You can understand why all mention of these Meditation techniques - The Kundalini Key, the Grounding of Negative Energies, Alchemical VITRIOL, the Kundalini Kriyas, The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process, The Karma Cleaning Process of all the pain from all your Past Lives, Energy Cords, Energy Cord Connections, Samadhi from the infinity of Chakras above the head - as part of the Meditational training have been consciously removed from the books and from all Traditional Meditations because all the best techniques have been removed by an Elite who hold Meditational Techniques as one of their main planks to Rule the World!!

Because control over meditation is the ultimate power on this World!!

Meditation techniques - designed to fail - have been dummed down and disparaged for 10,000 years so people have no defense against a Satanic Predatory Meditation Vampire Elite. Everyone is implanted with Addiction Energy Blockagesand become energy cows for the implanters. Learn the only defense - Energy Enhancement Meditation by video or live Courses in Iguazu Falls, Brazil or Palolem Beach in India. Sign up to the Mailing List Now!!




Implant Blockages are programmed to use Energy Connections between people which are naturally formed between every human being in order to drain their energies back to the person who implanted them, either in this lifetime or in any previous lifetime, no matter how far they are away.

We have seen in meditation that the implanters have thousands of energy connections coming to them from the thousands of people whom they vampirise, rather like a telephone exchange.

They manage to get so many connections by implanting people, Succubi, Incubi, Lillith Demon Night Hags, Witches, Satanic Priests and Priestesses, or Black Magicians who act as their helpers, their collaborators, their fellow Initiates, to implant people they meet.

Any energetic psychic connection between the victim helper and the victim - the sacrifice - and their energy is channeled back to the original implanter.

Usually implant is implanted upon implant as many people have already been implanted in previous lifetimes. These people already addicted and are easier to recognise by the helper/collaborator and to implant over the original implant. People have HUNDREDS of implants!!

There are many young ladies and young men who act as the helper/collaborator/minion of the implanter. These many evolved helpers unconsciously even implant and vampirise their own children, the mothers and fathers sending the energy of their own children back to the original implanter.

The field of the dark side is sex, drugs and rock and roll. Sex and drugs, to addict people to things which will burn their energy more quickly as they send their energy back to the implanter so they can burn out and be discarded early.

Thus the creation of Drug Addiction Implant blockages and Sex Addiction Implant Blockages.

Only with the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process can ALL Implant Blockages be removed.

Initiates involved in Sexual ritual can steal energy from their ritual partners but because no matter how high their degree if they do not know about Implant Addiction Energy Blockages, How to Create them, How to spread them about, How to gain energy from the victims - then they themselves are the victims!!

These so called high and mighty, "Initiates" are the victims of Drugs, Sex, food and unnecessary excercise implant addiction blockages.

 These so called high and mighty, "Initiates" are Initiates because they are implanted with Drugs, Sex, food and unnecessary excercise implant addiction blockages.

These so called high and mighty, "Initiates" are victims of higher Initiates who are draining them of their life energy, vampirising them like normal humanity because higher Initiates think of these lower Initiates in the same way that they think of normal humanity... as if they were livestock or a slave.

If you have not been informed about implant addiction blockages then you too are a slave

..a sacrificial slave whose death is the ultimate sacrifice to Satan.

Understand how they are stealing your Spiritual Energy

First they implant your base chakra with the Sexual Addiction Blockage.

Then they stimulate you and drain the spiritual energy of the stimulation, of the orgasm, of the pain, of the human sacrifice along energy cords into their reservoirs.

Draining the spiritual energy stultifies the mind and kills you young. Any agent who distributes the Sexual implants takes a tithe of the energy but the major energy is taken by the person who makes the Sexual Implant Blockages.


The meditational technology to create Sexual Implant Blockages is ancient - more than 10,000 years old - which is why I say that meditation is the technology which runs the planet and only Energy Enhancement Meditation can save you from your fate.

This is the reason why people are all slaves, "You are a slave Neo" and are kept barefoot and back on the Reservation.

This is the reason why real education is reserved for the oligarchical elite, for the tier one satanic scientists, for the commissars and why fake news, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the history channel and the science channel is run by deluded tier two scientists and historians - All lies!

