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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
Therefore, the eighteen fires must die down; the lesser lives (embodying the principle of form, of desire and of thought, the sumtotal of creativity, based upon magnetic love) must return to the reservoir of life and naught be left but that which caused them to be, the central will which is known by the effects of its radiation or breath. This dispersal, death or dissolution is in reality a great effect produced by the central Cause, and the injunction is consequently:
  1. This they must bring about through the evocation of the Will.

This type of death is ever brought about by a group, because it is from the earliest moment the one unmistakable expression of soul activity - as influenced consciously by the Monad or Father - and this activity is a group activity which wills the return of the lesser lives to the general reservoir from the very first moment that it has become apparent that the form experience has served its purpose and that the form has reached a point of such resilience and capacity that perfection has been practically achieved. This is definitely consummated at the fourth initiation. Now, at the end of the great life cycle of the soul, persisting for aeons, the time is nearing when form-taking and experience in the three worlds must end. The disciple finds his group in the Master's Ashram, and consciously and with full understanding, [105] masters death - the long-feared enemy of existence. He discovers that death is simply an effect produced by life and by his conscious will, and is a mode whereby he directs substance and controls matter. This becomes consciously possible because, having developed awareness of two divine aspects - creative activity and love - he is now focused in the highest aspect and knows himself to be the Will, the Life, the Father, the Monad, the One.

In concluding our study of Rule IV, we are to consider two things:

  • The method of evoking the Will aspect.
  • The process of recognizing the Life aspect, the Monad, the Father in Heaven.
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