Yuko Sato Seventh Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Integration of the Feminine Side, Removing the Subpersonalities and Forgiving the Family


That is to say that the World that was before is gone. The Traditions, the Values, the Ethics, the Morals that were given to us before by our Fathers, our Fathers Fathers, our Ancestors, our Masters. They are not only rapidly diminishing, they are now mostly gone.

Meditation has gone all over the World but is at risk of a deep dark sickness for there are those who have sought to use their strength and knowledge not for the greater good but for their own evil ambitions.

These are the Masterless ones, the Ronins, the ones who have broken the lineage. The ones who have taken new evil Masters whilst those people of the most precious lineages to leave behind to us are forsaken, ridiculed and ignored.

Meditation is not just for the people of the East, it's for all people as all Meditations are for all people.

Lastly I just wanted to say it has been my honour to be alive in the time when real masters have walked here where I have been able to walk. To listen to them when they have spoken and they have led all of us to where we are today.

All of us here - if we can devote every last breath we have to the propagation of trying to protect the last bit of unbroken lineage and commit our lives to helping the innocent, the needy, the defenseless setting an example of humility and service for the generations to come, then Meditation may survive us all.

All of these words today, that we have all spoken have been worth something and our prayers will not be empty...

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Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter

Against Satanism - Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires have ruled the World for 10,000 years, their Families infiltrated every country, every Empire, from their Phoenician Colonies in Ancient Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Venice, and London.

This is the story of Yuko Sato who came to see us for the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in 2004 whilst we were teaching in Escala a small coastal village in the sight of the Pyrrenees just north of Barcelona.

So far there are seven experiences of meditation, this is the seventh.

Yuko Sato does the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in Spain 2004

Yuko Sato First Report - Energy Enhancement Report on the Opening of the Third Eye, the Removal of Blockages, and the Removal of Addictions in herself and in Others by Energy Enhancement Spiritual Healing.


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Yuko Sato Sixth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Integration of the Feminine Side, Removing the Subpersonalities and Forgiving the Family


Yuko Sato Seventh Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Integration of the Feminine Side, Removing the Subpersonalities and Forgiving the Family


Everyone is Already the victim of these Implant Addiction Energy Blockages.

Satchidanand’s Against Satanism Newsletter
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Here is one of our Students Yuko Sato working with the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Advanced Meditational techniques using the Kundalini Kriyas, Achemical VITRIOL, and the Taoist Five Elemental Circulations of the Qi to increase her Spiritual Energy, Open the Third Eye to see Energy Blockages on the Astral Plane and by Using the Seven Step Process and Merkaba Psychic Protection remove Energy Blockages and implant addiction blockages from the Psychic Body and All of her Past Lifetimes.

The Astral Plane is a Psychic Plane of Virtual Reality which is viewed through our cultural lenses. As Sosan the third Zen Patriarch says, "They Know!" and our students are not beginners, they have many lifetimes of experience navigating the Astral Plane. Many Times my students teach me!

Many times we get help on the Astral Plane from Spiritual Teachers and Angels as we remove our Traumatic experiences so our messy history painting can become a clean white sheet again..

"This afternoon, I invited my ex-husband and my daughter for Sushi brunch at my place. I was amazed at how much I was calm and relaxed this time.

Because I had removed huge blockages from both my ex-husband and myself from our throat chakras I also seemed to have removed my self-importance. Also, because I had removed blockages from my past and future timelines on which my daughter was there I was able to have a  relaxed conversation with my teenage daughter!

I was Impeccable!

Any of their negative attitudes didn’t affect my mood at all. They were quite the same as always, for instance, my ex-husband often used his iPhone and my daughter sometimes didn’t reply to me.

I had just changed somehow by using Energy Enhancement Meditation.

I could see the situation above, objectively from a different perspective without the trauma from previous memories. I focused on their presence when I enjoyed making Sushi for them and spending time with them. I stopped thinking about myself and why they did such things.

It was pretty good."

Utilising the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Step Process to remove energy blockages and the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Karma Cleaning Process Yuko has cleaned her Antahkarana, all her previous lives and made contact with the Buddha Maitreya and his monks living in the chakras above the head whose aim is to help all meditators who come to them.

Miroku Bosatsu statue at Koryu-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan | Buddhist art ...

Using these Energy Enhancement Meditation Course techniques and an open third eye Yuko has removed a lot of her Trauma and negative emotions associated with her divorce.

Swami Satchidanand Fri, Jan 27
to Yuko


Thanks for these reports..

Yuko doing really good!

The process of enlightenment continues

As we fuse with higher and higher chakras above the head...

Soul infused - First Dan

Monad infused - Second Dan

Logos infused - 3rd Dan

Sirius infused - 4th Dan

Avatar of Synthesis infused - 5th Dan

So we become more enlightened...

So, our Heart Opens until it becomes the Heart of Christ…

I didn’t want to burn them in the centre of the earth, I wanted to heal them

Burning is the burning away of dross from the gold ore.

"Gold, the more you heat it, the more it shines" - Thiruvalluvar

Gold, the true you, can not be burned.

Only the dross, the trauma formed negative karmic mass can be transmuted into pure perfect spiritual energy - gold - by the Energy Enhancement Meditation Alchemical VITRIOL, Kundalini Kriya, Five Elemental Circulations of the Qi Taoist Orbits, Bhogar Tamil Siddar, Babaji and Patanjali Samyama Process.

"Gold, the more you heat it, the more it shines" - Tamil Siddar Thiruvalluvar

We visited the Ashram of Tamil Siddar Bhogar - the creator of the Kundalini Kriyas - who transmigrated out of his body and into the body of Lao Tsu in order to teach the Five Elemental Circulations of the Qi Taoist Orbits to the Chinese - at Palani Hill Temple in Tamil Nadu in India last year to pay our respects.

Love and Light,


Swami Satchidanand Sat, Jan 28
to Yuko


⁣Devi Dhyani Birthday Sacred Dance Sathya Sai Baba and Jeff Beck Nessun Dorma, "Wake Up!" January 17th 2023 Mitos y Musos - the Greek

We also spent a day recording a talk about Devi’s creation of the 2 hours and forty-five minutes dance of Pulse by Pink Floyd and how she made it into “Sacred” Pink Floyd.

One example is the song High Hopes from the Pink Floyd Division Bell album where the British Parliament Ring the Division Bell to divide to vote on one side or the other.

I likened it to listening to the Dark Angel on the left shoulder whispering in your ear and the white angel on the right shoulder also whispering in the other ear and you will vote on the subject depending on the quantity of dark evil energy blockages you have absorbed, been implanted into, your body.

