welling up Shakti through my spine using the heat of the centre of the earth. They helped me to construct it. Now my Antahkarana was so cosy. I held a tea party while enjoying hot spring bathing. I was charged so much!! I opened my eyes and went to sleep.

After this test I had two strange dreams. Both were lucid dreams. Two scenes particularly alarmed me.

Lucid dream one:
In my dream I was woken up by my male friend who had been to my dream a couple of times. In real life, we had a sudden bitter argument over the phone last summer. I hung up during the argument, then he blocked me. I meditated about this argument and him for a month time to time.

I grounded blockages and negativity related this. So I deleted his contact a couple of weeks ago. In my dream, I saw his face. He was naked and had a happy smile on his face. Because of the scarlet red lipstick, he said. I looked at his face, but he didn’t put on the lipstick. I looked down and I found a big scarlet lipstick.

It was his penis! And he asked me to make love. I had a blank mind for a while. It was clear that it was a lipstick by the touch and the bright red colour on my palm. He looked so happy that I nodded. Once he saw my nod, he suddenly made a troubled face and started making excuses. It reminded me of the conversation over the phone last summer. I didn’t feel any negativity, just I understood this was his trauma, ego or sub-personality.

Then I awaken in real life. It was early morning. Satchi, “Do you know the symbolic meaning of red lipstick?” It was such a weird dream.

After sipping a cup of tea, I sat and crossed my legs on the bed, meditating on this dream. I created protection by Merkaba, connected to Gaia, the earth, then the universe and the Aquarius full moon.

I asked my mind computer where the source of this dream came from. It showed throat chakra. Then, I could see some black spots in my timeline.

 I started from my throat chakra. For several weeks I have had a sore throat and pain when swallowing. I thoroughly cleaned and removed the pain. Then I found a hidden hole behind it. I entered. It was cold and dark, it was obvious that nobody visited this place for a long. I focused on my third eye.

Then I found a little girl around 10. My female subpersonality. She looked so sad, neglected rather dirty holding a sharp-edged stone in her hand. I said hello to her, but she didn’t talk to or glanced at me. Through my third eye, I understood she scratched my throat from inside. Because she stopped talking a long time ago, she had to scratch my throat when she wanted to say.

I transferred energy to her. She was hungry for it, she drank so much. I gained more energy pouring over her. The energy was spreading over the hole, plants were sprouting and it was getting warmer. She grew up. She was like the Birth of Venus by Botticelli.

I was about to circle her to ground her, she jumped over me. She yelled at me, this was my fault she felt so sad. She wanted connections, attentions, and love. But I cut all connections, finished relationships and changed friends.

She was on top of me and choked my neck. I wanted to fight back, but I was not sure it was the right thing to do. Satchi, can I fight against my inner child? I must heal her, not fight with a sword, right?

So, I endured her, I could not speak like her. I understood how she felt hiding behind my throat chakra scratching my throat. Tears were flowing…

Then, Virgin Mary came. She said to me, “Forgive her and yourself. Say to her and yourself through your throat chakra, “Thank you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you.” “Don’t worry, I will help you. This is not the end of your life, it is the beginning…. Say it!”

So I did. Then, Virgin Mary grounded us. My inner child became a beautiful soul that looked like the Birth of Venus. We flew up really high with Virgin Mary. There was a pagoda on the hill in the middle of nowhere overlooking beautiful forests and a big ocean below. The woman on the lotus flower was sitting with a smiling face. We sat together in front of the Virgin Mary and meditated. We connected all chakras.

I understood the woman on the lotus flower was my higher self and the soul looked like the Birth of Venus was my feminine side which I was hiding for a long time because of my strict mother who never encouraged feminine side. Moreover, she did so because of Karmic mass.

While exchanging energy, histories and memories, Virgin Mary was pouring love on us and wrapping us up. We were united. I opened my eyes and back to sleep.

On January 23, in meditation, I cleaned my throat chakra carefully again. It remained a bit pain, but it became much better. And the hole had gone. So, I looked at the timeline. There were only a few grey spots. I circled all and I shook them and washed them. I drained the water and compressed it and performed the Energy Enhancement Meditation seven step process.

The Two angels I freed from the demons, Gabriel and Agnes helped me. We grounded all up to infinity. Nothing came up, I felt a bit strange. Then we enjoy hot spring bathing together looking at the moon on the top of my Antahkarana. I charged energy again and went to sleep.

