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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
  1. Let there be no recollection and yet let memory rule.

This is not a contradictory statement. Perhaps I can convey to you the right idea as follows: The initiate wastes no time in looking backward towards the lessons learned; he works from the angle of developed habit, instinctively doing the right and needed thing. Instinctual response to environing forms builds, as we well know, patterns of behavior, of conduct and of reaction. This establishes what might be called unconscious memory, and this memory rules without any effort at recollection.

The habit of goodness, or right reaction and of instinctual understanding is distinctive of the trained initiate. He has no need to remember rules, theories, planes or activities. These are as much an established part of his nature as the instinct of self-preservation is an instinctive part of the equipment of a normal human being. Think this out and endeavor to build up the right spiritual habits. In this way the Master wastes no time on soul or personal plans. He has the habit - based on divine instinctual memory - of right activity, right understanding and right purpose. He needs not to recollect.

  1. Work from the point of all that is within the content of the group's united life.

This is not, as might appear, the effort to do the work for humanity as it is planned or desired by the group with which the initiate finds himself associated. The mode of working covers an earlier phase and one in which the [67] accepted disciple learns much. First, he finds a group upon the physical plane whose ideals and plans for service conform to his idea of correct activity, and with this group he affiliates himself, works, learns, and in learning, suffers much. Later he finds his way into a Master's Ashram, where his effort is increasingly to learn to use the will in carrying out the Plan and to accommodate himself to the group methods and plans, working under the law of occult obedience for the welfare of humanity.

The initiate, however, works in neither of these ways, though he has acquired the habit of right contact with organizations in the three worlds and right cooperation with the Hierarchy. He works now under the inspiration of and identification with the life aspect - the united life aspect of his ray group and of all groups. This means that the significance of the involutionary life and the evolutionary life is fully understood by him. His service is invoked by the group or groups needing his help. His response is an occult evocation given in unison with the group of servers with which he is affiliated on the inner side. This is a very different thing to the mode of service generally understood.

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