There is much talk online about evolving from the third to the fifth dimension where people will go to different future planets depending on their evolution, whether they pass the test in the Examination Hall of this Planet Factory designed to create Enlightened beings and I was comparing this to the division in society between those who took the Deathvaxx and those who didn’t.

Then there is the Dark Crystal Movie division where we are split by trauma into multiple subpersonalities and as we evolve we learn how to heal each subpersonality and fuse each of them into the Soul to become One Enlightened Soul Infused Personality.

“Don’t ask me how to become a good person, Be One!” Marcus Aureleus

Of course Pink Floyd talk about how we start off as a clean white sheet where the World is wonderful but as our karmic history painting gets more muddy so we become Comfortably Numb as we lose sight of our Soul...

“When I was young I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye, I turned to look but it was gone and I have become Comfortably Numb” Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
Swami Satchidanand wrote:

Hi Yuko,

How is it?

I was invited to meet special people. They knew me. They scanned my brain or Antahkarana, or mind computer and enjoyed it. They especially laughed so much about my lucid dream about lipstick. They said that it was a good sense of humour. And they praised me for my progress in meditation. They asked an engineer to connect them to me through my appreciation of my mind computer.

It is good to project energy as we taught in Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 1, Initiation 5 - The Projection of Energy to check out everyone you meet on the Astral plane...

Special people Re: Sub-personality and my Ego Re: Review part 2
Yuko Sato Fri, Feb 3
to me

Dearest Satchi,

I had a hectic schedule for a week, whilst I meditated for quite long hours. It could prove that finally, I’ve developed a good habit to meditate. It’s good, don’t you think so? I am happy about that. Of course, I did your homework. Tackling your task is a delight of the highest order. You might have great curiosity about it, mightn’t you?

I know, because you were in my dream on February 1st. You were smiling in the Taj Mahal and said, “Yuko! The Taj Mahal is the key! after I meditated about my daughter. It was a difficult meditation and I struggled to ground her. I could not get a clear psychic vision of the relationships between us in our past life. I will try to use this key tonight. Let’s review now.

On January 28 (Sat)
It was the first day of my hectic week. I got up at 5:00 without any dreams. It was distinctly rare for me. I meditated about an empty dream, clearing my chakras and aura broadly. Nothing came out after grounding. Okey- dokey! After I cleaned the flat and left for Prague. It took one hour drive from the town I live. I joined an Ashtanga Mysore class, then head to the airport to pick up my friend from England.

Let me explain about this friend shortly, also you can skip this part. This lady was a new friend after I had decided to divorce or I could say, I started meditating seriously again (I did it before I met my ex-husband).

After I started meditating again, friendships changed dramatically. Old friends left and I met new people. She found me through my story on my website, so this was the first time to meet face to face in 3D.

She had an alcoholic partner without a job, which was pretty much similar to my case at that time and we have several things in common. Firstly, she travelled to many places where I’d been, such as Israel, several islands in the Caribbean ocean and Japan.

Secondly, she had several relationships which she left. The difference is she has five children with three different fathers, while I have one child. She learns Japanese by herself, so I teach her online. She was good at remembering Chinese characters, but not good at speaking. She said that she was shy, however, she talked a lot spontaneously in English. She is very spontaneous about everything, but most of the things she talks about have rather no consistency and sometimes don’t make sense.

For this trip, she bought a ticket to Prague, then she sent me a message afterwards. It was two weeks ago. I was surprised at her message. Because I had a lucid dream about her last night. In my lucid dream, I visited her place by bus and when I got off it, I found too much stuff from my mother on the bus, I couldn’t carry it all. So, I brought my luggage divided into several times to outside. Finally, when I managed to bring it all outside, a big robot came and clear up all. There was nothing left on the ground except a pair of shoes.

I picked up her at 11:00, she said she was very tired. So, I drove back to my flat. After having lunch and talking for a while, she went to bed at 15:00. So, I meditated about your task which I had just received regarding special people I met on the planet near Aquarius and red lipstick.

I checked the special people I met on the planet or the astral plane near Aquarius constellations.

After building protections, I went up to the top of my Antahkarana, where there was a penthouse garden with a hot spring bath. I could see a big moon and I focussed on my Antahkarana and ordered to my mind computer, “Send a message to the special people I want to see them.” Because I received their message, which showed a triangle and square shapes, in my dream. They said that we were connecting through the app.

So, I used the app to send them a message. Then, they invited me again. There were three people who wore rather old fashion European outfits from the middle ages. All were male. I asked them to bring the engineer because I had some questions about the app.

Then, he came. He wore a simple white cotton outfit. I circled them and sent energy to check. Unexpectedly, they went down except for the engineer. They were impure!

I did the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7 step process on them. I encountered their Black Magicians, their Controller like a big spaceship and the rest up to infinity. There were many.

I used golden light to wrap them all, then used a white light to compress all to the quasar, and then I grounded it. It all burnt well and the flame reached my penthouse garden. So, I created the fireplace which symbolised my power in the fire.

I have felt my fire power increasing recently due to the amount of blockages I have been transmuting and Angels I have been absorbing to augment, increase and expand my chakras and my psychic body. It helps me to balance my power.

Then, I went back to the astral plane. The city had disappeared. There was beautiful wild nature with huge rocks, like Sedona, but more greenery. I met the people from the Amethyst cave and the engineer. They thanked me for freeing them from the black magicians.

Just in case, I checked them. I circled them all and sent, projected, energy to them. All went up except the engineer. I caught him in a white circle again. I applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7 step process, whilst asking my mind computer to show blockages in my timeline with him.

It showed me some black spots in the past and future. Wow, who was he? Anyway, I had no time to think about it, I must ground him. I ordered my mind computer to delete the blockages and I started to ground him.

I was holding him in the centre of the earth. I looked at him until he burnt for sure. Because he even passed the first test I gave him. Eventually, he became, was transmuted into, a beautiful angel. I called him Engineer to keep it simple.

I have several angels now and every one of them has a special ability. I asked Engineer to deprogram my mind computer if he did something by the order of those special people. He followed my order. I left him in my mind computer.

Then I decided to visit my spiritual masters to apologise for my carelessness. I understood that in the meditation, things I, even my sub-personality or my ego want could become true immediately. I had a gap that naughty special people black magicians could take advantage of me. I must be more careful.

I visited the temple, where monks chanted the heart sutra. I was covered by the smoke of incense and meditated in floating. Once my mind was steady and ready, smoke brought me to Future Buddha. We both were floating and he scanned my mind with a meaningful smile on his face. He asked me to listen to the Heart Sutra, the word, “五蘊皆空-Go Un Kai Kuu” which means that all of the five Skandhas are equal without fixed shapes.

