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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
II. An Emergence into Manifestation of the Subjective Aspect in Man. One of the objects of evolution is that the subjective reality should eventually be brought forward into recognition. This can be expressed in several symbolic ways, all of them dealing with the same one fact in nature:
  • The bringing to the birth of the Christ within.
  • The shining forth of the inner radiance or glory.
  • The demonstration of the 2nd or the Love aspect.
  • The manifestation of the solar Angel.
  • The appearing of the Son of God, the Ego or the Soul within.
  • The full expression of buddhi, as it utilizes manas.

This emergence into manifestation is brought about through what is understood by the following terms:

  • The refining of the bodies which form the casket or sheath hiding the reality.
  • The process of 'unveiling' so that one by one those bodies which veil the Self are brought to a point where they are simply transparencies, permitting the full shining forth of the divine nature.
  • An expansion of consciousness, which is brought about through the ability of the self to identify with its real nature as the Onlooker, and no longer regarding itself as the organ of perception. [7]

III. A Realignment of the Lower Sheaths so that the contact with the Real Man, the Thinker, the Solar Angel, on the higher levels of the mental plane may become complete and continuous. This only becomes possible as the other two points are beginning to be grasped and the theory as to man's constitution and purpose is somewhat understood. As meditation is practiced, as the lower bodies are painstakingly dominated, and as the nature of the Sutratma or Thread is better comprehended it will become increasingly possible to bring into the lower personality on the physical plane that spiritual illumination and that divine energy which is the soul's heritage. Little by little the light will shine forth, year by year the strength of the higher contact will grow, gradually the downpour of divine love and wisdom into the head centers will be increased until eventually the entire lower man will be transformed, his sheaths will be refined, controlled and used, and he will demonstrate upon earth the powers of Director, Teacher or Manipulator according to the major ray upon which his Monad may be found.

IV. A Series of Tests Leading to Initiation. When a man is beginning to demonstrate the qualities of his ray and to prove of gradually increasing importance to his group, he will be prepared through tests, through trials, and through temptations for those final stages in development which will put into his power:

  • The knowledge of certain laws governing matter and form.
  • The keys of the mysteries connected with energy, with polarity, and with group relation.
  • Certain Words of Power which will give him control over the elemental forces of nature.
  • Insight into the planetary plans.

Upon these I need not enlarge, nor need I take up with you here the subject of initiation. (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I and II). The first work to be done is the stimulating [8] of aspirants and the preparing of the few earnest ones to tread the Path of Discipleship. The final point of our theme concerns:

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