The Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Elite are all Demon Possessed!! Part One…

Looking at the works of George Orwell, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Aleister Crowley, Sonny Rene Stermole and Aldous Huxley we can see them trying to tell the public about the way the World is run - a thread of Demonic Possession passing through their books.

JRR Tolkien

Although it wasn't explicit in The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf is an angel in Middle-earth lore. Even before the release of Peter Jackson's movie trilogy, Gandalf was one of the most famous characters in fiction. Wise, powerful and friendly, the wizard accompanied Bilbo Baggins on his journey to meet Smaug in The Hobbit and later plots the downfall of Sauron using just a handful of regular Hobbits and a wild-haired ranger in The Lord of the Rings. After Ian McKellen portrayed the character on film, Gandalf's stock rose further, transforming into a household name and cementing a cinematic legacy to go alongside his literary immortality.

Both the movie and book versions of The Lord of the Rings' story leave Gandalf's origins and powers intentionally vague. It's easy to accept magic in a world where Elves and Dwarves are commonplace, and even the wizard's resurrection from Gandalf the Grey to (the far more epic) Gandalf the White is explained without going into great detail.

To Tolkien Gandalf was meant to be Jesus Christ the son of God and his resurrection after defeating a Demon Balrog of Morgoth was meant to symbolise the resurrection of the Christ. Tolkien attempts to show his readers the power of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, descent into darkness, resurrection, and glorification in his new body.

To both Frodo and the audience, Gandalf is mysterious stranger come to aid them in a time of great peril. As with all things Tolkien, however, The Lord of the Rings only touches the tip of Gandalf's story, and his full history reveals far more celestial origins than the main narrative alluded to.

Gandalf was originally a Maia called Olórin, created by Eru Illuvatar, Tolkien's equivalent of God, at the very beginning of time. The Maiar were sent down to Middle-earth alongside another order of divine beings called the Valar to help shape the world, and wandered the land in a variety of different forms, largely unbeknownst to the Elves and men of Middle-earth. Not all Maiar were classified as wizards - only 5 of their order were selected for this role by the Valar, and the decision came as a direct response to the growing threat of Sauron - a perverted and fallen Maia.

Alongside Saruman, Radagast and 2 other figures (don't worry about them), Gandalf returned to Middle-earth, this time in his familiar grey form, and with the intention of ending Sauron's dominion. The divine origins of the Maiar are the source of their "magic," and Gandalf's resurrection in The Two Towers is also a direct result of his connection to Eru Illuvatar.

The spiritual side of Middle-earth is largely glossed over in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, with Gandalf presented more as a mystical old man than a servant of God sent from the heavens to restore peace. Indeed, the existence of Eru Illuvatar, the Valar and Maiar is explored in more detail within Tolkien's posthumously-published The Silmarillion, and in some of the appendices that now accompany editions of the famous trilogy. While the truth of Gandalf's existence isn't necessary to the core story, it does add context to the happenings in The Lord of the Rings, and lifts the aura of mystery surrounding the wizard. However, those who only dipped into the main trilogy would be left mostly unaware that Gandalf (and by extension Radagast and Saruman) were actually the closest thing to an angels in the tapestry of Middle-earth.

Even in deeper Tolkien lore, the Maiar aren't explicitly labelled as "angels," but the parallels between Middle-earth spirituality and real-world theology is clear. Eru Illuvatar is essentially the monotheistic God of Christianity and other religions; an all-powerful and all-seeing benevolent ruler and creator.

Meanwhile, the Valar serve as an analogy for archangels, the most trusted and loyal of Eru's servants and higher in rank compared to the everyday angels, the Maiar, whose job is to serve the mortals their master created. Furthering the parallel, the Valar Melkor (later known as Morgoth) is akin to Lucifer - a former archangel who grew hateful and attempted to enslave and corrupt God's creations.

Sauron, demon perverted Angel Maia, servant of Morgoth, is thrown out of the body he has possessed when he loses the One Ring and in finding the Ring again, he proposes to enter a new body, possess a new body and rule over all the Earth forever.

The Orcs are degenerated and perverted bodies created by Sauron to be the hosts of Demons.

The religious analogy runs deep, but serves no real purpose to the main story of The Lord of the Rings. Had Tolkien's landmark trilogy fully explained Gandalf's origins and divine stature in the midst of Frodo's quest to destroy the ring, the character might not have attracted the same level of popularity, but it's interesting that a figure most fans recognize as the archetypal fantasy wizard is actually something entirely different.