Then, I immediately asked what the Go Un, five Skandhas, was. Oh my god, sorry Satchi, I didn’t have enough patience. Even my Kendo teacher scolded me in the last lesson. I didn’t have enough patience to wait for the perfect timing. I should have thought about it on my own first.

However, there was no explanation about the five Skandhas in Heart Sutra, I think. Was there? Future Buddha, Miroku Bosatsu kindly explained. The first one is “色, Shiki- colours which means body or form all material things. The second one is “受, Ju- receipt which means a feeling of pain and pleasure. The third one is 想, Sou- thoughts which mean perceptions. The fourth one is 行, Gyo- Activity which means all mental activities except Ju and Sou. The last one is 識, Shiki- Consciousness which means the heart itself. OK. I understood it except for the first one. Why did the first one, Shiki, all material things have no fixed shapes?

He smiled beautifully again and continued. “Do you know the word “因縁-Innen- Nidana”?” asked he. “Yes, I know. This word is pretty common as the meaning of fate in Japan.” I answered. He continued, “All things are made up of relationships between direct and indirect causes. That is why there is no substance. It could be any form according to a degree or state of relationships or no form without relationships which means the disappearance or vanish of direct or indirect causes.

Therefore, the special people you have met have no fixed shapes. You burnt them, so you burnt direct and indirect causes also. This action would affect other relationships. See the Engineer, he could be up or down according to the relationships between surrounding causes. That’s it. Be indifferent to things which have no forms. Focus on Heart Sutra now. Listen carefully. After it, you will be ready to do another task. It will be hard. Believe yourself beyond Go Un, five Skandhas.” Then, I left there with my platinum armour. I had to ground the red lipstick now.

I will send the review of the red lipstick later. It was really interesting too.

I watched Devi’s dance. I received lots of good energy. Thank you.
All the best for her and you.


⁣Devi Dhyani Birthday Sacred Dance Sathya Sai Baba and Jeff Beck Nessun Dorma, "Wake Up!" January 17th 2023 Mitos y Musos - the Greek

Love and Light

Hi Yuko,

I was enjoying this I found last time we visited India - it reminds me of the time we spent there last year…

We go again to India we think April 1 2023! for three months…

Goa and massage and meditation…

Kerala and Ayurveda and meditation

Taj Mahal and meditation…

Your friend... This lady is perhaps a succubus...
The Suck-ubus Succubus Hookers

We have beautiful women and men prized by Black Magicians to suck, vampirise, steal, Spiritual Energy from their partners for all their lives by being implanted with the Succubus Demon by the Black Magician at an early age.

This Demon, in conjunction with their subpersonalities unconsciously who always have a greater apprehension of the psychic, or even in conjunction with their Soul infused personality, or consciously, will connect by means of energy connections, chakra to chakra, to "Hook" their prey, suck their energy, suck the energy of the orgasm, and pass on the vast majority of the Spiritual Energy to the Black Magician who originally implanted them whilst taking a tithe of the energy for themselves.

And then, two people both succubus - female - and incubus - male - get together to vampirise each other of their Spiritual Energies - to degenerate each other... and one degenerates faster than the other or both together...

As they move in their relationship from great passion to a long term relationship so the energy of the partner or each partner is sucked and the energy level decreases. As they lose energy, so addiction blockages and other demons are allowed to overcome their psyche.

They begin to degenerate into Orcs. Some become addicts, alchoholics. As they lose energy, so their minds become weaker and their decisions become worse, further degenerating the relationship. The degeneration of the partner becomes more and more obvious.

Eventually the beautiful woman or man comes to despise the failings of the partner brought on by them sucking their partners dry. They finish the relationship. They search for another victim without any realisation that this is the life cycle of every one of their relationships.

Can't live with them, can't live with them, becomes their mantra.

Older but not wiser they finish their relationship career living with a cat or a dog.

And please check these Buddhas, future Buddhas, sages and saints when you meet them. Perhaps, like the engineer, they need a re-check?

I'm not a patient person either.

So it's difficult for me to focus on this.

“All things are made up of relationships between direct and indirect causes. That is why there is no substance. It could be any form according to a degree or state of relationships or no form without relationships which means the disappearance or vanish of direct or indirect causes. Therefore, the special people you have met have no fixed shapes. You burnt them, so you burnt direct and indirect causes also. This action would affect other relationships. See the Engineer, he could be up or down according to the relationships between surrounding causes. That’s it. Be indifferent to things which have no forms. Focus on Heart Sutra now. Listen carefully. After it, you will be ready to do another task. It will be hard. Believe yourself beyond Go Un, five Skandhas.”

Because it does not mention trauma-formed negative karmic mass which is energy in a lower state which does not allow the passage of energy, it's a block which is an impurity.

Buddha seems to be saying that relationships are burnt also therefore relationships are impure blockages also. Energy connections connect you to black magicians which are blockages.

So these relationship karmas can and do bring you down until you can transmute them and their blockages.

This is the meaning of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 4 - the purification of Energy Cords - The Mastery of Relationships

We in the end are responsible for every relationship.

As we increase our dans, from our subpersonalities, friends and family, to our monad, to all monads, to Sirius, to the Avatar of Synthesis, you must ensure all your relationship connections are to purified entities and Angels.

You are part of that process of purification of the whole Universe above, whose motive power is Love!


Yuko Sato Feb 3, 2023

Hi Satchi,
Thank you for your advice. Please read the review of the red lipstick below. I followed your advice you gave today, actually last week. We are in sync again, And I hope I was moving to the right direction to evolve. :) I will meditate now. I really enjoy it.

The red lipstick

I decided to rest my feet, it was a long meditation, but I didn’t feel pain. I cooked curry with lots of ginger and other vegetables. Yes, I am still vegetarian. After having dinner, I lit candles and sat and crossed my legs in the living room.

My black dog, a former racing greyhound, Inca was sitting next to me. I made protections, connected to Shakti and the universe. All responded well. OK, I went back to the scene of the red lipstick. It was a penis.

The action of the previous grounding didn’t affect it. OK, you are right, Satchi. It was formed by relationships between direct and indirect causes within me, including past lives. I circled it and applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7 step process.

Then, thousands of minions of the black magicians appeared. They looked like red birds. I was protected by the Merkaba and the Pyramids. I spread golden energy as a net and gathered all and grounded. Usually, I compressed them within 7 step and ground them all at once. But this time, my soul whispered to me to do step by step to follow your instructions.

The red birds transformed into lots of lights, Angels. They reminded me of the night in front of the fire with strong stormy wind, when I attended the Mexican ritual called Temascal. (I made a music video, ) Lots of small red pieces of fire flew in the air at midnight.