Then they stimulate you and drain the spiritual energy of the stimulation, of the orgasm, of the pain, of the human sacrifice along energy cords into their reservoirs.

Stimulation of Sexual Tantra and Taoist Sexual Tantra where they teach how to drain the sexual energy of women and men. They call it single cultivation where they self stimulate to orgasm all the parts of the body. Of course all the Spiritual Energy is drained from the Tantraist and the Tantraist dies young. Draining the spiritual energy stultifies the mind and kills you young.

I remember my friend, Professor of Law, Jose "I have been to bed with 3000 women" Maria Menna who used Tantra "Every sexual conquest is a battle, a War, to see who will orgasm first" The one who comes first is the one who is drained, the one who loses their Spiritual Energy.

Stimulation of BDSM - Bondage and Sado-Masochism usually between a Master and Sub like Fifty Shades of Grey Movie where the stimulation is Pain. They say pain acts to stimulate the endorphins of the body like a snort of cocaine. Of course all the Spiritual Energy is drained from the Slave and the Slave dies young.

You might go for BDSM twelve times but eventually you will be taken, tortured and killed as a human sacrifice.

Stimulation of Drugs as well as draining the spiritual energy through the Implant blockages Heroin from Afghanistan is a one trillion a year operation. Cocaine from South America is a one trillion dollars a year operation. Methamphetamines and Marijuana also one trillion dollars a year operations. Draining the spiritual energy stultifies the mind and kills you young.

Stimulation of Pornography leads to masturbation orgasms where the energy is drained through Implant Sexual Blockages. Watch any pornography and you will absorb implant energy blockages. Draining the spiritual energy stultifies the mind and kills you young.

Stimulation of Satanic Ritual of Sex, Ritual of Homosex, Ritual of Pederasty, Ritual of Torture, of Ritual Human Sacrifice, of Ritual Castration, of Ritual Hysterectomy, of Ritual Breast Removal. Draining the spiritual energy stultifies the mind and kills you young.

So, all these egotistical narcissist Illuminati - like drug and sex addicted Aleister Crowley who became an Egyptian Dog Priest in homosexual Rituals where he always took the role of the "castrated" passive partner. - who are taught they are so superior because they do Rituals, because they, "Choose to be Enlightened" or

"Enlightenment comes only because I choose it and believe I am already there.." in reality are filled with negativity, filled with Implant Addiction energy Blockages which send their psychic energy, vampirise their psychic energy back to their demonic Masters.

As I said before.., "We are All Totally Fucked!!"

But more than that, you can see it with the Satanic Venetian Empire - Lucifer has no sexuality being Androgenous so the program of transhumanism, transexuality, roundup pesticide xeno-oestrogens which feminises males and turn all fish and frogs homosexual.

The feminisation of language, the lesbian feminists and their Angry white male vitriol.

Since recently there has been a Cybele and Attis Venetian/British Empire/American Empire Information war against the Alpha Male Apollonian Archetype - a virtual castration of the male in the favour of the lesbian and homosexual archetypes where the socialist state takes over the role of the male leaving the woman alone forever

In service to the State - dreadfully unhappy!.

We notice female and homosexuals take over the leadership roles with television shows like Family Dad, The American Family, Third Rock from the Sun, and the Simpsons - The Simps -and many, many, more at the expense of the Alpha Male Apollonian Archetype.

Satanic Cybele and Attis Trans came from Phrygia in Turkey where came the castrated Phrygian Cap used by the Satanic Jacobins during the French Revolution to celebrate the martial homosexual corybantes who - emasculated - and this is how they want to change society! - can do nothing.

The Priests of Satanic Cybele and Attis, the State Religion of the Roman Empire, cut off their genitals in a Religious frenzy!


Industry is sent to China. Everyone us on Foodstamps. The middle class is hollowed out, Austerity is the cry!! And all the kids genitals are castrated!

And everyone sings..

Phrigging in the Rigging

Phrigging in the Rigging

Phrigging in the Rigging

There's Fuck all else to do!!

Let us All Strive for the New Renaissance.