GANDALF: Edoras and the Golden Hall of Meduseld. There dwells Theoden, King of Rohan...... whose mind is overthrown. Saruman's hold over King Theoden is now very strong

Gandalf, angered, throws off his grey cloak. Theoden is thrown back by a bright white light emmanating from the psychic body of Gandalf

GANDALF: I will draw you, Saruman, as poison is drawn from a wound. (he thrusts forward his staff, which throws Theoden back in his chair)

THEODEN: (Saruman speaks through Theoden) If I go, Theoden dies.

GANDALF: (still holding forward his staff continues to move closer to Theoden) You did not kill will not kill him.

THEODEN: (Saruman still speaking) Rohan is mine.

GANDALF: Be gone.

Suddenly Theoden jumps from his throne, lunging at Gandalf. Gandalf thrusts him back with his staff and as he does, Saruman is drawn from Theoden's body and is seen thrown across the floor in Isengard. He pulls himself up and his face is bleeding.

See - The Hubris of Morgoth and The Rings of Power - the Story of Fight against Sauron a Demon who lives out of the Body, thrown out of the body by having the One Ring cut off his finger by Isildur

Jupiter Ascending talks of the Harvest when all the people in the World are Harvested, killed, murdered, to obtain the Energy which will allow the Elite to live forever… Immortally!!

In my Red Pill University Level series of Satanic History - currently Eleven Volumes of Against Satanism - we can see how the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Elite took over the World.

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Part of the beauty of Gurdjieff’s master work, Beelzebub's tales to his Grandson, is that not only does he describe the energy blockage problem we all face as inheritors of the crystallized consequences of the properties of the energy blockage organ Kundabuffer, but he provides hints and keys about how we can ultimately dissolve these energy blockage crystallizations. One such key to eliminating these energy blockages from one’s presence appears in the story about the labors of the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash.

Ashiata Shiemash was a messenger from Our Endless Endlessness sent to Earth to assist the three brained beings here to free themselves from the effects of this energy blockage organ Kundabuffer. He grew up and lived in the region of ancient Babylon. Ashiata Shiemash determined in his observations of the contemporary humans that the way to assist humanity in freeing itself was to create conditions in which the sacred being impulse of Soul Objective Conscience could pass from the first Chakra above the Head - the Intuitive Soul Chakra, into the conscious intellectual mind. In short, he realized that when properly trained, people could use their conscience as a guide to lead them beyond the limitations of their own intellectual egoism.

A blockage in any chakra will result in a reduction in talent and energy. This is the zombie state of the average naive vampire prey.

However blockages in the heart reducing empathy, and above the head reducing conscience are implanted during ritual and through meeting and talking to people with these blockages - "stay away from evil".

For example implanted during the "Cremation of Care" Ritual at Bohemian Grove where a child is ritually sacrificed and burnt every year in California attended by presidents and every kind of ruling elite.

And as performed in all pagan religions from Babylon to Rome to Venice for thousands of years. This implantation of Energy Blockages is Ancient Spiritual Technology burnt at the Library of Alexandria and has the most grievous effects, producing the typical psychopath of the bankers and ruling classes.

Moloch, the God of a Pagan Religion, is well written about as a burning idol where babies were sacrificed to the fire. The Bible asserts that children were sacrificed at a place called the Tophet ("roasting place") to the god Moloch.

See movies The Wicker Man(2006) with Nic Cage and The Wicker Man(1973) with Saruman.

Remember that it was the heartless, soulless intellect of Eugenics invented by Professor Galton, Darwin, Huxley and Wedgewood families and promoted by all the ruling families and their Tax Free Foundations including the Rockefeller family who funded the Eugenic Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany which employed Josef Mengele - "The Angel of Death" of Auschwitz.

It was ruling class Eugenics which invented Hitler's Final Solution to the Jewish problem which consisted of Genocide, murder and incinerating the bodies of the Jews murdered in concentration camps and whose sacrificial energy was harvested by the elite.

Anyone who had a Heart or a Conscience could never implement this type of policy.

Enlightenment is REGAINING THE SOUL..


From the point of view of our work with Soul Chakra Essence, conscience is that "small still voice" within us that speaks without words. It is a voice of silence. Ashiata Shiemash’s conclusion was that if one consistently lived one’s life in accordance to the direction of one’s Soul Chakra Conscience, one would gradually dissolve those energy blockage crystallized consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer. To become aware of one’s conscience, one must learn to distinguish its subtle "sound" from the din of one’s thoughts and emotions, many of which are expressly designed to drown out this conscience voice of the first Chakra above the head called the Soul Chakra.

