Removing the Last Inner Child Subpersonality

"Now we were integrated with the Soul. Now we together must push Yuko into becoming my highest self who is wise as ancient seers and playful as a child.

She is inclined to bursts of spontaneity intuitively and she will show us the joy of slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. This is another challenge. It is needed to fulfil the purpose of my life.

A heavy mission has been imposed on us. I filled our Antahkarana with sea water I and was swimming up and down through it. I felt so crisp, fresh and free in a vast space with a sea breeze on cold sands. It was awesome that I could integrate with my last inner child in the Soul."

I was wanting to show with Energy Enhancement Meditation the way out of getting to the next level of this videogame we call the hundreds of lifetimes necessary to learn the rules, to Master the Game of Life!

The Soul infused personality lives together with all the other subpersonalities in the mind. One by one, the Soul infused personality, like a cuckoo in the nest, throws out all the other subpersonalities and fuses all of them, trauma split off parts of the Soul, back into the Soul, completing the Soul…

In Enlightenment..

The Wailing Of Wisdom

In The Meyjnanapulampal, “The Wailing Of Wisdom”, Where Tamil Siddhar Battiragiriyar Cries Out The Great Siddhar Adage: “Arivai Arival Arinthu” -“To Know Knowledge By Knowledge Itself” In Verse Twenty-four.

“Forgetting Trivial Happiness,

Knowing Knowledge By Knowledge Itself,

When Shall I Cut Off This Cycle

Of Falling Into Wombs.”




We already know the Satanic elite have ruled this planet for 10,000 years with their mind control Satanic Rituals and black magic implantation of energy blockages…

" The golden angel who helped me to ground the controller said that they started to design the path to the Avatar of Synthesis. Because the Avatar of Synthesis was a really powerful being, the Will of God.

So, I need to create strong golden spiral steps to reach there. It would be difficult, not straightforward and it would take time. After removing a certain amount of half transparency, and camouflage blockages, the golden angels would build it with golden dust step by step." - Yuko

"Satchi, you might have better understanding, but in my understanding so far, my mind computer records everything and saves in my subconscious mind. I can consciously access and change these records though meditation, at least I could find a particular memory such as blockages or traumas.

Dreams at night could be the map or tracks which are vague and abstract. It is necessary to use imagination or instincts. Interestingly, most of the time, the meaning of dreams might be reversed.

Once I could remove blockages in the subconscious mind, I would Consciously act or not act in real life instead of unconscious reactions or responses by blockages, traumas, or Karma.

"At the end of the assembly, a woman was approaching me. She introduced herself as a friend of my great-grandmother who had the same dagger I had. She was not here today, but she would come for practice sometimes. I lost my words and my intuition told me I should shut my mouth. I met my great-grandmother in meditation two years ago. She ordered me to learn the great spirit of the Samurai.

Because I was totally pathetic when I left my previous marriage.

Then, I came across Kendo. After I started practising Kendo, she disappeared." - Yuko

Every action leaves impact, impression and they await volitional result - Karma - in my future.

If you want to change your future, remove your karma - just sit and meditate with Energy Enhancement Meditation to remove blockages." - Yuko

I succeeded rest of the steps with golden angels. Their golden dust was so helpful to reveal blockages above Sirius Chakra. It is too far away, too unknown, even though, my imagination hesitates to keep up. Thanks to golden angels, I completed to infinity. I released my half-dead legs and fell into sleep. It was the most awesome and shocking meditation I’ve ever had.

Thank you, Satchi to invite me to this meditation journey.

Love and Light

No other Meditation Course other than the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course teaches the Spiritual Techniques necessary to clean the psyche of Energy Blockages, Demons, and Subpersonalities necessary to remove karma, to evolve sufficiently to defeat the Satanic Dark Gods who live out of the body, Eternally, by stealing Your Spiritual Energy and the Spiritual Energy of All Humanity.

