Now for the Big Picture. Pipeline Terror is part of a Straussian offensive, taking the splitting up of Russia and Germany to the ultimate level (as they see it). Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America: A Critical Appraisal, by Paul E. Gottfried (Cambridge University Press, 2011) is required reading to understand this phenomenon.


The LaRouche Exposé of Straussian `Children of Satan' Draws Blood

Leo Strauss, the German-Jewish philosopher who taught at the University of Chicago, is at the root of what later, in a very twisted way, became the Wolfowitz Doctrine, written in 1992 as the Defense Planning Guidance, which defined “America’s mission in the post-Cold War era.”

The Wolfowitz Doctrine goes straight to the point: any potential competitor to US hegemony, especially “advanced industrial nations” such as Germany and Japan, must be smashed. Europe should never exercise sovereignty: “We must be careful to prevent the emergence of a purely European security system that would undermine NATO, and particularly its integrated military command structure.”

Fast-forward to the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act, adopted only five months ago. It establishes that Kiev has a free lunch when it comes to all arms control mechanisms. All these expensive weapons are leased by the US to the EU to be sent to Ukraine. The problem is that whatever happens in the battlefield, in the end, it is the EU that will have to pay the bills.

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US Secretary of State Blinken and his underling, Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland, are Straussians, now totally unleashed, having taken advantage of the black void in the White House. As it stands, there are at least three different “silos” of power in a fractured Washington. For all Straussians, a tight bipartisan op, uniting several high-profile usual suspects, destroying Germany is paramount.

One serious working hypothesis places them behind the orders to conduct Pipeline Terror. The Pentagon forcefully denied any involvement in the sabotage. There are secret back channels between Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

And dissident Beltway sources swear that the CIA is also not part of this game; Langley’s agenda would be to force the Straussians to back off on Russia reincorporating Novorossiya and allow Poland and Hungary to gobble up whatever they want in Western Ukraine before the entire US government falls into a black void.

Come see me in the Citadel
On the Grand Chessboard, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan two weeks ago dictated the framework of the multipolar world ahead. Couple it with the independence referendums in DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye, which Russian President Vladimir Putin will formally incorporate into Russia, possibly as early as Friday.

With the window of opportunity closing fast for a Kiev breakthrough before the first stirrings of a cold winter, and Russia’s partial mobilization soon to enter the revamped SMO and add to generalized western panic, Pipeline Terror at least would carry the “merit” of solidifying a Straussian tactical victory: Germany and Russia fatally separated.

Yet blowback will be inevitable – in unexpected ways – even as Europe becomes increasingly Ukrainized and even Polandized: an intrinsically neo-fascist, unabashed puppet of the US as predator, not partner. Vey few across the EU are not brainwashed enough to understand how Europe is being set up for the ultimate fall.

The war, by those Straussians ensconced in the Deep State – neocons and neoliberals alike – won’t relent. It is a war against Russia, China, Germany and assorted Eurasian powers. Germany has just been felled. China is currently observing, carefully. And Russia – nuclear and hypersonic – won’t be bullied.

Poetry grandmaster C.P. Cavafy, in Waiting for the Barbarians, wrote “And now what will become of us, without any barbarians? Those people were some kind of a solution.” The barbarians are not at the gates, not anymore. They are inside their golden Citadel.

“What is the end goal? Digital currency, universal income, totalitarianism?” Yes, so they write in their Satanic 10,000 years old Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocrat WEF “The Great Reset” and other works..

Many assume USA is deindustrializing and deconstructing Europe to bring its industry, know-how, etc physically to the US or to buy up those assets for pennies on the dollar.. that was the classic approach of disaster capitalism. I disagree because the nihilism present now on both sides of the Atlantic is unprecedented in last century.

The US has deindustrialized and deconstructed itself over last 40-50 years. Its infrastructure was not well maintained since Nixon years. The electric grid is well over a century old. Most factories were relocated abroad, its skilled labor lost and repurposed elsewhere; neither is coming back and it is extremely hard to restart — and the same with those European factories and their putative potential to up root and restart in US.

