Purifying my Soul and Body Part 2 Yuko Sato

June 10th 2023 and…

Fight with Death and Kali Part 3 Yuko Sato

June 17th 2023

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I’ve just got the first certificate of Kendo. There are 2 steps to get first Dan. My plan is to get the first Dan next summer. 

The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 4 - Mastery of Horizontal Energy Cord Connections - The Mastery of Relationships! worked so well. I meditated in Dojo before the exam. In the below picture, my Kendo teacher 7dan is passing me the first certificate. 

Dearest Satchi!!

Such a good timing! I’ve just finished writing my review. Thank you for sending the links below. It was nice to hear your voice and see you and Devis faces in the video…


I am good. I went to 3 days Kendo practice with my daughter last weekend. So, I could not finish writing my review last week. And tomorrow I will attend another Kendo practice with Japanese 7 dan teacher.

Here is my part 2.

Purifying my Body and Soul in the Blacksmith in French Alps.

I hope you enjoy it. And many thanks to take your precious time to read my review and think about me...

We were driving like a soft sea breeze through rolling mountains while looking down at the beautiful emerald-green ocean. The warmth of sunshine accompanied us so that a sophisticated shadow of my car was chasing us. Moreover, the mountain road winding like a snake is reminiscent of the car chase scene in the 007 movies. Solely focusing on driving, I felt like meditating. While passing through Monaco, the edge of my eyesight caught the colour of the ocean. It had changed into bright blue, the colour in the bucket of water with a drop of dark indigo.

"Indigo 藍" was used as a dye in Japan a long time ago, and this blue has become part of our lives just like the Japanese sea surrounding us. It is pure coincidence that it pronounces Ai, which is the same pronunciation as “Love 愛” in Japanese. Ai both indigo and love are enveloping Japan. Isn’t it nice? It is said that during the Warring States period, warlords wore dark indigo kimonos which are Japanese traditional outfits when they went out to battle, to give luck for victory. Therefore, Kendo-gi (training suit), armour and helmet are both dyed with Indigo. After tying up my helmet with strings dyed with Indigo, my fingers were always dyed with this colour. If I touched, everywhere became this colour. Even my glowing face after training became blue like fish.

This indigo-blue ocean made my imagination travel to my Soul, where there was a green hill and a door on the hilltop. It invited me to drive on that hill toward the door and explore the world behind it. So, I drove. I drove on the highway to Chamonix, and at the same time, I was driving to the door in my Soul. I existed and experienced two worlds at the same time at high speed. Those worlds were linking each other by me. I was approaching the door in my Soul. When I drove through the door, I drove through the tunnel on the highway. Suddenly it became darker and I run through the enclosed space. A glimmer of hope appeared in my mind, but it didn’t come from my thought. Because of speed!! My thoughts could not catch up with this speed and was surrendered. I was free from thoughts and illusions.

I passed through the tunnel. Contrary to my hope, the fog was rolling in. Where was the sun? A hint of anxiety grew in my heart. it didn’t yield in my emotion. Because of greater focus! My emotion could not arise in this central focus and was crystallized. With the help of the instinctive self, I understood that it was human qualities, or perhaps abilities, to be receptive to the external environment in order to survive. My instinctive self told me that I was too obsessed with them. I applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process to a glimmer of hope in my mind and a hint of anxiety in my heart. This was the record that how fast I applied the the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process. After the 7th step, angels were released and they stayed in my Soul to light up my way.

Then, a new door appeared far behind. It looked a different shape. Why again after the the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process? A slight doubt existed in my sense. It is caused by neither thoughts, emotions nor feelings. Because of a keen perception! My feeling was back to dormant. Again, I grounded the slight doubt against the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process by the the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process. Just after the last 7th step of grounding it, I passed through another tunnel, while driving through the new door in my Soul. It was raining heavily and much darker when we came out of the tunnel.