I was staring at them and I found my masculinity within me. He was stronger and more trustworthy than any man I had relationships with. I wondered where he was now. I had a male angel called Gabriel, but he looked different from my masculinity. So, I asked my mind computer where my masculinity was now. It showed him in Manipura Chakra. I went there and searched for him.

He was sleeping between Manipura and Heart Chakra. I looked at him carefully. He was connected to my chakra system. Energy from Shakti and the universe flowed through him. He was sleeping in a strange posture which looked like he found something, and then it forced him to sleep.

His posture reminded me of an old story in Czech. A black magician turned a prince into stone in the garden of the castle when the prince came to rescue the princess. Anyway, I decided to leave him like that. It was high time to find the Black Magician BM related to the red lipstick.

I was back on the scene. I focused on the Black Magician. I found strong negativity in my root chakra. Then, I found the red female magician with red snake hair. She wore red and laughed in a creepy voice. I circled her and grounded her. It was difficult. She said I could not defeat her, because I was a companion in the same crime.

What did she mean by the same crime? I asked my mind computer immediately. It showed black thick spots in my past timeline. The colour was really oily jet black. I had a bad feeling because it was a strong Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic mass.

I felt distracted and felt like stopping what I was doing now. Those are signs of blockages, right? I asked for help and two angels, Gabriel and Agnes, came. I asked them to watch this red magician. I circled the red magician again and left it in the centre of the earth.

Then, I faced these oily black blockages. I circled them all and cut the timeline. I shocked it all and washed it with white energy from the really highest part of top of the universe I could reach. I wrung it out. There was a glass of black liquid in front of me.

Now my timeline was clean like a white sheet. I circled the glass and poured it on the red witch magician in the centre of the earth.

Then, magic happened. I was thrown into my previous lifetime! I was in my incarnation in my past life. My past life incarnation was really sad and I was in the depths of despair. She, my past life incarnation, was standing on the stone bridge and waiting for the man she loved and who promised her that they would run away together. It was dark now and she knew that he didn’t show up and wouldn’t show up.

She was about to jump into the big river. I had the moisture of tears in my eyes.

Since I was small, I had a vague feeling of anxiety about meetings, anxiety that a person who promised wouldn’t show up. Moreover, the friend who had the lipstick penis in my dream didn’t show up to the meeting twice. When we were about to promise to meet for the third time, I told him I didn’t want to. Because I couldn’t trust him anymore. I didn’t want to wait for him at the meeting point anymore.

Then, he became angry and started criticising me. So I hung up the phone, and then he blocked me.

Everything was connected with a single thread of past trauma and karma. That’s why this friend came to my dream so often, even after deleting his contact. I determined that I had to burn this trauma.

At that time, the red witch appeared in my past life. I held my breath in fear. What would she do to her in my past life incarnation? Oh my God! Run! I told my past life incarnation. It was too late.

The witch started to talk to my past life incarnation. She suggested a bad thought to my past life incarnation. Didn’t she want revenge on him? The witch even whispered to my past life incarnation so as not to let me hear.

Finally, my past life nodded. She became a witch! To curse him and the men who gave her pain including her father, brother and husband.

I was shocked to know this and at the same time, I understood that it all came from this traumatic experience. She, my past life incarnation, cursed her future lifetimes, Me!

By cursing her lover who didn’t show up, her father who forced her to marry a rich man for a political reason, her brother who requested her father to do so because he wanted to be successful and her husband who didn’t care about her.

I could not be happy with this evil curse. I was crying while meditating. I was disappointed in myself, I must ground her. But she became the red witch now. I circled her and dropped the bomb of white light, the strongest energy I could receive from the chakras above the head.

She fought back at me. We were pushing bombs at each other and engaged in fierce competition. Then, she spoke to my mind. “Don’t you want to defeat men? You can, because I asked the witch to have everything, cleverness, communication skill, a sense of humour, attractive looking and swordsmanship. We could take revenge on all of them. Because they never apologised to us.”

Oh, my God! She was so strong. I asked for help. Then, the Virgin Mary came. She was so bright that she could burn all. I asked her to burn both of us in order to burn this strong Karmic mass. She said that I must forgive all and love all before she burned all.

I imagined when I held my daughter for the first time. I projected this love to all relationships I had in my past, current and future lives. I cried but focused on projecting the love my daughter gave me.

Then, Virgin Mary burned all. She was generous but strong. She completed all 7 steps at once. The biggest fire flame climbed up through my chakras and spine up to the Monad. It burned everything.

I was floating in the universe and I met my masculinity, who had just awakened. We looked at each other for a while. He resembled me. We acknowledged that we are a part of each other. So, we hugged with big brother and sisterhood love. We united. We sat and crossed our legs to build our Antahkarana again. Then I slept.

The next day, I drove to Prague. My English friend got her energy back. She had booked the apartment in Prague for a couple of days. It was a penthouse in the middle of Prague with a beautiful view. She drank beer, ate chocolate and smoked cigarettes a lot.

She talked a lot about her boyfriend who lost his pancreas because he drank alcohol too much. After he lost his pancreas, he could not drink alcohol even a drop. So, he became a different person and he apologised to her for his misbehaviour and now he was very kind to her.

But she couldn’t forgive him. Wow, Satchi! It was amazing to see her ego and sub-personalities. She acted like a “Poor me” in front of me. She had a bad skin condition because she was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis (scleroderma).

She had gained weight because she had menopause. I was just listening to her without being judgemental because I was indifferent to her ego and sub-personalities. I had faced mine and I knew them very well.

Her ego kept drinking beer, eating chocolate which contains nickel and smoking. Her sub-personality kept hurting her mind and body. Her act reminded me of my mother. She suffered from ALS and past traumas. I hugged her. This is a human being, isn’t this?

I even thanked her to come to me to show me all this, because I could see myself in her before burning lots of my blockages. I had acted similarly to her.

After burning all I had built in my last meditation, I found peace in myself. I meditated and practised yoga and Kendo in Prague while she was drinking and smoking. I created protections around and circled the connection between us through chakras. Then, I burnt them. I hoped it might help her.

Then, I received a message from my aunt who found my brother. She sent me his phone number and address. And she asked me to call my brother. Because he wanted to know the date my parents passed away. They passed away two years ago and he had not cared about them until now. He abandoned my parents and left. Even he blocked me.

Then, now he had asked me to call him. Wow, I was not ready to face his ego now. I must meditate about him first, so I sent a postcard and wrote the dates of my parents' passing away. He will receive the information he wants in a week and his ego has to wait until then.

So, I will review my brother next time. It was also a long interesting meditation.

Thank you for your advice, Satchi. Eventually, I could burn all, even Future Buddha and Buddha as you told me to do so. Now, I will clear up all connections between my parents and my brother, after watching the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level Four videos.

And thank you for the link to the music you really enjoyed.

