Issues Relating to the Base Chakra


"The birth of our personality begins in our childhood family."

1. The First lesson concerning the conditioned Personality is:

We are not this conditioned personality and its behaviours. Our Conditioned Personality is only one of the many possible expressions of The Seven Chakra System. We can change our personality by understanding, healing and re-programming our chakras.


2. The Second Lesson is:

Do not underestimate the deep rooted influence of this conditioned personality. To overlook this fact is to invite a fall on the spiritual path.


When we are young, we receive a massive conditioning process from our external environmental conditions - family and society. It is a set of conditionings, psychological clothing, habits, thoughts, ideologies, prejudices, likes and dislikes, desires and aversions that have been heavily conditioned over many years by the society - parents, teachers, priests, mentors, group leaders, employers, politicians, and other authoritative figures in the individuals life.

The conditioning process programs our chakras with the attitudes and values of our conditioners. Then we run these programs in our chakras until the time come to change them. If you're not happy then now is the time to begin some changes.

Often the conditioning process merely produces carbon copies, replicas, of the parents and other authoritative figures in the child's external environment.

Some of the chakra programs will be useful and good for life, some will be useless and harmful to life. Inherited positive and negative programs.

Although we live through this conditioned personality and often react robotically from its repertoire of behavioural patterns - programs in our chakras - a lot of the time this behaviour may not be in tune with our true and real self - the harmony of our happy self cooperating with existence. We experience a deep conflict as we try to be somebody who we are not. This conflict creates all sorts of self-hatred, guilt and resentments, it can makes us unhappy.

When we are not in harmony then we are not happy, and unnecessary suffering makes for an unhappy life. If we are unhappy then all we can give to life is unhappiness - as within, so without.

Because of the false personality, we may end up thinking, feeling, and behaving in ways that are contrary to our inner feelings, but are ways that we have been informed are correct. For example, many people are conditioned to become highly competitive at the expense of their neighbour and even their friends. This kind of behaviour can only end in tears for everybody. We are being influenced by our conditionings and we are not happy about it. We feel that we are not who we would like to be because of the influence of our past. We suffer the self-hatred, guilt, and resentment of being split. (The book "You can heal your life" - by Louise Hay, covers these concepts very well.)

So, the conditioned personality acts as a set of filters, rather like a dam of a water-reservoir. The personality only allows one to interact with those aspects of life that the filters allow.

The Personality acting as a set of filters between aspects of being. The conditionings of the personality dictate interaction with the collective contents of the three spheres of human experience.

The Personality is held in the chakras as a template of behavioural programs. By healing and working with the Chakras, we can become free from the dictatorship of our personality. Free to experience new ways of behaving and being.

The other aspects of life disallowed by the filters, do not simply disappear, for where can they go? They do not disappear. Instead, they are pushed into the subconscious mind and exert a stronger and stronger, often disturbing and uncontrollable, influence on the individual, creating the abnormal behaviour patterns that we witness in ourselves and others. All the disallowed and filtered material from the conditioning process goes to form the subconscious mind.

In most cultures, the developing individual will begin to form a subconscious mind almost straight away. Depending upon the severity of an individuals conditionings, their subconscious mind may interfere with the ability to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled, and satisfying life. The subconscious material often influences the dreaming state and we can gain much insight into the contents of our subconscious mind through our dreams. But why do this? Because the conditionings and blockages that cause the subconscious mind to arise in the first place, are often the very root of any unhappiness and disturbance within our conscious waking state.

Of course, we don't need to rely upon dream analysis to understand ourselves. Simply by understanding and using the seven chakra system, we can work upon those areas of life that we find difficult to express. Sometimes we need to heal a difficult relationship or a difficult period in our lives. This helps us to release the blockages that these pains represent.

We do not generally desire to be unhappy and disturbed. If we are to understand our behavior in the conscious waking state, then we must realize that the conditioning process may have split our gestalt - our wholeness.

"All aspects of life are alright, if properly and appropriately expressed."

- Paramahansa Yogananda.

However far we try to run from our subconscious mind elements we can never escape in this manner. The only way to solve the problem is to investigate what is troubling us.


Stop Self-Blaming.

Maybe a first solid step to take, is to realise that we are not fully to blame for the way we are at this present moment - if we are acting, often quite unconsciously from the conditioned personality. The next step is to avoid blaming everybody in our lives that may have contributed to this unfortunate state of affairs. Instead of blaming we need to learn how to forgive - "Forgive us we know not what we do." Forgiveness involves a complete letting go of all our emotional content concerning a person or an event. Forgiveness is not about allowing yourself to be a doormat, if you feel that a situation or a person is being harmful to you, you will need to express your feelings appropriately. ICM STAGE 5 helps us to forgive and let go of people, events, and conditions.


Taking Responsibility for the Damage.

The next crucial step is to realise that although we had little influence upon our conditioning process in the past, we will now have to take responsibility to understand and transform - or rid ourselves of what we find within ourselves that we don't like.

We may have had to adopt many repressive, distracting, and bizarre behaviour patterns to adapt and survive to situations that we have found ourselves in - when we were in powerless states, i.e. that of the child or adolescent, or partner, etc., Although those situations may now be long gone, we have become so used to our behaviour patterns that we now assume them to be 'the way we are.' Like a prisoner who has become institutionalised.

We may have been conditioned to resent, chastise, harm, or even hate ourselves. As within, so without. If we are full of pain then that is all that we will genuinely be able to give to life.

We can change for the better. We can restore our health, happiness, and well being. We can reach a balance.


Using the Seven Chakra System to Help Us Understand and Change our Personality.

But, now we may find that we do not understand or know how to transform ourselves, or simply remove those 'psychological behaviour patterns' that we no longer want, need, or have any use for.

More often than not, we get stuck in behavioural patterns that are detrimental to our well being and the lives of our family and friends.

In these situations, we may need to use a tried and tested system like the seven chakra system that will help us to understand and heal ourselves and change outmoded and harmful or useless behaviour patterns. The Chakra system will help us understand ourselves and thus rid ourselves of the limited life patterns of the conditioned personality.


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