I was obviously surprised. Surprise has an intensity like fire. Fire has astonishing speed to drive me in any direction even in pouring rain. My instinctive self warned me that this intensity of fire required me to be clearly discerned, truly honest and fully aware. I did so and prescribed the the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process for this intensity of the fire. Along the way of the the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process, I noticed that behind every door might be another door, like endless forest road signs on the highway when I entered Italy. All road signs turned into Italian, however, I understood the meaning of the signs.

Yes, that’s it. I was so preoccupied with the differences between others and me that I hesitated to do some actions. It didn’t matter that each door in my Soul has a different shape. My intuitive self encourages me, “Don't hesitate to have a strong resolve for what you believe. It is that could be a significant part of the current spiritual work that you are driving through your Soul is learning to see through your unfair and untrue treatment of your own self. Who you thought you were, what you thought you were doing, what you thought you were supposed to do, how you thought you felt the things that you believed, the things that other people tell you should believe and the things that you are convinced yourself that you believe.”

I kept driving for a couple of hours. I drove through many tunnels on the highway and doors in my Soul while breaking down some perceptions, false beliefs and ideals, illusions and the story that I’ve told myself the image of reality that I had by the the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process and driving on the highway. Isn’t it fantastic? They were all shattering. The keyword for this drive was a ruin.

Slowly I reached the last door after sometimes stopping to rest in service areas, looking back at a distance I left behind. It was around 23:00 hrs. We had already entered the territory of the Alps. I couldn't see them in the darkness, but I was breathing the overwhelming presence of the Alps. The reason I recognized this door might be the last was that was very special for me.

In my Soul, I entered a huge hall surrounded by many sliding doors which were beautifully painted the colour of blue ocean. It was a main hall in the Toshodai temple in ancient Nara in Japan. It was founded by Ganjin who was a Chinese monk who helped to propagate Buddhism in Japan. In the eleven years since 743, Ganjin attempted to visit Japan six times. When he finally succeeded on his sixth attempt he had lost his eyesight as a result of an infection acquired during his journey.

These sliding doors were painted by Kaii Higashiyama (東山 魁夷) who was a Japanese writer and artist particularly renowned for his Nihonga style paintings.

Higashiyama Kaii, Toshodaiji Miei-do Murals: The Sound of Waves ...

More than 15 years ago, I was there with my mother just after the first Energy Enhancement course. I was so fascinated with the beauty of this ocean with the colours that gave a feeling of transparency and deep tranquillity. This blue connected to the spiritual world and gave me the tendency to get closer to the spirit world. So I attempted to meditate there. Of course, I did the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process.

I safely stopped the car side of the empty road just before the Mont Blanc Tunnel. It is a highway tunnel between Italy and the Mont Blanc mountain. It is 11.611 km in length. After the tunnel, we would reach our destination. Before entering this long tunnel, I wanted to meditate properly to prepare for this last destination. After ruining the things I created in my life, I broke myself free from those. I was urged to sit, cross my legs and properly meditate in this spiritual hall, where I reached the awe inspiring blue sliding doors.

I closed my eyes and created psychic protections. I dived into the time I was there 15 years ago. I circled myself 15 years ago and applied the the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process to myself. I filled all my chakras with energy both from both opened and soft ocean and immovable and mysterious mountains. I circulated this energy between the universe and the earth.

There was my mother in the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process. I was so glad to see her again. These two years since she passed away, I meditated about her many times, especially using the Energy Enhancement Level 4 Energy Cord techniques. Recently, I hadn’t seen her in my meditation. I hugged her and transferred love to her. She smiled and looked like wanting to say something to me. But I woke up.

My soul sister was sending a message to her mother. She said that she did it to make her mother happy. I turned on the engine of my car. I sensed irrational jealousy while starting my car. Unlike me, she has a tight-knit family who love her very much. I accepted the reality and released it into the ocean of the sliding doors. Such a small amount of jealousy didn’t change a tone or colour. I had a yield to it rather than resist it. I drove slowly through the Mont Blanc tunnel, whilst I was in Shikantaza just sitting in front of these ocean sliding doors in my Soul. While I drove 11.611km, I never met any cars. We were alone in this long tunnel through Mont Blanc. At the same time, in my Soul, I was approaching the last sliding doors.