Yuko Sato Twelve - Trip to Integrate with my Last Inner Child Subpersonality - May 28, 2023, 9:08PM

Dearest Satchi,

How are you? Thank you for your message and advice. It has been two weeks after I sent my last review.

Recently I have focused on blockage hunting. I meditate, do yoga, practice Kendo, walk with my dog through woods and work.. It was a bit difficult to find the time for writing. But reviewing my meditation is very important for me. After writing I could have more clear mind. So, I will keep writing. You wrote around 50 books, right? Unbelievable!

I am glad to hear Devi is an angel too! I was a bit confused after receiving the message, but I started digesting this information that my soul came from the different planet. In nutshell, I don’t need to understand all. Just keep meditating, I just want to see the world without blockages!

Miena, a clairvoyant explained his three perspectives about angels and a soul reincarnated on the earth. I would like to know your opinion. There are so many things I don’t know.

Firstly, he wrote that there are some people in this world who were "angels in a previous life." In his session, about 2-3 people out of about 400 people were "people who were angels in a previous life." They are a few, but exist.

Secondly, he explained that "Angels in a previous life" struggle with relationships and identity in the early years of their lives because they are not attuned to the low vibrations and energy of the Earth, however, they gradually refine their minds and regain their original brilliance.

Finally, he denied their image as "a soul reincarnated on the earth to save the earth", and corrected it as "a soul reincarnated as humans for the purpose of training on the earth". In the heavens where angels live, there are only people with high vibrations and energies. Therefore, "angels" are vulnerable to low vibrations in the earth. In Heaven, angels are required to be able to endure low vibrations, and for this reason, they practice on the Earth, which has a low vibration.

For example, angels who are in charge of security in the heavens need to deal with visitors who have a lower vibration. At that time, they cannot be dealt with properly if it does not have the durability to low waves. In addition, angels also work in heaven to counsel lost souls. In that case, in order to understand the other person’s soul more deeply, it is necessary to train themselves in an environment like the earth with low vibration.

Satchidanand’s Reply... Devi is an Angel too!

She says Angels have transparent or crystalline Antahkaranas.

I think I'm human but have been re-incarnating for 28,000 years.

The last problem to overcome on this planet is the Mastery of Relationships. That is why Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 4 is the last Level - because it is so hard!

But after that Level 5 the Opening of the Heart is the key to our future evolution - see below...

We are in Palolem Beach then we go to the Taj Mahal and back to Iguazu.

Since we love India and it's food, and it's warm temperature sea water, and it's Ayurvedic massage so much we are trying to teach courses here every year! To be two center people with our base in Iguazu Falls...

The Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses

We will be teaching Courses in Iguazu August to November 2023.

We will be in Palolem, Goa, India From 1st December 2023 to End April 2024.

See my video here ...

As we evolve, our heart becomes larger - as we transmute demons in ourselves and in other people so we release the angels at the heart of the blockage.

These angels augment our chakras making them bigger, better, more evolved.

Gurdjieff called this, “Conscious Suffering”

And as our heart expands, as our psychic body fuses with higher and higher chakras above the head, we get higher and higher Enlightenment Dans!

And our enlightenment job becomes larger - our circle of influence becomes larger!.

First we help our friends - our soul group.

Then our monadal chakra group which might have 100,000 people!

Then we become a world teacher in the logos chakra - all the monads.

Then, fusing with Sirius Chakra above the head we reach the level of the Heart of Christ - my master Swami Satchidanand was there. And he gave me when he died in 2002, a three days of transmission of white light super energy. Every seven years I have had an initiation to a higher chakra above the head since 7 years old. It stopped when I was 49 years old.

Then we reach fusion with the Avatar of Synthesis - big World Changes!

I've been writing a few books - researching.

Trying to find the root problem of this Earth.

How to make everyone around me happy!

And I now know the answer!

And here are some of my latest investigations - substacks - each article a new chapter of a future book.

