Energy Enhancement Meditation Student Yuko Sato Report 13

I washed all men in the world in my spiritual waterfall basin on top of Antahkarana, explaining how the Psychic Powers gained by the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course have changed my life.

Yuko Sato Jul 16, 2023,

Dearest Satchi,

How are you? How is life after returning to Argentina? Have you recovered from your fatigue?

I hope everything is fine.

I have had a wonderful meditation every day.

My daughter teaches me the Czech language once every two days and we are going to England for two weeks. It is absolutely amazing. I am so happy. Thanks to the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 4 techniques, I burnt all old toxic relationships and started a new one with my daughter.

I created a special pure friendship with my Kendo teacher. It is funny his name is Indra after your last article...

Here is the review. It is long because it spread over two weeks. Finally, I finished.


I was sitting on my heels on the smoothest wooden floor in Prague. This floor is silk. Like the silk road, it was connecting the West to the East. There, I was at the beginning of the first lesson after Indra, my Kendo teacher came back from Japan and after I came back from France.

There was Patrik who was first dan, Petr who was third dan and me. The total was only four fighters. A small even number means that practice would be harder than normal. We always could find a pair, which means we cannot rest.

Furthermore, Indra wore a different spirit today. I could feel him sharper and toning up more than before. Yes, I could smell something Japanese from him. He said loud, “Seiza!” which means to sit on your heels, but in Kendo to meditate for a while. We meditate before and after the practice. I closed my eyes with Dhyāna Mudrā which was the same Mudra Satchi taught me and my favourite. I connected to Gaia and awakened the Kundalini Dragon and rode on it.

As I did on the way back home from France, I was going up in a spiral circle anticlockwise to activate all chakras with it one by one along with my DNA spiral. I love this moment. It is a sort of ritual before fighting. I bowed to golden angels who protect each chakra so that I could do my best in this fight. Especially, to the second chakra, the sacral chakra and the sixth chakra, the third eye, because they are extremely vital for swordsmanship. So, I circled in those two chakras and I deeply resonated with their vibration and colour.

In Kendo, the sacral chakra is called “Seika Tanden” which is a term of Chinese medicine. Good teachers always advise us to squeeze this part during practice all the time and to move our bodies by this chakra. When we move our body, we move this part at first, then this chakra pushes the other body parts. Even, they told us to attack with this chakra, not a sword. Because this is the way to attack the fastest and then the sword reaches the furthest.

I don't use this chakra fully and was far from this state. I had tried to strike so much, that my upper body was overstrained. The teacher advised me that the upper body should be rather relaxed, but the lower body tense just like before the bow is released. I just noticed that I was in the opposite state in the last lesson before the trip to France.

When we look at the opponent, we use the third eye. I have a Japanese Kendo teacher who lives in Viena and he taught me to see the opponent with your spirit. I understood that is the third eye. I looked at my opponent with my eyes and at the same time, I was seeing him inside with a spiritual eye. Then, both sights overlapped.

When I sensed a change of emotion or focus, I immediately attack using instantaneous force without hesitation and doubt. Otherwise, how can I strike faster than other fighters who have 1 Dan, 3 Dan and 6 Dan? It is too late after you notice the beginning of the movement with physical eyes. Unlike the second chakra, I am good at using the third eye, and even my teacher noticed this.

After declaring to use all my energy and chakras for fighting on Kendo's battlefield. I heard the word "Yame: stop" and bowed three times. The practice began. Immediately, I noticed the change in my teacher’s Kiai voice. It has different wavelengths of vibration. It immediately hit my throat chakra. My soul was thrilled.

Kiai is simply yelling and we yell before the attack in Kendo. Kiai-気合 is made of two characters, “Ki – 気” which is energy, and “Ai – 合” which means to unite or join. It is a state of being connected to the full spirit above, the whole body and fully united with one’s mind. Without Kiai, we cannot fight in Kendo. It is totally unique and unusual yelling in normal life. I was completely knocked down by this Kiai on my first visit to Kendo training on January 11, 2022.

When I arrived at the Dojo, around 30 fighters wore AI - Indigo colour kimono - and sat on their heels in a half circle. Indra sat further back near the Japanese flag and waved to me. I took off my socks and shoes and bowed before stepping on this silk-like wooden floor. The cold wooden floor conjured up the memory of the floor in the Zen temple in Kyoto.