Every week for last several years we have seen the US work hard to kill off food security (arson at 100+ food processing plants/warehouses, lawfare and financial shenanigans against ranchers and farmers, etc..), drain aquifers and water reservoirs such as Lake Mead into the Pacific Ocean or waste it on deserts such as Las Vegas, make it harder for truckers and shippers to function, deny trains to deliver necessary fertilizers, disincentive investment into the petroleum business, etc.. all these indicate a macro policy of depopulation, devolution, and no intent whatsoever to build up a people. We cannot live without energy, food, water, security.. the same agenda in motion in EU has been operative in the USA. But the US is a single country with tighter media and information control. Folks are too busy or dumbed down, less educated to notice.

That is why many say European industrialists are being lied to. There is no intent to relocate them. Most are being shunted to the slaughterhouse. And the top deciders among politicians, industrialists, and intelligentsia are aware of unsaid criminality in motion.

The Satanic 10,000 years old Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocrats are satanists part of a small club which is with the program. Preparations were made since at least 3-5 generations (see Club of Rome 1960s inspiring current Green craze). Everything’s worked towards centralization, and contrived boom-bust cycles to tighten the screws.

The Satanic 10,000 years old Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocrats have no good will toward any (see Putin above; the West is as much a target). Think of a supranational Parasite which has completely taken over the Host and is driving it to suicide. How can Europe be saved or the US benefit from its industrial relocation when the US itself has been deliberately destroyed with no medium term prospects of turning things around? “What is the end goal? Digital currency, universal income, totalitarianism?” Yes, so they write in their WEF “The Great Reset” and other works..

I hope what I am trying to convey makes sense? Entire libraries were written by the horrified about these gargoyles. It is very dark. An entire civilization in the grip of gleeful Satanic 10,000 years old Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocrat devils. The same destruction planned, executed and honed on the undeveloped world is now turned inwards on the West.. the chickens always come home to roost..



Dark Forces have used Infiltrating Bloodline Satanic 10,000 years old Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocratic Families which have existed running Global Trading Companies for thousands of years before the Birth of Christ.

Infiltrating and taking over the power structures in every country, using propaganda - emotional rhetorical religious concepts to control humanity, they themselves are Satanists, worshiping all the Pagan Gods, including Lucifer, Satan, Baal, Bel, Molech, Ashtoreth, Cybele and Attis.

All these Satanic Gods are heartless Demons who have cut themselves off from the Energy of the One Good God, who have rejected God so as to live eternally, immortally.

Therefore they control humanity so as to steal and vampirise the energies of Humanity forever!

In this book we find that over thousands of years before the birth of Christ, spook, Bloodline Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocratic Families infiltrated every country, every Empire, from their Phoenician Colonies in Ancient Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Venice and London, marrying in to, taking over or infiltrating every ruling aristocracy and aristocratic, bloodline family.

Their Phoenician sons and daughters pretending to be natives of Europe, Britain, America, India, Israel and China, using their Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaire inheritances to get into positions of power to manage and control their human cattle in every country in the World!!

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Dark Forces have used Infiltrating Bloodline Satanic 10,000 years old Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocratic Families which have existed running Global Trading Companies for thousands of years before the Birth of Christ. Infiltrating and taking over the power structures in every country, using propaganda - emotional rhetorical religious concepts to c…
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imho, the Plan is to lay waste to entire northern hemisphere.. these are not rational people nor sane times.. the satanists intend to cull and move shop to a reduced world Einstein said it of these madmen, the current of History demonstrates it, Eschatology demands it of the AntiChrist..

Russia must die in the minds of the Satanic Straussian Neocons. They will not be satisfied by anything else.

The Satanic Straussian Neocons funded the Taliban in Afghanistan, which was a proxy war against Russia. They then used the weapons against Americans.

The Neocons funded the Chechen terrorists and I have the declassified documents of Yeltsin telling Obama this had to stop. Obama tried to invade Syria because Assad refused to allow Qatar to build a pipeline to Europe. McCain was there at Maidan to support the Ukrainian Revolution and promised support for the Neo-Nazis to attack the Donbas.

Anyone who is pushing the narrative that it’s all Putin and we must wage war against him is preaching the agenda for the Deep State. They have their fake people on social media and direct the mainstream media to push their agenda. As I have said, war is just an extension of politics. The people have NOTHING to gain from war. The best we can achieve is to come home unharmed to a family that is still there.

As Henry Kissinger warned, the Donbas should have been let go. Why fight for land occupied by Russians anyhow? This makes no practical sense unless we look at this as war is just an extension of politics and this is not about the Donbas or even Ukraine. This is simply a thirst for war and it is always the leaders who create war – not the common people on both sides. This is simply a grudge match and we are in the middle.