Around 0:00 hrs under the full moon, we reached the yoga place. I parked the car and I opened the door. The sound of a waterfall hit my eardrums and the chilled moistured air flew into my brain. Both eliminated tiredness after a 5-hour drive. We picked up the key from the mailbox and entered the room. For two days we would sleep on the bed. I had a shower and meditated on the bed. I was listening to the sound of the waterfall and I was sitting in the hall with blue ocean sliding doors. I stood up and approached the sliding doors. I sat at the side of these and bowed. Then, I opened them. I was entering the entire place and I was seeing myself in the content of the entire something. It was a humbling experience. I got a sense of how small I really was. There was an inner light within me and through this light, I was in touch with this entire something. Then, I fell asleep.

The next morning, unbelievably, I woke up extremely refreshed and remembered the dream vividly at my fingertips. I spent the entire night doing the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process in my Antahkarana while I went up and down. Surprisingly, it was a very natural process and it resulted in me being pleasant and healed. And just before I woke up, I was connected to someone who had been in my previous life. He told me to keep going. The vibration of his voice opened my memory and I was explaining to him the great purpose of my life before I was reincarnated on Earth.

He warned me that I might be lost on Earth. Therefore, I should know in a relative way that there are things that can hurt me. I may feel like I was one with the universe and I was the same as this infinite power. But down there, on Earth, in this relative space, I could still be hurt. I could still run out of energy. I could still get injured and sick. There were still powers and forces and entities and elements that I couldn't overcome.

I still was a human living, human existence. I might feel like this infinite force but I was also just a human force and as a human, I have some frailty, I have some vulnerability. So I have to be smart about it. I should not shrink away from any of my challenges. I should try to maximize the energy I could receive. So, it definitely confronted my fears. Confronted that which restricted me. But be smart about it. Be reasonable. Be practical. I couldn't break down a brick wall by just running my head into it. At that scene, I was calling him Ashtar.

When I woke up, it was already 9:30am. I opened the window and I was astonished. Because the view from the window was the same as the painting I saw in my dream a couple of months ago. I already wrote about this strange experience of my dream. I visited the secret library and the nice old lady in the library showed me a painting. And she said that this was the one I was looking for. There was a big cedar in front of the bright scenery. The view from the window I was seeing was quite similar to the painting. I took a picture. Then, my soul sister who was sleeping next to me also woke up. Surprisingly, the doggy Inca woke up last. We had a reservation for yoga at 10 o'clock, so I hurried to take Inca outside.

The yoga facilities were great. It was surrounded by forest and the sound of a waterfall played all the time. I entered the yoga studio on the top floor while imagining what the waterfall looked like. Entering the studio with the triangular attic ceiling and white walls, the first thing that caught my eye was a large, orange oil painting of one of the Indian gods.

We practised Hatha Yoga. Compared to my regular Ashtanga yoga practice, it was slow, so that I could observe my body and maintain it by the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process on the stiff areas. Simply I cut out the hard part with a spiritual dagger I got from my great-grandmother and dropped it into the centre of the earth. Angels were released and they healed the areas. Their healing power could produce incredible effects. I realised there was no stiffness in my right thigh which I had for a long time.

After the yoga lesson, we finally went to the woods and discovered the waterfalls. Of course, I went into them. The spring water that flowed out of Mont Blanc was bitterly cold. After exercising in Yoga, my hot body seemed to emit water vapour like even I could hear the hissing sound. I put my head deeply into the waterfall, I became immediately numbed. I was ruining my old body and it was high time to be reborn inside and outside.