Lucid dream two:
In my dream I was woken up by my father. I was happy to see him, but he was frustrated. He blamed me for money and power he lost. I was not sure what he was talking about. He looked at the sun clock in the garden and he tried to take my clothes off. I resisted and I understood he wanted to throw me out from home without clothes. Then somebody knocked the door. There were two men, one was holding sticks which had a metal shaped a crescent moon on the top. They were devils!! He sold me to the devils for the things he lost. My father sold me… I woke up. It was at 4.44.

On January 24
It was a quite shocking dream. I drank a cup of tea, earl grey with milk. It must be the past life experience which explained well why I had anger to him up in the air. Then I went to work. I completed the work deadline. I felt tired mentally that evening. I had dinner at 19:00 and around 20:00 I started meditation.

I had a big task about the dream I had last night. I Started by creating protection, Merkaba and constructs, I connected to all chakras including those below and above also. I connected to the Aquarius full moon from the top of my Antahkarana. I gained energy. I was ready for my task. Let’s go!

I asked my mind computer to show when it happened. It showed in the Roman era. I circled it and started 7 step. I didn’t want to indulge in the detail. I circled my father and the two devils, then the devils turned into my mother and my brother. But they did not look like her and him.

They looked different, but I knew them. I poured energy. They sucked so much energy. It made me realise how much we needed love. We should have loved each other more. I could not withstand the line of tears slowly slipping down my cheeks. I focused on connecting to the energy they needed. Then they started opening their hearts. I connected to them. All sorts of their feelings, emotions, memories flew into me. I circled them one by one.

This action reminded me a Kendo practice which everybody lined up in front of the practitioner and attacked one after another, and the practitioners attacked back and hit them.

I asked my mind computer to ground them immediately. We were all victims of each other’s ego and sub-personalities. And we repeated this endless game so many times by changing roles in our past lives. Every lifetime we created split personalities.

Now I could see their split personalities in their heart chakras. They are hanging like roots of potatoes which were all their split subpersonalities. I could see mine in my heart chakra which were hanging down like potatoes into even my solar plexus. I circled all and compressed in my palms and grounded.

Then, I could see all their past lives were lined up below them. This is called Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass, like chains. Satchi, this is it! We all suffered because of these chains. How can we ground them all? We must finish this Karmic mass, but how?

Then, Gods came down to help, Future Buddha, Buddha, Patanjali, Virgin Mary, Gabriel, Agnes and Angels… and you Satchi! pouring energy to us.

I was holding hands with my mother and father. I understood they tried to do their best. My father was suffering from the trauma which he received when his father abused him when he was drunk. He was so worried about the possibility of him abusing his children like his father.

But he didn’t. He worked hard and supported family even he was addicted to alcohol. And my mother tried to protect me from being sold by her husband like her past life. By being strict to pressure me to study hard so I could be independent. She also had many traumas and inferiority from her family background.

Amazing, I could see all of this from their perspectives which were strikingly different from my own.

Now we were sending energy to my brother who is the black sheep in our family in the current life time. I asked for help to give to all the past lives of our family. We could ground his ego and sub-personality.
"Forgive all and yourself." said the Gods who were helping us now. So I forgave them. Actually it was not a big matter after grounding huge amount of ego and sub-personalities.

Then many souls came up and all went up looking like shining snow flakes.
All went to the hospital of Virgin Mary. Finally I was lying down on the grass out side of the hospital. I was completely empty like empty sky in the heart sutra. I fall into sleep.

I had a dream after this incredible meditation experience. It was not a lucid dream, because nobody woke me up.

I was flying with my brother riding his motorbike to catch up with the train. We arrived in the train station. His ex-wife was waiting for him on the platform. He apologized her and they decided to go for trip together. She looked happy.

Then on the another platform, there was my mother with her friends. They would go for trip too. She looked so happy.

Then something caught my mind. I have still something to ground. There is another Karmic mass attached to my ex-husband and my daughter. And more, where is my father? I decided to stay. But I was not worried or sad, I was calm. Because I knew I could handle those too. There was no Poor me, or Star or Sadness or Destroyer in me. I hoped I was close to be One. Then I woke up.

Satchi, probably, I guess, this was a present from God which you mentioned, isn’t it? Thank you again. You always give me the right advice at a great timing. I will keep going.