Our intuitive Soul Chakra conscience is a gift from the Absolute. It is our direct connection with Our Endless Endlessness. The goal of our practice as well as that of the many true spiritual traditions is to enable one to reach the state of Being in which one lives one’s life in continuous accordance with one’s conscience - a Soul Infused Being is Illuminated, Enlightened.

In such an Intuitive Enlightened state one knows exactly what to do from moment to moment because that intuitive knowing arises in one’s presence as naturally as one takes a breath. One does not have to think about what to do, one simply does what presents itself to be done.

Illuminated, one lives in the awareness of continuous connection with the Absolute. Although this goal is lofty, the first step on this path begins with Self-Observation and Meditation.

As described in detail elsewhere in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Self is the highest chakra above the head called God in some religions.

Ramana Maharshi recommended this meditational practice called by him, "The Vichara" as the search for the Self through the guided meditation using the Mantra, "Who am I" or as my Zen Master Hogen translated for me, "What is it".

Suffice to say that the pursuit of this Energy Enhancement Meditation including the Kundalini Kriyas very quickly and safely results in Opening the Third Eye, very quickly results in Psychic Powers. Very Quickly results in Illumination. This is the real Self Observation.

However Self-Observation always results in a practice in which one learns to observe the activities of each of the three brain systems, the mental, emotive, and moving/instinctive centers, and also the strategies used by sub personalities within the system called the Poor Me, The Violator and the Selfish Competitive Star. From a point of view of silent awareness one does not attempt to engage the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that one observes, one simply sees them as they are: events in one’s field of awareness.

Once the symptoms of the energy blockages are seen, it is a simple matter to remove the energy blockages by the means of the guided meditation, Energy Enhancement Seven Step process of level Two of Energy Enhancement.

As mentioned previously, one of the purposes of Self-Observation is to enable one to get a good look at the symptoms of the energy blockages in one’s own organism. One can learn to see the thoughts about oneself and the emotions that these thoughts stir up as something separate from one’s essential self. Suggestions of symptoms seen by a Master further extends this perspective.

With these observations from a Spiritual Master or from spiritual friends around you, one has the opportunity to see the activities of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer as they arise in conjunction with other beings. Together these practices can begin to open one’s awareness to the nature of one’s soul essence, which extends well beyond the energy blockage isolated, conditioned, and reactive egoistic, selfish, competitive robotic Android Dalek personality that most people take to be the sum total of who they are.


As one begins to see clearly through Self-Observation the automatic processes of one’s energy blockage conditioned android, and the removal of these symptoms by the Energy Enhancement Seven Step process, one’s contact with essence deepens, one eventually reaches a point where one can begin to make efforts of will to move beyond one’s assemblage of energy blockage mechanical habits.

As we remove the energy blockages of the selfish competitive ego we automatically start to become more enlightened. However sometimes we need to make efforts to move beyond the ego. These efforts can take a variety of forms, from physical exertions to the letting down of one’s emotional defenses to refusing to express an emotion that automatically arises in connection with a thought. One might let go of an identification one has had with a particular self-image, or one might even make dramatic changes in what one does in one’s everyday life.

Whatever the form it may take in an individual instance, the practice is the same: one is making efforts to act from soul essence rather than through the egoistic android, and one is making efforts to allow one’s essence to experience life directly. Then one is engaging in what Gurdjieff calls Being-Partkdolg-Duty. The Soul Infused Being Duty.

As the heart soul essence expands the separative I, Me Ego becomes, "WE".

We do not see ourselves as separate and superior like the Gurdjieffian term "Hasnamus",  which can be translated as, "People who have no We" no conscience, no soul, no essence, no heart - heartless psychopaths like Oligarchic Elite Hitler, Stalin and Mao whose government killed 260 millions of people in the 20th century - Democide is government murder. Governments are the biggest killers..

Gurdjieff’s story of the origins of the Energy Blockage organ Kundabuffer and the necessity of its removal can be read as the literal truth or as a spiritual allegory. What is important is that it gives us a mirror in which we can begin to comprehend that our various thoughts and emotions and our ego-centered living habits keep us in a continual state of separation from our true Self. In particular, Gurdjieff points us to a path by which we can begin to move beyond this state of separation and to regain our sense of connection with the Universe taught by Spiritual Masters in every generation, in every era of history back to the year dot.

The essence of all spiritual techniques is the Buddhafield of energy absorbed from a Spiritual Master and the stillness inside which allows you to absorb it. This ability to absorb energy comes from proximity to the Master, the Master removing some of your energy blockages and then the continuation of the removal of Energy Blockages through your own efforts. At various points in the process more energy blockages may need to be removed by the Master.