I came out of the spring stream and lay down on the yoga platform in the middle of the woods. I was reborn! Then, I practised Ashtanga yoga breathing deeply fresh forest air while the sun was heating my skin. My new body which had just been cooled down by the waterfall gradually heated up.

I closed my eyes and imagined the blacksmith process. Strangely enough, I was like a Japanese sword, warmed by the heat of the sun, cooled down by melted snow spring water from the Alps, beaten by yoga and I was purified. I repeated that cycle a couple of times. When I finished the primary series of Ashtanga yoga, my soul mate made a cup of hot tea. I sipped it and the warmth of tea went through my body. It was a sign to meditate.

Satchi, I was ready to meet my higher self. My fear, anxiety, surprise and hesitation all had purified me. I was so pleased to meditate at that moment. This was planned before I came to the earth. Every single cell was activated, my DNA was sparkling, and my chakras were glowing. I could see thought all in my Antahkarana which was shining and transparent like colourful froggy eggs.

I travelled in space. There was the sun in the middle and six different coloured points located around the Sun. The Sun contains all the power around which which everything else rotates, everything else depends upon. We get our light, our life and our love from that Sun. The sun is what makes all of these other planets go around. The vision showed me that all of these other planets are the different aspects of my internal energies. But also all of the different aspects of my life externally. This is a new reality. If I were this Sun in infinite space, what are the planets that I am attracting to myself? What is it that I am manifesting? What do I want to surround myself with? What does my solar system look like what are my planets?

At the end of the meditation, I received the message to keep water energy and utilise it well. Then, I saw a large rainbow in the space. I opened my eyes.

At that night, we were talking about the painting in the yoga studio while having late dinner. My soul sister said that it might be Kali who was a Hindu goddess. She is considered to be the goddess of ultimate power, time, destruction and change in Shaktism. Because of the colour of the skin and she was stepping on somebody. I was not familiar with this goddess, so I asked her about this goddess. She explained that this goddess could take their lives and also give them lives too.

My soul sister explained why she was interested in this goddess. Because she was interested in death since she was small. She has never been scared of death. Even she could take the dead body of wild animals and open their body without any fear. She believes that death was the end of cycle of life and also the beginning of the new life cycle.

I’ve just experienced the death of my parents two years ago. Suddenly, I remembered feeling an unknown fear. My 24 year old soul sister smiled holding my hand. She didn’t feel any fear of death and she said she could be good with death. I thought she was talented.

Before sleep, I meditated on the bed. I imagined when I was about to die and I applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process to the concept of death. Until now, I’ve never thought about it. But it was critically important. During the Energy Enhancement Meditation 7-step Process, I released many angels. They brought me to my parents who stayed in my Antahkarana. I hugged them and said I loved them so much. They smiled and thanked me. Then, my mother said that it was time to go. She witnessed my transformation and she didn’t worry about me anymore. I hugged her and my father. I thanked them sincerely. They flew up to heaven.

I noticed I was crying.

Love and Light


Yuko Sato Fight with Death and Kali

June 17th 2023


Dearest Satchi,

I’ve just finished the review. Then, I watched your video about Durga and Kali. Now I understand why I fought against Kali. Thank you. Please read my review and tell me what do you think. I appreciate your opinion.

It was very interesting meditation and you were there.

Fight with Death and Kali Part 3 of my road trip

The following day felt wonderfully soothing. The sound of the waterfall became increasingly dynamic. It was an orchestra of water. The atmospheric air contained so much excess moisture that it was penetrating my soul as well as my body. I got up and opened the window. It was pouring with steady rain. Where did the sun that was so bright yesterday go? We had a meditation class at 9:30 at 9:15. We went to the yoga studio before breakfast.

I meditate with my soul sister a couple of times. I introduced this ancient wisdom to her 5 years ago. I am delighted to increase the population of meditation culture. She had her first experience of meditation with me when we had been to a Zen temple in Japan 5 years ago. Since I had my first EE meditation course in Spain 15 years ago, I tried to meditate as much in a Zen temple when I was in Japan. Many Zen temples offer an early morning meditation at 5:00. The first Zen temple I meditated was in Kyoto and it was in winter after I learnt the EE technique in summer. I wanted to go there with my mother, unfortunately, she had a high fever. I went there alone.