Love and Light


Hello Yuko,

I am very proud of you and your work.

It makes life interesting to have a purpose?

But know that the work of evolution is never complete.

There are higher chakras than the monad and each deserves a higher responsibility.

The lipstick is a penis?


Pictures from Devis birthday in Rosario.

Devi and I went to Rosario in Argentina from Iguazu for her birthday on the 17th of January 2023.

There we had many celebrations - in the Hoxton and in the Greek Restaurant Mitos y Musas where Alexander the Great, the owner and I talk about the Warriors of the Dance - Los Guerreros de la Dansa - where we smash plates on the floor and Alexandros performs the Sacred Dance where a glass of wine transforms into the Holy Grail, the blood of Christ, and is drunk sacredly, without touching, at the end of the Dance.

We talk of spending days at Mount Athos Monastery in Greece where monks have worshipped for a thousand years and of my time at the Monastery of Monserrat just outside of Barcelona in the Mountains of the Moon…

She danced and sang Sathya Sai Baba's songs and to Nessun Dorma by Jeff Beck "Wake Up!"

See the video of the Sacred Dance here…


I should have the video edited today but you can see previous versions here...






⁣Devi Dhyani Birthday Sacred Dance Sathya Sai Baba and Jeff Beck Nessun Dorma, "Wake Up!" January 17th 2023 Mitos y Musos - the Greek

We also spent a day recording a talk about Devi’s creation of the 2 hours and forty-five minutes dance of Pulse by Pink Floyd and how she made it into “Sacred” Pink Floyd.

One example is the song High Hopes from the Pink Floyd Division Bell album where the British Parliament Ring the Division Bell to divide to vote on one side or the other.

I likened it to listening to the Dark Angel on the left shoulder whispering in your ear and the white angel on the right shoulder also whispering in the other ear and you will vote on the subject depending on the quantity of dark evil energy blockages you have absorbed, been implanted into, your body.

There is much talk online about evolving from the third to the fifth dimension where people will go to different future planets depending on their evolution, whether they pass the test in the Examination Hall of this Planet Factory designed to create Enlightened beings and I was comparing this to the division in society between those who took the Deathvaxx and those who didn’t.

Then there is the Dark Crystal Movie division where we are split by trauma into multiple subpersonalities and as we evolve we learn how to heal each subpersonality and fuse each of them into the Soul to become One Enlightened Soul Infused Personality.

“Don’t ask me how to become a good person, Be One!” Marcus Aureleus

Of course Pink Floyd talk about how we start off as a clean white sheet where the World is wonderful but as our karmic history painting gets more muddy so we become Comfortably Numb as we lose sight of our Soul...

“When I was young I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye, I turned to look but it was gone, and I have become Comfortably Numb” Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd


Yuko Sato

Hi Satchi.

Thank you for happy pictures and please pass a big hug to Devi for her birthday! Happy Birthday, Devi!

I will watch her dance later. I am looking forward to it.

When I watching your video, my heart is connecting you two and all your students. It is so nice to listen to their experience and your initiations. It motivates me well in a good way. I will move the Level 3-initiation 4 next week. I will clean my timeline and inner children over the weekend for sure.

I was in Alexandria in the Roman era in my past life. This is the city the great Alexander created, right? I can imagine the restaurant you’ve been and the dance you saw, the sound you heard.

I had an interesting experience in meditation and dream after sending email. I must tell you about it and tell me what do you think.It is topical.

On January 27,
After sending an email, I meditated. I created protections, pyramids, Merkaba, and constructs. Those three provide me with stability and strong protection, especially from raids and raiders. Also, the speed of spinning is related to the frequencies of chakras. I Started to slowly connect to the centre of the earth and the chakra below which was created to burn extra when I burnt a tremendous amount of all sorts of negativity.

Those frequencies are low and vibrations are slow and heavy like elephants stamping. Then I bring those low, slow and heavy sensations move upward. The chakra below the root chakra. As you mentioned about it many times, it is an essential key to connecting to my timeline. My timeline lies there in 5D up to infinity and it connects to my mind computer, so it can be rewritten in an instant after removing blockages in the auto function.

It is very flexible. When I transfer the sensation from the centre of the earth to this chakra, it starts pulses which is the rhythm of my history in the earth. While listening to this, I well up shakti and create hot spring spa using heat from below and vibration from above. This is the place for my ego, inner children, and sup-personalities to be grounded. I didn't feel right to ground my inner child in the intense heat of the centre of the earth. They were purified by shakti water with that sensation in this spa. It worked well so far.