Love and Light


Don Juan-Carlos-Castaneda-Petty-Tyrants-Self-Importance-Impeccability



"Half-complaining, I told him that he had made me feel very uncomfortable by refusing to talk to me for the past two days. He looked at me and arched his brows. A smile played on his lips and vanished. I realized that he was letting me know I was no better than la Gorda. "I was provoking your self-importance," he said with a frown. "Self-importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it - what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone. "The new seers recommended that every effort should be made to eradicate self-importance from the lives of warriors. I have followed that recommendation, and much of my endeavors with you has been geared to show you that without self-importance we are invulnerable."

Use the Energy Enhancement techniques to drain the Self Important trauma-formed negative Karmic mass out of the Inner children to Integrate these troublesome Inner Children with Love, back into the Central Stem of the Soul, thus further integrating the mind.

He said that the most effective strategy was worked out by the seers of the Conquest, the unquestionable masters of stalking. It consists of six elements that interplay with one another. Five of them are called the attributes of warriorship: control, discipline, forbearance, timing, and will. They pertain to the world of the warrior who is fighting to lose self-importance. The sixth element, which is perhaps the most important of all, pertains to the outside world and is called the petty tyrant.

"A petty tyrant is a tormentor," he replied. "Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction."

The Satanic line of Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, like all black magicians, are afraid of death. They want to prolong their lives by cutting off from God and vampirising the energies of other human beings so they can live forever.

"The Satanic new seers, in accordance with their practice, saw fit to head their classification with the primal source of energy, the one and only ruler in the universe, God! and they called God simply the tyrant.

Because God, the Eagle in the center of the Universe, decrees that in order to evolve, in order to be able to be changed, we have to die and have our slate wiped clean every lifetime so we can change, so we can evolve, because when you cut off from love, the energy of change, you stand still, you cannot evolve, and so you must devolve and degenerate.

Of course the memories of every lifetime are stored in 3D arrays in the Soul the first chakra above the head.

You see, once a black magician Satanist, you cut yourself off from the evolutionary energies of God, you simply stop evolving and more! You lose your conscience and become a psychopath. You lose your heart as in the Bohemian Grove Satanic Ritual of the Cremation of Care where a young child or the image of a young child is burnt to Molech on an altar in front of the forty foot high statue of an Owl.

You start to devolve. You become less than human…


To help with the process I read out the following story all the while saying that the path of don Juan came from a dark Satanic Sorcery path only recently cleaned out by don Juan himself and a lot of the teachings of the sorcerors way can take you down the path of darkness.


Even, "Impeccability" is not sufficient because, "Impeccability" can be used only with the energies of Intellect and Will as by Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

The true perfection of "Impeccability" can only come with the use of Intellect, Will AND LOVE!! as given by the Buddha and Jesus Christ.


However, the use of treating Petty Tyrants in your life to, "Stalk" yourself so as to find all points of, "Touchiness" of, "Self Importance" then grounding them using the Advanced Techniques of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course is a great technique. Use it!! Use it!!


Swami Satchidanand to Yuko,

Hello Yuko,

I want to explain my sending of the previous email to you because it is very important!

Don is Anna's husband who sent her, a teacher of Shamanism like Don, to our course in Iguazu.

The report on the page I sent is from her.

So I sent the same email as you to Don...

Hi Don,

Don Juan-Carlos-Castaneda-Petty-Tyrants-Self-Importance-Impeccability


Read it here... https://www.energyenhancement.org/Don-Juan-Carlos-Castaneda-Petty-Tyrants-Self-Importance-Impeccability.htm

This is the meaning of the page above with Don Juan followed by Anna...

Despite the great success of Anna's course, she told me privately she did not want to continue with Energy Enhancement, I think because the remaining Subpersonalities did not want to continue and they vote!

This is the way it is with everyone, unless you work actively to remove every subpersonality, every sex addiction implant energy blockage, these guys will kill you, fuck up your life...

And this is what happened to Anna.

She failed to continue stalk and remove her energy blockages.

Vanity is Self Importance, - See Movie "The Devil's Advocate" with Keanu Reaves and Al Pacino

Self Importance, "Gets them every time"...

Blockages are Infinite, Let us Vow to transmute them All!

Love and Light,


Self-importance Re: Special people Re: Sub-personality and my Ego Re: Review part 2Yuko Sato

to me

Hi Satchi,
Thank you for your message. I was about to send the next review, while you sent me the message. So, I read through all about Don Juan. It was probably, I believe, another synchronicity, though. Plase read my review.

First sync is that I found many inner children with massive anger and grounded all. However, I could say, after reading your email, those might have been “Self-importance and Petty Tyrants”. The way I did explode them by themselves and burnt were also interesting. What do you think? I have a simple question. If I burnt all of my self importance inner children, I could feel detachment with acts of other person’s self-importance inner children? Probably, yes.

The second sync is the lines of the strategy of warriors.
Don Juan said then that in the strategic inventories of warriors, self-importance figures as the activity that consumes the greatest amount of energy, hence, their effort to eradicate it. "One of the first concerns of warriors is to free that energy in order to face the unknown with it,'' Don Juan went on. "The action of rechanneling that energy is impeccability."

He said that the most effective strategy was worked out by the seers of the Conquest, the unquestionable masters of stalking. It consists of six elements that interplay with one another. Five of them are called the attributes of warriorship: control, discipline, forbearance, timing, and will. They pertain to the world of the warrior who is fighting to lose self-importance. The sixth element, which is perhaps the most important of all, pertains to the outside world and is called the petty tyrant.

"A petty tyrant is a tormentor," he replied. "Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction.
I had a similar conversation with my Kendo teacher after the meditation in which I burnt “Self-importance inner children”. You can read this conversation in my review below.

Today is such a relaxing day with a blue sky and dramatic clouds, sometimes the sun shows its face. I meditated and wrote reviews all day. Let’s go!

On January 30th (Mon)
I woke up from a lucid dream. In my dream, my father who passed away two years ago woke me up. He was shaking me and said, “Yuko, get up! you are already late. It’s 11 o’clock! I am OK to sleep longer, but you are not.

Many people are looking for you, go to work!” Then, I got up in my dream. I went to work. On the way, I visited a big bookshop. I was looking for a particular book which was with a shining golden booklet that was the same size as a postcard. The title was ‘23 〜’27.

There were so many interesting books, but I could not find this. I asked about it several shopkeepers. They said they didn’t know about it. I knew that they were hiding this from me because all answers I want were written in this book.

I was disappointed, so I complained bitterly about untrustworthy people. It was not nice of me, wasn’t it, Satchi? On the contrary, I bought seven thick books except for this golden book and left the bookshop. I was holding seven books with both arms and walking at a pier.