Let us All Meditate for the New Energy Enhancement Spiritual Renaissance

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OnlyFans models are black magicians harvesting male life force on an industrial scale to turn themselves into Gods

Wow!! Look at this email Swami!!!!

I watched an interesting video recently.

It’s this girl… quite attractive, probably about 21… crying into the camera about how she can’t find a single guy who wants to date her.

Here’s the excerpt:

“What kind of world do we live in where a normal regular girl cannot find just a regular guy out here to date?

Because these guys don’t want a real woman.

They want a fantasy.

They want to live in this fake fantasy world.

They would rather jack off to some screen, to some robot, rather than actually deal with a real human being and what comes with that.

You know why? Because it’s easier.

And I am done. I’m done…”

I never thought it would happen…

But femcels are actually becoming a real thing.

(A femcel is a “female incel”.

And an “incel” is someone who’s “involuntarily celibate”.)

It reminded me of another thing I saw recently, that I was genuinely surprised by:

In 2023, there is a whole bunch of girls in their 20s who haven’t even been kissed yet.

And, believe it or not... not all of these women are ugly.

In fact, some of them are actually somewhat cute.

So what’s going on?

Why is it that even some decently attractive young women today can’t get a boyfriend?


If you’re expecting a calm and sober analysis…

You’ve come to the wrong place.

Because here in the incubus universe…

We don’t like to give you the obvious, boring takes that everyone else is giving you.

Now, normal people will say:

“It’s because all the men their age are watching porn.”

Or they’ll say…

“It’s all this political correctness. Men are afraid to approach women because they don’t want to be accused of harassment. So now women are suffering the downstream consequences of that.”

And all these answers… while probably true…

Are not interesting.

My analysis, on the other hand, is sensationalistic and lurid.

My answer for why attractive girls can’t get a boyfriend now?


Oh yes…

We’re going there.

Allow me to introduce you to the succubus, Nala Ray...

Nala is an OnlyFans p*rnstar who makes almost a million dollars a month.

She first got on incubus’s radar (which we call the incubusdar) when I saw her appear on the dating podcast Whatever.

She showed up in a catgirl outfit, looking sensational, and proceeded to mog the host and every other woman there by stealing the spotlight from start to finish.

Mogging is a slang term describing the act of dominating another person, commonly but not necessarily through the means of appearing more physically fit and attractive than them. Coined by pickup artists and initially popularized within the "manosphere," the term saw gradual popularization online in the late 2010s and 2020s.

The word "mogging" is derived from the acronym AMOG, which stands for "alpha male of the group," and stands for "dominating another person." The word originated in the pickup artist community, who advocated mogging other men as a way to attract women.

Mogging can be accomplished through various means, but commonly boils down to appearing superior to another person, be it through being more physically attractive, being in a better shape, having better clothes or being smarter than them.

Nala isn’t just hot, insanely sexual, and a nymphomaniac.

She’s also intelligent, articulate, and self-aware.

I was captivated by her immediately, because she reminded me of my ex-girlfriend, who also has an OnlyFans, and who uses many of the same mannerisms.

She’s like Borderline Personality Disorder personified.

A person with many subpersonalities all infested with demons.

And as with most BPD girls, they entrance every man they come across, because they lead with sexuality.

A sex kitten - the word coined in MKULTRA mind control which creates the sex kitten subpersonality in their victims.

These are the types of girls who jump into your lap right away.

They start talking about sex within seconds of meeting you, and they sell you the implicit promise that you will easily get them into bed…

Which, if you have any game at all, you will.

To say that Nala has a “dark side” is understanding it.

Nala is the dark side.

To take just one example, during the podcast, she shocked the hosts by explaining that cheating is her “kink”.

In other words…

She gets off specifically on cheating on her boyfriend.

She finds not just the act of sex, but the very idea of cheating itself to be arousing.

She also enjoys inducing men to cheat on their girlfriends with her, for sport.

Alright, I hear you saying.

That’s hot stuff, Mike. But what does any of this have to do with demons?

And moreover…

What’s the connection with that crying girl I showed you at the start, who can’t find a boyfriend?

Here is my basic read of the sexual dynamics of modern 21st century cybercivilization:

Nala Ray…

And other OnlyFans / pornstars like her…

Are demonic succubus Lillith demons who fascinate thousands of men but cannot retain one man, who hate babies, who love abortion. A night hag.