There are now Twelve Volumes of Against Satanism! FREE! on signup to our site and substack.

Yuko Continues...

Anyway, I believe, as you told me, my soul will lead me. All blockages must go. I am working on a blockage hunt.

Here is the review, Trip to integrate with my last inner child (Unlock and activate DNA Part two) : I am writing the Part three now :)

Sunday morning, after regular meditation, I brewed tea. I chose African tea. It was given to me on the day of the tea party nearly two years ago and as I wrote the previous review, I visited there again in my meditation two weeks ago. Since then, I had a tea ceremony overlooking the Zen garden in my Sirius Chakra during meditation, sometimes alone, sometimes with angels, sometimes with soul mates whom I will meet near future or met in my previous life.

We kept silent but were communicating telepathically. I think I have learnt this skill through meditation. This taste of African tea came upon me in a flash of intuition during the imaginary tea party in my meditation. This might be a good side effect of meditation, I became more intuitive.

Hot water was poured into the teapot which was ivory white - my friend created it. I was accustomed to pouring boiling water over the lid of the teapot. I like watching the colour changes mysteriously. Surrounded by steam, the light ivory white teapot became darker, glowing and influencing.

This moment conjured a comment from a grandfather of my English ex-partner, you know James, "A lady never sweats, she only glows". Since then, I have loved this moment when an elegant lady is enjoying a heart throbbing with happiness and excitement in Bath, where the novelist Jane Austin lived and I used to live with James.

Now is the moment. When the teapot wakes up, it prepares to receive emotions. The emotions of the earth are sealed in the tea leaves. My eyes are glued to this movement. The teapot keeps me on my toes. I silently stare at the teapot. This is a magical moment. Imagine what's happening inside this ivory-white teapot. A long-sealed secret is revealed. I poured tea into a cup. Contrary to my excitement, the earthy colour of tea calms me down. I concentrate on the moment and enjoy the present to connect to the earth.

In the country where I was born, Zen Master, Sen no Rikyu(千利休)raised his heart to the level of the tea ceremony. Zen Buddhism was a primary influence in the development of the culture of Japanese tea. I have learnt the manner of the tea ceremony since small.

Satchi, I was thinking of the homework you sent me a couple of months ago.

Satchi wrote, “Just think about the purpose - Avatar of Synthesis is purpose connected with the Will of God - of your culture, your evolutionary level, your languages, your education, your exploration of the psychic body, and your intellect.

The purpose is connected with the heart.

Not the heart powered by a blue throat and yellow abdomen creating green.

But heart-powered by the white crown and red base creating pink.

Opening the Heart of Christ

Only the heart knows”

I believe that it was the will of my culture and education in order to connect to the Earth with the taste of tea. The Earth will lead me to fulfill the great purpose of my life. This idea came to my mind at the tea party in meditation. Because now that the greater purpose of my life has been revealed everything I have walked and experienced through was meaningful. I came to the Earth in order to experience and connect to the Earth. But strangely, the more I meditate, the less the past became important.

The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course seven-step process to remove Energy Blockages works so well, not to focus on the past. Especially regretting and indulging the past decisions and acts which suck our energy and love, like a bottomless swamp.

It is proved that every one of my blockages has been connected to a Black Magician. After removing these people, I can use my energy for the future so that I can feel more real and meaningful during meditation.

Then, I can connect to the Earth and the higher universe and they refill the energy I use for the future. Its support brings me enormous joy. This is the will of my evolutionary level which I currently could understand. I need to learn a lot and experience all. So, let’s meditate now.

I sat, crossed my legs and focused on my breath.

I followed the routine of meditation, which is an effective discipline. I created Merkaba protection and connected all the chakras to the centre of the earth. Then, I cleaned everything by vision and feeling. Then, I enjoyed Shikantaza - (just sitting - Zen Master Dogen) for a while. I let my mind flow to connect to higher chakras and my mind naturally stops wondering. Then, my mind computer can take charge and started communicating with me. It made me smile to take on a challenge. This is a regular procedure. It was quite smooth today. Sometimes, it might take an hour and my numbed legs eventually let my eyes open.