There was nobody and nothing but a pier. It was evening and seagulls were flying and orbiting above the pier. I was thinking to send those books. Then I woke up.

I crossed my legs and went back to the scene. Firstly, I circled and grounded all. Nothing came up. I focus on the book. Because I knew this golden book. I had it in my futuristic library on the top of my Antahkarana and I placed it in my mind computer to project its content before.

Now, I was curious to go to my Antahkarana which was burnt in the last meditation. There was empty, dark space. It was a new beginning. I started to create the upside-down triangle to connect to Shakti, the centre of the earth. I connected strongly because there was nothing between us. I spun the upside-down triangle for a while, and then energy from Shakti in the center of the earth started forming a disc.

It looked like a galaxy with many colours. The disc was so powerful that it connected to my root chakra. My root chakra absorbed powerful energy and glowed. I cleaned it with Shakti. Once the root chakra was cleaned, energy flew up to the sacral chakra. It drank energy a lot like a rainbow after long rain to grow bigger.

I must have had blockages in this chakra before because the energy hadn’t flowed like that. It became a big, strong disc filled with Shakti pure water.

Then, the energy moved upward, but it hit something. It was a lump, a size of a fist, colour dark red. I could see veins on its surface. I poured energy into it to remove it. It didn’t move at all.

Then, my masculinity told me that he found this before. When he touched it, he received a strong rejection and it forced him to sleep. OK, I couldn’t do anything on this side, so I will push it from the opposite side.

So, I created another pyramid to obtain the energy from the universe, the highest place I could reach. Because there was nothing above my crown chakra, I could obtain a beautiful brilliant white light.

I also focused on it and sought it as small children look for their mothers. There was no room for doubt. I imagined my daughter. When she walked the first time, she was walking toward me without any doubts in her eyes. She was a great teacher of love. I sent gratitude to her.

The result from the previous meditation was enormous. The flame burnt my remaining doubts, too. Satchi, where doubts were born from? Doubt was a big enemy to prevent me from moving forward, making a decision and receiving great energy from the universe.

My crown chakra was widely opened to connect to it. A strong flow of energy started to create a long form. “Yes! It’s a new Antahkarana!”

I let the energy flow freely without any limitations. Then, I let the energy flow to my brain, pineal gland and third eye. I like placing a Merkaba in my pineal gland to spin faster. So I did.

It increased energy flow. Then, I cleaned the top of my spine, where I felt tense when I did a shoulder stand. I moved my head in various directions, then placed it on the top of my spine naturally and steadily.

Then, energy flew to the throat chakra. I cleaned it and I couldn’t find any hidden holes where my inner child was hiding before. It was clean!

Now, in the heart chakra, there were massive canyons. Energy flew all over and turned everything into green gradations. Energy got moistured and radiated all over the place. It was stunningly beautiful.

Then, energy flew down and hit the lump. Now I could push it from both sides. It didn’t move at all. But I kept pouring both energies from Shakti and the universe and they covered the lump.

Suddenly, the lump tore and a bird-shaped monster like a dinosaur was born. I circled it in white light and kept pouring energy to ground it.

It moved its wings slowly and its movement shook my Manipura chakra. “Oh, my God! it connects to my chakra.” I searched my Manipura chakra carefully and I found energy cords which connected to this monster’s wings. I pulled one cord and I found balls attached below like potatoes underground.

I circled them in white light and poured energy. They started unfolding.
They were my inner children! They opened their eyes and expressed anger harshly. They were angry inner children and the bird was their captain.

The captain of anger was not a bird, it was a baby fire dragon. My anger which I held inside was stirred by this dragon. I circled them in white light, but they were furious. They are at least 10 of them!!

I asked my mind computer to show the moment when they split off from the Soul because of trauma in my timeline. My brand new mind computer worked much faster. Immediately, it showed them a small fire. I circled them all and removed them from the timeline.

As soon as I removed them, my super angry inner children expressed their anger which I and my past life swallowed and trapped deep inside as trauma-formed negative karmic mass.

They freely expressed, shouted, cried and slapped their husbands, fathers, brothers and lovers in their Karmic mass. It was such an admirable scene.

The little fire dragon looked at me and blew fire at me. It was a sign. I slapped my brother, my ex-husband and my friends who attacked me before. I even did it physically during meditation. I slapped in the air many times. Then, I grounded all and burnt all with a smile.

Now I could send love to them. Because I burnt all and I didn't have any more negativity. It was not a matter of forgiving them. Satchi, I understand what you said. Just burning all and purifying them. I could hold all of them with my arms and hands in the fire.

The fire dragon was dancing in the flame in front of me. Of a sudden, they turned into souls, thousands of lights. I brought them and fused them to my brand new soul.

They are all part of my Antahkarana to power up. The little fire dragon became an angel and my masculinity was purified and became a strong angel too.

I was in my soul and meditating a bit longer. I enjoyed feeling sensations at the top and back of my head. Then, I opened my eyes.

We went to a Ramen restaurant which served Japanese soup bowls with noodles. It was delicious.

In the evening, I went to the Kendo lesson. I practised with my teacher for a long time. He exposed his fighting split personality to me, like my inner children exposing their anger in the morning.

So, I applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7 step process, Satchi!

It was an amazing meditation. I circled my impatience in my mind and applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7 step process. In the meantime, I focused on sensing the current situation only, not what my teacher was thinking. I was not affected by his KIAI which was a yelling voice to show a fighting spirit. Because I experienced my anger and the fire dragon. I could ground it immediately, then I made the right move.

I enjoyed practising.

After the lesson, my teacher gave me three pieces of advice. Once I could follow these three pieces of advice, I could try an exam of the first Dan!!

Those were, discipline to hold a sword in the same degree, forbearance to observe all situations until the best timing came, and strong will to control even unknown situations.

Then, he talked a lot about the test of the seventh dan which he would take this weekend. He had failed three times already and in order to pass the exam he must reach the state of impeccability.

He continued that in order to win the very difficult match, however, it is necessary to have special ability to annoy the opponent. Even Musashi Miyamoto wrote this ability in this book called “Five Rings”. I was listening to his talk while crossing my legs on the wooden floor in Dojo.

Listening is great skill.

After Kendo, I enjoyed the last evening with my English friend. The next morning, I left early for Yoga practice and went to work. I felt extremely tired in the evening. I just wanted to sleep, then my daughter sent me a message. She wanted me to buy something. So, I suggested she come over the next day. I would feel better by then.

I had a dream. I was fighting in Kendo match. I won, but the opponent complained about me. I hit the back of his head. Everybody including judges was watching me. It is impossible to hit the back of the opponent head in Kendo. We only move forward each other. But probably, it showed I might have a blockage in the back of my head. I will meditate there.