Before meditation, I had to clean up the temple barefoot with the Master even in winter. We used a simple rather primitive tool for this cleaning and these tools made creative sounds while sweeping, wiping and slapping dust. Then after cleaning our own hands, feet and throats, I re-enter the purified room and sat on the Tatami made of straw facing the Zen garden. But it was still completely dark. We meditated while the zen master was walking around me holding a flat wooden stick called Keisaku.

His steps rustled the straw mat and it was brushing and polishing my mind in which I was doing the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps removing blockages. I was indulging in the illusion during the 3rd step of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps. I hadn’t opened my third eye yet that time, I was often manipulated to be flattered around in delusion by the black magician who tried to avoid burning in the centre of the earth. At that time, the master slapped my back and shoulders. I won’t forget this momentary sting and it brought me back from the Black Magician’s manipulation. I bowed to thank him and back to the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps again.

The Zen master strikes the meditator’s back and shoulders in the muscular area. This strike is a remedy against sleepiness or lapses of concentration. Thanks to this strike, I completed the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps and connected to the Antahkarana. My nose sensed a subtle smell of incense in the air and my ear received the Zen master’s soft voice, “Open your eyes.” I did so. There was a supremely beautiful Zen garden under the morning sunshine. We enjoyed the silence for a while. After for a whole, the Zen master told me that I was leaning backwards too much. While seeing this perfect miniature nature, I understood what he meant by "too much". It was my ego trying to do better. I deeply bowed to him.

15 years later, in the Yoga studio in French Alps, breathing the experimental water music by a waterfall somewhere nearby, I crossed my legs and closed my eyes. This sound of art gave me a deep focus on the inner temple, where merkaba protection was spinning well in a steady rain and splashing happily on my spiritual body. I widely opened my chest and brought my shoulder blades back, but not "too much". My mind slowly went back to the moment just before I receive a strike with Keisaku in the Zen temple. This time in my inner temple, You! Satchi were there. You were walking around me holding Keisaku with wearing a black Koromo and Kesa in Japanese Buddhism. You started talking about the shoulder blades which you had written about it two months ago in your email.

You Satchidanand, wrote:

"Usually, I find that ghosts, dead people, live between the shoulder blades.

Either my family or people who come to me as they parasitise the bright lights.

To send them up to heaven it's nice to purify them of their heavy blockages which makes them too heavy to go to heaven.

Then I persuade them to go to heaven using their religion usually Christian either English or Spanish.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - I chant as I enfold them in my arms and take them up and hand them over to an Angel.

En nombre del Padre, Filio y Spiritu Sancti - either Spanish or Latin, same thing."


As Satchi explained, my parents probably lived between my shoulder blades in order to be in my Antahkarana. Since they passed away in 2020, I had meditated about them and the relationship I had with them, especially, since this year I started using the EE level 4 technique. It worked well that I had finally forgiven them and removed strong karma with ancient blockages. Therefore, I thought they had been released. Whether they went to heaven from a Christian point of view or were reincarnated from a Buddhist point of view unless they were enlightened. But until last night's meditation, they had still been with me in my Antahkarana.

So, they must have carried heavy blockages which made them too heavy to go to heaven as Satchi wrote before or told in my meditation now. I really wanted to heal and purify them of their heavy blockages. But I didn’t know how.

Just then, Sachi slapped my shoulder with the Keisaku which was also called "the encouragement stick". I sensed that it was a sign of “go ahead”. Satchidanand started explaining during my meditation...

"Energy cords between the chakras of two people form a relationship and are fundamental to good relationships. One can project an Energy cord by the use of your awakened Third Eye - Awakened by projecting Spiritual Energy from God down along the Energy Cord of the Antahkarana into the centre of the Earth there to burn up all your negative energy, negative emotions, and evil energy blockages."