Then I transfer the sensation to the root chakra and at the same time, It activates Mula Bandha which swells the sensation to the bottom of my spine. I gradually increase the speed of spinning of the Pyramid and Merkaba protections. Activating the spine allow me to activate all chakras and clean them through the sword which was given by Patanjali who inserted it from my crown chakra to the root chakra.

This sword is incredible because it sucks all negativities. So, when I pull out this sword from my spine, I can burn all negativities in the centre of the earth and purify in the spa. It also works very well. After replacing the purified sword back to my spine, I well up shakti through my spine along the sword. Then splash from my crown chakra. It is so soothing and refreshing activity to cleanse the aura and the entrance of my Antahkarana which I rebuilt by Amethyst Crystal absorbed the power of Aquarius Full moon.

Once I cleaned the entrance, I connect to the universe to receive energy. I place the Merkaba inside of my third eye. Then I spin it so fast. It can gain more energy and use it to expand Merkaba to protect me. Now I am ready to take off. I can go anywhere once I imagine. This is my favourite part of meditations.

I flew up to the top of my Antahkarana. It is my violet heaven spa. I sat on the spa and meditated. Then the space opened and showed the new passage. I went up on it. I arrived on the planet, probably one of the Aquarius Constellations. It resembles the earth, but it was not. The architecture has a streamlined shape and different plants and trees in nature.

I was invited to meet special people. They knew me. They scanned my brain or Antahkarana, or mind computer and enjoyed it. They especially laughed so much about my lucid dream about lipstick. They said that it was a good sense of humour. And they praised me for my progress in meditation. They asked an engineer to connect them to me through my appreciation of my mind computer.

Do you remember I downloaded the application a month ago? This was for this purpose. So, he brought me to a special place to maintain my mind computer so I could be relaxing. After that, he brought me to the massive cave where they can strengthen my Amethyst Antahkarana by harmonizing with a Queen of Amethyst crystals. It was an amazing place filled with Amethyst. No, probably it was a mine of crystals. I was lying down there and fell asleep. It was cool to sleep in meditation.

In my dream. my mind computer showed the connection to them all the time. Then I received the message. It showed “a triangle and square shape”. ??? I thought they are talking about protections. Or I felt they are talking about types of people, like a triangle type and a square type.

I guess I must protect myself all the time. Don’t you think so?

Everything is in sync now. I was woken up by the phone from my aunt. She found my brother who blocked me and disappeared. She will help me to get the delegation for my father’s will. It was such a gift for me and my father. I can close all his matter and he can sleep peacefully. My brother wanted to know the last few years of my parent's life. I will write a letter after I ground my father’s negativity. I feel he has some more to ground. It will connect to my brother’s remaining ego. Then, highly likely I could remove our Karmic mass. I will keep working, Satchi! it is moving forward, in a good way! Thank you so much.

This weekend one of the fans of my story will come to Prague. She read my story of the Full moon, I talked about it in a previous email. Then, she decided to split her alcoholic partner and she quit drinking alcohol and anti-depression pills. She said that since then, her life is moving in a better direction. She wants to try meditation with me in Prague.

Also, another friend of mine practices yoga and meditates regularly after meeting me. She said that my action inspired her a lot. Satchi, I am influencing people to meditate. We are planning to experience the sadhanas on February 18th. We will meditate all night long without sleep. Isn’t it nice?

Listen, my Kendo teacher has started meditating. Because he wants to open his third eye. Then, I told him that he can not open his third eye when he really desires to open it. This is your ego. Opening the third eye is the entrance to the long path to being enlightened. It will open when you are ready. I can’t believe I said that. The words just flew out of my mouth. It might be one of the purposes of my life. Anyway, I am busy removing my blockages and grounding negativities. I will keep going.

Take good care of yourself and Devi
I attach the photo of the handwriting Heart Sutra in calligraphy by my mother. I am thinking to do the same. I am trained to handwriting in Calligraphy. It will protect you from evil spirits.

Love and light


The easy blockages go first. The big blockages have more energy to hide!