On February 1, the next day, after work I bought some cakes all my daughter’s favourites and went home. Sooner or later, she called and she would come in 5 mins. I started to cook dinner. Then, she came. But she didn’t put off her shoes. I asked why. She said she would go back once she got the money from me.

Unexpectedly, tears fell from my eyes. I was surprised. I haven't seen her since Christmas. I just told her with tears that I wanted to sit down and talk on Sunday. She said yes.

Then I let her go. She hugged me, usually, I hug her, even if she acts like she doesn’t want to.

After she left, I sat on the chair in the kitchen. I realized whether I might act “Poor me” to her, or my heart was completely opened so that pure emotion hit me. I hope that my tear didn’t give her pain.

Since then, I meditated about my daughter a couple of times. I struggled to get psychic visions regarding her. Especially, my visions kept changing like a kaleidoscope. I had to ground all images, then times up.

Such a time, I received your email with pieces of advice on relationships. I would like to have responsibility for ours. So, I simply grounded the connection between her chakras and mine. Also, I watched the Level 4 Initiation Videos.

Following your instruction, I did my mother last night. Working the energy flow horizontally was not common for me. I didn’t feel much, but I maintained both sides of my chakras. It should be working. I will try my brother and father tonight. And I will try my daughter tomorrow morning before seeing her. I am curious how I could change in front of her after this meditation.

I am getting to the point through meditation. Last night I had a dream. I was driving my car and the road in front of me was rough with lots of snow, even icing. I tried to go through, but my car couldn’t go. Then, I found the detour.

Love and Light


Swami Satchidanand Sat, Feb 4
to Yuko

"A petty tyrant is a tormentor," he replied. "Someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction.

The annoyance is a blockage.

Any negative emotion is the blockage.

I was disappointed, so I complained bitterly about untrustworthy people.

Any pain in the body is a blockage.

Then, clean the top of my spine, where I feel tense when I did a shoulder stand.

Possibly a ghost.

I 7step ghosts and send them up to heaven.

I calm them, pacify them with "In the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost"

And the person who bothers you the most - the petty tyrant!

Your daughter!

Any reaction is a blockage.

I project energy down the right line horizontal connection into the chakra in the other person.

If it doesn't return to me on the left there is a blockage in the other person.

You can choose to remove the blockage.

This reminds me of the time Devi and I spent time with a Holywood actress called Arwen Evenstar - her Father really liked the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, just like me!

We were together three months in Crete.

She came as a lesbian with short red hair because every one of her relationships with men had failed.

Every menstruation since 16 she had 4 days of incredible pain which she overcame with analgesics.

So, I projected energy down the right line horizontal connection into the 2nd swadistan chakra in Arwen.

If it doesn't return to me on the left there is a blockage in the other person.

It didn't return to me so I projected myself into her.

I saw a big red angry energy blockage and I did the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7 step process and after a lot of struggle I grounded it, transmuted it, removed it.

So, I projected energy down the right line horizontal connection into the 2nd swadistan chakra in Arwen again and again, no response.

There was a total of three big red angry energy blockages in Arwen and I removed them all!

So, I projected energy down the right line horizontal connection into the 2nd swadistan chakra in Arwen and the energy returned to me.

The menstruation since 16 she had 4 days of incredible pain which she overcame with analgesics never came back.

When she returned she got married - we were invited to the wedding - and had three children.

Many homosexuals, lesbians, have the same problem...

Many homosexuals, lesbians, have connections with their mothers or fathers which they can not break!

So, although one problem was solved by a miracle and she was satisfied, she never meditated again and her opportunity for enlightenment, the only solution to the problems of this earth, was lost.

Same as Anna.

Same as anyone who stops the Energy Enhancement Meditation process.

Energy blockages are innumerable.
Let us vow to end them all!!!!!
Zen Vow

Take good care of yourself and Devi
I attach the photo of the handwriting Heart Sutra in calligraphy by my mother. I am thinking to do the same. I am trained to handwriting in Calligraphy. It will protect you from evil spirits.

Love and light

The easy blockages go first. The big blockages have more energy to hide!

Blockages are endless
Let us vow to end them all!
Zen vow

Great Vows for All
However innumerable all beings are,
We vow to enlighten them all;
However inexhaustible our Energy Blockages are,
We vow to end them all;
However immeasurable the Dharma Teachings are;
We vow to master them all;
However endless the Buddha's Way is,
We vow to follow it.
May you find Love, Light and Realization

Arwen Evenstar's experience while on the meditation course .
Dearest Satchi and Devi,

















It has been almost five months since I said good-bye in the airport in Crete. There are several bits of writing that I owe you and that will come your way eventually. I am in transition between my touring job and my theatre camp. Now that I am done with the tour I have had a few minutes to reflect on what I brought away with me from Greece. (Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.)

When I went looking for an intensive yoga or dance training program one year ago I hoped that I would be able to direct my life down a more positive path, learn to focus my emotions in a positive way, learn to use my empathy as a tool and not as a crutch, improve my physical health, and refine my yoga teaching skills.

I accomplished all of those things with you! While I feel a little half baked on some points I can safely say that the test drive of 5 months on the road has proved the difference in my interaction with the world.

I can only imagine that, had I been able to spend the entire 9 months with you this year I would feel even more solid in the skills I have learned. When I decided to fly half way around the world to study for 9 months with people I had never met before, or even talked to on the phone, my friends said I was a little crazy but encouraged me to follow my heart. (Thank goodness I have open-minded friends.)

My gut instinct told me that you were both good people and that you would help me with my goals. Here is my advice to anyone who is unsure if it is wise to fly half way around the world to join you:


You are two of the most compassionate and supportive people I know. You challenged me exactly the way I needed to be challenged.

When I look back on my time with you I often tell people that I flew half way around the world to be with my parents.

While I mean this factiously because of your similarities to my parents in your effect on me I also mean that.....

You stirred as much change in me as someone a close as a parent can.

So, back to what I walked away with. From 3 months I took a deeper understanding of most aspects of yoga, the knowledge that I can now offer my students a greater range of exercises and a more complete picture of yoga.

Many physical and spiritual techniques for keeping my mind, body and spirit in alignment, a feel for reiki, and, most importantly, all of the things I hoped I would take away.

To begin on a more superficial level, physically I lost some weight, gain muscle mass, strengthened my lungs and straightened my back.

These changes are still evident 5 months later, despite my job prohibiting me from eating as well or getting as much movement as I would like.

My friends all tell me that I have bloomed, that I seem more confident and that I look healthier. I feel healthier and I feel good about the way that I look. I am not in as good of shape as I was when I left you but I still can feel the benefits of my time with you.