I did the same as he explained. I could use my awakened Third Eye for burning up my parents’ negative blockages and karma.

Satchi continued. "The Antahkarana is an Energy cord, a column of Energy projected by God, an infinity of chakras above your head, through you and down into the centre of the Earth. The reflection of your Energy projection, along the Antahkarana God projection, is the burning up of all the negative energy in the centre of the Earth at 5000C which flares up to your base chakra - RECTIFICANDO, up your spine and upwards back to God.

This Energy is Kundalini Energy which illuminates your head and opens the Third Eye of Psychic vision."

"This is the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Technique - part of Babaji's Kundalini Kriyas and Bhogar's transmigration into Lao Tsu teaching the Taoist meditation, Taoist Orbit's Earth Path of the Five Elemental Pathways of the Qi - Alchemical VITRIOL.

Visita Interiore Terra Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem - VITRIOL!

Visit the Center of the Earth, there you will find the Philosophers Stone which transmutes base metal, lead, Energy Blockage Demons, into Pure Gold, pure transmuted Spiritual Energy AND THE RELEASED ANGEL. Then by changing the direction of the energy flowing down from God into the Chakra below the Base Chakra - The Center of the Earth, and the Infinity of Chakras below the Base Chakra from down to Up, along the pathway of the Soul - above the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara Chakra, into the Chakras above the Head, the Soul, Monad, Logos, Sirius, Avatar of Synthesis, through an Infinity of Chakras, back towards God!

This is the right Hand Path of Illumination, Opening the Third Eye Psychic Powers rather than the Left Hand Satanic Path of Ritual Sodomy used by the Secret Society, The Illuminati, to open their Third Eye, however, like all contaminated Left Hand Paths, the Sodomy also injects Demons into them!

Yes, I did the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course technique called VITRIOL. I could see my illumination from my head and my Third Eye opened to show psychic vision."

Satchi continued...

"I project energy down the right line horizontal connection into the chakra in the other person.

If it doesn't return to me on the left there is a blockage in the other person.

You can choose to remove the blockage."

Before using the EE level 4 technique, my Ego prevented me from understanding my parents. However, I practised this technique and finally forgave them. Then, after removing so many blockages and uniting the last inner child, I have an empathetic understanding of my parents' lives. I projected energy down the right line horizontal connection to the base chakra in my parents. It returned me to the left. I moved on to the second chakra. It didn’t return to me. I tried the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh. Thry did not return either.

I decided to remove the blockages. This is the last thing I could do for them. I manifested I would remove their heavy blockages and release them. Then, I projected myself into them.

I could see through them like they are made of glass. It was an amazing experience, Satchi. I could be objective and I could step back. I was seeing them and their relationship with me from a different perspective. I could see them from above and behind. I had a very keen sense of perception of their lives. I was very aware. I cut their chakras because their blockages covered their chakras and applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps one by one. Thoroughly, I burnt them one by one.

Many angels were released. I asked angels to help my parents to fly up to heaven. I focused on the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps and the sound of the waterfall helped me.

They were very honest and hard workers. My eyes were moistured and I felt deep empathy with them through their lives. Because of heavy blockages from strong karma and their ignorance, finally, Death came for them.


Death was there over them and he made them weaker day by day for the last two years. Poor them… Then, I encountered Death. He was a Grim Reaper like in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. He was carrying a scythe and he came toward me.

Satchi told me to use their religion, so I chanted the Heart sutra. My mother had chanted and copied it during the last two years of her life. I held a spiritual sword and fought against Death. He fought back well with the scythe. I tried all the basic Kendo techniques I had practised to pass the first certificate. There were nine. It worked the ninth one, called “Uchiotoshi”. I hit his scythe attacking me down, then I cut him half from my head. Then, I burnt his body into the centre of the earth at 5000C.