So the answer is simple. There is no other outcome but war and it will unleash at the least tactical nuclear weapons.

The Ukrainian people should understand that they are the cannon fodder and nobody gives a damn about them or their country. This is all about the USA v Russia. You can ignore the facts. As Hermann Goring said: “the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism.” There are no peacemakers left anymore! This is not about supporting the USA or Russia. This is about supporting the people who are always the victims.

The Leo Strauss Neocon Children of Satan by Lyndon LaRouche

"The relevant delusions of Rumsfeld’s, Cheney’s, and Ashcroft’s flock, are to be recognized as an outgrowth of the fusion of two ingredients: the first, the Nietzschean fascism of Professor Leo Strauss; the second, that imperial, and frankly satanic 10,000 years old Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocratic Family H.G Wells, Aleister Crowley, Lord Bernard Russell, Hutchins, English-speaking utopianism of the highflying “military-industrial complex,” which has been the principal, alien adversary of the Classical U.S. military tradition in statecraft since the closing phase of World War II.

Predominant control over the present Bush Administration has been secured, until now, by a Cheney-led fusion of the combination of Chicago University’s Satanic 10,000 years old Phoenician Mega Trillionaire Aristocrat Rockefeller imported fascist— that Professor Leo Strauss —with Wells’ and Russell’s goal of world government through Hitler-like, preventive nuclear war.

Speaking in terms of epistemology, the “genetically” Nazi-like ideology of a Strauss, was that of a figure whose own writings, like those of his underling Allan Bloom, recall those of the Nazi philosopher, Martin Heidegger, who influenced Strauss. Strauss’s dogmas are those of a Nietzschean parody of the wicked Thrasymachus from Plato’s Republic.

Thrasymachus says that injustice is not only more profitable, but that injustice is virtuous and wise. Justice is to the advantage of the stronger. Justice is whatever is in the interest of the stronger party in a given state; justice is thus effected through power by people in power.

That same Strauss is the Chicago University Neocon "Chicago Boys" central ideological figure of that cult of his devotees known as the current Bush Administration’s “Chickenhawks.” It is these Chicken-hawks who, in Donald Rumsfeld’s Hitler-and-the-generals routines, have been the controlling, lackey-like figures of President Bush’s post-2001 drive toward imperial, nuclear-weapons-wielding world war.

Unless we mend our ways, unless our republic ceases doing what it has been mostly doing during the recent four years, we are indeed at the very edge of a chasm of ruin and despair such as has been unknown to today’s globally extended European civilization since the great New Dark Age which wiped out half the parishes of Europe, and one-third of the level of its population, during the middle of the Fourteenth Century.

Therefore, my duty, is to make clear to as many of our citizens as are prepared to listen to reason, to come to understand how we, the greatest nation yet to exist on this planet, could have brought about our own destruction, in the way we have done, during, especially, the recent forty years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the lunacy of the launching of the official U.S. war in Indo-China."

LaRouche Exposé of Straussian `Children of Satan' Draws Blood by Jeffrey Steinberg Children of Satan dossier, exposing the role of University of Chicago fascist "philosopher" Leo Strauss as the godfather of the neo-conservative war party

The Minsk Agreement brokered by Germany and France was to allow the Donbas to vote on their separation from Ukraine.

The West has totally reneged on all of that and this is intentional for the objective here is this Great Reset and the end of fossil fuels.

The war - like the pandemic - is anything but organic. Instead, the war is the crescendo of the Satanic NWO dialectic as it will manifest gargantuan systemic problems demanding systemic foundational solutions.

The conflict will decimate what remains of our supply chains at their most basic level, wreaking absolute havoc. Currencies - already on their last legs - will be deliberately hyper-inflated away all over the globe in order to pay for it. Our lives will be intentionally and irrevocably flipped upside-down.

Everyone will be demanding something be done and the pre-planned solutions will be one-world-government and CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). These CBDCs will link with your social credit score, vaccine status, and carbon footprint in order to determine your eligibility - in real time - to participate or not participate in the economy.

Why are the Satanists doing all this? This post provides the answer..

The Hubris of Morgoth and The Rings of Power - the Story of Fight against Sauron a Demon who lives out of the Body, thrown out of the body…The Hubris of Morgoth and The Rings of Power - The Story of the Eternal Fight against Sauron a Demon of the Ancient Deep who lives out of the Body…