I joined their circle. All Japanese learnt this manner since childhood. Indra said "Seiza", then, all fighters closed their eyes with Dhyāna Mudrā. I did the same. I saw my great-grandmother behind my eyes. I breathed as slowly as possible to calm myself down and when I counted 33, Indra said "Yame: Stop!" and "Bow in front", and then all 30 fighters held their bamboo swords and changed their angle to the Japanese flag. All at once, they stood up from their right leg and bowed perfectly 30 degrees. Then, they kneeled from the left leg and sat on their heels. I felt my dignity and pride waking up. "Put on your helmet!" said Indra. I gazed at the scene in which 30 European people transformed into Samurai in Indigo.

They screamed Kiai which I've never ever heard. 30 fighters Kiai struck my Vishuddha chakra. It punched my throat chakra straight. This spiritual attack was like suddenly being doused with a bucket of cold water on me. I was awakened. It destroyed my delusion which created fear and anger. I understood the past has gone, the future has not yet arrived and all there really was, was this present golden moment, where I was standing in the middle of vibration by the throat chakras of 30 fighters. My soul resonated with Kiai and I resonated with my great-grandmother's voice, "Purify your throat gem until it shines on itself!"

Since then, I have purified the gem in my throat by yelling Kiai. Cleanse throat chakra was essential for Kendo. Not only cleansing but also illuminating this gem is vital. Because we must protect it by its illumination. We always aim at the opponent's throat chakra by the tip of the sword as the ready. Moreover, there is a technic called "Tsuki: Thrust into the throat.

My throat chakra was completely blocked before I started Kendo. That is why I had a hard time with my parents and in my marriage. I couldn't express myself as well as receive their messages. I was advised to yell stronger without hesitation by Indra for a couple of months. I didn’t expect that overcoming my hesitation took so long. I thought I was not the one who hesitated to do things, but I did.

Although Kendo practice helped, I removed many blockages in my throat chakra using the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course 7-step Process, it took almost a year to finally find my inner child subpersonality hiding there and then grounding it's negativity and fusing it, integrating it with my Soul. (I already wrote about this particular meditation in my review.)

Since this integration, I could feel the hesitation of my opponent in the throat chakra and tune it to the wavelength of the opponent in order to detect the perfect timing when the slightest opening arises. It was a vital skill for me who has less power and experience than the opponent.

Now, my soul was thrilled again with the new energy and vibration my teacher obtained on his Japan trip. His email drifted through my mind. My soul empathised with how hard he practised facing his sadness that he might lose his great teacher sooner. I was glad. I was really excited to feel his growth.

After one hour of regular practice, we started Jigeiko, which means we fight like in a match. The first opponent was my teacher. He stood like something different than before. My mind computer detected the difference. Yes, it was the density of his aura. My soul was a tremor of excitement with this density.

I stood in a way he taught me in front of him. I made my upper body relaxed, especially my arms and I squeezed the first and second chakras like when I meditated. I kept both my heels up, the right foot in the front was up 1 mm from the silky floor and the left foot in the back was up 2 cm. My body weight was located in the middle of both feet, but the attack originates from the left foot which kicked the floor. It would push the second chakra forward, then it would create a swift attack. I created a strong line from the centre of the earth, the Kundalini chakra, the upper part of my left foot, the base chakra and the second chakra.

He yelled Kiai first, and so did I. It resonated with clean vibration and harmonized with his one, while I was fully focused on my teacher’s move and his planned movement. I was watching him through my third eye. I could see his chakras as if it made of glass through my chakras.

His solar plexus shone, and I struck his head, but he struck my right wrist quicker than I did. Strong pain went through my right wrist. He was quick as a cobra. We started again in Touma, which means we hold our bamboo swords just touching each other. The pain in my right wrist told me that a grain of hesitation would kill me. I fully focused and it brought me to a meditative state.

I heard my great grand mother’s voice. She said, “You are reclaiming your magic and the wisdom you have brought through from your many lifetimes.” My teacher’s heart chakra glowed, and I sensed it in my heart chakra. It released my second chakra, I moved to hit his head, and at the same time, he struck my head too.

We did “Aimen” which means we struck each other’s head at the same time just like Tom Cruise did in, "The Last Samurai". It ended. We performed a ritual squat called Sonkyo by touching the tips of swords each other after the match. Then, deeply bowed.

“Koutai: Change!” he said. We changed a partner. After changing a partner 5 times, the practice ended. I sweated like an elephant just after bathing in a river.

When we left Dojo, Indra told us that the next lesson was cancelled. Because he was going to France to take an exam for 7th dan. When I heard it, I got the vision that he would pass this exam. It might be magic I reclaimed as my great-grandmother said. But I kept silent.