Call on her with this simple incantation,” Lilith, grant me the ability ...

They are almost Faustian…


They are beyond good and evil.

They are harvesting the life force (sexual energy) of hundreds of millions of boys and young men, retaining a tithe for themselves but sending the majority of the energy on to the Dark God Demon who they swore fealty to in their satanic initiation in this lifetime or in previous lifetimes..

Most of these girls are not conscious that they are performing an occult, black magic operation.

But that is exactly what they are doing.

You already know that sexual energy contains within it a divine, magical property.

This becomes self-evident to any man who practices semen retention for a long time.

Now what happens when not hundreds…

Not thousands…

But millions of young, healthy men (and, unfortunately, even boys) ejaculate while completely psychically consumed by the image of one particular woman?

The answer is that at least some of the sexual energy released in this way flows towards that woman.

It gives her power.

It feeds her.

This is no different than how if millions of people worship a particular “god”, all that psychic energy flows into that god…

And it gives that Dark God power and substance, stealing their spiritual energy so they can live immortally out of the body in private universes on the Astral plane in the chakras above the head..

The Dark God actually lives, and attains agency, because millions of people have fed it their psychic energy.

This is what Nala is doing…

And unlike many girls in her profession, I suspect she’s bright enough to understand it, at least on a subconscious level.

She is a black magician who is using modern digital technology to harvest the divine life force of millions of males on an industrial scale…

Thereby not only enriching herself...

But literally transforming herself into a kind of Divinity.


Egregore (also spelled egregor; from French égrégore, from Ancient Greek ἐγρήγορος, egrēgoros 'wakeful') is an esoteric concept representing a non-physical entity that steals from the collective thoughts of a distinct group of people.

In magical and other occult traditions, the Egregore is typically seen as having an independent existence as a Dark God who steals energy fromhis community, but in other kinds of esotericism, it is merely the collective mind of a religious community, either esoteric or exoteric. In the latter sense, as a collective mind, the term collective entity, preferred by René Guénon, is synonymous with egregore.

In the apocryphal Book of Enoch, the term had referred to fallen angels, demons, and it was also used by associated (Enochian) traditions to refer to the specific religious rituals and practices associated with these entities. Some other literary and religious works, such as The Manuscript Found in Saragossa, have also made references to these demonic beings.

The Traditionalist School philosopher Julius Evola, in his Revolt Against the Modern World, referred to an elite of spiritually aware people, Black magicians, who keep Tradition alive in the various satanic religions, as "those who are awake, whom in Greek are called the εγρῄγοροι",apparently alluding to the Watchers,[9] and the most literal sense of their name, which is "wakeful" or "awake".

The Merging of the esoteric concept with the Enochian concept to arrive at an idea of "spiritual entities" that "feed off the thoughts and energy of a unified multitude", while nevertheless having an immortal life of their own.

But guess what?

As the mafia guy in the rap song said:

“The bigger we get, the more we’re taking from other people…”

So what happens when an entire generation of young men are literally fascinated…

Fascination is a bewitchment that enables a magician or a witch to affect the behavior or life of another person. Henry Cornelius Agrippa defined fascination as a “binding.” fascination is accomplished through the eyes or energy cords projected from the third eye. The magician or witch projects a spell into the appropriate chakra of the victim . It enters the heart and takes effect. Making direct eye contact with a bewitcher enables fascination to occur. Agrippa said that the instrument of fascination is the spirit, “generated of the purer blood, by the heat of the heart,” which is sent forth in rays through the eyes, the third eye. In fascination, a corrupted blood is involved, which makes the eyes of the bewitcher appear red. In magic, fascination is especially used to project energy blockages to procure love with sexual addiction blockage projected into the base chakra, but it also can be used to cause a person to suffer misfortunes and illness. Dr. Edward Berridge, a homeopathic physician who was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, counseled people who believed they were under a spell of fascination. One of his cases involved a woman who said she was under the unnatural fascination of a man. She did not like him but could not stop thinking about him . Berridge discovered that the man was knowledgeable about voodoo magic. He then performed a ritual to break the spell: I imagined they stood facing each other and that he had thrown out currents of odic fluid [universal life force] through energy cords, which had entangled her in their meshes. Then I imagined a sword in my hand with which I severed the energy cords, and then with a torch burnt up the ends of the filaments still floating around her. According to berridge, the fascination came to an end. See also Evil Eye.