Now, on a deeper level, I have gone through some difficult times this spring and found that I am more emotionally quipped to handle them than ever. As you know, I am prone to tears and can let small things overwhelm me at times.

While I was still studying with you I knew that I was shaking the foundation of those behaviours but, since they were rearing their ugly heads in the shaking, they didn't seem to be vanishing.

They are still with me but have diminished into something that I can notice and deal with well before they get out of control.

During this tour I had a large angry man scream in my face, a member of my cast tell me that he didn't feel I was capable of being his boss and many a little frustration that would have sent me into the depths of a panic attack or other emotional tumult if it had happened a year ago.

While I did go through a period of depression about a month ago I also discovered that I truly have the skills to control my own mental health. When the mirror was slammed up to my face to make me realize that I was descending into an emotionally unhealthy space I took a step back, renewed my meditation practices, put up a circle of protection, practiced yoga, did self-reiki and remembered to breathe every day.

Almost like magic I was back to feeling healthy, confident and together.

The best part about this experience was that it showed me that the training I received from you can both be a preventative and a Band-Aid.

If I practice regularly I feel great.

If I don't make the time to do that and I start to feel a little out of sorts, a short meditation session can generally put me back on the right track. While I would never want to trade my ability to cry when I need to, it really does do wonders for my stress relief, I am thrilled to announce that I haven't had a moment of even the desire to cry for 3 weeks! I have to wrap this up as duty calls.

I just want to emphasize that my goals for my training with you, despite it being shorter than expected, were met. I know that there is more work to be done but I am thrilled with the results.

I am in the process of putting together the next year for myself. Where will you be January through May?

Much love, light and learning,

Arwen Evenstar's experience while on the meditation course .


For an Energy Enhancement Example, one beautiful young lady came on the Energy Enhancement Course with relationship and stress problems. From the age of 16, from her first period she had felt intense pain in the abdomen during that and every period since for many days. She went white with the pain and nothing had been able to diminish the problem days every month so all she did was go to bed for a few days and dosed herself with the most powerful analgesics, pain killers, she could find. Now the abdomen is Swadhisthan Chakra, the relationship chakra and a pain there points out energy blockages in the abdomen which probably came from implants or painful relationship partings, death, bereavement and painful breaking ups like divorce in this and in previous lifetimes.

Because of these traumatic memories fulminating in the abdominal psyche it is not possible to have a perfectly good relationship with anyone, they need to forgive you so many bad ways of acting, so much so that after a few painful tries at a normal relationship with prospective husbands she had decided to try out lesbianism. I told her that she would have no better luck with lesbianism because if your relationship chakra is blocked, it is not possible to have perfectly good relationships with anyone.

And stress was there in her life which was seriously affecting her work. Because the pain caused blockages were filling up her abdomen, she had no room for storing more pain and stress, so she just could not deal with it and it was becoming more and more of a problem with each passing year.. Further, because of the pain inside of the abdomen sometimes people do not want to go close to that pain. They do not want to move the abdomen at all because it disturbs the pain. Therefore they do not breathe into the abdomen and this lack of correct breathing further reduces their energy and their ability to handle stress. Statistically 30% of all people are like this. Although we can learn to breathe into the abdomen, unless we remove the pain filled blockages the problems will persist.

So, knowing the above I went into the abdominal chakra; by pushing energy down the right and feeling no flow coming back along the left channel from the chakra I was able to locate three energy blockages there. Using the techniques of Energy Enhancement APPRENTICE LEVEL 2, The mastery of Energy Blockages, and APPRENTICE LEVEL 4, The Mastery of Relationships, I grounded, Transmuted and sent on the Perverted Negative Energy inside the three energy blockages and the living energies which were maintaining them, one by one with great concentration.

The results were that next period and for every period afterwards our client had no more pain. She later reported by email that she was going out with a nice boyfriend again and her resistance to stress was vastly improved, particularly using the techniques of Energy Enhancement which we taught her on the course. More Trauma Pain and Relationships? Click Here

Instead, We give you ENERGY and the ability to give that ENERGY to Others!!.

Now she is planning to get married to a nice young man. Problem solved!!

Arwen Evenstar's experience while on the meditation course .
Dearest Satchi and Devi,



The soul is the first chakra above the head. So we're getting this circulation of the energy down from God, down the front of the body, down to the center of the planet.

The Energy Enhancement Video Course and Video Site



All the negative energy is burnt up in the center of the planet and the purified energy comes back through the body and is sent up into the center of the universe.

Alchemy, Bhogar, Babaji, Yogananda, Zen Master Hogen, Bhogar.

Swami Satchidanand, one of my teachers, Tamil Siddhar from the south of India. So when we are talking about paradigms, when we're talking about energy blockages, then anything which is negative can be dissolved and transmuted into positive energy.

Thus making the implantation of positive Thought Forms from the conscious mind down into the heart, into the subconscious mind, an easier process.

Sometimes we have to repeat and mantra-ise these positive thought forms thousands of times, days, months, weeks, and years before we can see the results.

But with the Energy Enhancement ability to get rid of those things which are preventing the implantation of positive thought forms, we can Speeed up the Process.

Energy Enhancement Meditation is a video course which we created a few years ago, 75 hours. It has in the first Level all the Kundalini, Kriyas. But more than that, in level Two, Three and Four, we move into a process even more powerful than VITRIOL, which is called the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process to remove even the deepest energy blockages, TO OPEN THE THIRD EYE!

With Energy Enhancement, you can remove the deepest energy blockages, but also you can implant positive Thought Forms deeply into the conscious and subconscious minds to make these things work.

My own experience of using a positive thought form was when I focused my third eye on this third form using the Seven Step process, and I grounded all the negativity in it that was preventing me from working with that thought form. I found energy blockages around it, which I had to ground.

And then the thought form was accepted very easily. It works, it works better, it works faster, it works more efficiently. And if the people who wanted to implant these positive Thought Forms within them wanted to use a higher technique than Mantra Meditation, then it would be to their benefit tremendously.

So I think I will finish my talk at this moment by saying that the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course is in four levels, 28 initiations, each of them with a video. Very simple to do. It's not rocket science, but in order to do it, you need to join the 05:00 Club or the 06:00 Club, because a daily meditation is necessary.

It's not just fear that we're removing.

With this course we are removing all the blockages, all the Karma, you know, the Karma Cleaning process of Energy Enhancement Level Three is a fantastic thing to go through. You go through all of your past lives as you remove blockages along the timeline.

So sometimes if God wants it, he gives you a vision of what caused the blockage in the first place and says, don't do that again.

It's a wonderful process for you to go through. It gives you so much energy. It removes everything which is holding you back and allows the implantation of positive thought forms much more easily than with any other method.

So thank you very much.














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