At home on the bed, I crossed my legs and closed my eyes. I anticipated something dramatic would happen. After taking a cold shower, my chakras were still activated and thrilled. I dove deep down through activated chakras while seeing all colours and feeling all vibrations. I reached the Kundalini chakra in the Center of the Earth where the dragon lived.

I rode on it and circled around the Kundalini chakra and it became a hot bright stream of fire. I gently kicked the sides of Dragon’s neck and he flew above. I kept breathing and felt splashes of golden water on my cheek while climbing up the waterfall on top of my Antahkarana. It was wide and tall and was in a sweeping crescent, like the terraced houses of the royal crescent in the city of Bath, England, where I used to live next to it. Its magnificence of energy absolutely amazed me and it was pouring into my Antahkarana.

There was a golden shining part on the top of the waterfall. It was steps made of released angels!! Yes, I remembered that I had been creating the connection from Sirius to the above. I had been asking released angels for help. Wow!! I was so moved that I got closer to seeing them. I got off from the Dragon and entered into the golden realm. Angels so welcomed me and they said they were so glad that I was awakened and returned here. They seemed to know me since a long time ago. They were so hospitable that I felt relaxed and safe. It gave me sheer bliss like I was a Goddess.

I flew up with the angels. I entered the space of the universe. It was dark, but I could see the constellation further off in the distance. There was a control tower in the centre that could overlook the entire universe. The surroundings with the universe, it was a mysterious space that was transparent and made of no substance, but I could recognize their existence. It was just floating there. I understood that I entered the fields of understanding and perception, initiating the process where the project began.

I heard a voice. “Finally, you've come this far. It's been a long road. Here we had fought together and this is where we last met. Do you remember?” I saw my past life flashing in front of my mind computer. Yes, I remembered the scene of the alchemical wedding, in which the alchemical mercury combines Sulfur with salt, thus building the living gold.

It implied the basic idea of Earth, the crystallization of its powers and qualities, and the commencement of matter to be established. It was a lesson for me by him. I knew he was reading my mind, so I did. He continued, “Your work was done to get that far, thus it implies a first taste of victory, an admission that progress was made, a big step forward on the way. Though, further work will be needed to keep the achieved status and to proceed with it.” I questioned in my mind, “How?”

“You must break down the barriers around your heart, so you may vibrate at the frequency of love rather than fear. What are some areas where you are still restrained? In which areas could you use more energy?”

A vision in which fear creates a shadow which was sloppiness or neglect after a first gain was won came to my mind. I might stop in the middle of work. He read my mind.

“It is about concentrated effort in a specific area, which yields unexpected fruits as a reward. When we concentrate our energies and direct them skillfully at a single point, or hoped-for end result, we create a stream of force to which most things must eventually surrender.”

“Purification is the key to concentration. Purification is love. Love is purification.”

“Send love to those who seek it. Do not send to anyone who does not ask.” He highlighted.

“You may take it as a command to examine all areas of life until we come across the apparently immovable object – then lean on it with all our might. In so doing, we take advantage of influences beyond ourselves which act as a lever to assist us in our endeavours.

Often, the things which we need to focus on during periods like this will be ones where we feel negative, or thwarted, for we stand a much better chance of making good progress. Look for areas where you feel overwhelmed, overworked or inadequate, and then target them all day! You'll be amazed at what it's possible to achieve.”

“To direct all your energy towards a goal, find and remain aware of what you want! Your Will flows in a perfect stream of force, like the living gold of a waterfall.” Again he emphasized. Angels came to pick me up. I fell into the stream of a golden waterfall. Then, I fell asleep.

“I passed!” Five days later, I received a message from my Kendo teacher. I felt really happy about his result. I admired his strong focus. I felt as if he had just implemented the advice I had received five days ago and showed me how to do it with a superhuman level of concentration.

His text continued, “See you in the three days of training this weekend!” I plan to join this training with my 14-year-old daughter. Since our separation in June 2021, this is the first time I will stay 3 nights with my daughter. Moreover, we will practice Kendo together. Isn't it amazing? I will finally enjoy the fruit of my labour. The beautiful labour is called the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 4 techniques to Master Relationships, energy cords, connecting with others' chakras, removing the blockages in others, the work of a Master!

At night, I was meditating on the bed. I began by creating Merkabahs in the centre of my head. I spun one clockwise and another anti-clockwise to gain energy from both the universe and the Earth and make the Merkabah bigger and bigger until I could sit inside. Then, I made four copies and compressed them with my hand to create a thin sharp blade. I placed them around my Merkabah protection. They were a powerful protection Satchi taught me. They gave me safety. Then, I thanked all who support me that I had some advice on purification, concentration, opening the heart chakra with love, sending Love etc. I applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course 7-step to all. It took a while. I directed all my energy towards this step, in order to find and remain aware of what I want.