Now I feel a warm smile on my face. Then, I imaginably sat on my heels in the Zen garden in Sirius Chakra. I prayed on a Wind God, Dragon God and Great Universe and thank them. I don't know why, but I have liked storms and rainbows since I was small. In Japanese Shintoism, these areas are governed by them. Then, I declared that I will connect to Goddess Gaia. I don’t know why, but I feel it is important to show my will in the universe.

Once I have felt a strong connection to the base chakra, I pray for Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Buddha, Guanyin, Maitreya and Patanjali and gave gratitude to my ancestors and my daughter's ancestors. Then, I imaginably gave a deep bow to them. This is the art of gracious etiquette in martial arts and I’ve learnt this new concept in Kendo practice. Since last year, I applied this to my meditation. This ritual dramatically has changed me as much and quickly as removing blockages.

Martial art is a path that aims at the perfection of character through mental and physical training. In Kendo, we meditate and bow several times before and after physical training. It is seen as a mandatory and formality, even feeling rather useless and unnecessary at the beginning. Strangely enough, because of these, I didn’t like Japanese tradition before when I was younger, because my arrogant ego which would never bow to anyone overreacted and defeated me to leave this culture, so I left Japan. My arrogance took charge. It was a real deep shame.

However, when I had a hard time in my life two years ago, Kendo and meditation helped me. My ego and arrogance didn’t remove my negative emotion. Bowing is the outward expression and removing blockages is the inward expression. Only these two activities have released my emotion (anger, rage, and even fear), thereby depriving other people of the opportunity to take advantage of my own behaviour.

It has provided me with security, serenity, and concentration in the unknown world I’ve never experienced. Then, they gave me room to face myself. My Kendo teacher said that martial arts is not about defeating others. It is about disciplining yourself and governing your mind. It means that you must defeat the person you were yesterday. Meditation works the same way, right? Satchi!

Finally, I express my heartfelt gratitude to have the opportunity of meditating to my meditation teacher, Satchi. Then, I manifested what to do in this meditation. It seems vitally important to show the purpose to my mind computer and all connections. Otherwise, I will be easy to lose in indulging memories, illusions, delusions etc. So, I declared that I will dive deep down and remove blockages and activate my DNA.

I was aware and ready. I deeply dived into the infinity of chakras below the Centre of the Earth, where the bottom of the DNAs were. Since I found the hidden door inside a molehill and opened it with the key which was given by the released angel. There was a vast space and the DNAs were spread out before me. I’ve been working on cleaning them for a couple of weeks.

Every meditation, I could find the Satanic degeneration of black spots or threads in the DNAs. I removed them and blockages were connected to my chakras which was different each time. I applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process to the chakra and the DNA which were overlapping each other. Strangely, the quality of these blockages was different from the one which I found in the chakra itself. They were not connected to emotion or memories.

Another difference is that after removing them, these remain like cuts or damage. So I healed them with light from released angels. Sometimes, angels brought me to another blockage overlapping with the chakra. I communicated with them and cooperated to heal them together for a couple of weeks. They were totally reliable and immensely helpful.

During the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course 7- step Process to remove Energy Blockages, I always found Black Magicians in space and the Controllers of the Black Magicians who live outside this planet, which were a kind of spaceship. This is another particular difference from normal blockages.

Then, I cleaned the space of the blockages up to the infinity level. Then, I focused to connect to the highest chakra I could reach to bring light through the DNA’s. Once I did, I drew up Shakti and splashed it on the DNA’s. Then, they were turned on and activated.

This process seems like never-ending, but my instinct guided me to keep doing so. After a couple of weeks of doing this activity, I found blockages less and less and I gradually felt like I was cleaning the earth and the space and making a stronger connection between them.