King, Francis (ed.). Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn. Rochester, Vt.: Destiny Books, 1997. SOURCE: The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley Copyright © 2006 by Visionary Living, Inc.



By Nala Ray, and by others like her?

What happens when, as a result of this witchraft, they want to stay home jerking off endlessly to give this demonic figure more and more of their life force energy?

It means…

They’re not out approaching women.

They’re not getting girlfriends.

They’re not on the market, ladies!

Sorry, Susie!

Better work on your black magic skills!

Maybe it’s time to buy some cat ears and French lingerie.

Maybe it’s time to start going grocery shopping in thigh-highs and 6 inch heels, instead of your absolutely disgusting baggy pants.

Perhaps it’s time to start squatting 5 times a week, watching 2 hours of makeup tutorials per night, and buying information products about how to give better head!

It’s a new world order, you frumpy schoolmarms.

You’re competing with DEMONS now!

My latest Youtube video:

How To Pick Up Instagram Models, No Matter Your Looks, Age Or Money


Incubus - the Pot calling the kettle black, teaching how to become an incubus yourself with, "Game"

A.K.A. the pickup professor

A.K.A. the don of direct game

A.K.A. the seduction technician

A.K.A. the most electrifying man in underground dating advice today


Friends With Benefits - Say these 3 little words to a girl and she’ll beg you to be her F-buddy, guaranteed

The Girlfriend Button - How to "mind control" any girl into your bed, using simple little text messages

It's the Pot calling the kettle black!

Succubus is a female demon Lillith - who can’t keep a man, has lots of men, hates babies and loves abortions..

Incubus is a male demon and this is the guy who cant keep a woman, has lots of women, hates babies and loves abortions.. .

Both Succubusses and Incubusses are taken over by satanic demons like Lillith the Night Hag - have been possessed by demons from the religions of the dark gods through their Satanic Black Magician minions. They take a tithe of the energy they steal but the rest is passed on to the Dark Gods who live Immortally out of the body in private universes on the Astral Plane in the infinity of chakras above the head farm the spiritual energy of humanity in order to live forever..

Witches are Satanic Priestesses who work with Sex Magic like the Satanic Palladian Ritual and teach tantra courses.

These Dark Gods need to maintain their flow of spiritual energy from humanity by managing their plantation, the Earth. So from time to time they download into a prepared body in one of the Satanic Mega Trillionaire families that have managed this planet for thousands of years by means of Satanic Rituals like the Palladian Rite.


Sodomy Rituals to inject Demons and Kundalini Energy, the Sexual Palladian Ritual to download Demons into people so they become "Fleshly Gloves" of Demons, Lucifer, Satan, Aleister Crowley

They all work for the Dark God people who live out of the body in private universes living immortally on energy they vampirise through their minions, black magicians, and their created satanic religions.

Satanic Dark Gods have stealing energy cords going into them like a telephone exchange.

Satanic Dark Gods and people who want to become Dark Gods and live out of the body, immortally in private universes on the Astral Plane in the chakras above the head have to close down their hearts become psychopaths to do the horrible things they have to do to maintain their energy. All Satanists have to perform the Satanic Rituals They have will, intellect but no Heart thus they are less than human. They Destroy all the Energy of their Hearts and steal All the Energy of their Victims by performing ALL the Satanic Rituals.


Click Below..


Like Frodo said, they are our brothers and sisters and some day they will come back to the light just like we came back in previous lifetimes because we just weren't bad enough!.

The dark Gods created the Demon Program Energy Blockages to infest the men and women who work for them, some work consciously when they join the dark side as witches, some work unconsciously when they joined the dark side in satanic rituals in past lifetimes and forgot in this lifetime.

Some don't work for onlyfans, they just vampirise their husbands, wives and children.

Some steal energy because they need to create babies and this is normal - we all share energy.