Before my goal was to fix the relationship with my daughter. Thankfully, it has been recovering. Before my goal was to connect to my higher self and guardian God. Happily, I have connected them. Before my goal was to know my purpose in this life, Successfully, I have started remembering it. Now, I questioned myself, "Do you know what your highest goal is?" My mind computer said, "Carefully review whether what you call profit is completely in line with your ultimate goal." It was interesting.

I finished grounding all into the centre of the Earth. Unexpectedly a lot of angels were released. That meant that I was looking at those concepts of advice with colour-tinted glasses. Anyway, I asked the angels to help create the golden steps above the waterfall. They smiled and flew above. Again, I focused on breathing and circulating energy within my Antahkarana to purify it. I got a pinch of intuition. Let's apply the the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 4 techniques to all men in this world. This would be an invitation to break my “Frog perspective” or "a pair of colour-tinted glasses" to take my relationships to a higher level.

I circled all men in the world with my golden dagger which my great-grandmother gave me. I cut the connection between us. I dropped them into the waterfall basin on top of my Antahkarana. I called the Dragon from my Kundalini chakra and asked it to dive into the waterfall basin and stir all. They were washed and purified by this living golden energy and my Kundalini energy which I obtained after removing so many blockages below the base chakra and then I was about to drain all into the centre of the earth. Then, I found a big black stone at the bottom of the waterfall basin. It had been blocking the stream into my Antahkarana! WOW! It was a blockage! I had wondered why I didn't feel the strong living golden energy flow in my Antahkarana from this waterfall. Yes, now I understood. There was a blockage.

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I tried to remove this black stone carefully, it looked like a volcanic stone. As soon as I removed it, all men washed in the waterfall drained into the centre of the earth through my Antahkarana. I connected to the energy source as high as I could reach, and I poured it into the waterfall basin continuously. I prayed to purify everything including all my chakras in the Antahkarana. As it reached the centre of the earth, I heard the enormous sound of SSS and golden water vapour covered me. It felt like I was in the Temascal sweat lodge. It cleansed my aura.

I applied the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course 7-step to them. I went all around the globe to catch the minions of the Black Magician and dropped them into the centre of the earth. Millions of angels were released. I flew up with them to find the Black Magician. I knew where my longstanding enemy was. I reached the top of the waterfall. Now, so many angels created the steps to the space where there was the control tower. So, I reached without the dragon. Anyway, he was tired after stirring the waterfall basin now. I stood at the control tower.

A big futuristic spaceship was approaching from the constellation. I imagined a beautiful strong spiritual bow. I aimed at the spaceship while pulling an arrow. I transfered energy from my Antahkarana into the arrow through my arms. I counted my breath, one, two, three! I released the arrow.

It hit the spaceship. It exploded. I put four energy pillars around it. The four energy pillars sucked the explosion and dropped it into the centre of the earth. I was watching it burn. This was the root source, cause, of when I was swept away by my emotions and failed and when being overwhelmed by my emotions made my life difficult.

Now the controller, I knew the controller was that black stone. It blocked the real connection between my guardian god, my higher self and me. It made my perspective narrower and made me think I could get happiness only from a man. I Never thought that I could get "a state where one can maintain peace of mind no matter what happens" by me without a man. I declared that I would purify this mindset and all memories by burning this black stone using the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course 7-step. After that, I would be completely neutral and independent. Then, I dropped it.

A beautiful giant angel was released and he came close to me. He hugged me and showed me a beautiful gemstone which was shaped like a water drop and a dark indigo blue. Then, he placed it on my third eye. The indigo gem talked to my third eye, "If your knowledge and creativity are filled with love, you will gain something from every situation. The deeper you delve, the more comprehensive your insights will be. God is the Unknown, the Mysterious. The more you know that you do not know, the closer you are to the Divine."

I completed the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course 7-step. I was on a planet with beautiful blue-indigo water in the middle of space. I was with them in harmonisation. They existed without bodies and understood each other as quickly as a blink.

"If you open yourself to life's bounty with gratitude, everything that happens today serves your growth. The more you give, the more you get. Take up chances to serve with the sure knowledge that the things you give with love are the ones which build a bright new world."

I stayed for a while with them. It was so natural that I imagined we were sharing a huge brain together. Then, I went to sleep.

Love and Light,


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