When all Energy Blockage Kundabuffers and their Crystallisations have been removed, then we reach the state of Soul Infusion or Enlightenment, Illumination.

"For those who believe in Enlightenment and Understand the Urgency of the Situation" Lord Buddha

Citizens of the World, become Enlightened.

Speed up your Process with Energy Enhancement techniques.

You have nothing to lose except your chains!!

This article utilises further articles I wrote about the Demonic Possession of the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Elite families like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds but indeed all the hundreds of Satanic Phoenician Families outed by Miles Mathis in all his articles are Mind Controlled by means of techniques used for thousands of years, from Ancient Egypt and before that in The Illuminati Formula to create a Completely Mind Controlled Slave which details, "The World which has been Pulled Over Your Eyes, to hide you from the Truth" Morpheus, Matrix Movie.

This book details the Satanic 10,000 years old process using Sodomy, Torture, Drugs and Hypnotism in order to split the mind into a 13x13 matrix of subpersonalities and to implant Demons into some of those subpersonalities from birth and before birth into the torture and drug split mind which has always infused the sons and daughters of the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires - Emperors, Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers and their policies mandated by the Satanic Elite Controllers..

They use sexual torture to split the mind - Sodomy, Buggery, injecting energy and demons into the Anus is a Satanic Sodomy Ritual to take over and possess the victim.

The Illuminati call themselves illuminated because of this Satanic Sodomy Ritual which injects kundalini energy into the base chakra through the anus which travels up the spine into the head to open the third eye however it also injects the Demon tyo take over and possess the victim who has no knowledge of this takeover.

Once the mind is split then Royal quantities of a pharmacopia of thousands of drugs known from Ancient Egyptian times but upgraded since then by thousands of years of exploration ending with Mengele a Satanic controller from the families who became the most experienced mind controller in the world. This pharmakopia including powerful hallucinogens are used together with hypnotism to expand and infuse the mind with demons.

Drugs, Hallucinogens were used in all societies taken over by Demons and instituted Human Sacrifice as a State Ritual. The Aztecs, Incas, but also Carthaginians and Rome had Sacrifice as part of their State Religions.

Anyone who comes to you pushing Hallucinogens and Sodomy as a means of Illumination is part of the Demonic Left Hand, Satanic, Path.

Aldous Huxley in his “Doors of Perception” recommended Hallucinogens but he was also in charge of the MKULTRA Program in the USA.

Aleister Crowley and his Ordo Templi Orientis - OTO - used Cocaine, Heroin, Human Sacrifice and Buggery in his Satanic Rituals. These Satanic Rituals were not new. They were given to him by the German Satanist, Theodre Reuss of the Old Religion, whose Rituals are used by the Jesuits, Bohemian Grove and Yale Secret Societies like the Scroll and Key, Wolf's Head, and St. Elmo and perhaps the most famous the Skull and Bones whose members infuse the Presidencies of the USA. They have been used for thousands of years to pervert and take over unwary people who want the truth and exploration of the unconscious.

The Bohemian Grove is a yearly Sodomy Ritual for the elite of the Planet including Presidents in the Californicating Sacred Grove of 2000 Acres of Redwood trees with the Cremation of Care Ritual to remove the energy of the heart in front of a 40Ft Statue Owl symbolising Minnerva and Molech. There they burn the image of a child on the Sacred Altar in front of the Owl in a ceremony which allows them to continue the killing and destroying they continue to do.

The left hand path of Drugs and Hallucinogens always get you in touch with demons. Buggery always injects demons as well as kundalini energy.

The Right Hand path of Energy Enhancement Meditation, Alchemical VITRIOL and the Kundalini Kriyas gets you in touch with infinite amounts of kundalini energy to open the Third Eye safely.

So the meme that Satanism is Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll is genuine!

Essentially - "Give me the Child and I will give you the man" the Jesuits - children who have been Mind Controlled will have a front personality or alter, warm and loving and from time to time the back personality will take over as a cold, harsh psychopath.

Now industrial quantities of children - evidence in the 1972 Church hearings 6 hours of video evidence to Congress available on youtube and CSPAN talking about 10,000 young children taken from orphanages and entered into the MKULTRA program - are being mind controlled to take over the World, Movies Trafficked and Taken and the Haiti Trafficking detail the abduction.

MKULTRA creates the Orcs who get taken over by demons and are used by the secret services to infiltrate and takeover Shamanism - All Shamen are Black Magicians! - any Religion or Organisation which moves against them.

This book details the methodology - to give evidence that Against Satanism - is Real!!

by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

Read this pdf book - Right click and save..


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