I dived deeply into the core of DNA and removed all blockages related to this Death by the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps. Because my DNA shared most of them with my parents, right? I couldn’t access their DNA directly. It was too far. During the process, I came across Death’s minions. They were quite many, but I carefully burnt all. The next step I met the God of Death. It was a bit strange to say that, but he was not a Black Magician. He has the same vibration as light, but darkness.

I understood that he was the other side of the Light, like Yin and Yang. If he didn’t exist, light couldn’t exist. I bowed to him and sincerely requested my parents’ release. He answered me they had been released already. I thanked him, but I grounded him. Simply, I did, and then I completed the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps. Many angels and lights appeared. Wow… I sent it all to my parents. I saw them wrapped with lights and angels were flying around. I thanked them and I received their love from the left side of my chakras.


I thought it was over. I was about to open my eyes, a woman appeared in my mind. She was not a part of Death. She had dark skin and four arms. I thought she was Kali. She was aggressive. She was quite powerful and sent images of some possibilities of my death I could imagine. Some of them were grounded in last night's meditation, so I did the same. Then, she sent the image which was me dying alone in nowhere looking up at the sky. The image touched my chords. I was so overwhelmed that my eyes got moist.

Just then, Sachi slapped my shoulder with the Keisaku again. It brought me back to fight against Kali. I wrapped this image with DNA strings which I had just cleaned and poured energy from the centre of the universe on it. Then, I dropped it into the centre of the Earth in front of Kali.

I was holding my spiritual sword toward her and staring at her without any blinks like Kendo fighting before an attack.

While I kept my distance where approaching one more step allows me to strike her, angels were released. These angels covered Kali. It was a slight opening, I struck her and grounded her into the centre of the earth. I completed the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Seven Steps. Angels were released much more than I’d ever seen.

Satchi’s voice came to my mind. It was triggered that a great stretch of mother nature lay beyond my heart chakra, just like the Zen garden I saw in Kyoto

Satchi said:

"Weeding the Garden.

Once Ancient blockages are gone, they are gone forever and good riddance. However, as we walk around and interact, we pick up blockages. So, sweep the Antahkarana and body regularly for pickups and remove them.

For instance, today like many days just meeting people I was talking to a sannyasin of Hare Krishna and I felt the Ghosts surrounding her psychically. Somehow these Energy Blockages were absorbed by me so I had to transmute them and send them up to Heaven "

Meditation was over. Before we leave this studio, I asked who was in the painting in front of us. Benoit who was the owner of this Yoga place answered that it was Shiva. Actually, he was Shiva, not Kali.

“Yes, Shiva as Nataraja the Cosmic Dancer is dancing the destruction of Energy Blockage Demon Seeds…

- just as Saint Michael is spearing demons.”

Just as Energy Enhancement Meditation is opening the Third Eye to create Psychic Powers to destroy All Energy Blockage Demons.

Enlightenment comes when All Energy Blockage Demons have been removed.

Psychic Powers are the Next Step of Human Evolution” - Satchidanand

After a big breakfast, we enjoyed beautifully poached eggs on freshly baked bread. We headed back home in a steady rain.

I received an email from my Kendo teacher. He travelled to Japan with his 15-year-old son to see his 82-year-old teacher. And he and his son would participate in the Kendo competition in Kyoto. He expressed his sadness when he saw his 82-year-old teacher become so weak and that he might lose his teacher near future. He explained that his teacher was like his father, best friend and the greatest man to him. And he expressed his sadness to me because I am the only person who could understand his sadness.

My kendo teacher might be the strongest man in the Czech Republic and he achieved so many things than me. He built his own Dojo in his house and he has three children. Such a person thinks I am the person who can share his sadness. Wow…

I meditated about him and his sadness. Because sadness was the first step, loneliness was the second step and then, fear will come. It will be a long way for him, but everybody has to deal with it by himself. I believe that it was one of the tests which God gave.

Love and Light


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