Curious to say that I gradually felt that I am a part of a whole system of purification and I properly understand this is one of the purposes of my life on earth.

Is it the one you asked me before, Satchi, the purpose of the will of my intellect?

On May 3, I set off on the road trip with my 11-year-old female dog Inca, and a 24-year-old female friend we call each other soul sisters. She was the one who started to talk about spiritual matters and I’ve learnt a lot from her. Through our friendship, I understood the meaning of soul age.

We influence each other in a good way because we are very different. However, the core is similar. This trip was not the first time we travelled together. We did together a couple of times, to Japan, Budapest and forests near our home. We have plenty of time to update our current status and discover something new together. My soul needs it. Also, my guardian God told me I need to gather with women. This is the first step after receiving the message, otherwise, I normally work with mostly male colleagues and In Kendo, I practice and fight with male friends.

Another purpose of this trip was to see landscapes I haven't seen yet and meditate on them. I want to be melting into them and integrate with them. Moreover, I want to drive fast like the Wind God I pray for during meditation. Then, I could see and feel the world on Earth from a different perspective in order to find hiding blockages.

Satchi told me several times that all blockages must go. Even though I could find blockages less and less, I keep meditating to clean myself who was yesterday. Meditation carries me into the future. I decided to move forward with blockage hunting. Not just wait for blockage would show up. I am looking forward to the world without blockages, there, how would I feel In a world I have never seen before?

Although this trip was a sudden urge of my soul, I had prepared for it. I brought my car to service to check up and cleaned it inside and outside. I made backseats flat to sleep there. We will sleep in the car, this was the first time in my life. I packed the minimum amount of my needs, the most important things were a sleeping bag, meditation cushion and yoga mat.

I will drive a car to become the wind, exercise yoga before and after driving, meditate wherever I attempt, swim in the Mediterranean and purify myself in a mountain stream from the highest mountain in the Alps. Come on Blockages!

They responded to my challenge. Two days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night. My heart chakra was highly vibrating with a sort of negativity which I could not identify. It's been quite a while since this happened, surely more than a year ago. My intuition told me the inner child hidden in the subconscious has come to the surface.

She wanted to stop me from going on this trip. I can't explain it well, but something like that I was afraid or she was afraid that I won't be able to return to my previous self after going on this trip. She warned me that this was the final checkpoint whether I could go back to my old self as my “safe self” in my comfort zone. If I go over it, I will be transformed and it will change the value of my life. I will be far from the happiness I recognise.

I immediately crossed my legs and meditated. I tried to go back to the place I was just before waking up. It was filled with mist and I lost orientation. I had no idea where in my Antahkarana I was. This was the first time for me. Drowsiness hit me. I focused on breathing in order to clean this mist. I cleaned half, then I was lost. I gave up and went to sleep. Then I had a long, long dream. It was a weird dream, many hens were walking in the stream and I was watching them with the person I thought was my last inner child.

I crossed Germany from east to west. As you know, Germany has no limit on speed on highways. My soulmate gave me a perfect assist in the passenger seat and my dog was sleeping on the backseat. It was also extremely helpful. With the Sunshine from the windows and music in the air, we had gone with the wind. It was true that the difference in moving speed changes the familiar scenery completely and it renewed my conscious mind. We were super focused on the moment, which is now. We stopped the car on a beautiful hill. I did yoga.

We stopped in the rest area on the highway at the border between Germany and France. I did yoga and meditated. When I opened my eyes, the full moon had shown her beautiful face. My soulmate made a cup of good green tea. I sipped it. I slowly told her my experience in the past weeks, especially in meditation in which I remembered a recent past life when I had wings.

She is the only friend who we have talked about spiritual matters together for a couple of years. I continued to explain that it was so realistic that I knew which muscle to use to flap the big wings, especially when it took off, it required tremendous power.