Blockages are endless
Let us vow to end them all!
Zen vow

Great Vows for All
However innumerable all beings are,
We vow to enlighten them all;
However inexhaustible our Energy Blockages are,
We vow to end them all;
However immeasurable the Dharma Teachings are;
We vow to master them all;
However endless the Buddha's Way is,
We vow to follow it.
May you find Love, Light and Realization

I was talking yesterday about the movie, Jupiter Ascending, https://against-satanism-video.com/watch/jupiter-ascending-satanists-live-forever-by-stealing-the-spiritual-energies-of-humanity_VhEmGFCpIED1fc4.html

You can see the excerpted scenes here..


Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter
THE STEALING, THE HARVESTING OF YOUR SPIRITUAL ENERGY IN THE WACHOWSKI'S JUPITER ASCENDING JUPITER ASCENDING OVER THE OLD GOD SATAN OF SATURN Some of the Luciferian Panspermian theories on the origin of the human race hold that our distant ancestors were placed on this planet by beings from outer space. "Jupiter Ascending" takes such ideas seriously, pres…
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I was saying that in the movie one family owned the earth, there are thousands of planets, and thousands of Families of black magicians each owning a planet.

If we say that this family in the movie who own the earth called Abrasax are really the Abraxas demon then if they are people who learned to leave the body and live in private universes on the Astral plane, then these dark god black magicians vampirise the people of the Earth so they can live.

The only way to become free is to become enlightened, no energy blockages, fused with higher and higher chakras..

Strong enough to defeat any demon.

Strong enough to eventually live out of the body as an Angel.

This we are learning to do!

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The soul is the first chakra above the head. So we're getting this circulation of the energy down from God, down the front of the body, down to the center of the planet.

All the negative energy is burnt up in the center of the planet and the purified energy comes back through the body and is sent up into the center of the universe.

Alchemy Bhogar, Babaji, Yogananda, Zen Master Hogen, Bhogar.

Swami Satchidanand, one of my teachers, Tamil Siddhar from the south of India. So when we are talking about paradigms, when we're talking about energy blockages, then anything which is negative can be dissolved and transmuted into positive energy.

Thus making the implantation of positive Thought Forms from the conscious mind down into the heart, into the subconscious mind, an easier process.

Sometimes we have to repeat and mantra-ise these positive thought forms thousands of times, days, months, weeks, and years before we can see the results.

But with the Energy Enhancement ability to get rid of those things which are preventing the implantation of positive thought forms, we can Speeed up the Process.

Energy Enhancement Meditation is a video course which we created a few years ago, 75 hours. It has in the first Level all the Kundalini, Kriyas. But more than that, in level Two, Three and Four, we move into a process even more powerful than VITRIOL, which is called the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process to remove even the deepest energy blockages.

With Energy Enhancement, you can remove the deepest energy blockages, but also you can implant positive Thought Forms deeply into the conscious and subconscious minds to make these things work.

My own experience of using a positive thought form was when I focused my third eye on this third form using the Seven Step process, and I grounded all the negativity in it that was preventing me from working with that thought form. I found energy blockages around it, which I had to ground.

And then the thought form was accepted very easily. It works, it works better, it works faster, it works more efficiently. And if the people who wanted to implant these positive Thought Forms within them wanted to use a higher technique than Mantra Meditation, then it would be to their benefit tremendously.

So I think I will finish my talk at this moment by saying that the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course is in four levels, 28 initiations, each of them with a video. Very simple to do. It's not rocket science, but in order to do it, you need to join the 05:00 Club or the 06:00 Club, because a daily meditation is necessary.

It's not just fear that we're removing.

With this course we are removing all the blockages, all the Karma, you know, the Karma Cleaning process of Energy Enhancement Level Three is a fantastic thing to go through. You go through all of your past lives as you remove blockages along the timeline.

So sometimes if God wants it, he gives you a vision of what caused the blockage in the first place and says, don't do that again.

It's a wonderful process for you to go through. It gives you so much energy. It removes everything which is holding you back and allows the implantation of positive thought forms much more easily than with any other method.

So thank you very much.














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Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter
THE STEALING, THE HARVESTING OF YOUR SPIRITUAL ENERGY IN THE WACHOWSKI'S JUPITER ASCENDING JUPITER ASCENDING OVER THE OLD GOD SATAN OF SATURN Some of the Luciferian Panspermian theories on the origin of the human race hold that our distant ancestors were placed on this planet by beings from outer space. "Jupiter Ascending" takes such ideas seriously, pres…
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