Then, when I was born into the earth without wings, I felt a sense of tremendous loss. The surprising news is that my past life was highly likely an angel or alien from a different planet. It was also confirmed by Miena, who was a psychic to channel my guardian God who was a God on the planet I was there in my previous life.

Then, she started to talk about her experience. She believed she was an angel and could fly when she was until 12 years. She even tried to jump over the hill a couple of times. Wow… we talked about how to extend and flutter the wings and my soul was laughing from the heart for a while. The full moon seems smiling to listen to us. Soon, we arrived in Strasbourg and we slept in the car.

I meditated and I felt a small movement in my chakras through the Antahkarana. It seemed to be shaken. I tried to send energy to fill the gaps in order to strengthen it. I circulated energy from the top which is shining white and from the bottom which was glowing scarlet red. I felt so good.

The next day, I opened the door, and my soulmate pointed out the above. There was a big nest in the tree in front of my car. Then, a stork flapped to the sky. Two strong outspread wings caught our eyes. We smiled and understood each other with good chemistry. Ah, this is the meaning of the message I received. I must try to communicate with fewer words. Yes, I am going the right way in order to be ready to fulfil my service.

We walked around the city of Strasbourg. Then, suddenly, soft purple flowers appeared in front of me. It was Wisteria. Finally, I came across these flowers. Since I started to write chapter one of my story, I wanted to see Wisteria, but I could not find any.

Because my ancestry, my Sire's name, Sato, used the Chinese character of Wisteria, 藤. My samurai family has this shape of flowers in the family crest. I started writing the chapter called the river Wisteria, the story was that my great-grandmother who was Samurai came to me in my meditation and she will teach me what the samurai spirit was in order to return back to my life with good pride.

But I haven’t finished it. Because I was distracted by one of my male friend's Ego and my ex-husband's Ego. Furthermore, I needed to have its picture. Now, I see a beautiful picture full of Wisteria along the river. Wow, I was totally overwhelmed by this scene which I longed for. So, I meditated under the Wisteria. It was sheer bliss. I connected my soul and I filled it with Wisteria. Then, thousands of golden butterflies and some angels came down from above. Oh, my God…. It was supremely beautiful. I received a voice that said, "Finish writing your chapter!" I answered, "Yes, I must do. My guardian God!" I remembered it.

Then, we head to the south. The destination was Marseille. I wanted to visit this city for a long time, but I never visited. Marseille triggered me to go on this trip. At the very moment of the sunset, we arrived at this beautiful port city. Looking at the impressive sunset glow, we couldn’t help but sigh. Later, we moved to the beach. Sitting on the beach under the full moon, my soul mate was cooking buckwheat porridge with tomatoes for late dinner while I was doing yoga.

We finished both activities at the same time. So we ate it. It was delicious. Then, we meditated. Hearing the sound of waves and breathing the salty breeze, I reached the higher space I’d never been in my Antahkarana which seemed expanded. I crossed my legs on the green grass under the expansive sky soaking in the starry night. I was connecting there and filled with bliss. After this wonderful meditation, I went skinny-dipping with my soulmate under the moonlight.

It was a shock although it was the perfect temperature for early summer. This gigantic dark liquid took me into the uncharted world of wonder and mystery. Swaying my arms and legs in it, I identified fears and excuses which were hiding in my subconscious mind. I allowed myself to feel them, I was meditating in the dark ocean. All of a sudden, I felt a cold chill and sensed my inner child nearby and I grabbed her hand. The gentle tidal wave was lapping gently to my face. It washed away all the fears and excuses which I am feeling.

When my heart chakra was cleaned, I saw the inner child. I was holding her hand. Unlike my expectation, she was bright and powerful like a roaring thunder that would rumble the comfy bed of my stagnant routines and habits. Aha! I had experienced a paradigm shift in the night ocean.

It was me who made an unwarranted assumption that my inner child holds fears and excuses. The one who had the fears was me. She smiled at me and it was a sign she noticed my paradigm shift. She said to me “ Thank you. I'm already filled with a feeling of well-being. Thank you for listening to my voice and entertaining me a lot. You made them come true with genuine pleasure. Now, you know. You can feel everything. What kind of life will you walk from now on? It will be blessed with abundance and love.

You will tell your experiences and teach, spread and guide others. Believe in your ability to see and feel within your psychic body. Trust your intuition. You just made an assumption you didn't have it. Actually, you used that intuition to get here. Trust what you think. It is already visible. You are already starting to see the future. You can feel somehow it's going to be like this. It will happen. So don't worry.”

Then, she pushed all my buttons placed in Antahkarana. She will challenge me. She is the one who tastes like freedom and smells like my childhood dream. There was something about her liquid softness that makes me melt into her. Yes, she was like ocean, sensuous, ecstatic, sacred and mysterious feminine waters. I gasped for breath and I opened my eyes.

The next morning, It was really early morning. I went to the beach with my dog Inca. It looked completely different from the last night. It was full of energy and light. I swam in freshly cold blue liquid. I was floating for a while listening to the sound of seagulls. After getting out of the ocean, I was awakened as never felt and being myself. I felt my skin burning hot from the inside while feeling chill from the outside by the fresh morning breeze. I sat on the cold sand and crossed my legs. I closed my eyes on the beach. I must ask my mind computer who I am.

It answered that she was me. I asked who she was. It was the most stupid conversation I had with my mind computer. It answered that she was who I thought. She was me.

Now we were integrated. Now we together must push Yuko into becoming my highest self who is wise as ancient seers and playful as a child.

She is inclined to bursts of spontaneity intuitively and she will show us the joy of slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. This is another challenge. It is needed to fulfil the purpose of my life.

A heavy mission has been imposed on us.

I filled our Antahkarana with sea water I and was swimming up and down through it. I felt so crisp, fresh and free in a vast space with a sea breeze on cold sands. It was awesome that I could integrate with my last inner child in the Soul.

We drove along the coast of South France under the golden sun. After the integration with my last inner child in the Soul, the world was outstandingly beautiful and full of light.

The deep blue ocean was an enormous and absolute existence. It reminded me of the feeling after the first meditation course with you, Satchi.

We were laughing all the time. We could hear all the stories that our eyes tell, which dance to the rhythm of our synchronized breaths. We stopped in Port de Saint-Tropez to enjoy freshly baked croissants with a cup of hot cafe au lait. This small port town was blooming with all kinds of flowers. We tasted ice cream. What else do we need?

We headed to Nice. Along the way to the quiet beach, we drove up to the top of the hill. A breathtaking view made me stop the car. and meditated by the surrounding dark purple flowers along the busy street looking over the ocean. I closed my eyes but still felt the heat of the sunshine.

I was climbing up my antahkarana - the column of energy encompassing all the infinity of chakras below the base to the infinity of chakras above the head on the hilltop of my Soul. There was a door.

Satchi, what does the door means? I discovered a quite many in meditation. This time, I hesitated to open it, my intuition told me that I didn’t have time for it now. I opened my eyes. It was time to go.

After spending hours on the dog beach, swimming, feeding a pigeon, giving massage to Inca, taking a nap and of course meditating, we headed to the Alps.

I am writing the part three now.

Thank you for the advice below. Yes, I am expanding my psychic body with more angels. I use all experience to remove more blockages.

Love and Light



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This is the story of Yuko Sato who came to see us for the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in 2004 whilst we were teaching in Escala a small coastal village in the sight of the Pyrenees just north of Barcelona.

So far there are eleven experiences of meditation, this is the twelfth.

Yuko Sato does the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course in Spain 2004

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Yuko Sato Fourth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Opening of the Third Eye, the Removal of Blockages, Karma Clearing Process and the access to the chakras above the head, the Soul Chakra

Yuko Sato Fifth Report -  The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Report on the Succubus Sexual Addiction Implant Blockage and the Karma Cleaning Process

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